Friday, September 30, 2011

FYI on Herman Cain

Herman Cain will be a guest on the Tonight Show tonight. I'm going to be watching, and I will probably comment on it. It will be interesting to see how he comes off in a casual interview setting with Jay Leno.

Crony Capitalism: A Concise History of Obama’s Solyndra Scandal

Bernie Madoff is serving a 150 years prison sentence for defrauding investors out of billions of dollars. With Bernie, people entrusted their money with him believing he was going to invest their money in legitimate investments. Well they all found out that wasn't the case. He was using the money to pay for his well to do lifestyle as well as pay off earlier investors in an attempt to keep the Ponzi scheme going. The one thing about frauds is that eventually given enough time, they become exposed. Speaking of fraud, a Solar panel manufacturing company by the name of Solyndra went bankrupt and was also raided by the FBI two weeks ago. Some of you may be wondering what does that have to do with anything. Well, Solyndra was given a five hundred and thirty five million dollar loan. This loan wasn't made by banks or private investors, it was made by the Obama Administration. Sarah Palin brought up the issue about crony capitalism in her tea party speech in Iowa earlier this month. Tell me if what happened in the case of Solyndra smells like back door, Chicago style,wheeling and dealing, crony capitalism fraud. It smells like it to me. Since five hundred and thirty five million dollars of tax payer money has been in essence flushed down the toilet in this green "investment" thing, shouldn't people go to jail over this?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Janeane Garofalo: Racist Republicans Support Herman Cain.

My timing is spot on as usual. I knew it wouldn't be long before Herman Cain would be targeted. Returning to the what I said in my last post about brainwashing, Janeane Garofalo is one of my favorite examples in illustrating how a racially brainwashed white progressive thinks. She's been spending a lot of time on Olby's show as of late. I guess since she doesn't really have much a career anymore, she has a surplus of time on her hands. This is Janeane on Keith Olberman's show discussing Herman Cain and what Sarah Palin said about his rise in the polls. Janeane went on to say the following

"Herman Cain is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican party. Conservative movement and tea party movement, one in the same."

Funny she would say that, because a certain percentage of conservatives believe that white liberals voted for Obama mainly as a way to e sponge themselves of white guilt for slavery and the Jim Crow. Since white liberals were telling conservatives that if they didn't vote for Obama, the reason must have been, because Obama is black. Conservatives have a point. Getting back to what Janeane. I wonder could she explain what the Senate Democratic Majority leader Harry Reid meant when he said in a private meeting back in 2008. Why didn't he say that openly if he felt it?

" Obama had a good chance of winning acceptance among white voters because he was a "light skinned" African-American who had "no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one."

Riddle me this. Since the Republican Party doesn't need a large percentage of blacks in order win the presidency. Why would they need to "hide their racist elements" as Janeane Garofalo believes? This woman is an idiot who actually believes she's intelligent.

Herman Cain is stirring up Cain for the political establishment.

After his surprise first place win the recent Florida Straw Poll, Herman Cain has now magically appeared on the national radar. I wrote when Cain first announced he was running for the Republican nomination that he better be careful in his quest. Progressives will do anything and everything possible to derail Herman Cain from gaining any momentum as a serious presidential candidate for one reason. He's black. I kind of sound like a progressive saying that, but we all know it's true. Progressives have spent too much time and effort over the decades to create a false premise that the Republican Party is the party of racism. It only stands to reason that if Herman Cain wins the GOP nomination, that illusion they worked so hard to create and enforce will have been destroyed. Blacks have been brainwashed for over forty years by the Democratic party and their black progressive allies about what the Republican Party platform is about. To blacks, they have been spoon feed such nonsense such as the Republicans want to return blacks to slavery and reestablish the era of Jim Crow etc. Herman Cain was on the CNN Wolf Blitzer show the other day talking about how" blacks have been brainwashed" to distrust the GOP and believe that they are the party of racism.

For ninety percent of blacks to vote Democratic without no clear and valid reason why over and over again doesn't spell logic to me. Last week, I heard the comments of Morgan Freeman saying that the Tea Party is made up of racists. Morgan is a classic case of a person being an ignorant fool, because he like many blacks "never seem to have FIRST HAND KNOWLEDGE of what they regurgitate. Blacks who call the tea party racist never even been to one, that includes Morgan Freeman.

