Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Obama's abuse of power has put him into the driver seat of the American Auto Industry.

They're is a memorable quote from the movie Spider man. "With great power comes great responsibility". With Obama playing the role of a pathological egotist, he's not really concerned at all about being "responsible" with his almost unchecked power. The latest victims to feel the wrath of the Community Organizer on a mad power trip are General Motors and Chrysler. Barack Obama sent shock waves through corporate America Sunday evening and Monday by doing an unthinkable act. He was able to fire the CEO of General Motors without even owning one share of ownership through common stock in the company. If people are still naive in facing the fact that Obama is indeed a Socialist, then these people are beyond hope in seeing reality for what it is. General Motors wasn't owned by the government like AIG and Citibank are. Rick Wagner went to the Federal Government a few months ago merely to seek assistance in obtaining loans for GM's survival. He is now out of a job thanks to his well intentioned actions. This quote is from the late great President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Let this serve as an example of what happens when you foolishly trust the government like Rick Wagner did. President Reagan said

"The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: 'I'm from the government and I'm here to help.'"

Every company that has sought assistance from the Federal Government have come to regret it. Banks are frantically repaying the TARP money they were lent. They have learned a very valuable lesson the hard way. Accepting help from the government is in essence selling their souls to a bunch of "megalomaniac, self righteous, hypocritical, lying devils". Funny how this leads me back to Barack Obama. So now the Federal Government is in the "Car Warranty" business thanks to him. I remember liberals crying about George Bush "abusing his power" as President. George Bush committed many screw ups I'll admit. At least he never did anything like what this neo marxist has done within the last 70 days and counting. I'm almost afraid to even imagine what can happen next month leading up to Obama's first 100 days.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Zo speaks out on the stupidity "Card Check".

Card Check is a bill being floated around by Democrats in congress. This bill if passed into law will "disenfranchise" the rights of workers to a hold a secret ballot vote on whether to unionize. Card Check will also drive up the prices of products made in the United States. Workers have the right not to be "bullied" and "harassed" into voting a certain way by union thugs. Obama has been very wishy washy on the issue so far. Obama knows that the unions are expecting some political pay back for their support for his campaign. I said it before. The cost of labor is inflationary. If this anti business bill is signed into law, you can forget about a sustained economic rebound for some time to come. Zo created a video on why Card Check is a bad idea, and it is spot on as usual.

Now John McCain has finally decided to attack Barack Obama.

To bad it's a nickel late and a dime short for the "Straight Talk Express". His supporters were pegging him last year to take off the gloves against Barack Obama, but "The Maverick" wanted to portray himself as an "above the fray" candidate. McCain went as far to say during a campaign rally to his supporters that "Obama would make a fine President". Well I guess that was then, and this is now. McCain made some striking comments about Barack Obama at an appearance at the Heritage Foundation today. I can't comprehend the logic behind the Heritage Foundation inviting John McCain to speak at their event. Herbage is suppose to be the most respected conservative think tank in the country. McCain was booed last year when he attended the Conservative Political Action Committee Convention known as "CPAC". CPAC warned attendees not to boo McCain prior to his attendance. Maybe it can be said that new alliances are being formed by moderates and conservatives in the war against Obama's radical agenda. McCain stated that "Barack Obama is hell-bent on aiding and abetting an unconscionable “generational theft". Gee I wonder what was McCain's first clue in figuring that out? If McCain would have spent more time listening to his base during his campaign and less time listening to the media, maybe just maybe the country wouldn't be in the situation it finds itself in. When McCain was being honored by Obama at a formal dinner the night before Obama's inauguration,I wonder did McCain in his wildest dreams ever expect Obama was going to govern the way he has? I found it hilarious when McCain said at the Heritage event that "Elections have consequences and these consequences we are seeing now in full display”. John McCain missed something in his statement. Americans saw the consequences of what happens when a candidate didn't want to do everything in his power to win. McCain didn't want to listen to conservatives. They were screaming at him telling him what he needed to do. McCain telling the audience at the Heritage Foundation that he would have made a better president really means nothing now. John McCain should be quiet and sit down, He needs to hop back on is Straight Talk Express back to being the Democrats favorite Republican.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Maybe South Park should be allowed to run the Treasury Department.

