Sunday, August 31, 2008

Is Obama's nomination "historic" or just long overdue due to lack of blacks trying?


The "America sucks" convention is over aka the Democrat National Convention. I was way to busy to really pay any attention to it, lucky me. The theme of the convention was similar to 2004. George W Bush was the target of Democrats, but this time they were trying to link John McCain to George Bush. I guess it could have been called the "McBush" hate fest. I would think eight years later their Bush derangement Syndrome would start to fade, I guess not. Hell if McCain wins, they will still be crying the name of Bush against him in 2012. Barack Obama was placed between a rock and a hard place in regards to his teleprompter 5000 delivered speech Thursday night. The speech was given on the same date that Dr. King gave his famous I have a dream speech. For some reason people in the media and people in the black community were trying to link the two events. In reality, the two events were not similar or historically linked at all. It seems that I am the only person to point this out so far. During the civil rights era, the movement was to eliminate black codes and the laws of Jim Crow aka "separate but equal". In other words, Dr. King and others fought for the complete integration of American society. There was no provision to my knowledge that prevented a black person or any other person from an ethnic group from running for President of the United States. If anything, the action would have been pretty dangerous at that time to do, but there was nothing preventing a black person person from doing so. The reason I never was caught up in the hype of Obama running for President as a black man was simply, because I knew that the opportunity have always been there, he was just the first black person more legitimate then the half of a handful of blacks that tried before him. This is what I mean. Before Obama ran for President, only four other blacks ever tried to run for nomination. Three of those four were Carol Mosley Braun, Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton. Now lets face reality. These black so called candidates never had a snowball's chance in hell of ever winning the nomination of the Democrat Party. It wasn't because they were black, it was because they were "goof balls" and were seen as radicals that didn't represent mainstream America. To borrow the words of Obama's Vice President candidate Joe Biden, Obama was simply the first black candidate that was "mainstream, clean and articulate". In actuality Biden was right. With those qualities, it made it easy for him to be seen as a legitimate candidate thus he was taken seriously and got the nomination. The opportunity has always been there. Obama was simply the first pseudo mainstream black candidate to actually seize it. You can say "the rest is history".

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The deception of perception starring Michelle Obama.


It's true, a sucker is born every minute. Very rarely if not ever will you find an educated street smart person that can be played for the role of a fool. Let's take the opening night of the Democrat National Convention for example. Michelle Obama was the main prime time speaker last night. Her speech on the surface was actually ok. She mentioned several times how she loves her country. Even I was choking back tears. Actually they were tears from laughing at how absolutely phony her words were. They're are Barack Obama supporters that really do believe that Michelle Obama loves this country. Little do they know how wrong they are. The media junkets last night kept saying that Michelle Obama "redeemed herself" for the "first time in my adult life I am proud of my country" comment. So how exactly did she "redeem" herself? Did the media junkets do a poll asking the people that were offended by her comments how they felt about her speech? This may come as a surprise, but anyone can write a speech they don't mean. It's one thing to give a speech in front of a national audience and say one thing, and it's another thing to say what you truly feel in front of a small non televised audience. Let me illustrate my point.

This is Michelle Obama at the University of South Carolina earlier this year giving a speech on "diversity".

Ask yourselves this question. How can a person claim Americans are ignorant in one breath yet say to love America in the next? While you all ponder that question, here's another question I have to ask. If Michelle Obama truly love her country like she said last night, why did she say also earlier this year "For the first time in my adult life time, I am proud of my country".

It's fascinating watching Obama supporters attack people like me saying that "we are lying" etc., yet the ones that are lying are Barack and Michelle. It's actually pretty sad that people are vigorously devoted to defending two individuals they truly don't know anything about. That's why a sucker truly is born every second. I almost forgot, here's the new and improved polished Michelle Obama that now loves her country speaking at the Democrat National Convention last night. I wonder who wrote her speech?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Is Joe Biden suppose to be Obama's vision of "change" in Washington?


