Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat: Commerce Department GDP number comes back to haunt them.

When the Commerce Department released the quarterly Gross Domestic Product figure at 8:30 Thursday, I said to myself that the number was flat out bogus. The number showed an increase in GDP by 3.5%. The stock market closed up 199 points that day on the news. At the time, I didn't understand why the stock market went up on a fake number. Well as the day went on, the financial experts started to ask certain questions about the 3.5% increase. They were questioning how much of the figure was due to government spending such as the Cash for Clunkers program and the $8,000 first time tax credit. Friday gave the analysts and economists their answer big time. The monthly consumer spending report was released showing that consumer spending was down 0.5%. That decrease was the biggest decline since December. Two thirds of GDP is made up of "consumer spending". So when the report showed that consumers weren't spending, the stock market sold off by 249 points. The consumer spending report showed what I and many other people who exercise common sense already knew. The economy isn't growing. It doesn't matter how the media tries to spin this bad news into an illusion of good news, facts can't be manipulated. On Friday, Obama had to audacity to lie again to the American people by claiming that his so called stimulus package "saved "or" created 650,000 jobs". I've heard of a person trying to have his or her cake and eat it too, but Obama takes the cake literally. Obama's loyal flock wouldn't dare question his absurd claim of saving "or" creating 650,000. How exactly can a job be "saved or created" in the same statement? A crackhead can make more sense then that. There is no proof that Obama's stimulus created any private sector jobs, and there is proof that his stimulus helped to save private sector jobs. As I said before, Obama's true believers will suck it all up like a sponge. Every state in America is losing private sector jobs. Also, the state governments are laying off workers. The states are laying off workers, because sales tax revenue for the states have dropped drastically. A state's sale tax revenue is really the best indicator of economic growth, because the more people spend, the more tax revenue is created. That is why I got a good laugh at the illusion or trick the Commerce Department tried to play. Their deceptive GDP number was a lame trick, yet their plan backfiring in their face was definitely a treat. Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Congressman LaTourette exposes liberal Democrats for the crybabies they are.

This is video has to become an instant classic. Republican congressman Steve LaTourette expressed in the house chamber three days ago what many in the know have known for the longest time. He spoke about how fake Democrats are either lying or crying when saying that Republicans are the reason why their trojan horse socialist health care bill is having trouble in congress. Anybody who only remotely follows politics can see through the scam. Republicans in congress do not have the votes to stop any legislation. Those are the facts. Pelosi, Reid and Obama are counting on the ignorance of their clueless base to believe other wise and make the Republicans the "obstacle" to a bill passing. The Democrat's claiming they want "bipartisanship" is laughable all by itself. They say in one breath that Republicans destroyed the economy, want elderly people to die, want to cut off people's social security, yet Democrats still want their input on a health care bill. Who do they think their fooling exactly? At least congressman LaTourette sees through Obama, Pelosi and Reid's lame tactic of blaming others for their failure.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

CNN hit poll on whether Sarah Palin is qualified to be President.

CNN/ Opinion Research Poll shows that only 29% of Republicans believe Sarah Palin is qualified to be president with 71% saying she's not. If any person is dumb enough to believe this so called poll, I have a lifetime Halliburton Iraqi gas card for you.From the last place fact checking network for SNL comes their latest and most amusing poll to date about Sarah Palin. Any poll that comes from CNN has to be taken with a can of salt to the reader's eyes. When I first started this blog several years ago, I use to pick apart polls and point out their bias flaws. The CNN/Opinion Dynamic polls were my favorite ones to pick apart and expose. I guess I'll show the huge inherit flaw in their latest "poll". These are the variables in the poll taken

CNN / Opinion Research Corporation
10/16-18/09; 1,038 adults, 3% margin of error
462 Republicans, 4.5% margin of error
Mode: Live telephone interviews

Let's begin with the Favorable/Unfavorables

Favorable / Unfavorable

Sarah Palin: 42 / 51
Mitt Romney: 36 / 26
Mike Huckabee: 43 / 26
Tim Pawlenty: 15 / 13