Since most Economists and people on Wall Street don't have much faith in Tim Geithner's ability as Treasury Secretary, maybe Obama needs to "think outside of the box" in picking a more "competent" replacement. I believe these guys should be taken under major consideration by Obama. They seem to have a better grasp at decision making skills then Timothy Geithner. Once again this is only my recommendation.

Obama pocketed a $101,332 Bonus from AIG when he was a U.S Senator.

I apologize for being a little bit late getting around to doing this story. I bet many people still don't know about though. I wonder how many people knew that Barack Obama was one of the biggest campaign recipients from AIG when he was a U.S Senator? I'm sure the masses must have heard about this story on the nightly network news broadcasts right? I seriously doubt that. Obama is really gifted at the art of manipulation. He's been able to perfectly fool his class warfare fringe supporters into believing he's looking out for the common man, yet he has been able to protect AIG in the process. The attacks on AIG by Obama and Chirs Dodd are nothing but a show. If Obama was truly outraged by the bonuses given to the executives at AIG, he could have been ordered that AIG's "government life line" be cut. Obama is pretty much banking on the fact that most Americans will remain "angry" and "clueless" to what is really going on. Americans should be angry about the $175 billion that have already been pumped into AIG. Americans are in the dark when it come down to that little fact thanks to Obama's friends in the media. This dog and phony show is very entertaining to people in the know such as myself and others. Can you imagine for a second what would be the reaction if it was known by the Obama faithful that Obama received campaign donations from AIG as a U.S Senator and didn't return it? His poll numbers would collapse, because he would have exposed himself to be one of the biggest hypocrites in political history. This is clearly a conflict of interest on Obama's part. He campaigned as a "new age" politician. That "illusion" will he shattered if the news ever came out. I've said this many times before. It's all about "Hope for the dopes" and "Change for the deranged".

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Michael Savage comments on the funerals for the four slained Oakland police officers.

If you read between the lines, you'll understand the true reason why these officers died for nothing. I'm going to ask an odd question. Would you go into a boxing match knowing that you would have to have one of your arms tied behind your back? Well imagine having to use politically correct protocol when engaging a potentially violent thug. You all need to listen to this clip. This was an exchange between Michael Savage and a self victimized, brainwashed, black liberal crybaby three days ago trying to place the life of Lovelle Mixon on par with the four Oakland police officers he killed.

Today was the funeral for the Oakland police officers. Michael Savage dedicated his entire show to their honor, and he played segments from their funeral. He commented on the liberal regulations that may have handcuffed the officers by putting them into a situation they didn't have to be in. My blood boiled when I saw the pictures from the funeral. Officers, friends and family were crying, and all I could think about was that gutter trash female shouting that "Lovelle Mixon is a hero".

Friday, March 27, 2009

The hypocrisy among blacks over police involved shootings.

This is video of blacks showing their ignorance in Oakland the other day by celebrating that four Oakland Police Officers were killed this week.

Me calling them human garbage is being way too nice. The protest/celebration rally held by these bottom feeding gutter dwellers exposed a story that nobody picked up on except me. Being from the apocalyptic waste land known as Baltimore, I'm very familiar with "black on black" crime. I've seen blacks get worked up into a frenzy whenever a black person was killed by a police officer. The reaction from the black community never seems to fail. It's basically automatic. I've also noticed they're is no reaction at all when a murdered black person is killed by another black. Is it about "selective outrage" among the black community"? Could it be that a murdered black person isn't considered "valuable" among the black community until he or she is murdered by the "police"?This is my "observation" over what looks like sheer hypocrisy in the black community.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The continuing scapegoating of AIG.

I've always said that liberals use a certain cause as way to mask their truth"motive". It's really the trojan horse agenda. The attacks by the left on AIG isn't really about AIG itself. They are just using AIG as a "gateway" in which to attack Wall Street itself. I created this video several days ago, and I forgot to post it. People need to wake up and stop being played on their emotions in regards to class warfare.

Will the United States follow in the footsteps of Zimbabwe?

In the "error" of "Hope and Change, it looks like we are well on our way.

