Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The affirmitve action appointee to Obama's Senate seat has been selected.

Today Governor Rod Blagojevich's appointed Roland Burris to fill Barack Obama's U.S Senate. Mr. Burris is 71 and was the former Secretary of State for the state of Illinois. Mr. Burris is also an American of African Descent. I guess the black clergy that made a stink about about "Obama's Senate seat being stolen" can rest a little easy now or maybe not. The leader of the U.S Senate Harry Reid said a few weeks ago when the Blago scandal became national news that he would not confirm any appointment for Obama's seat made by Blagojevich. So now enter congressman Bobby Rush also from Illinois who is also black and was a former member of the "Black Panthers". He also beat Obama in a 1990 congressional race. Bobby Rush said to the media not to "HANG or LYNCH" Burris, despite the bizarre circumstances of his appointment. Got to love liberals and their race coded language don't you? Don't "hang" or "lynch" Burris? This type of race code language is nothing new among liberals. Go back to 2004, Congressman William Lacy Clay of Missouri who is black said during the Federal Housing Enterprise Subcommittee hearings into the problems facing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, "this hearing is about the political "LYNCHING" of Franklin Raines". I don't want to go off topic, but I want to illustrate one more example of race coded rhetoric by liberal Democrats. During the holiday of Dr. Martin Luther King in 2006 when the Republicans controlled congress, Hillary Clinton spoke at Canaan Baptist Church of Christ in Harlem. She told the congregation "The house is run like a "PLANTATION", You all know what I mean". This is what liberals do best. They use these types of words to stir up the racial pot in order to get what they want and to get a certain response from the people they say it to. Is it truly no wonder why I have such angst towards most liberals? People like Bobby Rush, William Clay, Charles Rangel and other liberals both black and white are just too pathetic for words to give them justice. Anyways Bobby Rush drew his racial line in the sand and dared Harry Reid not to cross it. As it looks right now Bobby's racial rhetoric isn't going to be able to help Roland Burris. I can't believe how foolish Bobby Rush is. Did he think by challenging Senator Reid, Reid was going to appoint Burris? Just two years ago, Democrats launched the talking point catch phrase against Republicans "the culture of corruption". If Reid confirmed any appointment for Obama's seat by a corrupt embattled Governor, how could Democrats in congress every criticize anyone on the issue of corruption ever again? I hope Rush isn't also naive enough to think he can get help from the Congressional Black Caucus to put pressure on Reid to change his mind, because that strategy would be doomed from the start. Rush wants to talk about their not being a black U.S Senator. This goes right back to the heart of Affirmative Action. I'm not a member of the Barack Obama kool aid drinking cult club. Obama beat an ultra weak candidate in Allen Keyes. Regardless of the outcome, Obama won the U.S Senate seat fair and square. By him winning it, it also means that he "earned it". Giving Obama's Senate seat to Roland Burris based on race is a slap in the face of qualified people in general. I'm not saying that Mr. Burris isn't qualified, he just may be. I strongly believe that his race should not be a factor pro or con on his nomination for it.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Message to Israel: HANDLE YOUR BUSINESS!!!

What happens when a person foolishly takes a stick and whacks a hornets nest? The hornets become mad as hell and then tries to sting the person that broke their hive right? If an ankle biting dog continuously taunts a pit bull that just wants to be left alone, should anyone feel sorry for the ankle biting dog when the pit bull finally gets feed up and attacks the ankle biting dog? Most people would say the ankle biting dog had it coming. These analogy's apply to the Islamic terrorist organization of Hamas. I think by now mostly everybody knows what is going on in Israel right now. I'm not going to candy coat my position on this. I'm one hundred percent in support of Israel defending itself against Islamic terrorist groups that threaten it such as Hamas, Hezbollah and Islamic Jihad. Israel has always been the whipping child of the world every time it defends itself from groups like Hamas firing missiles down into Israel. If I get started on how the media tries to frame Israel as the "aggressors", I won't be able to stop. Here's an FYI. Did any of you know where the media gets it's numbers of Palestinians killed and wounded from? They get their information from groups like Hamas. So the media runs with the numbers as truth from the same "TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS" that started the problem in the first place, go figure. It's so funny as in odd how every time an Israeli missile strikes a surgical target, Hamas always says it was a "civilian target" filled with innocent women and children or a hospital. Once again the media is always there to conveniently report it as such. How this current conflict got started was when Hamas broke the cease fire agreement it had with Israel and resumed firing rockets into Israel.Like I illustrated with the pit bull analogy, Israel said enough is enough and decided to take care of business. When you pick up a newspaper or turn on the television, the reporters are saying that Israels actions are condemned around the world. Let's be honest for a second. The people that are supposedly ticked off at Israel are the Muslims in the Middle East and the Anti Semitic Euro Trash Socialists. In other words,who really cares what they think anyways. I noticed that the "world wasn't outraged" when Hamas was firing missiles into Israel. Funny how they were silent then. The blood of Israelis and Palestinians are on the hands of Hamas, other Palestinians groups and the Palestinians people themselves. As long as the Palestinians people support these terrorist group's actions within their mist towards Israel, they shouldn't complain at the consequences of their actions.

The same goes for Hamas and others. The buzz words that are being floated around by Palestinians , the media , sympathizers and the world renowned anti Semitic United Nations is that Israel is using a "disproportion amount of force". Are these idiots for real? The United Nations used the same excuse back in 2006 when Israel yet again responded to Hamas rocket attacks. Does anybody see a pattern here or is it just me? I guess according to the U.N, Israel should tie one arm behind it's back and allow Palestinians terrorist groups to fight them with both hand loaded with brass knuckles? At what point will Israel not be the bad guy by default of existing? Since Israel can do no right in the eyes of blinded fools, I say Israel should just ignore the criticism of people that don't like them anyways and "Take Care of Business" period!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Marines give President Select Obama an icy reception in Hawaii

I guess Barack Obama might have gotten tired of hanging around his rented thirty million dollar beach house in Hawaii, so that could explain why he decided to visit the Marines at a base in Hawaii. For a guy that branded the rich as a bunch of selfish, heartless money grubbing scrooges during his campaign, he sure doesn't mind living like them now that the election is over. With times the way they are right now, what image does that give to people losing their jobs? Anyways enough about that. During the campaign, Obama didn't deem the troops in Iraq worthy of his attention when McCain asked him to visit Iraq to see the progress on the ground. Now all of sudden the American Idol select wants to get a photo op with the troops in the same state that he is vacationing in,how nice. The media of course licked it up like gravy on a plate, but some people including the marines saw through Obama like transparent tape. When the "American Idol" select elect Obama stopped by to visit the troops on Christmas day, they barely paid attention to him. This paragraph from the ABC news says it all.