Nobody who is a Republican or a Conservative would ever believe for a moment that Sarah Palin has a 51% unfavorable rating within the Republican Party. Three days after the election, Pollster Scott Rasmussen polled Republicans on Sarah Palin. 69% of GOP Voters said that Palin helped the McCain ticket. 91% of Republican voters said they had a favorable view of her with 65% saying they had a very favorable view of her. So what has changed that would make Sarah Palin's unfavorable numbers supposedly go over 51%? The answer is nothing. So these numbers smell pretty fishy.

2012 President
32% Huckabee, 25% Palin, 21% Romney, 5% Pawlenty

Now it is time for me to have some fun with this. According the CNN/Opinion Dynamic poll, Sarah Palin would come in 2nd behind Mike Huckabee for the Republican nomination in 2012. If Sarah really has a 51% unfavorable rating among Republicans and Huckabee only has a 26% unfavorable rating, why would Huckabee merely have a 7% lead against Palin if his unfavorable is 26% and Palin's is 51%? Fuzzy math doesn't work here.

Thinking about the following characteristics and qualities, please say whether you think each one applies or doesn't apply to Sarah Palin.

Not a typical politician: 65% Applies, 34% Does not apply
A good role model for women: 64 / 35
Care about the needs of people like you: 56 / 43
Is honest and trustworthy: 55 / 43
Shares your values: 49 / 49
Generally agrees with you on issues you care about: 48 / 50
Is a strong and decisive leader: 47 / 51
Qualified to be president: 29 / 71

I don't know how to approach these questions seriously, but I will give it a shot. The president of the United States is the elected "leader" of our country. He is also the "leader" of the free world. He is also the "leader" of the U.S Armed Forces. The question about whether Sarah Palin is a strong and decisive leader says that 47% applies and 51% doesn't apply to her. If that 47% believes she is a strong and deceive leader, how in the world can just 29% of so called Republicans says she isn't qualified to be president? See why this poll is such a joke? In order to lead a nation, a person must be a good leader right? It only sounds logical. So in a 18% point shift, these so called Republicans say she isn't qualified to be president according to CNN and Opinion Dynamics. I've notice that a certain follow up question is missing. The question of "why these polled Republicans don't believe she is qualified to be president" wasn't asked. This poll is what I use to call a "guider" poll. The poll is really meant for the Republican National Committee to see, so they can be fooled into trying stop any possible run by Sarah Palin in 2012. CNN isn't as slick as they think they are. This reminds me of when the New York Times endorsed John McCain in the primaries in a successful effort to fool Republicans into believing that he was the best candidate to reach out to moderates. As the days count down until the launch date of Sarah Palin's book, I expect more negative polls to appear as well as more so called journalist "hit pieces" about her. Let the CNN poll serve as an example to why polls should be taken with a grain of salt and then some, and why CNN is a discredited last place activist journalist organization.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell got sacked by Congressman Steve King.

It's been a long time since any sort of truth and common sense have come out of the House of Representatives. Today the House Judiciary Committee held a hearing regarding the matter of head injuries in the National Football League. The Commissioner Roger Goodell was at the hearing. I bet Roger thought to himself at the time that the event was going to be non eventful. He thought wrong. Congressman Steve King of Iowa started asking Goodell questions about the hypocrisy in the NFL regarding "controversial and divisive figures" in the role of owners. Congressman King laid the facts out as clear and precise as any could. The expression on Mr. Goodell's face was beyond priceless. He had a "deer caught in the headlights of a car look". When it was Roger's turn to respond, he was fumbling for the right words to use out of being stunned and embarrassed by Congressman King. All Mr. Goodell could do in response was to repeat the boiler plate response he's been using form day one. Goodell also didn't have an explanation to why Jennifer Lopez and Fergie were allowed to become part owners of the Miami Dolphins. He couldn't dispute anything Congressman King said about the words Rush Limbaugh used. Because Roger Goodell has never been challenged on his comments about Limbaugh prior to today, he never had to think quick on his feet in giving a logical explanation to his remarks against Limbaugh. Roger just showed why the NFL is deserving of the low image it has off the field. This hearing wasn't a teachable moment. It was a "checkmate moment" in exposing the liberal hypocrisy in the National Football League of Liberals.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Obama's personal thoughts will playing basketball.