It breaks my heart to watch this, but this is something people really need to learn from. Obama's reckless spending is already causing inflationary pressure at the wholesale level. People that have money invested for retirement better take note. You can't protect the valuation of your money from inflation. Inflation is almost like puring acid on your money and watching it dissolve right in front of your eyes. Japan is called an industrialized power, yet look at the valuation of the Yen. Imagine a day when the dollar will be worth a quarter. Notice that oil prices are going back up, yet the demand has stayed low due to the worldwide recession. Oil prices act inversely to the fluctuation in the dollar. This is the bottom line as best as I can put it. The recovery of the economy is the least of the problems Americans have to worry about.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

If only Daniel Hannan could be my President.

When I heard this speech given by Daniel Hannan this morning, I was speechless! Daniel Hannan is a conservative Member of the European Parliament. Mr. Hannan gave a spellbinding speech attacking Prime Minister Gordon Brown for basically bankrupting Great Britain through his reckless socialist agenda. I can't do his speech justice by talking about it. This speech should be emailed to Obama's blackberry and encoded so he can't erase it. Mr. Hannan's speech should also be a requirement for the irresponsible, self serving, grandstanding, hypocritical, worthless politicians that are repeating Great Britain's economic suicide march. It's sad that I have ten times the respect for a person that isn't even a citizen of my country then the President of the United States. Rush Limbaugh was attacked by loyal Obama supporters, because he said he wishes Obama's socialist agenda to fail. This is something that many people haven't picked up on. Socialism is failure in itself. Wishing for it's success is like wishing two plus two to equal fifteen. Daniel Hannan explained what happens when a country "successfully" implements socialism. The country fails.

Obama's telemprompter transformed during Obama's press conference.

Obama's teleprompter took it upon itself last night to transform itself into the gigantic "Hope&Change 5000". Obama's teleprompter knew Obama was coming under fire as of late. In an effort to aid the human Teddy Ruxpin doll, Obama's teleprompter morphed itself into a huge television monitor to help Obama.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Obama and Geithner receive low grades from Economists.

I wonder should I express shock or sarcasm? Obama's hypnotic popularity goes over well with the bottom feeders of American society, but his policies aren't popular with Economists. Economists are picking up on what people on Wall Street already knew about Obama's handling of the economy. Obama's goal is to undermine the economy at every turn. It is foolish for anyone to think Obama wants to pull this country out of it's recession. His own chief of staff Raum Emanuel even said "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste". Economists have given Obama and Geithner low grades, but the economists don't understand that Obama really could care less. So much new debt has been issued within the last sixty days, the thought of a sustained economic turnaround almost seems like a joke. Eventually taxes will have to be raised on people making "BELOW" two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a year to pay for it all. Obama knows this. As taxes are raised through all income levels, they're will be less spending to stimulate the economy. The Gross Domestic Product aka GDP is the measuring gauge for economic activity. GDP is driven by consumer spending. The economy really slowed down last summer when gas prices hovered over four dollars a gallon. The high gas prices acted as a huge tax. When people were spending so much on gas, it left very little to spend in the economy. That played a role in causing the slowdown. With the dollar weakening, the price of oil and gasoline are going back up. The rise of gas prices in the face of an economic retraction is not a good combination. Do Obama and Geithner deserve and "F" grade? What do you think?

The sermon on AIG by Reverend James Manning.

The people that voted for Barack Obama really shouldn't be mad about the bonuses paid to the executives at AIG. Did they really believe that "corporate welfare" was a Bush thing? I can't help not to laugh when I think about it. They're are more companies receiving financial aid under the Obama administration then under the both terms of George Bush. Liberals get very mad at me when I bring up that fact. A friend emailed me this video of Reverend James Manning discussing who should really be blamed for the AIG bonuses. I was extremely impressed with Reverend Manning's observation. He nailed it right on the head. Our country is going deeper and deeper in debt thanks to all of these corporate bailouts. Corporate welfare isn't a conservative trait. Conservatives believe companies should be allowed to succeed or ultimately fail on their merits. That is what capitalism is all about. It's all about risk vs reward.

Jimmy Carter's legacy is currently on the path of being revisted.

