Sunday, November 30, 2008

My new "black friday" tradition.

I'm sure everybody by now has heard the news about the Wal-Mart employee in New Jersey that was trampled to death when he opened the door on Black Friday to let shoppers in. People that know me know that I'm one of the biggest supporters of capitalism around, but what happened to this gentleman gave me pause. Jdimytai Damour was a temporary employee hired by Walmart for the Christmas season. Who would have ever thought that something like this could have ever happen? I can understand people wanting to get a good bargain on their gifts, but what happened Friday goes way beyond an explanation, rationality or reason. They're was reports that co workers tried to reach Mr. Damour and they were almost trampled as well. Shoppers were still running into the store as the paramedics were trying to revive him.

Part of me couldn't believe that people would be so shallow and ignorant that they would break down a door and trample a man to death just to get bargains on some made in China stuff. I know people were shopping for Christmas, but this isn't what Christmas is suppose to be about! People have indeed lost their minds. I remember when I was 11 years old. Back then the must have toy was the Cabbage Patch Kid dolls. I remember the news stories of parents beating each other up trying to get a doll.

People need to grasp reality and realize that "Jesus is the reason for the season of Christmas not Black Friday sales. For some reason I can't let go of this story. I said a few weeks ago that I seen the ugly side of our citizens in the way Obama loyalists treated Sarah Palin. The Black Friday incident is right up there as well. From every tragedy a lesson should be learned. I hope people realize that there is nothing wrong with materialism, but they should also realize that it should not consume them. Just like people that see Obama as some sort of God. When people take leave of their sense and focus on something so intensely without reason, this kind of mindlessness will always follow. As I said before, I believe something good must come from this senseless death. I always give an online donation to the Salvation Army every year around Christmas time. Well from now on I will make it a tradition to always donate on every Black Friday instead. It will be my small part in showing that Christmas should be more about helping people not just just helping ourselves to stuff.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Night of the Living Democrats

Be afraid, be very afraid!!! Liberals are a bunch of mind numbed zombies. This Jib Jab video hilariously proves that. Don't drink anything while watching this video, it's just too funny. REAGAN GOOD!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Analysis of what went wrong for Republicans in 2008 Part 3

The other day I heard the audio of Nebraska Republican Senator Chuck Hagel attacking Rush Limbaugh while Hagel was speaking at John Hopkins University. Chuck Hagel pimped himself out to Obama to follow him around the country, so Obama could use him as a prop to fool people into thinking that Obama could be bipartisan and reach across the aisle. Thank goodness that Chuck is retiring from the U.S Senate when his term is up in 2009. For those of you who don't know Chuck Hagel, Hagel was one of three Republican Senators who supported the legislation proposed by Democrats to require a troop withdrawal to begin within 120 day. On immigration, Senator Hagel supported the infamous amnesty bill and a "guest worker program" for illegal aliens. Chuck Hagel is a John McCain style Republican, and he represents the problem with the image of the Republican Party. I remember a week before the Presidential Election, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina was campaigning with John McCain. Lindsey Graham is the same so called Republican that called conservatives "nativists and racists" for not supporting the illegal amnesty bill that himself, Chuck Hagel and John McCain supported. Also this is the same Lindsey Graham that was sucking up to the racist Hispanic group "La Raza". Listen to what Graham had to say about McCain and Kennedy while addressing La Raza.

During that same time, Another so called Republican Arnold Schwartznegger also helped to campaign for McCain. As a Governor, Arnold also supported the amnesty bill and is a global warming hoax alarmist. John McCain's best friends are Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman and Lindsey Graham. I have good news also about Graham. He's also retiring at the end of his term. On top of that Senator Trent Lott of Mississippi is also retiring. Maybe these "new age" fake conservatives see the political tea leaves on the wall. These example just illustrate how bad the problem was among Republicans in the Senate. We as conservatives went lock and step behind McCain. How we voted in the Presidential Election was exactly how the Democrats voted in 2004 Presidential Election. Democrats didn't really like John Kerry, they "tolerated" John Kerry. They originally supported Howard Dean, but his mental break down rant made him a non viable candidate. John Kerry became "The anyone but Bush vote". In this election for the conservatives that did vote, John McCain became the "anyone but Barack Obama" vote. Speaking of John Kerry, him and John McCain are also good friends. At one time John Kerry asked McCain to switch parties and become a Democrat. So when it was all said and done, Conservatives didn't have a candidate to rally around for President. We had a "hold your nose" and vote for candidate. With McCain there was no way to build a powerful grass root front to rally around him. The rest is history. That is why if it weren't for Governor Palin, McCain would have lost by much more then just four percentage points in the popular vote. The cure for Republicans is as simple as simple can get. They need to rediscover and totally embrace conservatism to it's core. Then and only then will they regain congress and kick the "turkey elect" out of the White House. That's all there is too it.