"Barack Obama": As usual this "typical white person" is trying to stop me. I bet he's a fan of Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Fox News. I'm not going to get "We weed up" over it". I'm the president. People like me. I think they like me. I need them to like me. I'm a very insecure person, even though I look good playing basketball. I know I've never played real basketball on the basketball courts on the south side of Chicago, but I can pretend to look like I'm for real. I wish this basketball was Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck's head instead. This typical white person is holding my shirt. I bet he wouldn't do that to a white guy. This guy must be a racist. He is wearing the colors of Duke University and he is a white guy, so he is a racist by default. I'm sure Jeremiah and Sharpton would agree with me on that. I hope the media gets my good side while I'm beating this guy at basketball. As troops are being killed in record numbers in Afghanistan, I have to play some B ball to try and figure out what the hell I'm going to do next. I can't believe I actually have to make tough decisions, and I just can't vote present. Maybe if I fake an injure, I can get out of this mess. It isn't like the media is going to turn against me.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Newt Gingrich has become a "conservative in name only". Part 2

I've already touched on several reasons why I'm no longer a fan of Newt. He has become a "party first" political hack. A tea party activist by the name of Lisa Miller recently attended a book signing for Newt's new book. It seems like he writes a book a month or so. Anyways, Lisa had an opportunity to ask Newt why is he supporting Dede Scozzafava. His answer told me all I needed to know, because I already knew the only possible answer he could give. He's backing Dede because she is a Republican.

This is Lisa questioning Newt on his selling out conservatism and becoming a party hack.

This reminds me of the 2002 Gubernatorial race in California. Republicans had a chance to stand behind a true conservative by the name of Tom McClintok. He was talked down by the California Republican leadership and by other California Republicans, because liberal Republican Arnold Schwartnegger was famous and "had the best chance at winning". That was their excuse. Look at the shape of California almost eight years later. This is the same scenario playing out in the 23rd district race in New York. Shame on Newt, and shame on any other so called conservatives that puts party ahead of ideology.

Newt Gingrich has become a "conservative in name only". Part 1

If a person says that he or she is a conservative, it doesn't necessarily makes it so. The Republican Party is littered with conservative posers. These people are known as the "neo-conservative" crowd. George Bush was one of them. Senators Lindsey Graham, Trent Lott, John McLame, Chuck Hagel are just a few that comes to mind. The latest induction into the neocon hall of shame is Newt Gingrich. I never thought I would utter those words about good ol Newt. Looks like the guy has gotten tired and has lost his traditional conservative ways. When Newt was saying nice things about Hillary Clinton last year during the Democrat Primaries, I didn't think much of it. When Newt came out and claimed that man made global warming is real, my CINO alert went off. When Newt lead the Republicans back into power in 1994, the Republicans had a rock solid conservative leader then. Fifteen years later, Newt is merely a shell of that great leader. Some are saying that Newt is going to make a run for the Republican Nomination in 2012. Once conservatives find out who Newt has endorsed in the New York congressional race for the 23rd district, Newt can hang it up officially. Let me start from the beginning. In New York, the local Republican Party picked a liberal to moderate Assembly woman by the name of Dede Scozzafava as their choice for the November 3rd election for the 23rd congressional seat. This has forced conservatives in that district to back a third party candidate by the name of Doug Hoffman. This has become a three way race with the Democrat candidate Bill Owens. The race is being very closely watched nationally. Conservative talk show hosts nationwide have blasted the nomination of Ms. Scozzafava in the first place by the New York Republican Party. Everything that Dede Scozzafava stands for is the polar opposite of what conservatives stand for. She is merely another Republican Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. The other day Sarah Palin came out and endorsed Mr. Hoffman. His campaign received over $100,000 overnight just from her endorsement. This race represents the deep split in the GOP among liberal and neoconservatives on one side and paleoconservatives and libertarian conservatives on the other side. When the GOP lost control of congress in 2006, I said exactly why it happened. Bush, McCain and Graham attacked conservatives, because the grass root conservatives were furious over Bush and his neocon crowd wanting to give amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. 2005 marked the beginning of the exodus of Republicans changing their party affiliations to Independents. That action by conservatives could have also contributed to McCain being able to win the nomination in the first place, because Independents can't vote in the Republican Primaries. In Part Two, I'm finally going to get to my beef with Newt "The Gecko" Gingrich.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