They're is no denying Obama is the second coming of Jimmy Carter. He has followed in his footsteps perfectly since being sworn in little over 60 days ago. One of Jimmy Carter's not s flattering legacies was the rise of inflation under his presidency. People have been worked up and manipulated thanks to congress and Obama over the contractual obligated bonuses giving to AIG executives. Our country is facing an economic ticking time bomb. Our government is spending money it doesn't have. They're simply printing it and spending it . The national debt has tacked on $3.4 trillion within the last few weeks. China is our biggest debt holder, and they have expressed concern about the amount of spending Obama and congress are doing. If China and other countries stop buying our treasury debt, the economic outcome for America won't be good at all. Other countries have been propping up the dollar by buying and holding it as a reserve currency. China and Russia are thinking about dumping their dollar holdings. Glenn Beck did a great job explaining how the rapid accumulation of debt devalues our currency. This is the real story that should outrage Americans not something stupid like AIG.

These tea parties are happening for a reason. People see our country economically heading full speed off a cliff. If people don't stand up for something important, they will fall for anything stupid like AIG.

Friday, March 20, 2009

You can take the bowling ball out of the gutter just not Obama.

I knew Obama would eventually make an ass out of himself as the president if just given enough time. I didn't expect for it to have happened in just fifty nine days. Here's liberal lie number two. Liberals lie when they claim to be the defenders of "compassion" for the weak and defenseless. You'll see what I mean in a moment. The inexperienced neo marxist is having a ruff time of late. The fall out over the AIG compensations and bailouts in general haven't been good for his poll numbers. His approval rating is actually lower now then Bush's was this point in Bush's presidency. I'm sure you all heard this reported on the network newscasts right? Little Barry thought it would be a good idea to bast in the spotlight of his adoring drones after the rough beating his image had taken recently. He thought the best place to expose himself to the maximum amount of butt kissing was to appear on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This was the first time in American history that a sitting president appeared on a comedy talk show or talk show period. The position of the presidency is suppose to carry a certain level of prestige and importance. It is a position that people think about in awe of as being the most powerful position on earth. Obama in essence cheapened the position of the presidency when he appeared on Leno's show. When I saw him sitting in the celebrity chair next to Leno, all I saw was a "celebrity" not a "president". I said last year Obama was nothing more then an "American Idol" style candidate. He's nothing more then a mass marketed, well packaged empty suit. I don't know what the "so called genius" was thinking when he compared his bowling game to that of Special Olympians. I never thought a siting president would or even could ever make such a bone headed and insensitive remark like that. I guess his teleprompter was unplugged during the tapping of Jay's show. No script writer would have ever written material like that for a president to say. When Obama made his Special Olympics bowling smear, he said it because he truly thought it was funny and he believed it.

Here's the perfect contrast to the shallowness and arrogance of Barack Obama. Here's a person that knows a lot about the work of the Special Olympics. This person is a woman of class, dignity and self respect. She is also a mother of an autistic child. These are all the attributes and qualities Barack Obama will never obtain in his life. This is Governor Sarah Palin addressing the 2009 Special Olympics a few weeks ago.

Governor Palin spoke out on Obama's insensitive and careless remarks. I bet the families of artistic children wanted to say some things far worse to Obama then what Sarah Palin said, and I don't blame them one bit either.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Witness white liberal racism in action featuring Janeane Garofalo.

It's no secret except to loyal black liberal Democrats that white liberal Democrats don't like blacks who don't subscribe to their "ideological way of thinking". When white Democrat liberals are questioned whether they're racists or not, they will always say no and act offended for being asked. These people have always appeared on the radar of denial. I've debated my fair share of white liberal Democrats, and their tactics are basically text book. They are so use to using the boiler plate claim that white conservatives and Republicans are "racists" by default. I tend to derail their train of "thought" when they discover I'm a black Republican conservative. When they try to debate me, I always tend to strike a nerve with them. I guess they've never encountered a black conservative that is extremely analytical and very sarcastic towards liberalism in general. Normally after I finish destroying their futile arguments about race and conservatism, they tend to get extremely frustrated with me.Then normally their true nature comes out. They're nature being the one they acuse white conservatives of being. I've been a conservative for a long time and a Republican almost as long, and I can honestly say that the only racism I've ever experience has come exclusively from liberals. Once again these are the people that claim to "embrace diversity". What Janeane Garofalo and Keith Olberman said is what white liberals think about blacks that don't "follow their lead". Watch this video of what Janeane spewed about Michael Steele and judge for yourself. Michael Steele is his own man, and he has every right in which to think and believe how he sees fit.