Analysis of what went wrong for Republicans in 2008 Part 2

As I said in part one, the down fall for the Republicans started back in the summer of 2006. Bush was becoming more and more of a disappointment and a liability to conservatives. Bush didn't intervene in the case involving two border security agents that shot a fleeing illegal alien drug dealer.Border agents Jose Alonso Compean was sentenced to 12 years in prison and Ignacio Ramos was sentenced to 11 years. Many conservatives scorched Bush for staying quiet, because they believed the agents were just doing their jobs and were wrongly punished. Conservatives later gave Bush an ear full when he nominated his White House counsel Harriet Myers to the Supreme Court. When Bush tried to promote the sale of several ports to the United Arab Emirates, that was when the conservatives love affair with Bush started to going down hill fast. What finally sent Bush's approval numbers into the tank thanks to a sharp decline in support among conservatives was his support of the "amnesty bil aka immigration reform actl". Conservatives were furious over the bill that would allow for illegals to become U.S citizens and allow for their relatives to become citizens as well. This bill also got conservatives completely ticked off not just with Bush but with any Republican that dared supported the bill. When Republicans foolishly voted in favor of that bill, they might as well just signed their political death warrant. Republicans were stuck on stupid if they really thought that conservatives would have forgotten every bill they voted for that went against conservative values in just two years time. This leads me back to McCain. Conservatives didn't forget that McCain tried to push through that amnesty bill. The National GOP was hoping against hope that the Democrat's nomination of Obama or Hillary ultimately Obama would have overshadowed that five alarm fact. Conservatives weren't going to forgive fake conservatives in just a two year time span leading into the Presidential Election, and they didn't forgive them. Bush was the poison that unseated Republicans, and those Republicans contributed to their own demise by supporting Bush on legislation that they should have clearly been opposing him on. The icing on the cake that cemented the fall of power for the GOP in 06 and the Presidency this year was their out of control spending. Republicans were known as the fiscal hawks. They were the ones that claimed to be the party of limited government and fiscal restraint. When they started to mirror the Democrats in reckless, irresponsible spending, there was very little for the conservative base to contrast between the Democrats and the Republicans. So when the 2006 midterm elections came around, conservatives threw their hands up in the air and said forget it, we're staying home. Republicans lost in the south to the "Blue Dog Democrats". The Blue Dogs portray themselves as "fiscal conservatives". Republicans lost control of congress, because they lost their identity. So now we know went wrong with Republicans in not only 06 but 08 as well. George W Bush has been toxic to the Republican Party, but Republicans In Name Only also deserve plenty of the blame. More to follow.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Analysis of what went wrong for Republicans in 2008 Part 1

It's time to finally come clean about a few things regarding this year's election. I hate to say it, but the truth needs to be told. In my opinion Republicans deserved to have lost. I'll admit I wasn't happy at all that Obama won on election night. The day after I had some time to process everything that happened. I realized I did something I swore I wasn't going to do just a few short months ago when John McCain won the Republican nomination. I might have to go back into my archives to find the exact story I wrote, but I said I was not going to vote for John McCain under any circumstances. Originally I said I was going to either vote for Bob Barr or just vote for other issues on the ballot instead. The reason I wasn't going to vote for McCain was, because McCain was no friend to the conservative movement. A week before Mitt Romney dropped out of the Republican Primaries, I got into a heated debate with a kook lib in my favorite conservative chat room. During the debate I somehow started to defend McCain without thinking. Then he said something that I should have had etched into my skull right then and there up until election day. He said "It doesn't matter who wins, liberals still win because McCain is basically one of us". I very rarely agree with liberals, but he was right and I didn't listen. When comparing Obama to McCain on paper, where is the distinct differences between the two besides on the issue of Iraq? The issues that conservatives supported John McCain on weren't supported originally by McCain. Originally he was against the Bush tax cuts, offshore drilling, drilling in Amwar, he supported the same cap and trade environmental policy that us conservatives attacked Obama for supporting in the last week before the election. Him along with Obama supported the disastrous $700 billion dollar bailout bill. He stabbed conservatives in the back by teaming up with Democrats to form the band of 14 to deny Bush from appointing conservative judges to Judaical positions. Last but not least, he along with Democrat liberals tried to push for an illegal immigration amnesty bill that would have had an severe impact on our society and economy that would have changed America as we know it. Even with all that he has done against conservatives, we supported him. The truth is that John McCain should have never been the Republican nominee. Everybody I talked to said they didn't vote for McCain in the Republican Primaries. The only answer I could think of at the time was that independents and country club Republicans were voting for McCain in states that held open primaries. I wondered could have Democrats changed their party affiliation in order to vote for McCain in an effort to screw over Republicans by helping McCain to win the nomination. Anything is possible I suppose. A building can't be built without a strong foundation, and John McCain didn't have a foundation of support in which to build. He prided himself on attracting independents voters, but independents aren't loyal to a particular candidate or party. Whether liberal or conservative, a person's base is loyal and will be there if that candidates represents their values. That was John McCain's flaw. McCain is not a conservative, and he never was. When McCain won the Republican nomination, people like Bob Dole was attacking conservatives for not embracing him as a conservative. Dole didn't have any ground in which to speak, because he isn't a conservative himself. The same amount of people voted in this election as in in 2004. So contrary to the media's delusion, the hyped claim that the youth vote was going to turn out like no other time in American history turned out to be false. The reason why Obama won was because twenty percent of Republicans stayed home on election day. That is exactly what happened during the congressional midterms two years ago. Republicans that sold out their principals in order to be somewhat liked by Democrats learned a lesson that was two years in the making. That lesson the conservative based taught Republicans was "you forgot who brought you too the dance, but we will remind you come election time". No matter how much the media wants to claim Obama was a great and popular candidate, he could have been beaten provided the right candidate was the Republican nominee. Any true conservative knows that the media does not like Republicans and especially conservatives. I remember the week after McCain won the nomination, there was a rally for him in Ohio. Nationally syndicated talk show host Bill Cunningham was warming up the crowd for McCain's appearance. Cunningham referred to Obama by his middle name of Hussein. Well the media had a field day and went crying to McCain wanting him to throw Bill under the bus. McCain by the way did throw Bill Cunningham under the bus by attacking him for the use of Obama's middle name. McCain told the media "I absolutely repudiate such comments, and again I will take responsibility -- it will never happen again". McCain didn't figure out that the media only like Republicans when they are trying to tear down another Republican or undermine Conservatives. This comment by Bill Cunningham says it all " McCain "ought to attack Democrats and quit attacking conservatives like me."
A few weeks ago I heard McCain say at a rally that Obama would make a good president. I watched with a stunned face. In politics it is unheard of for a candidate to talk up his opponent among his or her own supporters. Obama didn't return the favor of course, he called McCain "an old fish in a newspaper. Obama's supporters laughed when Obama said that about him and referring to Sarah Palin as a "lipstick on a pig". When Palin went on the attack and said that "Obama pals around with terrorists", once again the media went into the "crying foul mode" to McCain. McCain once again played right into the media's hand by not forcefully sticking up for her. The Obama cult and the media didn't like what Palin said, but she was factually correct in what she said. I can guarantee if the Republican nominee in 2012 is another McCain clone like Governor Charlies Crist of Florida or Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota, Republicans can kiss 2012 goodbye. More to follow