What do Obama, Pelosi and Reid have to hide from the American people in regards to their health care bill?

When Nancy Pelosi was sworn in as the Speaker of the House of Representatives, she said that she would lead the most "honest", most "open" and "ethical" congress in history. That promise has been blown to hell and back many times since then. Democrats have gone behind closed doors to craft their government run health care bill. My question to Pelosi is simple. Where is the "openness" in this process? Since liberals in congress can't defend their ultra shady action, I guess they'll just use a slight of hand and attack Fox News or something in an attempt to take the attention off of them. The GOP amazingly came out with a great video that hits the head right on the head. I have to give the GOP credit for standing strong against this disaster of a bill. Facts rule out every time.

It just doesn't pay to be a "victicrat" and it never will.

A Victicrat is a Democrat who believes he or she is a victim of society because of their race, gender or economic standing. These people are taught to be victims at a very young age by liberal minded people. Victicrats that are non white are indoctrinated to believe that " the man" has the country economically stacked against them. When liberals use racial slave terminology against conservatives of different races, they do it for a reason. Liberals don't like it when non white conservatives don't subscribe nor look through the prism of victimization as they do. A dependent person can easily be manipulated, but it isn't that easy to do the same to a person who is self empowered. I came across a very nice music video created by Zo. Usually Zo is very blunt in his videos about liberal ignorance. This video is no exception and a DEFINITE MUST SEE!! I love that Reagan T Shirt too.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Liberal intellect on display: Case study Nancy Pelosi

I don't care what the left says about Sarah Palin. Thankfully she isn't in the same league as Nancy Pelosi. If Sarah Palin was asked point blank whether she thought that the expiration of the Bush tax cut would actually be a "tax increase", I beat she would say yes. I believe most people with an ounce of common sense would also agree with her. So what would the most power woman in congress and third in line to the Presidency being Nancy Pelosi say about the elimination of the Bush tax cuts? Only an intellectual goof would say that letting the Bush tax cuts expire isn't a tax increase, but Nancy isn't a goof right?

My thoughts on Obama's 4 hour lay over in New Orleans on his way to San Francisco.

Liberals have pimped up the victims of Hurricane Katrina ever since it happened. They've used it as a political sledge hammer in which to attack George Bush. During the 2006 midterm elections, the one word that was repeated more then any other word by Democrats was "Katrina". Obama used New Orleans and Katrina repeatedly during his campaign last year. Well now that Obama is the President, I doubt he nor Democrats will have a need to politically pimp the people of New Orleans anymore. Its no wonder why Obama only spent four hours in News Orleans last week. Rich liberal donors are more important then poor folks that he's already exploited. I bet Obama stayed in San Francisco for the Democrat fund raiser longer then the four hours lay over he had in New Orleans. Poor impoverished people aren't exactly Obama's type of gig anyways.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So Fox News isn't really news according to Obama and the left. Part 2

Robert Gibbs tries so hard to come off sounding like he's the most intelligent person to ever hold the position of White House Press Secretary. I guess he can continue to try and fake it until he makes it. The goof has gotten so full of himself, even members of the press don't not like him much. Anyways, Gibbs was asked yesterday several questions by ABC News reporter Jake Tapper about Obama's war against Fox News. I was shocked that a non Fox News reporter actually asked legitimate questions about Obama's childish feud with Fox News.