Maybe Janeane can borrow Robert Byrd's old Klan outfit. Maybe I should send her a Klu Klux Klan outfit. I wonder what her reaction would be? I bet she wouldn't think it was funny. I really wish I could have a chance to debate that intellectual half wit. Even though she is on the same intelligence level as Meghan McCain, I would still debate her. I would systemically embarrass and humiliate her in five minutes just for laughs. If a White Republican would have called Barack Obama "a self loathing black man". They're would have been no place in this country for that person to hide. Olberman could have corrected Garofalo, but he basically agreed with her. I guess I have to take solace in knowing that she will be nothing more then an irrelevant, second rate, washed up has been that never was first rate to begin with.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another embarasing moment for Barack Obama's Teleprompter.

Eventually Obama is going to have to fire his teleprompter if embarrassing situations like this keep happening to him. Obama visited the Caterpillar plant a month ago to promote his "silliness aka stimulus" bill. Obama's teleprompter told him to say that the CEO of Caterpillar Jim Owens was going to rehiring people once the bill was passed and signed into law. Barack's teleprompter didn't read Jim's mind when Obama made those comments.

Those comments by Obama's teleprompter has come back to haunt Obama today. He might consider throwing his teleprompter out the White House window. Today Caterpillar announced it is laying off 2,454 workers in 3 states. Can it be said that Obama's teleprompter lied and jobs still died? Instead of Raum Emanuel and James Carvil focusing on Rush Limbaugh, maybe they should focus on getting Obama a teleprompter that isn't such an embarrassment to him. Obama's teleprompter said that the stimulus bill was going to "create OR save" two and a half million jobs. Right now over five million people are out of work. Obama's teleprompter wasn't available for comment on the other two and a half million out of work including the ones let go from Caterpillar today.

Is Obama's Teleprompter a "crutch" or an "asset"?

The answer to that question is a obvious no brainer. I've heard stories that Obama doesn't go anywhere without his Teleprompter. The rumors have been put to rest. It is now a proven fact. The Teleprompter doesn't lie. Obama's Teleprompter handicap was evident when he spoke to the editor of the New York Times a few weeks ago. Obama was asked by a journalist by the New York Times about whether he was a socialist. Obama blew off the question, but his Teleprompter told him that he answered the question the wrong way. Taking the advice from his Teleprompter, Obama called the editor from the Times from Air Force One to explain his answer. The problem was that the TelePrompter wasn't around to feed Obama with the speech for him to sound "articulate".

Fox News decided to go into greater detail on Obama's dependency on his Teleprompter.

It's was very reviling to be honest. In a way I almost feel sorry for Obama. I guess it must suck for him to suffer from TDS. TDS stands for Teleprompter Dependency Syndrome. I just thought of something interesting. Barack Obama was first recognized on the nation scene back in 2004. He gave the key note speech at the Democrat National Convention. Obama really should kiss his Teleprompter for successfully launching his national political career.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Tea Parties gain momentum

Liberals have tried to dismiss the growing numbers of national tea party protests in several cities across America. What started with several hundred is now numbering in the thousands.Several thousand people showed up yesterday for the Tea Party in Cincinnati. People aren't just mad at Obama, but they at congress in general. I guess people are finally getting sick and tired of being screwed over by their government. It's amazing that it only took several trillion dollars and hundreds of thousands of lies later for it to finally happen. The national media of course was nowhere to be found in reporting the rally or the others. The media had no problem reporting the rallies by illegal aliens in several cities a few years ago. As congress and Obama continue to act as the ruling elites, the voices of the masses are going to multiple and get louder.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

When did Meghan McCain become relevant in politics?