"As Obama entered the room, it was absent of the regular fanfare of cheering and clapping. The diners were polite, staying seated at their respective tables and waited for the president-elect to come to them to stand up".

Even with George Bush being a huge disappointment and an approval rating hovering around 30%, He has always been popular among the troops and has earned their respect. This is the statement from the New York Times last year reporting on Bush's visit to Iraq.

"Mr. Bush told a gathering of American troops, who responded with a rousing cheer. “

I can understand why the troops are not so hot on Obama like the rest of the Obamatrons in America and in the media. It was Obama that accused the troops of "air raiding villages and killing civilians". Wow, that's something for the troops to look up to in their "Commander in Chef" isn't it? Also why would the troops support a President that wants to prevent them from being the most equipped fighting force in the world.

Obama said on the campaign trail that he wanted to earn the respect of the military. Frankly I can't see why they would or should give Obama any respect at all. Maybe he will order the soldiers to "change" their views of him. I have an idea that may help Mr. Obama. Maybe he can get that guy he was "friendly" with while growing up in Chicago to have a talk with the troops. It shouldn't matter that his "associate" was apart of a domestic terrorist organization that bombed the nerve center of the military being the"Pentagon" right?

Friday, December 26, 2008

When a U.S Senate seat goes black, can it ever go back?

With all the talk in the media about Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevvich with regards to Obama's U.S Senate Seat, there is another story that isn't getting any attention by the media. I have a feeling the reason why is because this story would bring to much attention towards black liberal racists. Since whites had a large part in helping elect Barack Obama, a story like this would kill some of that goodwill immediately. From the very beginning the issue of race overshadowed Obama's campaign primarily because of him and his drones making it an issue. The "race factor aka the "historic" aspect hasn't changed since he was elected to the White House. I wonder how whites that voted for Obama would feel knowing that there are blacks that feel that Governor Blagojevich should appoint another "African American" to fill Obama's U.S Senate seat instead of just a qualified person regardless of race? The request by these black racists is one thing,but what they represent as a profession is another. Black religious clergy are requesting that Obama's seat be given to another black person that can "not only be appointed but can have a good chance in winning in 2010 presumably against a white candidate. Whatever happened to the saying "may the best person win or be chosen"? I guess black liberals never heard of that nor could ever care. What these black so called clergy really want is for Obama's Senate seat to become an "affirmative action seat. Black liberals went ballistic when the campaign of former Senator Jesse Helms ran this infamous "hands" ad that was against affirmative action which was supported by his opponent.

Once again, liberals screamed bloody murder when the Helms campaign released this ad. One of the main reasons for the "outrage" was because Helms opponent was black. The point I'm making is that if anybody dares to criticize what the intentions of the black clergy leaders are, those people will be labeled by the liberal black racists as being a bunch of racists. Did naive people really think by electing Obama racial politics was going to come to an end?Something else I want to touch on as well. It seems to me that black clergy people tend to focus way more on "race" then on "saving souls". These black clergy pretenders that want Obama's Senate Seat to "go black and never go back" come from the same "cloth" as other black racists hiding behind the religious title such as Jeremiah Wright, Otis Moss, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Joseph Lowery and many others, This is why there are so many black people in the United States that have huge chips on their shoulders based on the issue race. Black fake clergy are really no different then radical Islamic clerics teaching Muslims to hate westerns and to kill the infidels even if that means for them to blow themselves up in the process. I said this during the early days when I first started my blog three years ago. Liberals and Democrats can only control black's loyalty to them as long as they can manipulate the issue of race and use it as a string of control like a puppet to a puppeteer. Race should never factor into who is elected, Obama's Senate Seat should be no different. I could only imagine the response if a group of whites would have made such a statement in this situation with the Senate Seat being vacated by a "White President Elect".

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from Iraq

The reason for the season

The real Messiah doesn't have to win elections by man. Something to think about.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Since retailers can't acknowledge "Christmas", why should shoppers acknowledge them during the "Christmas season"?

Political Correctness is something that is designed for people that are scared to potential "offend" another person. Like most liberal ideology, everybody must adhere to their thought process of sheer stupidity. Every year for a while now retailers have been white washing the word Christmas out of it's Christmas advertisement and replacing it with the words "Happy Holidays". It has gotten to a point now that the management of certain retailers have told their employees to say only Happy Holiday to it's customers out of fear of "offending a customer". Retailers know that the day after Thanksgiving" known as Black Friday" is the biggest shopping day of the season, and it represents the unofficial start of the "Christmas shopping season". This time of the year is when retailers make most of their profits. That is why it is called "black" Friday, because the Christmas shopping season is when most retailers actually earn their profit to go into the black instead of in the red. Here are my thoughts on retailer's "reasoning" for using Happy Holiday instead of Christmas. If retailers are so afraid of offending people by advertising for Christmas shoppers using the word Christmas, how about they don't have any sales during that period at all? What the retail establishments want is to "have their cake and eat it too". They want to have the profits from the shoppers shopping for Christmas and not potentially "offend" a person that doesn't like Christmas for whatever reason. I've made it a game within the last two weeks to say Merry Christmas to anyone that says to me "Happy Holidays". I haven't' experienced the wrath of the politically correct thought police yet. If someone does say something too me about saying Merry Christmas, I'll just look them in their eyes and say "I am offended that you took offense to what I said", then I'll wait for their response. With the economy forcing retailers to cut their prices as much as 50% due to the lack of shoppers this season, maybe this is a round about way payback by the customers in a way by not acknowledging them. Karma is a funny thing. On a different note. Don't ever believe liberals when they say they are tolerant of anything especially when it comes to religion. This is what the liberal Democrat Governor of the liberal state of Washington has allowed in regards to "religious expression" among liberal atheists. Of course no outrage by "liberal Christians" can be found on this.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An important lesson I learned about the myth of "Global Warming"