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Office of the President Elect?

I like to think that I'm more educated when it comes to the workings of the constitution then the functioning illiterates that voted for Obama. In the constitution there is no reference to a position called the "The Office of the Presidential Elect". Did Barack Obama create this position to stroke his massive ego or is it actually in the Constitution? Did Obama create this position to undermine Bush and have all of the attention showered on him? This is the same Barack Obama that created his own Presidential seal just a few months ago during the campaign. Can't Obama wait? He will have plenty of time to wreck the place once he's sworn in. Until then, can he at least let the current President get both feet out of the door first? Then again, that title and Obama both have something very much in common. Both were made up, marketed and are fake.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New York Elementary School renamed after Barack Obama.

The dumb dumb disease of Barack Obama insanity shows now signs of remission. Thank goodness I have a strong immune system. Since Obama won the Presidential Election, there is a movement to rename everything in sight after Barack Obama. The guy hasn't even been sworn in yet. I've always thought that people have buildings, roads etc named after other people of importance based on their deeds. Barack Obama was elected which is true, but he hasn't done anything yet to warrant schools or anything else to be named after him. Think of it like this. Imagine a child getting a trophy for just showing up for a little league baseball game. This his how people are acting towards Obama.There is a school new New York city that was named Ludlum Elementary School, but as of Thursday thanks to the Hempstead Union Free School District board it is now called "Barack Obama" Elementary School. Here's a little info about the person the school was "formerly" named after. Mr. Charles Ludlum was a local physician that served on the school board for 40 years. Think about that for a moment. What was Mr. Ludlum's service to the Hempstead Union Free Board worth? He was a community doctor and gave 40 years of his life serving on the school board. Did his accomplishments mean nothing just because a man won an election?! Is there a "disconnect" here? If John McCain would have won the election, would the school board renamed the school the "John McCain elementary school"? I know they wouldn't. The whole issue of race have completely frazzled people's sense of sanity and rationality. I wonder will there be a rest stop named after Barack Obama next? How does the "Barack Obama urinal" sound? Just remember that all of the attention and insane admiration that is being given to Obama is "based on him being elected based on his race and not him as a person". Should people refer to Obama as "the black president or just the president"? When does Barack Obama get treated like a human being instead of glorified racial fade or idol? I can't remember the name of a movie I saw awhile back. A guy was starring at a woman's cleavage, and the woman said "you know I have a face too". He was so mesmerized by her breasts, he forgot that she was more then just cleavage. This also goes for Obama. I'm not a fan of him as everybody knows, but I think it's about time people need to regain some sense of sanity and treat this man as a man not a racial play thing.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Governor Sarah Palin stars in the media's latest outrage "Turkey Gate".