Maybe Morgan is still suck in the mindset of his role in the movie Driving Miss Daisy or something. I did a youtube video last year right after the GOP blowout in the mid term elections. In the elections Allen West, Tim Scott, Marco Rubio won their races.Nikki Haley won the Governer's race in South Carolina. I put out the question that if the tea party and the GOP is racist, how come racists voted for blacks, Hispanics and an American of Indian descent to represent them.

Brainwashing can't compete with cold hard facts. When people can't defend their claims about the Tea Party or Republicans being racists, they have no legitimate argument. Using the claims that the GOP is a racist party by the left, Michael Steele should have never been chosen as the Chairman of the Republican National Committee right? Would a black man be chosen to head up the Klu Klux Klan? The reason why blacks and progressives keep making everything about race is, because that is all that has been embedded into their brains to begin with. I know Herman Cain has been called an Uncle Tom, House Nigger, Simble Sambo, Token etc. He's been called and will continue to be called these names by the people on the left who claim to be about racial diversity. Notice however that it's the conservatives (the ones' progressives say are the racists ones) who are the ones "defending black and other minorities" who are conservatives. The same way progressives claimed that the "racist" GOP was trying to "copy" Obama with selecting Michael Steele as GOP Committee Chairman, they will definitely double down on the claim with Herman Cain. If the GOP is racist, why would they want to copy Obama? Don't try to figure it out. Brainwashing isn't suppose to make sense in the real world just to progressives.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's now come to this. Even an ice cream cone is seen as being racist.

I've used the term "racial crybabies" in the past to describe progressives who try to make the least little issue always about race. A better term would probably be "racial paranoid" These people from all races have racism on their brains from the time they wake up to the time they go to bed. Frankly, I'm surprised they don't refer tol god himself as a racist for making shadows black and night time black. In Ocala Florida, an Ice Cream Mascot is actually being mistaken by residents as a member of the Klu Klux Klan!! The kicker in this story is that the people who think the mascot is a Klansman, don't know that the owners of the ice cream shop and the man in the costume are Puerto Ricans and not white. and they've never even heard of the KKK until now. I need to do some research on the Klan to find out if any of their members have ever been known to wear sprinkles on their hoods. Maybe the gay ones do. I don't know whether to laugh at this story or shake my head in despair. People always ask me how am so rational as a black guy on the issue of race. For me, it's always been simple. I'm like Joe Friday on Dragnet. I only care about just the facts. Let's take the case of the big bad ice cream mascot as an illustration. Just using common sense, I know that a Klu Klux Klansman wouldn't be dumb enough to stand out in broad day light in front of a store in his klan outfit. Notice I said "using common sense". Speaking for myself, I would have seen the ice cream shop, looked at the guy and seen the costume and automatically put two plus two together and realized that the guy is dressed as an ICE CREAM CONE mascot!! The brown wafer cone as part of his outfit should have been a dead give away as well along him holding the sign that reads ICE CREAM!! Racially paranoid people tend to abandon logic and rely on emotion in their thought process. Because of this, this is why when they saw the ice cream mascot, they automatically seen him as a member of the klan and nothing else. What I really dislike about racially paranoid people is that they always try to influence others with their racially paranoid points of view. Two years ago, Dallas Commissioner John Wiley Price who is black got offended when Commissioner Kenneth Mayfield who is white referred to the budget as a "black hole" in a budget meeting. This goes back to I said early. Anybody with "common sense" knows what a black hole is and how the term can be applied to other situations. Mr. Wiley was an example of how racial paranoia can dumb down a person's thought process. The same applies to the people of Ocala Florida.

Obama tells the Congressional Black Caucus to "Stop mumbling, crying and complaining.