This morning in Baltimore it was 18 degrees. My car would not start. I quickly discovered that my car fell victim to the wrath of global "warming". So I called roadside assistance to give my car a hot shot. The person came and we found out that the problem wasn't a dead battery. It turned out that it was so COLD due to global "WARMING" that my fuel line was partial FROZEN!! To make a long story short, I was finally able to get my car started, and I put some gas line antifreeze in the tank to prevent further freezing. I'm sure everybody is experiencing record cold weather in their states. All I have to say to the mental kooka doodles that actually believe that man can change the weather is for them to "MOVE TO ANTARCTICA"!! If anybody believes that the earth is "warming", Tomorrow please go outside without bundling up and see how "warm" the earth really is. Man can not cause global warming, and man definitely can't make the weather as cold as it has been. November went down as one of the coldest months on record. I read an absolutely stupid story by the Associated Press. The title reads "Obama left with little time to curb global warming". This is an actual NEWS STORY by the AP!!! It's stories like this that is why the media can not be trusted as credible, fare or in this case sane. Don't get me started on Barack the magic teleprompter speech giver. He's another dope that believes the great lie, hoax, sham or whatever you would like to call it. The news about how Bernard Madoff scammed investors out of fifty billion dollars is big news. What's more shocking to me is how millions of people are being suckered into believing an illusion that mankind has the power to cause the weather to change. Think about how many people where suckered into believing a flat out lie by a former U.S Senator NOT a Climatologist NOR a Meteorologist, The IQ's of the people that bought into Al Gore's scam of man made global warming are as low as the overnight temperatures in most of the United States.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Barney Frank upset over Rick Warren's Invitation by Obama

Barney Frank is the first openly gay person to ever serve in congress. Barney Frank played a key role in the genesis of the sub prime mortgage industry expansion. That's because Barney Franks oversaw Frannie Mae and Freddy Mac. This is a classic "interview" between Bill O' Reily
and Barney Frank on his role in deflecting the warning signs away from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac.

So now Mr. "There is nothing wrong with Freddy and Fannie" is upset that Obama invited Pastor Rick Warren to deliver the invocation at Obama's inauguration. Not only is Frank mad about Obama's choice but so are many other gay activist groups. To Frank and to other "ragging flamers", they should be more upset with themselves then with Pastor Warren. Liberals hate "true" Christians and other people of faith, because their conservative religious views don't "tolerate" their sinful and moral lifestyles and conduct. They could also be mad with Rick Warren, because they realize that his church of "saddle back" has nothing to do with "broke back mountain part 2". Obama choosing Rick Warren to deliver the invocation should serve as a lesson to liberals that foolishly believe that our country isn't still a conservative to center right country. Obama could have chosen any progressive aka liberal clergy he wanted to deliver the invocation. Now that the election is over, he could have chosen Jeremiah Wright or Otis Moss if he wanted. So why did Obama pick one of the most conservative pastors in the United States to deliver it? Obama knows that this country is center to right in it's ideology and values. That is why Obama and his cult took offense to him being labeled a "socialist". Even former President Bill Clinton understood this. That's why he created the policy of "Don't ask don't tell" instead of pushing for an openly gay policy in regards to gays serving in the military. Now that Obama has been elected, it really doesn't matter what Franks and other gay groups want when it comes to Rick Warren.

An indepth overview into the origins of the financial crisis.

There is enough blame to go around into who and what caused this global economic meltdown, but the majority of the blame rests at the feet of congress not only in terms of creating this mess, but also in not listening to people sounding the warning bell that the titanic was running into the iceberg. Over the last three months, I've explained to the best of my ability how the crisis got started. Peter Wallson does a great job in going into greater detail on how the crisis originated. This video is about 25 minutes long, but I highly recommend you all watching it.

The new version of the old "New Deal" aka insanity making a comeback.

Insanity is continuously trying to do something that has been proven not to work over and over again yet expecting different result every time it's tried. The Obama idol worshiping loyalists continue to believe that Obama is very smart. If Obama is indeed as smart as they claim, why doesn't "the messiah" Obama understand the old passage of history? The passage is, "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it". The faithful became very upset when people referred to Obama as a socialist during the campaign. These very same people that were upset are about to get a lesson in real time on how much Obama is indeed a socialist and why his economic blue print from decades past is going to blow up in their faces. Franklin Dalino Roosevelt was sworn into office as President in the fall of 1932. He won in a landslide over President Herbert Hoover. The first lesson that needs to be made is that Presidents normally keep or lose their job based on the people's perception of how the economy is doing. That is the real reason why Obama won the election. Anyways when FDR took office, the great depression was already in it's four year. FDR believed that the federal government had the power to get the country out of the Great Depression. FDR enacted the banking reform laws, emergency relief programs, work relief programs, and agricultural programs. All of these socialist programs did nothing to address the problem of the economy. Many historians and economists say that it was because of FDR and his "New Deal" policies that the Great Depression was prolonged longer then it had too. Obama is going to make the same classic mistake FDR made, he's going to put his faith in government as the solution to fixing the economy instead of the free market system. Let me ask you all some questions. Can a beta tape work in a dvd player? Can a car that requires 93 octane premium gas run on 89 octane regular? The answers of course to both questions are no. Obama wants to emulate FDR in having the government to create construction jobs and build roads. On the surface it sounds good, but it was a stupid idea then and a stupid idea now. Government can't be the primary employer of a country. The economic system could never sustain itself for starters, and that country could never promote innovation and diversification to create a broad sector economic class. Let me try it a different way. Obama wants to " save OR create 2.5 million jobs" primarily in road construction, building schools etc. This is the same thing FDR did back during his time. The question should be blaring. How could FDR maintain or reverse job loses like Obama wants to do if the government is putting importance on one sector of the economy while the rest of the sectors continued to fail? Our country has way more the "2.5 million workers" spread out among several dozen different fields and professions. FDR wanted to try and fix the problem from the bottom up, when the cure was to let the free market systems work themselves out on their own. Another lesson that Obama could have learned from was with the Japanese Banking collapse during the ninety's. The Japanese Banks were buying up a lot of Real Estate in America during the 80's, when the U.S economy went into recession in the early 90's, the Real Estate downturn had an adverse impact on Japanese banks. The Japanese Government acted the exact same way our government is acting now during this banking/credit crisis. The Japanese Government tried to prop up bad banks and wouldn't let them fail. I'm sure you all heard the loud mouths in congress say that certain companies like AIG, Citi group and the big three auto companies were " TOO BIG TO FAIL" so they bailed them out. Originally the Secretary of the Treasury Henry Paulson who by the way is a liberal Democrat originally said, he was going to use the $700 billion dollar TARP fund to buy up the bad sub prime mortgages from the banks and lending institution. This would have ridden the bad loans off the bank's books and also freed up capital for the banks to lend out thus "thawing the credit market. Paulson didn't use the TARP money for it's intended purpose, he has used the money to bailout companies instead. So now as I type this, half of the $700 billion is gone and the bad paper mortgages are still clogging the credit markets. Like FDR, Obama would never let bad companies go under especially if they are companies with unions. If banks were allowed to fail, the bad mortgages of those banks would have to be written down in value until it would become attractive for investors or other rival banks to buy those mortgages. The end result would be the freeing up of the credit markets and no tax payer money would be needed. A body has the ability to heal itself in many ways, sometimes man can cause more damage then good by letting nature take care of itself. This is why Obama's New Deal version 2.0 is destine to fail and fail miserably. Obama will never learn that government tends to prolong problems and rarely fixes them. Japan and FDR are historical facts of that.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Larry the Cable Guy reads a "politically correct Christmas"