If I was to put on a two tier scale the media's obsession to love Barack Obama and the media's hatred to destroy Governor Sarah Palin, I don't know which media obsession would weigh more. I still can't put my finger on why the media cares one way or the other about what Palin is doing now. The election has been over for two and a half weeks. They should be focusing on how to best defend their naive child from the "real world" that awaits him in two months. Since Barry is at a gym somewhere in Chicago maybe doing some "blow", the media now has some free time on it's hands. This is how they are spending it. Governor Palin was recently at a Turkey Farm in Alaska. It's tradition for Governors and Presidents to "pardon" a turkey from "meeting it's fate" as some family's Thanksgiving Dinner. Palin gave a great speech at the farm. She didn't realize however that right behind her a butcher was killing a turkey. That is kind of what they do at Turkey farms, don't tell the media that tiny bit of truth. When I saw the video, I thought it was funny. It had an irony factor in it that she was pardoning one turkey, yet the one behind her wasn't so lucky. Of course, the butcher killing the turkey in the background had nothing to do with Governor Palin, but this is where the media comes in. Apparently the media was "outraged and shocked" that Palin didn't know that a turkey was being killed in her presence. Oh hell, I guess she was suppose to twirl around into a Wonder Woman outfit and save the bird right? If you all are actually rolling your eyes and asking did the media really report this as "news", the answer is "of course". Here's the "gory details".

If the liberal media is this "outraged", maybe they shoud see videos of what happens when abortions take place. Then they will have something to really be shocked about. Then again they might take delight in that since it' an unborn human life being killed. Since liberals live in a child like state, maybe the adults need to break the news to them how "hot dogs" and "hamburgers" are made and where, "bacon" and "scrapple" comes from. I wonder what will be the stories tomorrow from MSNBC? David Shuster of MSNBC ripped into Palin for I guess not saving the turkey that was going to die anyway? Of course, why look for a grain of logic from a liberal like David Shuster. Talk about the "real turkeys". Read all about it, Sarah Palin took part in the Alaskan Thanksgiving Turkey massacre. I guess the media now has it's story on why Palin shouldn't be a Presidential contender in 2012. She has alienated the vegetarian and vegan vote. Can't win an election without them you know. Look for a press release from PETA expressing their "disappointment" in Palin. Maybe this can be a learning experience for the media. Contrary to their limited belief, turkeys don't magically appear in a supermarket poultry section. The reality is that once upon a time turkeys were actually alive and had to be killed so that the hypocritical media that is now slamming Palin can actually consume those turkeys in six days at Thanksgiving Dinner. If this is the best the media can do against Palin, she definitely needs to run in 2012. The way the media is acting out against this woman is so pathetic but at times all so funny.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gays show their true colors toward blacks over their support of Proposition 8.

They're here and they're queer, but they're not going skiing. That's because gays and gay marriage advocates in California are too busy protesting the passing of a ballot initiative called proposition 8. Proposition 8 was a California State ballot proposition that amended the state Constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. As you can imagine, they are having a hissy fit over it's passing. Churches have been vandalized. The only thing that hasn't been vandalized or desecrated is the "rainbow flag". Right now I believe the rainbow flags might be flying at half staff. This is footage from an anti prop 8 rally in which gays verbally abused an elderly lady.

I get sick and tired of radical gay groups trying to compare their quest to change the definition of marriage to that of the black" civil rights" struggle. Some gays think because blacks are a minority group that some how we share a common struggle. Most blacks that are registered to vote tend to vote Democrat. That is no secret of course, but blacks tend to be conservative on many social issues including defending traditional marriage. Gays in California foolishly thought that blacks were going to overwhelming vote against Prop 8 because Barack Obama was against it as well. They suffered a rude shock when Prop 8 passed and with 70% of blacks voting in support of it! So now gays in California aren't acting very "intolerant" towards blacks because of how they voted. It also shows how blacks and gays don't see eye to eye on this moral issue. It got so bad that black gays were called "niggers" by white gays, because other blacks voted in support of Prop 8, even though black gays were against Prop 8, so much for "unity under the rainbow flag".

"In fact, some African Americans voted for Proposition 8. Some didn’t. After Proposition 8 passed, Black gay men holding “No on Proposition 8″ signs were verbally assaulted by white gay anti-Prop 8 protesters at a rally in Westwood, California. Though the Black gay men had come to join the fight against Proposition 8, they were called “niggers,” and “their people” were blamed for its passage."

This what comedian Roseanne Barr wrote on her blog about blacks that supported Proposition 8

"They showed themselves every inch as bigoted and ignorant as their white christian right wing counterpartners who voted for mccain-palin and bush-cheney". Roseanne's World is out of this world for all the wrong reasons. Why it doesn't surprise me that when liberals don't get what they want, they have to use race in their arguments. The true bigots in all of this are people like Roseanne and gays that can't accept the will of the people. Prop 8 had absolutely nothing to do with denying gays "civil rights". They are mad, because it doesn't grant them "special rights". That is what militant gays can't stand. If they can't pimp the plight of blacks for their "special" purpose, they know they don't have a leg to stand on. Gay Marriage is an oxymoron by definition, because marriage is by definition a union between one man and one woman. Gay groups originally spouted that they want the same rights that married heterosexual couples have. Civil Unions accomplishes exactly what they want, but that isn't good enough. You see, the "having the same rights"defense was and is still a sham. The real agenda is to try to validate the lifestyle of homosexuality as normal by including it under the mainstream union of "marriage". Roseanne didn't factor in that they're are people of different races that aren't even religious that supporter the traditional definition of marriage. Gays have the right to marry people of the opposite sex just like everybody else, so they do have the "same rights" as all citizens do. Gays need to be honest with their intentions, because they aren't fooling anyone but themselves. Apparently they didn't fool 70% of blacks in California that supported prop 8. This paragraph from the San Francisco gates sums up perfectly why blacks voted for Prop 8 and why gay thought they were going to vote against it.