Of all the candidates that were available for Barack Obama to choose as his running mate for Vice President, he ended up selecting a man who has been in the senate for 35 years. This seriously does not compute.Obama for the last 19 months has been going around the country and even overseas talking about how Washington DC is broken and that he was the change that was needed. He dragged around the RINO Republican Chuck Hagel to give the illusion that he could work with Republicans. The Obama cult received their long awaited text messages at 3am on Saturday morning. As with any stagged and over dramatic event relating to Obama and liberals in general, the 3am time selection was suppose to represent Obama's response to HIlary's ad a few months ago that he wasn't ready to lead or make the critical decisions on a moment's notice. The decision to pick a Vice Presidental running mate and the decision to answer the red phone are two completely unrelated issues. I can't for the life of me figure out why BIden was the choice. Maybe Obama needs to be reminded on a daily basis by BIden how articulate and clean he is for an African American male. I can only imagine what the response by the NAACP and the media would have been if a Republican or conservative would have made that exact same comment about Obama. People inside the beltway have been talking about how Obama's selection of BIden brings "experience" to the ticket. I always thought that the person at the top of a Presidential ticket is the one who is suppose to have the most experience. In this case BIden has three and a half decades of experience as a U.S Senator and Obama hasn't even finished his forth year. Let me put it another way. Biden has served almost six terms and Obama has served little over half of his initial first term in the Senate. If the phone does ring at 3am, will Obama deal with the call or will he have to consult with Biden on what to do first? Biden said himself that the White House isn't a position for on the job training during the Democrat Primary debates. So if people are to take Biden as a man who tells the truth, what he said about Obama just a few months ago should be considered true. This is what Obama's Vice Presidential candidate Joe BIden said about John McCain and Obama

Maybe the reason Biden agreed to run with Obama as a VP is, because BIden doesn't want Obama to screw up the country due to Obama's inexperience. So is the pick of BIden "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" or is it "JUST WORDS, JUST SPEECHES". On the other hand, Joe BIden should be honored to have been chosen by Obama. It goes to show that Joe BIden isn't just a "typical white person". Ask Obama on that one.

Oh yeah, this is just some food for thought. Biden only received 8,000 votes during the Democrat Primary and is now Obama's running mate. Hillary Clinton received over 18 million votes and wasn't even considered.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The rising star is limping into the Democrat National Convention.


Normally presidential candidates ride momentum into their party's convention.That can't be said for Barack Obama. As the media and pundits are trying to create the latest wave of hype for Obama on who his Vice President pick is going to be, polls are starting to show that a growing number of American don't care about Obama himself. Zogby has John McCain up by 5 points, and he is tied with Obama in many other polls. I said this was going to happen three months ago. The lose among young voters is in the double digits. That in essence is his core. That so called core was disinfranchised former Ron Paul supporters. They bailed on him when it became obvious he had no chance of getting the GOP nomination, so they migrated to Obama's camp. One of the reason why the youth vote is bailing on Obama is due to the fact that he has been flip flopping on the pullout of troops in Iraq. At first he was shouting to hilltops that he was going to bring the troops home immediately, and that got his liberal young base fired up. Things started to turn for the worse when Obama changed his position on pulling out in order to appeal to middle of the road voters. The old saying is "You can't have your cake and eat it too". In the case of Obama, he can't even have the cake. Not only is he losing support among young voters, he is also losing voters among moderates and independents. The racial antics coming from his campaign might be seen as acceptable among hard boiled liberals, but it has proven to be a major turn off among middle of the road issue voters. Now there is news that Barack Obama while as a Illinois Senator voted three time to kill a bill that would make it illegal to kill babies that survived abortion attempts and were born. This puts Obama under yet another negative light and once again questions his lack of morality.

No wonder the Obama camp were so quick to produce an ad attacking McCain on the number of houses he owns, Obama has nothing going for him and everything against him. It will be interesting to see what kind of bounce Obama gets after the convention, if the bounce fades as quick as his "Berlin Bounce", he is in deep trouble.