Tis the session once again for atheists liberals with inferiority complexes to moan and cry about how "they feel excluded" when it comes to the Christmas Holiday. Of course nothing or nobody is excluding them, it's just an excuse to give them the reason to try and "water down" a holiday that they take exception to based on their non religious beliefs. From trying to get people to stop saying "Merry Christmas" to trying to abolish biblical manger scenes in school plays, these people are really pathetic and self loathing people. Political Correctness is for sheep that don't want to "offend" other people. Larry the Cable Guys says it better then I ever could.

The Trojan Horse known as the "Compassionate Conservative" sellsout free market principals.

Forget about the Iraqi guy that threw his shoes at Bush, Many conservatives would like to throw their shoes at him as well as a few other things. Liberals are usually slow on the up take when it comes to details. Since Bush's approval ratings went in the tank two years ago, liberals have used his approval numbers against conservatives as if conservatives actually cared about Bush's numbers. It didn't occur to their fragile inept minds that conservatives were as equally angry with George Bush as they were. When Bush first coined the term "compassionate conservative", I thought that Bush was a borderline dunce, and I started to think that he had no idea what true conservatism was about. Over his two terms as President, George Bush has done some good things to help conservatives, but he wouldn't have done them if conservatives wouldn't have pressured him to do so. Sad to say though, Bush is worthy of his low approval numbers for several reasons. What he said on CNN the other day justifies it. Watch this video and listen to what the so called conservative that "believes in free market capitalism" said about it.

"I've abandoned free market principles to save the free market"? What kind of statement is that? This sounds like some incoherent rant one would expect from Barack Obama but without the applause. It was "free market principals" that got our economy jump started after the dot com collapse and then the 911 attacks just a few months later. I don't doubt that George Bush is a nice and decent guy, but his thinking sometimes need a lot to be desired. This economic mess the world finds itself in didn't happen because of "free market principals". It happened because certain politicians didn't want to listen to the warning signs that the sub prime housing market was in deep trouble three years ago. Greed also played a part in this mess as well, but greed and free market principals are not related. Free market principals can easily get the world out of this situation, Bush didn't have the coconuts to apply the principals. Socialist government bailouts are only going to make the problem worse and prolong the misery. As President, Bush never discovered a government program he wanted to slash. The red veto pen's ink is probably dry due to not ever being used. As I said before, Bush has never been nor will he ever be a true conservative. He's really a "neo" conservative. A neocon is the "new tone" of conservatism we are starting to hear so much about by the political elites and the liberal drones. Neo is the Latin word for "new", hence "new conservative". When you think of Bush just think of John McCain, Chuck Hagel, Lindsey Graham, Trent Lott etc. By Bush being labeled by liberals as a conservative without him being label as anything else, he has hurt not only the Republican brand but also the conservative brand as well. I hear liberals all the time say that "Bush is a conservative, yet he added a trillion dollars to our national debt". It is so hard to reprogram a liberal drone. The fact is that no true conservative would ever support growing government or spending like a bunch of drunken fools. Bush campaigned in 2000 and 2004 as something he clearly wasn't, but conservatives really didn't have a choice at all. In the Republican primaries, the only other options besides Bush was McCain. In 2000 and 2004, the Bush was again the only options over Gore and Kerry. Conservatives had to settle for "conservative lite" instead of "conservative right", and hopefully when Bush steps on to the helicopter for the last time we can finally get to work on getting a TRUE conservative that we and our country desperately need.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Questions remain about Obama and Blagojevich.

The media is now trying to paint a picture that Governor Rod Blagojevich is somehow mentally disturbed. Funny how none of the media in Illinois and now the national media didn't say anything about his mental stability when he ran for Governor of Illinois in 2002 and re election in 2006 with the help of Barack Obama. They're are still questions that haven't been answered, and many of those question revolve around Obama's soon to be Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel.

From hate filled words to hate filled action?

I keep going back and forth on the reason why the Obama masses have this seemingly unstable, uncontrollable, vile, toxic, venomous hatred towards Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska. When I listened to what she said during the campaign, it sounded positive and upbeat. When I listened to the hate spew from the Obamatrons towards Palin, it was exactly that, pure unadulterated hate. I really do believe that the hate towards Palin from the "illusionary tolerant" left towards Palin has to do with the fact that she is 1. a woman 2. a conservative 3. a deep woman of faith 4. she dared to attack Obama and the liberal's Messiahs. Putting all of her variables together, it's easy to understand why Obamatrons were sent into an irrationally unstable mental meltdown. For eight years the left had to deal with their illness of Bush Derangement Syndrome or BDS. They had a vessel in which to channel their inner hatred. People that are hateful by nature never let go of it, they always need a new target in which to channel it. Obama kooks now have a case of "S.P.O.T.S" Sarah Paln Obsession Traumatic Syndrome". Even though liberals are clearly suffering from a bad case of SPOTS. What one person infected with SPOTS did was clearly unthinkable. Yesterday an arsonist set fire to the church Sarah Palin and her family attends causing one million dollars worth of damage.