Proposition 8 was compared to legalized racial oppression. Surely, the opponents reasoned, if we are against oppression based on race, we have to be against oppression overall - and, using this argument, African American voters would have to vote against Proposition 8. However, many African Americans do not accept that a white man’s CHOOSING to live an openly gay lifestyle faces the same discrimination that a conservative, middle class churchgoing African American man might. One must factor the power of choice into the equation.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

45 days and $700 billion dollars later

It was the government that created this economic crisis, so why would anybody truly expect government to have the solution to fixing it it? A month and a half ago I created a video asking people to call their congress people and demand that the bailout bill go down in flames.

I said that the bill did not address the fixing of the problem. The Community Redevelopment Act was the foundation for the creation of the "sub prime" mortgage market. The bailout bill did not have a provision that would have repealed the act. Without addressing the source of the problem, any bailout bill would just be a waste of money. Well thirty days and seven hundred million dollars later, this is the end result.

Is an army of ignorance more dangerous then an army of intelligence?

I have to say that an army of ignorant people are more dangerous. Without intelligence they do not know what they are doing and the harm their actions can cause. I've heard again and again by liberals about how intelligent they are. I've heard them say that the top income earners tend to be liberals. I'm sure lemmings think they are intelligent toom when they follow one after the another off a cliff. Today marks the 30th anniversary of the mass suicide by the Jim Jones cult.

Free thinking individuals would never take part in a mass suicide unless they were brainwashed. When a person is brainwashed, he or she is suppose to ignore the use of analytical thinking and just trust the person telling them what to think. This video explains in great detail about the absolute lack of knowledge Obama supporters had about Obama when they voted for him. This is why most of the time it doesn't pay to get into a debate with a liberal. They are utterly and pathetically mentally weak by design.

This is the summary of the answers from the "intelligent" Obama supporters. The dog Blue's from blues clues has more clues then these people.

7.4% could NOT correctly say which party controls congress (50/50 shot just by guessing)

81.8% could NOT correctly say Joe Biden quit a previous campaign because of plagiarism (25% chance by guessing)

82.6% could NOT correctly say that Barack Obama won his first election by getting opponents kicked off the ballot (25% chance by guessing)

88.4% could NOT correctly say that Obama said his policies would likely bankrupt the coal industry and make energy rates skyrocket (25% chance by guessing)

56.1% could NOT correctly say Obama started his political career at the home of two former members of the Weather Underground (25% chance by guessing).

And yet.....

Only 13.7% failed to identify Sarah Palin as the person on which their party spent $150,000 in clothes

Only 6.2% failed to identify Palin as the one with a pregnant teenage daughter

And 86.9 % thought that Palin said that she could see Russia from her "house," even though that was Tina Fey who said that!!

Only 2.4% got at least 11 correct.

Only .5% got all of them correct. (And we "gave" one answer that was technically not Palin, but actually Tina Fey). Save us from the masses!!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

An overview of Barack Obama's "intelligence".

Since liberals love to mock Governor Palin on the basis of intelligence, I had a great idea. In the issue of "fairness". I will do what the mainstream media refused to do for the last six months. I will examine the intellect of the libera'ls messiah being Barack Hussein Obama.

Let's start with Obama's basic understanding of geography. Since the Obama cult are so stuck in the infamous Russia comment by Palin. Lets see if Obama is as smart as they claim.

Oh snap!!! It seems that Obama is off by just seven states. Moving on, lets see how good Obama's knowledge is in regards to knowing the difference between the two military holidays "Veterans Day" and "Memorial Day". Place your bets ladies and gentlemen. Listen to the first ten seconds for the answer.

Another swing and a miss I see. Ok Obama is now 0 for 2. I have faith in this guy, if liberals say he's smart then I have to trust their judgment right?

On to World History
Barack Obama claims that his "uncle" was one of the first American soldiers to liberate Auschwitz.

Houston we have a problem yet again!!! According to a silly thing called history, the Red Army of the Soviet Union on January 27, 1945, liberated Auschwitz. Ok another swing and a miss, but Obama is getting close, I can feel it in my bones. Let's continue. Does Obama knows the difference between a "breathalyzer" and an "insulator "? Let's find out.

I think I'm starting to doubt the Obama supporter's claim that Obama is far more intelligent then Governor Palin. Call it a hunch or just mounting examples of why that isn't so. Odd how all these gaffes and mistakes weren't picked apart by the mainstream media yet Palin's were. The bottom line is that Barack Obama is not a great speaker or thinker. Even with a prepared speech he still says some pretty stupid things including flat out lying. So to the Obama cult, if you want to continue being intellectually dishonest in respect to Obama, you are only fooling yourselves.