I wonder will the Congressional Black Caucus ever realize that they are nothing more then foot soldiers for the Democratic Party and nothing more. They have no power and they have no influence within the party. They are in essence a black shell group with three letters on it's letterhead to make them seem more important then what they really aren't. Even Barack Obama knows this. That's why when he addressed the CBC as few days ago, he told them to take off their bedroom slippers and put on their marching boots. Obama has been criticized by the Congressional Black Caucus for ignoring them in the past. As Obama's soaring economy continues to impact blacks in record numbers, he's been silent on the issue, and that has caused blacks to actually start to question their support for him. Well Obama heard the "cries" of the CBC, but he didn't take responsibility for his policies having a negative impact on blacks. This is what his message to the CBC was instead. Besides telling blacks via the CBC to "stop crying, mumbling and complaining", he said he expect the CBC to march with him. Typical Obama, he wants his supporters to do for him, but he can care less about them. I've never known for Obama to say to his non black special interests allies to stop their complaining, mumbling and crying. I know he doesn't take that tone with his wealthy progressive friends at his $35,000 a plate fund raisers. I also know he doesn't say those words, when he's speaking at other special interest group gatherings. He said what he said in front of the CBC for a reason. He knows the blacks are his most die hard supporters, and he knows that he can talk trash to them, and they will still support him to the end. That was proven by the ovation he received as he was telling them to stop crying and complaining . Imagine if a Republican would have gotten in front of the CBC and told them that, even if the Republican was black. Flunkies are known for be accepting of verbal abuse as long as they like the person who is giving it to them. I can't say that all members of the CBC are flunkies in this case. One black progressive kook actually had enough sense for once to stand up and call out Obama for what he said. Maxine "tea party can go to hell" Waters wasn't clapping during Obama's scolding of the CBC , and she questioned his "choice of words"on the CBS Early Show. I can't believe I am in agreement with Kerosene Maxine. I suppose hell can freeze over for a minute or so. This is what Maxine doesn't understand. Obama and the Democratic Party know they will always have the majority of the black vote. By them knowing this, they know they will never have to do anything of substance to earn it. It's a known given by the party. Put it another way, "WHY DO THEY NEED TO BUY THE BLACK COW, WHEN THEY'VE BEEN GETTING THE BLACK MILK FOR FREE FOR OVER FORTY FIVE YEARS"? The Hispanic vote isn't a guaranteed lock yet as it pertains to the percentages that blacks vote Democrat, ,so the Democrats have to actually do things for them unlike with blacks. I wrote in a previous post what the Democratic Party expects of the CBC. Obama just came out and said.

Know their role aka "I expect you all to march with me"

Shut the hell up aka "shake it off, stop complaining, stop grumbling, stop crying"

Do what we say aka "take off your bedroom slippers and put on your marching shoes"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Progressives show their racist side after the release of the Joe McGinniss anti Sarah Palin book.

I've noticed a racist pattern forming among progressives that they don't even realize they are exhibiting. Writer Joe McGinniss wrote an attack and smear book about Sarah Palin entitled "Searching for the Real Sarah Palin" that has just been released. The book has been a bomb in terms of sales. The book has been proven to have been made up of nothing more then tabloid gossip passed off as the truth by McGinniss. Joe McGinniss even admitted it himself to his publisher Random House back in January of this year. The book is so bad that even liberal media outlets such as the New York Time have come out and trashed the book's credibility. In the book, McGinniss wrote that Sarah Palin had sex with NBA player Glen Rice back in 1987. Ever since the book has been released, anti palin progressives have been going around saying that "Palin screw black guys". Even though what McGinniss wrote is a lie, it appears that progressives have a problem that goes beyond palin and has to do with interracial relationships. These are the people claiming that conservatives are the racists, yet it's progressives who are focusing on this one claim by McGinniss and are a reacting like a person of another race having a relationship with a black guy is so odd, "taboo" or a scarlet letter in 2011. For example here's uber progressive Bill Maher making a "joke" in saying that "Sarah Palin would screw Rick Perry if he was black".