Forget about "CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN" could this act of arson against Palin's church be called "HATE WE CAN BELIEVE IN"? Most liberals aren't big fans of people of faith anyways. These are the people that verbally attack Christians and Jews. They make fun of them as entertainment on television and in movies. Liberals call Christians names such as "Jesus Freaks", Bible Thumpers" and "Hollly Rollers" etc. I do believe 100% that the person that set the fire to Palin's church is an unhinged Palin hater and Obama cult loyalist. It's sickening that any place of worship would be destroyed for any reason. I hope that the kook is caught swiftly and is punished mercilessly.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

An example of moral decay caught on tape

This is a video of a recent armed robbery in a carry out store here in Baltimore. In this video there are two young gutter thugs robbing a young man at gun point. That is disturbing enough in itself. What is also equally disturbing is the two young so called ladies that are "laughing" as the guy is getting robbed at gunpoint! To them this was nothing more then a big joke. When I saw this video on the local news, I just shook my head in disgust and anger. People want to know why I despise liberalism in ever sense, let this video serve as an example of why.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Taking a pin to Colin Powell's ego Part 2

Colin Powell is also missing another fact in his flawed analysis of why the GOP lost the election. Powell maybe didn't realize it, but no conservative was running against Obama. In other words, Conservatives didn't have a candidate in which to get behind and really rally for. Does Powell really considers McCain a "conservative"? McCain was the type of person Powell wanted to run in the first place, yet he endorsed Obama in the end. Powell said also during the interview

"The GOP must see what is in the "hearts and minds" of African-American, Hispanic and Asian voters "and not just try to influence them by… the principles and dogma."

Powell is advocating for the GOP to break everybody down into little sub groups like the Democrats. Does Powell like Democrats see other racial groups as being different then "ordinary everyday citizens"? I guess it's too hard for Powell to see everybody regardless of race, creed gender as "equals". If appealing to people based on principals is so taboo according to Powell, then what does he recommend the GOP use to appeal to other groups? Silly Powell needs to understand that having principals is what contrasts a person's views, beliefs, morals from others. Powell think conservatives are "shouting at the world", so what exactly does he see as the feel good kumbaya message from liberals? Is it when they call Republicans "nazis"and "bible thumpers"? As for Rush Limbaugh, Powell's under the impression that Limbaugh is the leader of the conservative movement. He is not. He is a conservative news commentator. The reason why Limbaugh and people like him are so hugely successful is because they speak the language of conservatism, which means they relate to the average everyday conservative man and women. That is why people like Powell can only get the ear of a last place cable network, country club republicans that ran a candidate just like Powell and people that wouldn't vote for him if his life depended on it. Your dismissed Powell.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Taking a pin to Colin Powell's ego Part 1

It's bad enough that the country has one egomaniac thinking he is the world's messiah, now it looks like Colin Powell is trying to be the Republican Party's version. When Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama the week before the election, I thought maybe after his endorsement he would finally switch parties and become a Democrat. Sorry to say no such luck. Not only is Colin Powell still a "Republican In Name Only", he's going after conservatives as the reason why John McCain lost the election. Collin Powell taped a segment for CNN's Fareed Zakaria that will air on Sunday's "GPS" program. These are some of the "enlightening comments" Collin Powell said on why the GOP lost

I couldn't let Powell's profound ignorance go unchallenged.

Powell ""There is nothing wrong with being conservative. There is nothing wrong with having socially conservative views — I don't object to that. But if the party wants to have a future in this country, it has to face some realities. In another 20 years, the majority in
this country will be the minority."

What exactly is Powell saying? What does social conservatism have to do with the "minority being the majority". Let me take a wild guess. Powell believes that Hispanics will become the majority and Whites will become the minority. What Colin Powell is saying in essence is to kiss up to Hispanics if Republicans want to win elections. It is fake clueless people like Colin Powell that is a strong reason why I don't like weak pandering Republicans. Powell thinks he is the smartest person in the room, yet he doesn't even know that nobody else is in the room. Social Conservatism has nothing to do with being "anti Hispanic". Liberals like to frame it as such and Powell seems to agree. If Powell understood Social Conservatism with respect to immigration, he would know that it's about securing the borders and cracking down on ILLEGAL ALIENS not NATURALIZED CITIZENS. Only CNN would be dumb enough to take Powell seriously. Powell also thinks that the GOP used a strategy of "polarization" to win the election,and it backfired. Once again Powell shows how clueless he really is. It was the person that Powell endorsed Barack Obama and his drones that made "race" an issue, "class warfare" an issue, and "gender" an issue. If Collin Powell truly believes that conservatives having strong beliefs is "polarizing". He needs a reality check. Powell failed to mention in his interview that John McCain ran one of the weakest campaigns ever in regards to political attacks. The most offensive comment that came from the McCain campaign if you want to call it an offensive comment was when Governor Palin said Obama was "paling" around with terrorist. Funny how so many Obamatrons took offense to a factual comment. So I don't know exactly what Powell considers "polarizing" nor do I care. Colin Powell isn't in the position to blame radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh either. People like Limbaugh, Neil Bortz, MIchael Savage, Mark Levin, Tom Marr, Luara Ingraham and Bill Cunningham represents traditional conservatism. People like Collin Powell, Condi Rice, Michael Medved, John McCain, Arlene Specter, Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel. Trent Lott, Arnonld Schwartzenegger, Wayne Gilchrest, Paul Pawlenty, Charlie Crist are the "neo cons aka new conservatives". These are the people that believe in "going along to get along". They believe that conservatism in it's purest form needs to be watered down or "modernized". These are the ones that feel the need to stick a dagger in the back of real conservatives in order to get head. These neo conservatives are always the ones trying to convince that real conservatives must sell out their principals and core beliefs in order to give an image of being "bi partisan". Notice you will rarely see Democrat liberals reach across the aisle or sellout their own in order to gain favor with Republican conservatives. Then again they aren't suckers like neo conservatives or fakes like Collin Powell.

Is "misspeaking" and "lying" the same thing?

So let me see if I'm comprehending this right. Obama is saying that he "never spoke to Governor "Blagojevich" on the subject" right?

So why did Obama's chef strategist David Axelrod say that Obama did speak to Blagojevich? The media and Obama staffers are rallying the wagons around Obama and Axelrod. The official excuse being passed around is that Axelrod "misspoke". Misspeaking tends to be a bad habit with the Obama camp. I guess Obama "misspoke" when he claimed his father liberated Auschwit" too right?