Ultra liberal Mike Beschloss believes that Barack Obama's IQ is "off the chart". I wonder how he came to that conclusion? Anyways, he said that Obama is the smartest man to ever become President. Imus asked him a very ultra simplistic question. What is Obama's I? Listen to the answer or lack there of and I rest my case.

A picture is worth a thousand words in regards to describing the Obama "flock".

Have any of you ever wondered why it seems that when animals follow each other in a herd, they tend to be lead to the slaughter house? In regards to the Obama cultist, don't think just react. Remember that it's all about the generic word "change".

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chris Matthews Claims "It's His Job To Help Make Obama A Success"?!!

So it's Chris Mathew's "job" to make Obama's administration successful? Insert crack pipe into the mouth of Chris Mathews and initiate lighting the pipe. I said it from day that the media was in the tank for Obama, and the media is finally coming around to admitting the all so obvious.

Chris Mathews tried to act the role of a bully in his attack job on blogger Michelle Malkin four years ago, yet he has a school girl crush on Barack Obama. I wonder does Chris Mathews experience "hot flashes" when he sees Obama on television? How telling for him to say "it's his job to make the Obama administration successful". I have no doubt that any negative news on Obama will not be printed or aired if it's in the mainstream media's power not to do so. What they can't cover up, they will try to explain away. If the stock market keeps tanking, all the explaining by the media won't do a hill of beans for Barry.

Sarah Palin's Interview with Greta Van Susteren.

With all the rumors finally laid to rest, what else could the left by the media to throw at Sarah Palin? They know perfectly well that it is a strong possibility she will be back in 2012. I've noticed that the media hasn't said much about Palin being cleared in the "trooper gate" investigation. I was being sarcastic of course, I knew the media wasn't going to say anything about it. Also the rumors that were leved against Palin claiming that she didn't know that Africa was continent, or didn't know about NAFTA was also debunked. I believe I've figured out why the left has so much vile angst towards Governor Sarah Palin. Liberals by nature are plain and simple unhappy and miserable people. The amplification of their rage started back in 2000, when they believed that George Bush "stole" the election from Al Gore. For eight years now Bush has been the center point of all their seething hatred. Liberals need a replacement source in which to channel their emotional instability, and unfortunately that person happened to be Sarah Palin. Deep down I believe liberals want her to run in 2012. If she doesn't become their new "bogeyman" or in this case "bogeywoman" to hate, where is their anger going to be channeled too? It's almost like Sarah Palin is their necessary target to give liberals some sort of purpose to hate post George Bush. Moving forward, this is the interview with Governor Palin conducted by Greta Van Susteren this past monday. I believe she did pretty well. Also, this interview with Governor Palin was the highest rated show all year for Greta Van Sustreren. I truly hope that Palin DOES NOT accept an interview from Oprah Winfrey.

Part two

Part 3

Part 4


Listening to her talk about the Alaska's budget in regards to oil revenue show me that this women is sharp period.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Coming January 20th 2009

It may be the end of the world as we know it right now, but in 2012 we will set things right and things will again be fine!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

This is a perfect example of why home schooling is on the rise.

Indoctrination starts with the young. Did you notice the kid that said "he wanted a black president". Now if one of those kids that supported John McCain would have said that he or she wanted a "white president", would that child have been called a "racist"? You know it. The teacher really should have been fired. She said it was ok for students that supported John McCain to raise their hand, yet she attacked them for doing so. Brainwashing can only work when the subject is constantly trained to mentally "stay within the lines". Every student that raised their hands for Obama were staying within the acceptable lines that the teacher set. When the students that raised their hands for McCain, those students went outside the lines, and were singled out by her. See how it works?

Friday, November 07, 2008

Sarah Palin: A woman of grace under unrelentless fire.

Take a bow Sarah, you did good.

I'm not going to candy coat my support for Governor Sarah Palin. I support her and like her. She is a very decent, honorable are respectful person and a sister in faith. To bad I can't say the same for the bottom feeding, vile, venomous, pieces of human garbage that have called Governor Palin some of he most distasteful, disrespectful, humiliating names that I have ever heard in my life. I'm actually ashamed to a point to be an American citizen knowing that there are people in this country that will stoop so low to destroy a person's character just so they can make history of having a black man elected President. When I look at Barack Obama, the media and his supporters, I think of the names that no person especially a woman should ever be called. Sarah Palin besides being a Governor is also a mother and a wife, did people forget that? People have been telling me how great America has become by the election of Barack Obama. That's funny, because all I see from Obama supporters and the media is how pathetically low Americans have sunk in order to make sure that happened. Did Sarah Palin make some mistakes? Yes she did. Here's the secret though, Obama and Biden made some mistakes as well. The difference is that Obama and Biden's mistakes were shielded by the media, and Palin's was exposed and exploited. I won't take "pride" in the election of one person at the expense of trying to destroy another. That's just how I am. Now after the election is over, the McCain loyalists are trying to throw Governor Palin under the bus and they are leaking rumors to the media that are running with these rumors as if they are facts. This is what I have to say about the McCain backstabbing serpents. All I can say is I hope they get their ten pieces of silver out of deal and can live with themselves afterwards.