Maybe journalist blood is thicker then ideological water? I have to give Jake Tapper some major credit for standing up for the last few grains of journalist integrity in America. I don't think Jake should be expecting an invite to the White House Christmas Party this year. Jake exposed how absolutely ignorant and foolish Gibbs, David Axelrod and Barack Obama are. Sean Hannity and Glen Beck aren't reporters nor are they news anchors. That is where the left gets tripped up in their mental breakdown on how they perceive Fox News as being to the right. The news content of Fox News is straight down the middle. Fox also does the stories that the other media outlets refuse to do. That is why Fox News has the ratings it does. Nothing is preventing the other media outlets both network and cable from following Fox's lead. They simply don't want to do the stories that would be damaging to Democrats, Obama and liberal causes in general. It is extremely hypocritical of Obama, Gibbs and Axelrod to cry about how Beck and Hannityactually hold their administration accountable and take them to task for their radical agenda. When Obama invited Keith Olberman and Rachael Maddow to the White House yesterday for an off the record get together, Obama showed that he loves those who will kiss his rear end and are loyal to his agenda. Obama doesn't have a problem with News Commentators on the left. He has a problem with those on the right. Chris Mathews has a male crush on Barack Obama. This is the man who said that he gets a "tingle up his leg" when he hears Obama speak. I'm not even going to go there. Chris also said "it was his job to make sure Obama's presidency succeed". Mathews, Olberman and Maddow all work for MSNBC, but I'm sure Obama wouldn't think of waging a war against them.

Obama has three ultra liberal flunkies licking his knee caps, but what good does it do him? Olberman, Maddow and Mathews can't attract viewers if their lives depended on it. If these three are suppose to represent Obama's foot troops in his war against Fox News, he might as well give up while he's already behind.

So Fox News isn't really news according to Obama and the left. Part 1

The kooky left refers to Fox News as "Faux News". I hold liberalism in very low regards. Michael Savage said it as best as I could ever put it. Liberalism is a "mental disorder". The left has this insane fixation on the Fox News Channel. They have a warped notion that it is run and controlled by the vast right wing conspiracy. If Fox News was run by the vast right wing conspiracy, I think I would probably be one of the first to have inside knowledge of it. The constant crying and moaning by the left over the reporting by Fox is beyond childish. It's actually pathetic. Here's the difference between Fox News and the rest of the cable and network news outlets. Fox News simply does it's job. The rest of the media shields Obama, attacks conservatives and defend liberals. That is the number one commandment in the media today. Thou shall present Republicans and conservatives as evil and Democrats and liberals as angels. Fox News doesn't have a bias in it's reporting. The media is also a palm licking mutt for any liberal cause. There is a term to describe it. It's called "activist journalism". Barack Obama and David Axelrod are upset that only 7 out the 8 television news outlets are carrying their water. Fox News is the only one that isn't kissing their rear ends with fluff piece coverage. The old say goes "If you aren't with us, you are against us". That is what is happening right now with Fox News and Obama. The White House has officially waged war on Fox News. If any of you are thinking that Obama and Axelrod are extremely stupid for doing such a thing. multiple their stupidity by five. Some would say it doesn't pay to go after a newspaper for their bias coverage, because they can "buy ink by the barrel". Fox News doesn't need to buy ink at all. I find it funny that Obama is brave enough to wage war on Fox News, but is acting very timidly on waging war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. Barack Obama is a very insecure person. He only feels comfortable, when people are showering him with praise and favorable press. Last year during the campaigns, Sarah Palin was attacked by the media from the very first moment she was announced by John McCain until today. I still can't recall one positive story the media has written about her. On the flip side to that, I can't recall any negative stories pertaining to Barack Obama until recently. George Bush was massacred by the media. They couldn't stand his guts for eight years. Even with all the bias coverage about Bush, he never once went after the media or singled out a news organization. Let me repeat that. George Bush never went after the media that went out of it's way to destroy him. Bush was a disappointment as a President, but I will give him high marks for carrying himself and acting like a man. Bush tuned the media out and did what he thought was right. Obama on the other hand can't take criticism. He is in essence an oversensitive crybaby. Rush refers to Obama as a "man child". The title does fit Obama. He's a spoiled child residing in an adult body. No wonder he can't stand Fox News. Obama is so use to having things his way. It's time for a "boy meets world" teachable moment for Obama.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rush Limbaugh, fake quotes and thug journalism in America.