The "Jackson 5" press conference

It has been revealed that congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is "candidate number five". This is video of the press conference yesterday of congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. telling everyone that "he is not a crook", and he didn't take part in "pay to play" consideration in trying to persway Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to appoint him to Barack Obama's old senate seat. Considering that his father is a legendary shake down artist and liar, should the sins of the father manifest itself upon the son in the ways of credibility?

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

A possible reason why Sarah Palin is snubbing Oprah

I thought about this all day. A friend said that Palin is "scared of a hard hitting interview" with Oprah. I couldn't help not to burst out laughing. They're was talk that Palin is snubbing Oprah, because Oprah didn't invite Palin on her show during the campaign, also she openly endorsed Obama "as a private citizen". I think all of that is bunk to be honest. The real reason I believe Palin is giving Oprah the cold shoulder is because Oprah has eaten one twinkie to many lately.

It appears that Oparh's becoming unleashed over Obama's win may have added stress to her life causing her to make more then one trip per week to the Golden Corral.

Even in this video, you can clearly see that Oprah had "packed on the pounds". Maybe Oprah can learn from Obama. Apparently Mr. Obama has fallen off the wagon as well, but his wagon was giving up smoking. Some people claim that smoking helps to keep the weight off. As for Palin, Can Oprah really blame her? Palin was a beauty queen and still looks attractive. Sorry Oprah, Palin has an image to uphold.

Bank of America gets strong armed into making another bad loan.

I brought this up before. Liberals don't want to hear any part into how their political heroes actions were responsible for how financial crisis got started. We all know that it started with the federal legislation of the Community Redevelopment Act and community activist groups putting pressure on banks to make loans to dead beats that had no way in prepaying those loans. Here is a classic example of what I mean but with a twist. The Chicago based Republic window-and-door factory had to go out of business after it defaulted on a credit line issued by Bank of America. The company was using it's credit line as working capital, and once the credit line was shut off it's business couldn't continue. Any normal person with somewhat common sense would have probably blamed the way the company was being managed or the down turn in the economy right? I did say normal people. Apparently the bad guys in all of this is Bank of America, because they had the nerve to follow their lending practices. Once the former employees of the Republic Windows Factory found out that they wouldn't be getting their pay, vacation time and severance. They decided to have a "sit in" and not leave the premises until they got their money. Well this stupid story actually made national headlines. It made such headlines that the messiah Barack Obama made a statement claiming that the former employees were right in what they were doing. Just a quick update, the grand total of business experience Obama has is still zero as of December 9th, 2008. I'd just though I would mention that. With all of this madness going on somehow Bank of America was made out to be the villain because the windows company couldn't pay their employees. So the Governor of Illinois who is now an arrested jailbird Rod Blagojevich, at a news conference in front of the Republic Windows & Doors factory, called on state agencies to suspend business with Bank of America. There is a word in the dictionary to describe perfectly what Governor Blaojevich did to Bank of America.The word is "extortion". Blaojevich used intimidation to get Bank of America to comply with something it had nothing to do with. As of today Bank of America said "it was "prepared to provide a limited amount of additional loans" without specifying the amount. The bank said it would offer the additional financing "despite the fact that Bank of America is not obligated to pay Republic's employees or make additional loans to Republic." Does this all sound familiar? Banks being forced by intimidation tactics to make bad loans. Think about it this way. How is Bank of America going g to get paid back this additional money when they never got back the original amount they loaned Republic Windows Company in the first place? So Bank of America is going to LOSE MONEY TWICE. This is how the whole sub prime market got started. Banks that didn't play ball were threatened with bad press of "discrimination" or "lawsuits". Some habits die hard it looks like.

Who wants to deliver the eulogy for the "old grey lady"?

The chapter 11 bankruptcy filling of the Tribune Company seems to only be the start of what could be a collapse of the Newspaper industry. The way I see it is that there are some newspapers I would like to see survive, and there are others that can implode. The number one paper I would love to see go full blown Chapter 7 liquidation is the New York Times. If the financial hardships of the NYT continues, I just may get my wish. The New York Times got the name "the old grey lady", because at one time the paper was a well respected and trusted jewel in the newspaper industry. Today is it just a liberal hack mouthpiece in which other liberal network media outlets take their marching orders from. The Time's misfortunes are completely different then that of the New York Times. The problems of the Tribune Company had more to do with how the owner Sam Zell acquired the company. Sam bought the company in a leveraged buyout for thirteen billion dollars. The borrowing of that large sum of money was one thing,but when the economy started to turn south, that was the writing on the wall. The Time's problem has more to do with it's credibility or lack there of. The New York Times has been losing readers for years now. As people are starting to realize the paper's unabashed bias, they have been canceling their subscriptions in record numbers. That's the same parallel that has happened to Los Angeles Times. The New York Times might have to try and mortgage it's Manhattan headquarters in an attempt to raise $225 million dollars. Even if they are successful in raising the money, it won't do them any good. They were losing readers in good times, and the pace has accelerated in the present. If I was a betting man, I would give the old grey hag until April for it to finally file for Bankruptcy and I can finally deliver it's eulogy. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

Obama admits "things are going to get worse"?!

Obama on Meet the Press Sunday told Tom Brokaw, "Things are going to get worse before they get better". Is that a fact? Gee, I don't recall Obama campaigning saying those words. He was the one attacking Bush and McCain on the economy. The way he sounded was like he was going to come into office on a white horse and snap his fingers, and the economy would magically turn around overnight. Once again, the devil is in the lack of details. To the people that voted for Obama on the premise that he knew how to "fix the economy", I wonder how they feel knowing that their messiah doesn't have a magic wand to make things better overnight or even in the short term. So much for the chanting of "yes we can". It's more like "yes we will" suffer for some time to come.

Jesse Jackson's new career change?

With the election of Barack Obama to the White House. America's best known race hustling poverty pimp may have found a new line of work. Jesse is now the racial lobbyist for the black auto dealerships and suppliers of the "Big 3". Jesse claimed "It's time to get back to the streets for some action". Jackson shouldn't really be looking for action anymore. The last time he did it, he helped to create a love child with his secretary. Eventhough they're are black auto dealers that own Ford, GM and Chrysler dealerships, I still haven't figured out how exactly does that help the dealerships by saving the big three? Giving a loan to the big money pit isn't going to make people buy cars, and if they don't buy cars then the dealers still lose money. Either Jesse doesn't have an idea of how dealerships work, or he is just "pimping" the plight of the black domestic auto dealers as a way to help the unions of the big three. I believe that is the real reason for Jackson's so called concern and "action". I doubt Jackson could care less if black dealers owned Toyota, Honda, and other foreign auto dealerships, because those auto manufactures are NON UNION. It's pretty easy to see through a liberal, because a liberal always have an alternative motive to his or her actions.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Did the media report on who beat congressman William Jefferson in yesterday's election?