Leave it to me to be the gift that keeps on giving. I put this together to say exactly what I think about Obama supporters and the medias brutal and unjust treatment of Governor Palin. History has been made, and it's not one to be "proud of" that's for sure.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wall Street welcomes Obama with a 486 point drop.

People that voted for Obama actually thought he would be better for the economy then McCain? I guess these people never stopped to consider that the economy and the stock market are linked. It was when the stock market started it's huge declines thanks to the housing/financial crisis started by the socialist stupidity of Democrats. In a way it's good that Democrats have control of congress and the White House. They were the genesis of this mess, and who better to deal with their mess then the very people that created it. It was bad enough that Bush had to fix the economy after Bill Clinton's dot com bubble economy went bust right after he left office. Anyways, the day after Obama gave his speech to the sheepletude, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged 486 points. The reason for the sharp sell off is because Obama won the election. When George Bush won in 2000 and 2004, the markets enjoyed sharp RALLIES afterwards. This goes back to what I've been saying repeatedly. Free market economies don't like socialist and liberal rules, excessive regulations and more importantly burdensome taxes. The stock markets not just in the United States but in the world fear an Obama administration and rightfully so. If Obama does go through and let the Bush tax cuts expire as well as hike the taxes on dividends and capital gains from investments, he will single handily guarantee a stock bear market and a massive rise in the unemployment rate. Oh well, it's all about "change" is it not? A 486 point drop is impressive for only being President elect for not even 24 hours yet, I meant impressive in a bad way of course.

Obama cult members cry at gathering.

Obama addressing his crying cult members. Maybe they were crying because Obama didn't provide free koo laid for the event. When you look at his ears, don't you just want to grab on tight and just YANK those bad boys?

My thoughts on his hapless zombie cult.

They're were actual people crying for a person they know nothing about. Being intelligent in this country has now become a serious liability. I better watch my back. I still don't know why they were crying though. Did Obama already break his campaign lie on giving middle class people tax cuts. Oh say it isn't so oh great "Messiah of Change". Now I know why I don't watch American Idol.

Operation Media Stomp

The mainstream media has done it's job in single handedly orchestrating the election of Barack Obama. Once upon a time, people actually trusted the media in this country. There clearly is no reason to continuing trusting them. Obama was shielded from every warranted attack against him by the mainstream media. This guy is going to be President, and nobody really knows nothing about him except that he's black and he says change a lot. The media on the flip side went out of it's way to destroy a plumber and savagely go after Governor Sarah Palin over very non news issues. There isn't nothing to justify this behavior from the national media. The only people that go into the field of journalism are liberals. The objective of journalism years ago use to be to find the story, today the objective of journalism is to shield Democrats and attack Republicans and call it "fair and balanced" news. The real loser in this election wasn't so much John McCain but the integrity of the national media. What's done is done. Now it's time to strike back. The national news shows have been constantly losing viewers at an accelerated pace. The national newspapers like the New York Times and Washington Post are not only losing readers, but they are also accumulating debt and losing a lot of money. I believe it is time to put a death nail into the national media's heart once and for all. All they are presenting is propaganda and indoctrination, so really they have long outlived their usefulness. The goal of this project is to expose the bias of the national media beyond the audience of people that already know about their bias. In other words, it's time to expose the mainstream media's bias nationwide outside of talk radio and the blogisphere. The newspapers can buy ink by the barrel, but that ink doesn't do much when nobody is buying their papers in which the ink was used in the first place. They can celebrate now, but they won't for long. Stay tuned, more details will be coming.

Affirmitive Action does work!!

What can be said ? Clearly the most qualified person wasn't chosen to be President of the United States. The most popular person was chosen being Barack Obama. Well at least we learned affirmative action is indeed alive and well. Hugo Chavez called Obama "the black man". Jimmy Carter called Obama a few months ago that "black boy". They might be on to something. It's hard to describe how I feel right now. I expressed several weeks ago that part of me felt that John McCain actually had to lose the election in order for the conservative movement to regain it's footing in the Republican Party. Now that McCain has lost, it's still stings knowing that a person the likes of Obama will be at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. My mother use to tell me when I was a kid that if medicine tasted good everybody would take it without question. It will take me awhile to understand that people ignored the facts about Barack Obama. I alone presented facts after facts after facts and people still supported and defended him. One thing is abundently clear,the mainstream media in this country needs to be punished and exposed for their bias yellow dog activist journalism. Journalism did die in 2008, they're is no ifs ands or buts about it. I wonder do I need to take a course in psychology, because maybe I don't understand the human mind like I once thought I did. Twenty years ago, a person with the background and associations of Obama would have never made it out of the primaries period. I wonder if the United States of America's best days truly are behind her. I'm an old school Ronald Regan guy at heart. I have a picture of him hanging in my office. I can honestly say that he is the only President to have ever inspired me as a citizen to reach as far as I can reach. The contrasts between Barack Hussein Obama and Ronald Wilson Reagan are as different between night and day. Tonight the shinning beacon on the hill has gone out for awhile. Maybe it will be turned back on someday in the near future I hope. I guess if I had to look for the silver lining in this sad finally drawn out episode is this, the race hustling poverty pimps Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton no longer can play the black victim cards for their shakedowns. Those days are over offically now. Also can be laid to rest is notion that whites won't vote for a black candidate. They voted for a radical unqualified Marxist black man, they will also someday vote for an actual qualified black candidate that represents the best of America. The old saying goes ,"what doesn't kill you can only make you stronger". Tomorrow is a new day, and it won't be pretty. Hopefully this experiment will only be for four years, but we will survive and learn from the mistakes and then come out stronger then ever before. Will I call Barack Hussein Obama President? Na, I will only utter those words from my lips to the person I feel is actually worthy to be called that. I will just refer to him as " the black man" at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. In four year, several things will be certain. The catch phrase of "change" isn't going to work for Obama when the economy is in the tank and energy prices are through the roof, but it just might work for the person running against him. S.U.S 2012!!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama flips off HIllary Clinton!!!