Last year I bit my tongue and supported a person for President that under normal circumstance I wouldn't have. I voted for John McCain, because I believed he was the lesser of two evils. The people in the know understand why McCain lost. It's not a well kept secret. McCain wasn't a conservative, and he paid the price for it in the end. I'm beyond sick and tired of listening to country club Republicans telling conservatives that the party must move to the center. Republicans like Colin Powell, John McCain, Olympia Snow, Arnold Schartznegger, Tim Pawlenty, Charlie Crist really annoy me to no end. When I came across this story written by Meghan McCain, I had to laugh. It looks like John's little princess thinks she knows why her daddy lost last year. Even Blue has more clues then Meghan McCain. Meghan wrote an article attacking Ann Coulter and the conservative movement a few days ago. Ann didn't respond to Cindy's comments. Ann isn't going to lend credibility to a nobody such as Meghan McCain. That hasn't stopped the mainstream media from picking up on this. Meghan McCain has become the new "useful idiot" of the mainstream media just like her father.

Even though Ann didn't respond to Meghan, Laura Ingraham did respond to Meghan's comments indirectly through her radio show. Laura accurately pegged the "Valley Girl" known as Meghan McCain as a ditz.

If any of you can stomach just a little bit more of Meghan, this is her appearance on the Rachael Maddow Show on MSNBC. I hope Rachael wasn't thinking Meghan was going to increase her already non existing ratings by having her on the show.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

If Barack Obama's teleprompter could speak, what would it say?

Who's more respected as Commander in Chief? Is it Bush or Obama?

Kooks on the left really believe Obama is respected just as much as George Bush was by the military. Maybe they enjoy living in denial. Obama was friends with a person that bombed the nerve center of the military. I don't think that historic fact has registered with the Obama cultists just yet. During the time Obama was the President-elect, the Military Times conducted a poll of active duty service members about how they felt about Obama being their "commander In chief". 6 out of 10 active-duty service members said they were uncertain or pessimistic. The proof is in the footage.

Vice President Joe Biden in review.

Liberals don't like to stare into the mirror and witness their hypocrisy. Last year, the tinfoil hat society got their jollies attacking Governor Palin. They went after her, because they assumed she wasn’t intelligent. They of course will never admit the true reason for their blind hatred of her. She was a threat then, and she is still a threat now. Be that as it may, Joe Biden didn't really get much mention during the campaign. The reason I’m bringing up Joe is for this simple reason. I’ve witnessed the attacks on Governor Jindal over the past few weeks by the Obama kooks. I don’t think these poor foolish souls realize they really don’t have a leg to stand on in which to attack Palin or Jindal. It all comes down to the fact that they voted for Joe Biden for Vice President. This is a point that really should be thrown back into their faces on a daily basis. Here are some examples of the "great hyped" intellect of Joe Biden. The real scary thought is the person that is "just one step away" from being President as liberals claimed last year eventhough they don't know it.

Bridges can help small business owners?

Is Joe Biden a Real Man of Genius?

When did Webistes have numbers? I believe the zombies that attacked John McCain for not knowing how to use a computer, voted for Joe Biden for Vice President. I just may be right.

Did Joe ever explain why he thought Obama went to test himself for aids eventhough he's married?

Stare hard in the mirror liberals.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Democrats pick Rush Limbaugh as their new George Bush.

The Democrat power structure is trying on a new “Republican Boogey” man for size. The only way Democrats can win elections is by using a so called “polarizing” figure within the Republican Party. George Bush was that polarizing figure for eight years. They blamed him for ever conceivable thing under the sun. Barack Obama used George Bush as a proxy in which to attack John McCain last year. Now that the election is over, Democrat bigwigs realize they have a problem. They control the White House and congress, but they now know they don't have Republicans or Bush to use as cover for Obama's continuing failures. They're is a reason why Obama was so hell bent on getting “bi partisan” support for his debtilus bill and other legislation going forward. He needs Republicans to use as a “bi partisan shield”, when Obama's handy work blow up in his face. This is where Limbaugh enters the picture. This flack about Limbaugh wanting Obama's socialist policies to fail is so hysterical. Democrats were trying to undermine Bush and plot his demise for eight years He was called very not so flattering name in the book from A to Z by Democrats. Some fringe Democrats called for his assassination. They tried to undermine the operations in Iraq on a daily basis. Now their greatest rallying tool is officially out of the White House, and they desperately need a replacement. It's pretty pitiful that Democrats just can't run on policy and ideas. I guess in the end that's asking for too much. This story is from the politico dated March 4th of this year entitled “Rush Job”. This story is very relieving about the inner workings of the Democrat machine within the White House. I find it a little unnerving that the President's Chief of State is plotting to go after a private citizen with an opposing view point. For eight years Democrats spewed the talking points about Bush and his staff “abusing power”. I forgot that they're are two completely different set of rules for Democrats as compared to Republicans. This is exert from the politico story.