Why is the media retracting their stories that Rush Limbaugh made racist quotes? I'm curious about something. The people who have presented all of the racist quotes Rush supposedly said can't prove the dates in which Rush supposedly said them? Every show Limbaugh does is archived. Why can't the people that claim he made those racist quotes give the dates on which he supposedly made them? By them not providing the dates, it is easy for them to smear him as a racist. How does a person prove he or she isn't a racist? Where does a person go to get back their reputation after being stained with the word? Rush Limbaugh can say until he is blue in the face that he isn't a racist, people that hate him could care less. The racist card is just one dirty card in the liberal's deck of divisive race cards.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Juan Williams strikes back against black race baiter Warren Ballentine. Part 2

I've dealt with these type of attacks by liberals both black and white. They use racial slave terminology, when they can't debate nor defend their weak arguments against conservatives of diffrent races, white conservatives or Republicans, moreover the tactic is used as a way to control the opposition. That is why they always without fail call any person who is white and don't agree with a liberals point of view a "racist". Balentine's slur against Williams proved a key point about what I've known about most liberals. If a liberals sides with a conservative on any point of view, he or she will be attacked, tarred and feathered just as if they are a full blown conservative or Republican. Joe Lieberman is one of the most liberal Senator's in the U.S Senate. His voting record is solidly liberal. Joe however made the mistake of going against the liberal grain in the support of the Iraq War. That was his one cardinal sin, and liberals pounced on him mercilessly for it. He was called all types of derogatory names. A picture of Lieberman was photo shoped in "black face". It wasn't pretty. The reason why I brought up the example of the intolerance of liberals disrespecting Liebermans's view on Iraq is to show how Warren Ballentine has done the same thing towards Juan Williams. Warren Ballentine is just a 14k ignorant jackass. What Juan said is factually correct. The facts are still the facts regardless. Liberals can't concede that point though. Their debating on emotions can't counter hard facts. It is easier to just try and discredit Juan's statement by using racial slave terminology instead. Well Juan didn't take Ballentine's cheap shot laying down. As a black man, I say good for Juan Williams. A black person should have the freedom to agree or disagree with any issue.
I want you all to listen to the portion of the interview when Pastor Ken Hutcherson speaks about Rush Limbaugh. Ken is a very close friend of Rush. The people that talk ignorant about Rush have no idea about Rush Limbaugh "the person".