Monday, August 18, 2008

John McCain was riding high in the saddle at Saddle Back

I watched the political forum Saturday night hosted by Rick Warren of the Saddle Back church. When I first heard about the forum, my first thought was "Why in the world does Barack Obama think that he has a snowball's chance in hell in suckering the Evangelical voters into thinking he is a true Christian".?Even with that said, I didn't expect McCain to do that well either. To say I was pleasantly surprised is a massive understatement to say the least. John McCain was on his "A" game Saturday night. Listening to McCain was almost like listening to Ronald Reagan reborn. For the whole hour, I was thinking I must be dreaming or this is a cruel joke if I was dreaming. McCain come out and answered all of Warren's questions direct and precise. McCain addressed the importance of drilling for new oil as an issue of National Security. He also mentioned that he believes marriage is a union between "one man and one woman" and that America was founded on Judah Christian values. If the McCain that showed up Saturday night is going to be around for awhile, Barack Obama is in very deep trouble. Obama was average at the debate barely, but McCain blew the crowd away, and he completely contrasted himself from Obama's radical liberal views. Obama once again was stuttering and pausing a lot. Since Pastor Warren was asking the questions, Poor Obama didn't have the services of his trusted "Teleprompter 5000". When Obama was asked the question of when does he think life begins, Obama was trying desperate not to give a direct answer. He ended up saying something along the lines that the issue was "above his pay rate". Obama should have known better then thinking that all he had to do was just say he supports "faith based initiatives" and that would be enough to get him through the forum. Top Obama supporters couldn't have liked McCain's performance. Obama supporters are banking on conservatives not coming out to vote for McCain in November. Saturday night proved that might not be the case. I've talked to many conservatives after the debate in the conservative chat rooms and forums, and the ones who weren't going to vote for McCain said they are now taking a second look and like what they heard from him. If McCain continues on this path he set at Saddle Back, he should have no problem rallying the conservative base around him. As for Obama, it looks like his chances of cutting into the Evangelical Christian vote base is as it was before the Saddle Back forum, that will be slim and none and slim just left the building. This is Obama addressing the issue of abortion and when babies deserve rights

now listen to McCain's response on when he believes babies deserve rights. A difference between night and day.

Friday, August 15, 2008

The citizens speak out on Obama.


These people represent a growing number of the population in our country that are becoming sick and tired of being branded a "racist" if they aren't going to vote for Obama. The media will never report it, because they want Obama to win. Obama and his koolaid drinkers can't stop playing race in this election, because that is all they know. It's laughable that Obama was given the title of a person that" transcends politics" and will "bring all of us together", yet he and his surrogates have to use a tactics to divide Americans in order to win. The days of the media in our country being able to pull the wool over people's eyes is over. I didn't always use to believe in media bias until I witnessed it over and over and over again. Many citizens are also seeing the same thing in regards to the media making every attempt to shield Obama, and they are becoming just as disguested. That's why the new media in our country is rendering the "old media" absolete. Just like rats eating poison, the old media is just feeding into their own distruction. Eat up!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Chroniciles of Edwards. The liberal, the liar, the cheat, and the hypocrite.


The most famous social warfare line that John Edwards was known for was his catch phrase "The Two Americas". When Edwards was campaigning twice for the Democrat nomination for President he always referred to what he perceived as the America that caters to the rich, and the other America were everybody else lives. I saw through this clown's socialist spew four years ago when he originally ran for President. Like a typical liberal, Edwards expected people to be so stupid that they couldn't see how much of a lying hypocrite he truly was. Here's some classic examples. When Edwards was speaking at campaign rallies, he would talk about how "the rich don't pay their fare share in taxes". Edwards didn't tell his audiences that he didn't pay his own fair share. It was discovered that Edwards established an S Class dummy corporation so he didn't have to pay medicare taxes. That's one example of his hypocrisy. He claimed to be the "champion of the working guy". Not to many working guys can build a $ 6 million dollar house compound. That's what Edwards did a few years ago in North Carolina, Also not many if any of the working class paycheck to paycheck stiffs can afford to spend three hundred dollars on haircuts like Edwards did. Those examples are hypocrisy number two. This example of hypocrisy is the most revealing about Edward in regards to him being a righteous family man. During the 2004 Presidential campaign. John Edwards along with John Kerry had a photo op at a Wendy's fast food place. John Edwards said that every year him and his wife Elizabeth celebrate their wedding anniversary at the Wendy's where they had their "first date". In the case of this photo op, as soon as the cameras were off Edwards and Kerry, they dumped the common man fast food for a catered upscale lunch in their campaign bus. Oh, it gets better. Edwards left out a very important detail last year when he was in New Orleans announcing he was running again for president. Edwards didn't mention that he was an investor in a hedge fund that was foreclosing on homes in the New Orleans area. Liberals are very good at presenting a false positive image of who they really are, they can only hide the truth but so long. This is why the story of Edwards having an affair doesn't surprise me in the least. Even though the story was broke by the National Enquirer, I still believed it just because John Edwards was involved.