Progressive are beyond quick to bring up the race card anytime someone questions Obama, yet look at their behavior in regards to this book. Even though the story is fake, what if it was true? Lets play devil's advocate for a moment. What if Sarah Palin actually had a relationship with Glen Rice prior to her being married to Todd Palin. Is there a controversy here? If Glen Rice was white, would it be a story? No, of course it wouldn't. So why is this tabloid story such a story among progressives? Barack Obama's mother was white right? I've noticed that progressives also go out of their way NOT to describe Obama as "bi racial", even though that is what he is. It's like his mother's white identity never existed. So once again, who are the ones acting like racists? While some in the media have actually called out Joe McGinnis for his tall tales in his book, others in the media are on Sarah and Todd divorce watch hoping and praying for it to be true. The lesson to take away from this is to don't believe progressives when they get on top of their soap boxes (which are actually on quick sand) and claim they "are the champions of DIVERSITY". It's a fools gold lie just like Joe McGinniss's book. Some progressives can care less that the book and the author's credibility has been shot to hell and back. All they care about is the "seriousness of the charge", so they can have another morsel in which to attack Sarah Palin and feed their obsessional and vile hatred of her. Case in point.

Mark Levin commented on the absolute sleaziness of Joe McGinniss's book and how fraudulent it truly is. It's a great listen.

MSNBC news anchor Thomas Robert : GOP candidates wish they could go back to the days when "slavery was cool"?

Wow, did you all know that once upon a time "slavery was cool"? Seriously, can MSNBC still be classified as a news operation? I don't watch MSNBC for obvious reasons. I actually value the sources where I get my content from, but how can any person with somewhat reasonable intelligence continue to believe the insane rhetoric that is transmitted from MSNBC? MSNBC news anchor Thomas Robert who is an actual news anchor for MSNBC was interviewing a guest yesterday, and the topic was about Thursday night's GOP debate hosted by Google and Fox News. I've come to notice about progressives over the years is that the more they try to sound intelligent, the more they end up coming across as being absolutely ignorant and unhinged yet blissfully self contained in it.

During the two hour debate, maybe Mr. Thomas and his guest didn't realize that a black man and woman were actually in the debate. A black man "Herman Cain" and a woman "Michelle Bachmann" are running for the Republican nomination. I've watched every debate so far, and I have to ask this simple question,

"What beliefs or stances on legislation would have anyone believe that the GOP candidates for president would want to build a time machine and go back to the days when blacks were slaves and woman couldn't vote"?

I keep hearing the term "right wing extremists" from the left, but look where the extremist and kooky rhetoric always seem to come from. It's coming from the network of Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews and other radical progressives. If Robert and others believe that the GOP candidates are racists and sexists, why did MSNBC host the GOP debate a few weeks ago? Robert talked about ridiculous comments by the GOP candidates, of course he never gave any examples to validate his remark, but he should take a good long look in the mirror himself.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

One-day rehiring nets former Chicago labor leader a $158,000 city pension.

Emanuel Cleaver of the Congressional Black Caucus: If Obama wasn't president, we would be ‘marching on the White House.

I really would like to thank Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of the Congressional Black Caucus for unknowingly exposing the truth about the Congressional Black Caucus. You see, the myth that has been created and circulated over the years is that the CBC actually is looking out for the concerns of black Americans. Thanks to Mr. Cleaver's own words, we now know that has never been the case. Mr. Cleaver said last week "If [former President] Bill Clinton had been in the White House and had failed to address this problem, we probably would be marching on the White House. I don';t believe that for one second." Since Obama is black and is a progressive, the CBC will do nothing more then continue to be the good subservient Democratic lap dogs they have been known to be. If the record high black unemployment rate of today happened under George W Bush, then and only then would we be hearing the yelling, complaining and attacks directed at the president. They wouldn't do it, because the black unemployment rate was at a record high. They would be attacking him based on him being "white and more importantly REPUBLICAN". The CBC can give a dam about blacks. It doesn't take a person with glasses to see the obvious. The only thing they've ever given blacks since their conception is lip service and more lip service. I talk about Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson being classified as race hustlers and poverty pimps, the Congressional Black Caucus is no exception. Blacks are nothing more then a vote for the Democratic Party and the CBC. It would be foolish to also think that the CBC would have dared to say an ill word towards Bill Clinton if the black unemployment rate was back then what it is today. In other words, they know their role and know when to speak. Obama isn't no different then any other person who has occupied 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, so why should he not be called out and held accountable for his economic policies negatively impacting blacks? Any Republican president would have been.