“Top Democrats believe they have struck political gold by depicting Rush Limbaugh as the new face of the Republican Party, a full-scale effort first hatched by some of the most familiar names in politics and now being guided in part from inside the White House.”

Notice the word “depicting”. Anybody with common sense knows that Rush Limbaugh isn't the leader of anything. I've commented many times on how liberal Democrats operate. It's never about whether their claims are right or wrong, it's about the “SERIOUSNESS OF THE CHARGE”. They are so predictable. Most of Americans can care less about Limbaugh. They are too busy worried about whether they are going to still have a job tomorrow or be able to pay their mortgage and bills. This whole Limbaugh “scam” is so petty, but I wouldn't' expect anything more from the mindset of liberals desperate to hold onto power. Raum Emanuel and former Clinton retreads are using the 13th rule from out of Saul Alinksky's book, "Rule for Radicals". With Limbaugh they are trying to

1. Pick the target

2 Freeze it

3. Personalize it

4. Polarize it.

This strategy won't work for an obvious reason. It doesn't matter what Limbaugh says about wanting Obama's socialist policies to fail. Let me play devil's advocate for a moment. Even if Rush was truly the "de-facto" leader of the Republican Party, Republicans don't have the votes to stop Obama from doing anything. So when Obama ultimately fails, all Rush has to do is say "Where was I successful in blocking anything Obama wanted passed"? That's why Emnauel's little plot will backfire. In the end it's still "ALL ON OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRAT CONTROLLED CONGRESS".

Friday, March 06, 2009

Zo lays it down cold on the liberal's weak attempt to bring down Rush Limbaugh

This is Zo smacking liberals around as usual. This time he completely rips in the utterly weak and pathetic tactic by kooky liberals trying to create the myth that Rush Limbaugh is the leader of the Republican Party. He also tongue lashed D.L Hughely in a way that has to be seen. Liberals kooks despise Zo very much, that's why he's alright in my book.

The DC Tea Party revolt.

Every journey begins with the first step. Rick Santelli's scorn of the neo Marxist has started a movement in America. It all started with people getting rightfully angry at Obama for spending $250 billion to bailout sub prime home owners that are in homes they could never afford in the first place. From the mouth of Rick Sentelli to the ears of fed up Americans, people are starting to show just how outraged they are with Mr. Community Organizer. These tea party revolts are spreading across America, and they are growing by each time they are held. If two protesters would have protested against Bush, the media would have been there to cover it. As usual the media was no where in sight to cover this tea party event nor the others, because it was against their precious teleprompter addicted Messiah.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Lemmings and Obamatrons both have something in common.

The answer should be obvious.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Michael Steele bit off more then he could chew attacking Limbaugh. Part 2

After Michael Steele made his now infamous remarks about Rush Limbaugh, it looks like Steele has learned the error of his ways. I believe when Rush took Steele to task on his show Monday. That may have had a part in the swift apology. Anyways, Michael called Rush Monday evening to apologize for his remarks. The media of course won't let it go. That was to be expected. The so called "Obama- Limbaugh"feud" was their creation to begin with. Many conservatives behind the scenes gave Michael Steele an ear full. This is what Ken Blackwell said about Steele's comments.

Blackwell "On a phone call today, Blackwell described Steele's comments on CNN as "unfortunate and flat-out wrong." He noted that the environment probably contributed to Steele's comments (which seemed to please the host and other guest, rapper Chuck D), but that it was a "sophomoric outreach".

Ken took Michael to task in his comments, and he also noticed like I did that Steele was played by Hughley. When a so called conservative says something that pleases liberals, that so called conservative couldn't have said something that was "conservative in nature" to begin with. Governor Jindal weighed in on Steele and Limbaugh making up.