Of course they didn't. Do you want to know why? For starters it was because Congressman William Jefferson lost his bid for re-election. Second, It was because of the person that beat Jefferson. A Vietnamese American Republican lawyer by the name of Mr. Anh "Joseph" Cao will be the first Vietnamese American ever elected to congress and yes he is is a Republican.

The media as usual is predictable in their bias. When Keith Ellison was elected to congress from Minnesota, the media couldn't stop talking about how historic it was that he was the "first Muslim" ever elected to congress. It looks like the media only cares about "historic" events when it's a Democrat involved. Since the media won't do it's job. I'll do it for them. In the 2nd Congressional District, which includes most of New Orleans. Anh "Joseph" Cao won 50 percent of the vote to Jefferson's 47 percent This story only gets better from here. Republicans lost some major ground in this election thanks to their own doing, and that was to be expected. They however picked up two congressional seats in a state long known to be staunchly Democrat, which is Louisiana. Something else I've noticed too. Liberals try to put forth a lame argument that the Republican Party lacks "diversity". The election of congressman Cao once again slaps down the stupidity of the left. Even though Mr. Freeze William Jefferson is under indictment, I would have never in a million years thought that the people in Louisiana would have voted him out. Then again, the people of New Orleans elected Bobby Jindal as their Governor. Analysis showed turnout in predominantly white sections of the district was double that in black areas that helped push Cao to victory over Jefferson. The National GOP also helped by running ads in Louisiana targeting Jefferson as corrupt. William Jefferson was a long serving congressman. He was Louisiana's first black congressman since Reconstruction when he took office in 1991. Do you now see why the network media won't touch this story with a ten foot pole? This story won't help Democrats to preserve the stereotype of the Republican Party. Congratulations to Anh Cao to his impressive win. The best words of advice I couild give him is to stand up for conservativism and not hang around any Republican rinos, they will bring his career down quick.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Black liberals still cry "racial inequality" even afer Obama's win.

A story from the Associated Press caught my eye. The writer was Stephen Ohlemacher and the title read "Obama win doesn't erase inequality". Even after one of the most unqualified people ever to run for the Presidency of the United States was elected primarily on the basis of his race, they're are still blacks that still see themselves being behind the "inequality eight ball". Some want to claim that Obama's win was historic based on race. I guess it was in one aspect but sad to say not in another. It would have been nice if Obama's win would have marked the historic end to most blacks referring to themselves as victims in this country based on the color of their skin. I knew before the election that nothing would change in the minds of most blacks even if Obama won. So even though whites and Hispanics played a pivital role in the election of Obama, it looks like the "blame whitey express" isn't going to run out of steam anytime soon regardless of Obama's win. This paragraph statement from the AP story validates that.

"a black female college student by the name of Kari Fulton heard a white colleague proclaim that racism in America is dead after the election of Barack Obama. She cringed, worrying that it might be a sign of flagging interest in the fight against discrimination."

The next paragraph made me laugh " In reality, racism is still very much alive and well," said Fulton, who graduated last year from Howard University, a historically black college in the nation's capital."

Funny that Kari Fulton would talk about racism, yet she attended and graduated from a University that prides itself historically on race. I wonder did she attend Howard because of it being a "historically black university"? There is nothing more hilarious then black racial hypocrites crying about racism. I bet that if I asked Ms. Fulton why she didn't attend a university or college that had a "diverse student population. I bet if I asked her why she attended Howard, she would say "As a black female, I wanted to attend a black University. With that being said, Ms. Fulton went on to say that the inequalities facing blacks were the following

The problems are significant.

* About a quarter of black Americans live in poverty -- nearly three times the rate for whites -- at a time when rising budget deficits and expensive corporate bailouts are going to leave little federal money for anti-poverty programs. The federal budget deficit is likely to hit a record $1 trillion next year.

* Black adults are less likely than whites to have college degrees and more likely to be in prison.

* Blacks are less likely than whites to have health insurance and, on average, they don't live as long as whites.

* Homicide is the leading cause of death among black males ages 15 to 34 -- and it has been for years.

* A typical black household makes only 62 percent of the income of a typical white household.

This is why I have such a low tolerance of ignorant people. Sure they are amusing, but these people should not be taken seriously. Ms Fulton doesn't realize that all the problems she stated that are impacting a certain percentage of blacks don't have anything to do with other races causing those problems. Ms. Fulton like many black liberals believe that the only cure to any problem is through the government. They're are blacks that are always complaining about how more money needs to be spent on "anti poverty" problems. What exactly is an "anti poverty" program anyways? Ms. Fulton fits into the category of what is known as a "college educated idiot". People in the real world realize that the government can't lift a person out of poverty. The only function it can do is maintain a person in it. Also no other racial group is responsible for an individual of another race being born into, raised up in, and lifted out of poverty. Only the individual is responsible for his or her own economic situation. Ms. Fulton shares the views of many blacks in that she believes that it is "racially unfair", because whites as a group have more then blacks. Once again, she doesn't understand like other blacks that a group is at it's core nothing more then a group of individuals that makes individual decisions. When she talked about blacks are less likely to have health insurance then whites, once again the question is "who's fault is that"? Also that same question applies to the homicide rate, economic and illiteracy gaps between whites and blacks. Black liberals tend to want to blame whites and the government for not solving their perceived external problems. That is why nothing has changed in the black community for over forty years, because they're are blacks that don't want to address those problems as an internal individual problem that impacts the whole as a race. When blacks like Ms. Fulton don't put the blame where it truly belongs, the root causes to the problems will never be addressed and thus never fixed. No other racial group or individuals made blacks drop out of school or sell drugs to other blacks in the black community. Ms. Fulton could never comprehend this, because she along with other blacks would actually have to address the problem of "lack of personal responsibility". For her like other blacks, it's easier to make other races a scapegoat for the problem instead. The whole racial inequality farce is not different then when liberals cry about "economic inequality". It's the same flawed formula just the variables have changed. Social liberals have done their best to manipulate the middle class and the poor into hating the rich. They have used terms like "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer". Once again it comes down to "who's fault is it"? Do the wealthy in America cause people to become poor or stay poor? The answer of course is no. Most of the millionaires and billionaires started out growing up in lower and middle class households. They weren't born with "silver spoons" in their mouths. That still doesn't stop those that don't have from crying about "economic inequality", because they feel that it is unfair that others are better well off then they are. So with everything being said, it looks like the word "racism" is being morphed into the new term "racial inequality". Maybe racism as we know it in the tradition sense is on the steep decline, maybe that's why black liberals have to change the word and meaning, because they can't let go and address the real problem, which is themselves.