It's nice to know as black college graduates can't find a job, the Congressional Black Caucus will continue to turn a blind eye and not address the root cause of the problem because of the color of the person's skin and party affiliation.

Friday, September 16, 2011

This is why I have the upmost respect for Ford Motor Company.

True capitalism is about failure vs reward. The possibility of failure keeps entrepreneurs humble in not taking miscalculated and excessive risks. Sometimes, businesses fail, because they aren't alert enough to see the blowing winds of change. In 2009, General Motors and Chrysler didn't move fast enough to restructure their business model and labor costs to meet the downturn in the automotive sales climate due to the souring economy. Because of their actions, they went to congress and Obama with their tin cans out looking for a bailout from the American tax payers. Ford took a different route. They aggressively cut costs and laid out the situation of the company to the United Auto Workers Union. The union took concessions to save their union jobs, and management was able to steer Ford back into profitability this year. Because the executives at Ford didn't go to Washington to be bailed out, Ford doesn't have any government owners of it's stock. Ford just came out with a new commercial that shows the main difference between them and their government owned rivals Chrysler and General Motors.

They're people who say that the bailouts of GM and Chrysler was not only a success but the right choice by Obama and the federal government. I guess is it worth it to save your life if it means selling your soul in the process? I believe Ford did it the right way, and I applaud them for it.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Keith "Olby" Olbermann explains who the real "terrorists" are.

The definition of terrorism is defined as "The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims". Coming off less then four days after the tenth anniversary of the 911 terrorist attacks on our nation, we still have a pretty good idea of what the acts of REAL terrorism looks like. Some people, however don't see things the same way as we see it. For example, here's Keith Olbermann aka "Olby", describing who he believes true terrorists are. If you're thinking he's going to mention actual terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Taliban etc, you might be a tad disappointed. On a side note, I have to wonder why Olby is such a litter bug by shoving his papers off his desk? Aren't progressives suppose to be setting a good example for the rest of us great unwashed masses when it comes to taking care of the environment?

Yep folks, the Republicans and the Tea Party are the "terrorists". Citizens should fear "terrorists" who want our federal and state and local governments not to spend money it doesn't have, allow people to keep more of their own money and reduce excessive regulations off the backs of the job creators. Those "terrorists" are such extremists, aren't they? I guess Olby believes that that people who support tax cuts and less regulations are the equivalent to head cutters, and suicide bombers and such. This isn't really nothing new as some of you may know. Democrat politicians, and their media allies have been using the terrorist tag for over a year now in attacking the Tea Party and Republicans. These people have no shame. I'm just glad more people are starting to see how kooky and deranged these people truly are.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Are the real extremists in America on the left or the right?

I don't need to go into how the Tea Party movement has been assulated and demonized by progressives. Tea Party patriots have been called everything from

the mob
violent and on and on

Of course when push comes to shove, the left has of yet been able to provide any solid proof to even come close to making their Saul Alinsky bumper sticker attack slogans stick. Well since the left wants to create a mythical bogeyman out of the Tea Party, I thought it was only fair for me to collect some evidence about theillusion of the "peaceful, tolerant left" to put together a short video to show who the real "racists,bigots,extremists, terrorists,fringe, radicals, who use violence and act like mobs are.

The Civil Rights leader Al Shartpon tried to correct Herman Cain on the date of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. What could go wrong with that?

Being that Al Sharpton is promoted by the left as a "civil rights" iconic leader of some sort, he had every right to correct Herman Cain, when Herman Cain said that "he was a product of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. There was only one small problem with the Civil Rights leader Al Sharpton correcting Mr. Cain about the date the Civil Rights Act was signed into law. Mr. Cain was right.

Sharpton isn't knowledge on current events, he can read a teleprompter and to top it all off, he thought the 1964 Civil Rights Act was signed in 1965! I'm sure MSNBC will start seeing those dividends from the investment they made in hiring Al Sharpton any time now.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Meet America's friends from 10 years ago on 911.