Juan Williams strikes back against black race baiter Warren Balentine Part 1

Juan Williams is a black commentator for National Public Radio. He's also a contributor to Fox News. His political views are left to moderate. Juan is one of the few liberals I can stomach. It must be his moderate side I like. I disagree with many of his positions on issues, but at least he presents his arguments in an intelligent manner. Most liberals are inept in being able to do that. I guess Juan can be called a "sensible liberal". I have to give Juan Williams credit for not allowing himself to get caught up in the race baiting game that his fellow liberal are all so famous for doing. Juan was a guest on the O'Reily factor a few days ago. He took part in a three way debate with Bill O'Reily and a black radio talk show host by the name of Warren Balentine. The issue was about Rush wanting to buy the Saint Louis Rams. During the debate, the issue of Rush making a parody entitled "Barack The Magic Negro" came up. Balentine was claiming that the parody was racist and was offensive to all blacks. Juan educated him to the origins of who created the headline for which Rush used. Once Juan informed him, Balentine didn't want to go after David Ehrenstein the black liberal editor for the Los Angeles Times who created the story "Barack The Magic Negro" in the first place. As usual, most liberals simply ignore the facts in a debate. For Warren or other liberals to go after David Ehrenstein wouldn't fit the template since he isn't "white" and "conservative. It's really that cut and dry. The same Al Sharpton that said Obama "wasn't authentically black" was the same illegitimate clown that was given credibility in the whole Limbaugh/Rams saga. Sharpton never received any criticism for saying that Barack Obama wasn't "authentically black". Of course if Rush Limbaugh would have dared to utter the exact same words verbatim as Sharpton, the NAACP and the fake outrage crowd would be howling at the moon in angst and calling for the boycott of his sponsors. Anyways, when Juan Williams corrected Balentine's ignorance, Balentine only rebuttal was to make a racial statement towards Williams in telling him to "go back on the porch monkey".

Friday, October 16, 2009

Everybody should get a piece of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Obama deserves props. It isn't like the Nobel Peace Prize committee hands out it's awards to people who don't do things to earn them right? I think I am worth of a Nobel Peace Prize just for writing what I write. Everybody deserve a Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing.

The rats that screwed over Limbaugh are fearing his next move.

Before Rush Limbaugh was dropped from the group that is trying to purchase the Saint Louis Rams, liberals in the media had no problem stating that Rush made statements that he never made. Non verifiable quotes ultimately played a part in the ammo used against Rush and contributed to him being dropped from the group. Now the the rats in the media have accomplished their mission, they've now realized that Rush might consider using his vast fortune to sue them silly for using unverifiable quotes that was reported as him making. Limbaugh may have grounds in which to launch a Libel Suit. Personally I pray Rush sues all parties involved including the National Football League and the racial prostitutes Shartpon and Jackasson. The first person to now try and cover his ass is Rick Sanchez of CNN. He's come out and issued an apology to Rush. The translation is "please don't sue me Rush".

Now for the other rat turd that is tucking his head between legs. This is David Shuster on his show today on MSNBC

Shuster "MSNBC attributed that quote to a football player who was opposed to Limbaugh’s NFL bid. However, we have been unable to verify that quote independently".

I know all the parties involved in this smear job on Limbaugh are sweating it out right now. Most of Limbuagh's vast audience wants him to sue everyone involved. Rush has been very coy in his response over the last two days to what his next steps will be. If I was Limbaugh, I would make their lives a living hell and sue all of them right down to their last nickel, but I'm not Rush. Only he knows what he's going to do. Funny how CNN could fact check a SNL comedy skit, but they didn't even bother to fact check comments before using them. Attack and smear journalism on display.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The crucifixation of Rush Limbaugh by the race hustling prostitutes.

My thoughts on the fake outrage by the race hustling whores Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and other liberal frauds over Rush Limbaugh wanting to buy the Saint Louis Rams. If Rush would have kicked out a few million to Sharpton and Jackson, the controversy would have been over.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Do you really believe that the NAACP is a "non partisan" organization?

Most people with an IQ above 100 know that the National Association for the Advancement of Some Colored People is an arm of the Democratic Party. The only people who are blinded to that fact are people who are crazy enough to still support the NAACP. The NAACP is considered a non profit organization. Because they are "called" a non profit, the get to enjoy the benefits of being tax exempt. There is an IRS provision that non profits must follow. A tax exempt organization must be "non political".
That basically means that an organization can't align themselves with a political party. They must be "neutral". It looks like the NAACP has tipped it's hand and exposed itself as being a partisan organization. I commented earlier on the stupidity and racism of Marvin L. Cheatham who is the President of the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP. I left out another ignorant comment Cheatham made. Apparently Mr. Cheatham has a problem with a Republican being appointed Mayor of Baltimore if a Republican wins the Governorship next year and Mayor Dixon is found guilty when she goes on trial in November.