Obama says he's a Christian. Tell me if this is how Christians are suppose to act? Then again I forgot Jeremiah Wright was his pastor. To think that this man could in twenty four hours be our next President.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Does Barack Obama want to "bankrupt" the coal industry?

Liberals claim that they are looking out for the working class, yet they're policy's always seem to contradict that. The coal industry employees hundreds of thousands of workers. I guess that doesn't matter to Barack. The Sierra Club, Earth Liberation Front aka ELF and other enviro groups are apparently hold more importance then them. We know Obama doesn't support exploration oil drilling nor the building of new power plants, nor the building of new refineries and now we know what he plans to do in regards to the coal industry. I wonder to coal miners in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virgina and West Virginia know what Obama's intentions are in regards to their careers?

Like always the media has already started to "circle the wagons" around Obama on his comments. CNN has weighed in with their spin entitled "Palin knocks Obama over nine month old coments" CNN want to ftry and position Obama's comments as "old news". If McCain would have suggested cutting social secuity two years ago, CNN would have been broadcasting the story over and over again until election day. This is just another example in the long list of examples of why the media makes me 100% sick.

This is the response from Governor Sarah Palin. Seeing that her expertise is in energy, who better to go after Obama on his absolutely insane idea to destroy an entire industry and adversely harm our country in regards to energy independence.

No Candy for kids that support Obama!

Shirley Nagel is what I call a die hard McCain supporter!!!! This video is just too funny. The parents of the kids that support Obama are mad because a private citizen didn't freely give away her property!! Notice I said "her property". The parents that support Obama should have told their kids that if Obama becomes president, the kids will get a monthly candy allowance from the Federal Government. I'm sure they would have cheered them up real quick! If I was in her shoes, I don't know if I would have done the same thing. I probably would have given those kids the candy. The kids shouldn't be punished for the decisions of their misguided parents that are voting for Obama.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

A 1995 Interview of Barack Obama praising his "former pastor" Jerimiah Wright.

I will keep saying it even if Obama wins Tuesday. A person is judged by the company he or she keeps as well as that person's personal judgment. This is an interview Barack Obama gave back in 1995 in Chicago. Notice in the background is a copy of Obama's book "Dreams of my father". Most of Obama's supporters never even heard of this book, and the media has completely ignored it. That book tells a lot about Obama's admiration for his father that was a devouted socialist in Kenya. Anyways, Obama talks about him discovering his identity. As a bi racial child, it looks like he wishes to identify with just one part of his race and not both. In his book, Obama stated that the reason he joined Trinity United Cult of Christ was "because he was drawn to it's black value system". These are the words from the "holly man" of "Christian love" that Obama "had" such respect and admiration for.

Will November 4th mark the new era of "1984"?

A free thinking society can't be controlled or manipulated. Notice I said "free thinking". Have any of you ever heard of a free market capitalist ever talk about "economic justice" ? A person that believes in free market capitalism believes that a person's earning potential is tied to that person's willingness to pursue it. Doesn't that make sense? Obama supporters blindly and loyally follow his hollow word of "change". The mind numbed masses become highly offended when other people question Obama on anything that they believe is negative. They can't defend the issues on which Obama support. Their sole recourse is to attack the "MESSENGER" and to try and deflect the actual "MESSAGE". The Obama collective have called McCAIN ads against Obama "negative", yet they can't acknowledge that the ads are "factual". They attack people like Joe the plumber for making a statement based on Obama's policy, yet they ignore and try to discredit the statement by trying to discredit the "messenger". This why the Obama cult is so very dangerous. They aren't to be feared based on knowledge, education or analytical prowless. They are to be feared, because they represent a huge collective of manipulated, dumbed down, ignorant people that have the power to cancel other people's votes that are free thinkers. He who controls the masses as one controls the world.

Since Barack Obama has his own "presidential seal", shouldn't he have his own National Anthem?