Friday, December 05, 2008

The juice got squeezed. OJ Simpson sentenced to 33 years in jail.

What goes around does indeed come around eventually. To those that believe OJ Simpson killed his former wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman, today is a day they thought they would never see. I've been asked by many OJ Simpson supporters and people in general about my thoughts on OJ Simpson. I usually tell them that my thoughts are that of an individual first and foremost. Personally I believe that OJ Simpson was following up ever lead possible on the golf courses in sunny Florida trying to find out who killed Nicole and Ron. A person can get a lot of valuable info playing golf you know especailly on the 18th hole. At least with OJ going to prison possibly for next 33 years, he will have nothing but time to concentrate on finding the "real" killer of Ron and Nicole. Time to be real. Of course I believe OJ Simpson committed the murders. I'm just so glad to see that the legacy of Johnny Cochran in the end was a failure. Normally people are use to seeing OJ acting pretty cocky and arrogant. Today however he was anything but cocky, smug or arrogant.

Actually I believe his begging to the judge was worthy of an Academy Award. When OJ was getting choked up with emotion speaking before the judge, he finally realized that not only will he not able to find Nicole and Ron's "real killer", but also he won't be able to play golf again under the sunny Florida Sky for a very long time maybe not ever. My advice to OJ is "be careful picking up the soap in prison". At least OJ is taken his punishment somewhat like a man. I give him credit. At least he hasn't played the race card yet. Oh wait, he hasn't been 24 hours.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

No super majority Senate for Obama

At lest there are some states that haven't took leave of their senses and sucked in by Barack Obama. On election day, Georgia went solidly for McCain and Palin. Speaking of Palin, she gave a great stump speech for Saxby Chambliss yesterday in Georgia.

Now the great RED state of Georgia has come through to deny Democrats and Obama a super majority Senate. Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss destroyed his Democrat rival Jim Martin in a run off election today capturing 60 percent of the vote to Martin's 40%, Even with this important win, it will still be great if Norm Coleman can hold on and beat the liberal nut job fruit cake Al Franken. At least now Obama's can't steamroll anything through the Senate, and he is somewhat held in check. Thanks again to to the great conservatives of Georgia.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

It couldn't have happened to a better person.

To anyone that thought Rosie O'Donnell actually had talent, I don't know how to break this news to you. She doesn't and never did. When Barbara Walters hired her for the liberal brain drain show known as "The View", I guess she did it out of pity or charity for her. When Elizabeth Hasselbeck embarrassed Rosie when Rosie's ego got out of control, Rosie left the show like a wounded puppy never to return. Rosie did resurface but not on the view. NBC in their infinite "wisdom" actually thought giving Rosie O'Donnell a variety show would "boost" their ratings. I guess the joke was on the NBC executives, because Rosie's show has been officially canceled after only one show airing!!! Apparently the ratings were so bad, they actually made Chris Mathew's Hardball ratings look respectable. Only five million people tuned into the disaster of a show. The show garnered a pathetic 1.2 share in the ratings in "PRIME TIME"!! Rosie can notch yet another failure to her growing resume of failures. She should be use to it by now. As her mortal enemy Donald Trump would probably say to Rosie O'Donnell right now,"Exit stage left Rosie, YOUR FIRED".

A few "symbols" of hypocrisy on Obama being "out of touch" with mainstream America.

Barack Obama and his surrogates in the media seized on a miscue by John McCain during the campaign about him not knowing "how many houses he owned". The media nor Obama and his marry cultists reported that McCain didn't own those houses, they belonged to his wife. As usual, that didn't let the "seriousness of the charge" get in the way of ignoring the facts. The media never reported that Obama spend twenty five thousand dollars a year to send his two daughters to an exclusive "PRIVATE SCHOOL" in Chicago. Tuition for the Chicago Lab School where Obama’s daughters attended was $18,492 a year per child. I guess it was worth it right? Obama and Michelle didn't have to worry about their daughters Malia who is 10,and Sasha who is 7 rubbing elbows with the "great unwashed masses" of the Chicago Public School System. Barack Obama claims to support public education just not for his daughters. Smell the hypocrisy yet? That's one illustration of "being out of touch" with the average American. Oh wait, I have more. The now President elect and his wife have decided to send their children to another "private school" in the suburbs of Maryland. His two daughters are going to attend the "Sidwell Friends School". The Sidwell School is a pretty famous school among the "liberal elites". Chelsea Clinton attended Sidwell a decade ago, Joe Biden's grandchild attends Sidwell currently and Al Gore's son attended Sidwell. How ironic is that? These two faced hypocrites talk so loudly on their soapboxes about the importance of PUBLIC SCHOOLS, yet typical to form they don't lead by example and send "their kids" to PRIVATE SCHOOL. The cost to attend Sidwell per year per child is around thirty thousand dollars. I'm sure the middle class can relate to Obama and Michael on that right? Here's the ultimate slap in the face of class warfare and shameless hypocrisy. Barack Obama is going to give his wife Michelle a rare thirty thousand dollar "thank you" ring. Imagine that, his ring or should I say her ring will cost more then the cost of an average citizen's automobile.

If I wanted to I could comment on their million dollar mansion. If the average median income of the lower middle class is around fifty thousand dollars a year, then that would mean that the Obama's house is twenty times the annual lower middle class salary right? So who's really out of touch? How funny is this considering that one of the black value system creeds of Obama's old church was to "reject" middle classism". If all that being said, his half brother still lives on thirty dollars a year, and his aunt still lives in a slum in Boston. Spread that wealth right?!!