Monday, August 04, 2008

The Gospel of the Messiah Barack Obama according to Gerard Baker


This is from the scripture according the Tyrone

For it will come to pass that the serpent that walks among man with teleprompter will be defeated by the elder statesman from the land of the desert. Upon the defeat of the serpent Messiah, his beloved followers will cry racism upon the land. The serpent Messiah will return to the land of Trinity with his head bowed down in failure, and he will say to the Pharaoh of Jeremiah why have the people of the land of the United States forsaken me. The Pharaoh Jeremiah will say "The people of the land of the U.S saw through the illusion you tried to present". Thy folk tongue of "change" could not prevent thou chickens from coming home to roast.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Obama's "Ludacris" judgement in choicing associates and friends.


It looks like the Obama express has thrown yet another loyal supporter "under the bus". This time it's the rapper Ludacris aka Christopher Bridges. Obama's judgement in his associations with radical and divisive people have always been in question, and apparently this is no exception and with good reason. Barack Obama isn't just a candidate running for president, he's also a father of two daughters nine and seven years old. I remember when Obama said "If my daughters make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby". Funny he should say that. In the hiphop/rap community, The music constantly refers to women in the most derogatory terms such as "bitches", "hoes", "whores", "skanks", "sluts" etc. Ludacris headlined a fundraiser for Obama in March of 2007.
Obama called Ludacris "a talented rapper" and said that he listens to him on his "IPOD". A spokesman for Obama said after the Ludacris meltdown went critical

"As Barack Obama has said many, many times in the past, rap lyrics today too often perpetuate misogyny, materialism, and degrading images that he doesn't want his daughters or any children exposed to."

If that's how he feels about hiphop music, why did he have Ludacris headline his fundraiser in the first place? Also, why does he have music that he considers " degrading and misogny" on his Ipod? Why does Obama listen to music that degrades women knowing he has a wife and two young daughters? It all comes down to lack of moral character on Obama's behalf. Does it take "talent" to use hundreds of derrogatory words to make a CD? Obama considers Ludacris "talented". Why should that surprise anyone. Obama thought the world of Jeremiah Wright, Otis Mosses, and John Flagher at one time too. Pretty soon Obama is going to have to change the suspension on his bus if he keeps throwing people under it at this rate. One more thing I forgot to mention. Obama somehow keeps saying that Republicans and McCain supporters are attacking him on the issue of race. Funny, but Obama doesn't have any proof of that happening. The song "Obama is here" is extremely racially divisive, yet Ludacris is an OBAMA SUPPORTER. Watch the video and determine for yourselves.

I thought Obama didn't want his daughters listening to the degrading lyrics of rap music? Is Obama lying?

Friday, August 01, 2008

Obama's "alternative solution" to drilling for new supplies of oil.


You all need to realize something. Obama is actually serious about us relying on checking tire pressure and getting tune ups for our automobiles as a substitution for drilling for oil. Using the word "naive" doesn't even begin to scratch the surface with this idiot. Barack said a few months ago that "He was ok with gas prices being at four dollars, he just wish they didn't rise as fast". Barack might want to look into getting a refund on his Harvard education. The guy is clearly a dunce when it comes to the economic principals of "supply and demand". When Obama talks about improving the economy, he's lying. The poor fool hoodwinked himself. Low cost oil is what drives our economy, it doesn't take a person with a MBA to figure that one out. High gas prices take away consumer's spending power in which they could use that money to create economic growth by spending. The economy aka GDP "Gross Domestic Product" consists of two thirds consumer spending. When consumers aren't spending as much in the economy due to them spending more on fuel costs, the economy slows down and eventually goes into recession and a depression if the recession worsens over time.

This brings me back to my original question. Why does anyone with common sense gives Barack Obama any credibility? His so called alternative to drilling is a carbon copy of what Jimmy Carter said thirty one years ago during his State of Union address. FYI, Jimmy Carter went down as one of the worst presidents of the last three decades if not ever. So the only thing the "messiah of change" has is laughable stupidity dressed up as plan? I pray he sticks to this position, and I hope he tries to defend it in the national debates against McCain. These comments from Obama should be enough for McCain to destroy him easily. Obviously Obama isn't up to speed on current events. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan aren't' the issues Americans are most worried about. It's high gas prices, and sixty five percent of Americans support new exploration drilling. That why this video of Obama in his own words is so damaging. Obama is clearly going against the will of the people.McCain has the ammo, all he has to do now is aim between the eyes and send this fool back to Illinois. If Obama had any common sense, he would realize that the enviro Marxist special interest groups of the Democrat Party by themselves can't get him elected. I never said Obama was bright.