Liberals are now trying desperately to spin Steele's apology. They claim that by Steele apologizing to Rush, this proves Rush is the "leader of the Republican Party". These goof balls still don't get it A kooky left wing 527 organization known as "Americans United for Change" is running an ad trying to fan the flames that are already out. Liberals need a new "boogey man" in a "post Bush era" in which to channel their derangement. It looks like Rush has been given that job.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Michael Steele bit off more then he could chew attacking Limbaugh. Part 1

I pulled no punches in my reservations about Michael Steele being the Republican National Committee Chairman. I stated that the majority of the well known and grassroots conservatives were backing Ken Blackwell for that position. I also stated that Steele was chosen by the committee, because he wasn't a rock solid conservative like Blackwell was. I'm getting way to good at understanding this stuff. Michael is a very smart guy, but he sorely lacks "street smarts". He needs to learn when liberals in the media are trying to "play him" for a "sucker" and a "useful idiot". Michael Steele was a guest on "D.L. Hughly's Break the News" show Sunday. Hughly invited Steele on to his show for a very simple reason. He wanted to set up Michael Steele into saying something against Rush Limbaugh. It was no fluke that Hughly invited Steele on his show less then 24 hours after Limbaugh gave a major speech at CPAC. Many people thought only Fox News and CSPAN was carrying Rush's speech. CNN also carried his speech. Rush acknowledged CSPAN and Fox News in a jokingly favorable manner. He made reference to the other "members of the drive by media". He made a back handed reference to CNN as one of the members of the "drive by" media. This is the exchange between Hughly and Steele that led to Steele setting himself up to "played" by Hughly.

This is me setting the record straight on why the comments about Rush being the "de-facto" leader of the Republican Party are false and deceptive. Steele needs to realize that pandering to liberals in the media isn't going to translate into votes or acceptance.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Welcome to the new socialist game show "The Price is Wrong" starring Barack Obama.

Welcome to this reality based game show. The people in this game show beg to the government being Obama to take care of them, because these people are a bunch of complaining, class warfare brainwashed, inept, bottom feeders of American society. Let me put it another way. This is Obama's base supporters. Come on down and get the free government cheese.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Liberal racism on display against Governor Bobby Jindal.

Say it isn't so Joe. No wonder Chris Mathews said "Oh Lord" when Governor Jindal came out to give the Republican response to Obama's speech. I guess the thought of a dark skinned person that wasn't a liberal nor democrat was too much for Mathews and other "champions" of "diversity" to take. Liberals really think they're fooling most Americans. They believe in diversity as much as I believe Rosie O'Donnell is attractive. The bigotry and racism by liberals toward other groups is well documented, yet many liberals are in denial in accepting that they have people that are hate filled towards other ethnic and racial groups of "opposing views". I don't know why so many left wing kooks have a problem with Indian people or people of Indian descent.

This is Joe BIden last year during the Democrat primaries saying "You can't walk into a Dunkin Doughnuts or 7-11 without having a slight Indian accent.

This is Obama's secret man crush Chris Mathews saying "The GOP "outsourced" it's response. Some may say that what Mathews said was harmless and taken out of context. Liberals believed the chimp that was shot in the comic was in reference to Obama. To them it was about the "racial stereotype" the chimp represented. When people think outsource, they think about jobs going to "India".

This is the clip of liberal radio talk show host Mike Malloy's wife Kathy Bay mocked Gov. Bobby Jindal using an East Indian accent
. I can only imagine if a conservative talk show host would have mocked Obama in an "eboinics" tone what the reaction and uproar would have been. This goes to show the absolute ignorance and sheer cluelessness of Kathy Bay. Governor Bobby Jindal "DOESN'T HAVE AN INDIAN ACCENT"! Jindal speaks perfect English. I'm glad that Mike Malloy acknowledged that his own liberal wife was indeed "acting racist"

CPAC 2009 in review. First up Ann Coulter

I really wish I could have attended CPAC this year. Rush Limbaugh brought down the house yesterday. I was watching his speech on Fox News. His speech was right on the money. He had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. Rush was awesome, but he didn't give me a tingle up my leg. I'm not gay like Chris Mathews is towards his man crush Barack Obama. I bet Mathews tries to spend his man crush Obama sweet nothings to Obama's blackberry. Anyways, Ann Coulter was a great speaker as well. I absolutely love Ann Coulter's dripping sarcasm when she attacks liberals and liberalism in general. No wonder liberal beta males despise her so much. She really made a fool out of Obama. That's not really a hard thing to do, but she did it with style.

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