When I saw Muslims celebrating 911 ten years ago, I was angry, but I knew that the world didn't share in their twisted sense jubilation. People from freedom loving nations came forward in the days that followed to offer their heart felt sympathy, compassion and solidarity with us. To the good people and our neighbors to the north in Canada and to the south in Mexico and people around the world who stood with us on that day and days that followed, thank you .

Compare that outpouring of sympathy ten years ago from freedom loving people to that of Msulim extremists ten years later. Nothing has changed. They are still the hate filled Islamic nut jobs from ten years ago who must be defeated.

Remembering the day of September 11th 2001 Part 1

Any other first day of the NFL season, I would be cheerful and excited to watch my beloved Ravens play and also watch football in general. Today however, I won't be cheering nor celebrating like I normally do. Since opening day around the league falls on the 10th anniversary of 911, I can't help not to think that it would be somehow disrespectful to not fully remember what this day is all about. I love football, but football is just a game. Remembering 911 takes higher priority over that. I'll get back into football mode next Sunday, but this Sunday I just want to remember what happened ten years ago. I remember the events that happened just like it was yesterday. I was in my car coming home from a business appointment, when I heard the announcement over the radio that the first tower was struck by an airplane. I didn't think much of it at the time. I thought it might have been a small plane that crashed into one of the towers and then fell to the ground. When I got home and turned on the television just in time to see the second plane hit the south tower, I definitely knew wasn't the case.

I've always asked people on 911 where they were and what they were doing when they saw or heard what was happening. So if you care to share your experiences, please feel free. I was glued to my television for the rest of the day into the night. President Bush addressed the nation later that evening.

The saying goes "those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it". I can only hope as a nation we became stronger and wiser from that experience.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Remembering 911 ten years later: The enemies to America 10 years ago are still America's enemy to this day.

Many are aware of the conflict in the Middle East between the Israelis and the Palestinians. Prior to the 911 attacks, I really didn't have an opinion one way or the other. To be honest, I didn't know much about what was going on in the Middle East at that time. I guess I was still somewhat naive to what was going on in the world. On the day of the 911 attack, I woke up real quick to the understanding of who are our friends in the world and who aren't. While most of the world extended their hand to the United States in sympathy, solidarity and support, certain countries and people didn't. Those were people who lived in Muslim countries. As I watched people on television crying over losing loved ones and just being in shock over what had just happened, I watched video on CNN and Fox News that changed my views on foreign policy forever especially when it came to who I support in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

No wonder Obama wants 911 to be about a "day of service", because if Americans remembered scenes like this from ten years ago, America as a nation would be that much more in support of Israel then it is right now. I hate to bring up politics in regards to 911, but something needs to be added. 911 was the biggest act of terrorism on the U.S homeland to date. When progressives including those in congress refer to the Tea Party as terrorists, they are desensitizing people to what TRUE terrorists are. The word terrorist should not be used by any politician or political pundit on either side of the aisle in regards to political issues that aren't terrorism based. I've been called "Islamophobic" by progressives over the years. Of course, I really don't take serious what a bunch of brain washed nit wits have to say about an issue they truly don't understand. On 911, I understood the fact that 19 Muslim Saudi hijackers were "Ameriphobes", they were taught at childhood to hate America, and they showed their hatred for this country ten years ago in a way that is still being felt to this day. Progressives never mention facts like that. In Muslim countries, Muslim clerics are brainwashing kids in the Muslim Arab countries to hate, and despise the United States", but progressives never condemn them just us for. The reason progressives don't criticize Muslims for their actions and anti western beliefs is due to fact that they both actually share a lot in commons. Both have a disdain for the state of Israel and both hate the United States. Progressives aren't the only ones who know how to burn an American flag.

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Who said race hustlers can't be taken seriously?

Only in America can a famous race hustler and racketeer who can't even pronounce the name correctly of the famous Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer and philosopher Galileo can be not only given a political commentary show on television but actually be taken seriously as if he even knows what the hell he's talking about. I'll keep saying it. MSNBC is a joke for many reasons, and all of the them are obvious. This is the "good reverend" giving his two cents about the debate.

For this guy to even mention the words "fact check" is hilarious. I guess Mr. Sharpton believes he and people like him have more in common with the general public then Mr. Perry? Ah, the laughs never stop at Mess NBC.

MSNBC aired a SEIU attack ad during the GOP debate that MSNBC hosted.

Why exactly did Republicans agree to attend a debate hosted by MSNBC is beyond my comprehension. MSNBC isn't exactly known as a legitimate news organization. This so called network has gone out of it's way over the year and to this day to falsely brand Republicans as racists, bigots etc. Hell, MSNBC even hired a black race hustler as a "political commentator". So it didn't come as a shock when during the last commercial break during the GOP debate hosted by MSNBC that this commercial aired.

Amazing isn't it? MSNBC sold air time to the Service Employee International Union, so they could air an attack ad on the GOP during their debate hosted by MSNBC. Who would have thought something like this could have happened on MSNBC right? I'm being sarcastic of course. I'm sure when the Republican National Committee and others found out about this ad, they must have felt like it was a Pearl Harbor sneak attack committed against the by MSNBC. It goes to the saying "know your enemies". The questions that needs to be answered are

1. Who at MSNBC allowed for that ad to air?
2. Who agreed to it at MSNBC?
3. Who at MSNBC sold SEIU the air time in the first place.

The only way this incident can be dismissed as a shear fluke is if the SEIU attack ad aired on other MSNBC programing and not just that one time buy spot during the debate. As well as I know MSNBC. I doubt that ad aired during other MSNBC programming.

Monday, September 05, 2011

So much for civility. Union Leader thug Jimmy Hoffa declares war on the Tea Party and refers to them as "sons of bitches".

As I stated earlier, union labor in this country only presents 11.9% of the work force. Listening to Obama and Jimmy Hoffa speak, one would think that the majority of workers are unionized. Progressives have been the ones using the over the top rhetoric for as long as I can remember, yet they had the nerve to tell conservatives to stop with the violent rhetoric when Congresswoman Gifford was shot. Someone needs to tell that union boss thug Jimmy Hoffa to tone down his violent rhetoric towards the Tea Party.

So they want to "take those sons of bitches out" do they? It's always a recurring theme with these people. They always have to blame others for their own misfortunes. Union membership in America has been declining for decades, and the Tea Party had nothing to do with that. Morons like Hoffa can attack the Tea Party until he is blue in the face, nothing is going to change the continuous decline in the union ranks. The union drones in the audience can clap all they want also. In the end, the unions don't create jobs, they lose them. General Hoffa might want to rethink his battle plans if he is serious about wagging war on the Tea Party. The Tea Party ranks are growing while the union ranks are shrinking.

On this labor day, Obama is spending his time with people who do not represent the everyday working person.

To all the producers out there, I hope you all have a very restful and joyful Labor Day. Go to the beach, have a cookout etc. Still having a job in which to celebrate labor day in this hope and change economy is reason enough to celebrate. To those who have lost their jobs this year and is looking for work, celebrate labor day, because you are still working hard trying to find a job. Speaking of jobs, the man who never held a private sector job in his life aka Barack Obama will give his "jobs speech" to the nation Thursday night in joint session to congress. It doesn't take a genius to figure out what he is going to say. He's going to double down on the previous failure ideas he tried before during his first "stimulus". He'll talk about the need to "invest" into the development of high speed rail and infrastructure aka shovel ready jobs v2.0. Speaking of the shovel ready jobs. Obama doled out over a trillion dollars of money we don't even have in the name of creating shovel ready jobs back in 2009 just to later admit and joked that "shovel ready wasn't as shovel ready as he hoped".

Some jokes are priceless and other jokes are worth a trillion dollars, and that trillion dollar joke was played on the American people. Anyways on this labor day, Barack Obama is spending the day with the union bosses and the rank and file at a rally in Detroit sponsored by the AFL-CIO and many, many other union organizations. The unions are claiming to be upset with Obama and the Democratic Party. I really can't imagine what more could the union porkers possibly want. Obama used tax payer money to bail out union jobs at Chrysler and GM. He used tax payer money in his porkilus to give to the states so that state union workers wouldn't be laid off. Pigs always want more and more and more. AFL-CIO president Richard Trumpka must be high on something or think he's fooling people who are much smarter then he is by claiming that they are going to build an "independent voice" separate from the Democratic Party. That's like the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus and other other black progressive groups saying they are going to build and independent voice separate from the Democratic Party. It's funny for Trumpka to say it, but most of us know better. Workers who are members of a Union only represents 11.9% of the U.S workforce, yet the vast majority of money that has been spent by Obama and Democrats from 2009 to 2011 went to their union allies and their causes. I've never liked unions, and I doubt I will ever change my feelings about them. I've seen how unions act, when they don't get what they want. The video of union members protesting at the Messmer Catholic school in Wisconsin is just one example. That is why I smile, when I hear about companies and small businesses deciding to relocate to right to work states. Their greed is their own undoing. The only labor force Obama loves is those who are unionized.

Sunday, September 04, 2011

When the country is fifteen trillion dollars in the hole, what's another trillion in the name of "jobs"?

A few weeks ago, Democrats actually tired to blame the Tea Party for S&P downgrading the nation's credit rating from AAA+ to AA+. The tactic fell on death ears with the public though. The nation is what created the Tea Party movement and elected Tea Party candidates to congress in the first place. We are fifteen trillion dollars in debt and climbing. The national debt is at one hundred percent of our Gross Domestic Product. The increasing debt is devaluing the purchasing power of the dollar. More dollars have to be printed just to pay the ever increasing interest payments on the national debt and by doing so is causing inflation which is hurting Americans across the nation. It has gotten so bad now; Americans are having to rely on credit cards just to bridge the inflation gap. So with all that being said, listen to what Maxine Waters said on Meet the Press today about government spending and jobs.

Remember once again, they claimed that the Tea Party was responsible for the credit downgrade. In reality and in living color, it was stupidity by members of congress who share this dim witted, ignorant moron's way of thinking is why our credit rating was downgraded. We need to spend a trillion dollars or more? I would say that Maxine Waters has lost her freaking mind, but that happened a long time ago, so never mind.

Congressman Allen West has second thoughts about being a memeber of the Congressional Black Caucus.

It looks like Congressman Allen West is having a case of buyer's remorse for joining the Congressional Black Caucus. The CBC has been on an almost non stop mission as of late to attack the Tea Party at any given opportunity. The latest attack of course came from Maxine Waters, when she said to her devoted kool aid drinking drones that the "tea party can go straight to hell". Anyways, Congressman Allen West was a guest on the Thursday edition of Fox and Friends, and he was asked about the attacks by the CBC against the Tea Party.

Allen said all the right things during the segment by highlighting how the CBC has ignored the real problems facing the black community while instead deciding to focus their attention on the Tea Party which has nothing to do with any of them. How is the Tea Party responsible for the problems facing blacks in America? Blacks who had common sense in the audience of Maxine Water's event should have asked Maxine Waters how exactly is the Tea Party adversely impacting the black community. She would have been stunned in her inability to respond to such a question. I applaud Allen West for seeing the light about the CBC, but I have to scratch my head over one obvious question. Why did Allen West join the CBC in the first place? He had to have known that the group is nothing more then an ultra progressive auxiliary shill of the Democratic Party. I've known that fact for well over ten years. Conservatives of all races have also known that. If I was Allen West, and I was elected to congress, no way in hell would I even remotely entertain the notion of joining the CBC. I respect Allen, but he made a bad judgment call hooking up with those progressive loons in the first place. As for Congressman Carson, he might want to look in his own party, because I'm sure a certain percentage of socialist Democrats would also like to see him and other blacks hanging from trees. He obviously fails to understand that the only reason Barack Obama even won the Democratic nomination in the first place is because of basically what the Democratic Senate majority leader Harry Reid said "Obama was a light skinned person "WITHOUT" a "NEGRO DIALECT". With black progressives like Congressman Carson, the DDDD tactic always has to be used on blacks. Keep them Dumbed Down. Keep them Dependent and keep them voting Democratic. Here's another illustration of what I am saying. Here's Jesse "the married reverend who knocked up his secretary"Jackson referring to the modern day Tea Party to that of the Civil War confederate General Robert E Lee.