Marvin Chetham "he worried that a future Republican governor could appoint someone from his party to lead a city were Democrats outnumber Republicans 9 to 1. "Would not the Republican governor have the ability to pick a Republican mayor?" he asked.
"We just think there are some unanswered questions about the process,".

With Chetham representing a so called non partisan organization, why should he cares what party affiliation controls the mayor ship of Baltimore? That is the twenty one thousand dollar question. This is the first paragraph from the Baltimore Sun.

Baltimore Sun "Leaders of the Maryland NAACP, worried that a Baltimore mayor's criminal conviction could result in the appointment of a white or Republican leader who may not fully represent the majority black and Democratic city, are asking state lawmakers to strip the governor of authority to permanently fill the office."

I found that paragraph to be, drop down ,laughing on the floor hilarious. As a citizen of Baltimore, I can say with much dripping sarcasm, "I love what Democrats have done with the place". The city of Baltimore has been run and controlled by Democrats for over forty years. Forty years ago, Baltimore City had a population of little over 950,000 people. Today it has a population of around 635,000. The city has lost in population the equivalent of a medium sized city. I wonder could the NAACP leadership in Baltimore claim that Democrats done a great job for blacks in cities like Detroit, Chicago, New Jersey City, Atlantic City, Richmond. New Orleans, Washington DC. I'm clueless to how the NAACP feels that Democrats have "represented the black majority" in Baltimore. They've done an awesome job contributing to a shrinking tax base. Democrats represented Baltimore well in it's accomplishment of being the number one most violent city in America for the last twenty years or so. If Democrats represent the black majority of cities like Baltimore, why do these cities have so many serious social and economic problems and continue to have them? It can't be said that Democrats haven't had enough time to change these cities around. These cities have been Democrat ruled for decades. The only city with a mostly black population that isn't in the sad state of affairs and Democrat run is Atlanta. The population of Atlanta is also highly educated, so crime isn't a problem like it is in other cities with black majorities with disastrous and dangerous public school systems. The NAACP is clearly a hack group for the Democratic Party. They don't represent the interest of blacks. Their role is to control blacks and deliver their votes come election time. They represent their own interest of power and self preservation, hence the National Association of the Advancement of "SOME" colored people.

Is the NAACP any different the Klu Klux Klan?

The mayor of my city of Baltimore Sheila Dixon is scheduled to go on trial in November on corruption charges. Well today, the NAACP has chimed in on the issue of what would happen if Dixon is found guilty. I want you all to read this quote from Marvin L. Cheatham, the president of the Baltimore Chapter of the NAACP. If you are under the impression that black racism doesn't exist, read on.

Marvin Cheatham " Our concern is who would the governor appoint?""Here you have a predominantly African-American city. What if the governor appointed somebody white? ... Would he appoint someone Irish to be the mayor?"

Martin O'Malley is the Governor of Maryland, and he is of Irish descent. Marvin Cheatham is an ignorant horses ass. His comments representing the NAACP in Baltimore is no different then a white member of the Klu Klux Klan making a similar statement. Liberals spewed and continue to spew on about how whites in this country didn't want a black man as president. If people feel that race is a dis-qualifier for why a person shouldn't be elected to political office, then people who feel that way are racists. So my question is this, what make people like Marvin Cheatham any different? According to him, the mayor ship of Baltimore should be reserved for "blacks only". Of course Cheatham would never admit to his so called rationality being racist in nature. Marvin would say that he isn't a racist, because "he's black and a Democrat". What would be the results if Marvin Cheathman's thinking was applied by whites? David Paterson shouldn't be the Governor of New York and Deveal Patrick should be the Governor of Massachusetts. Both men are black Governors of two states with mostly white populations. Also, Barack Obama wouldn't' be the President of the United States being that the population of the U.S is mostly white and blacks make up only 13% of the population. This is why I have no respect for the NAACP. If the organization went bankrupt tomorrow, I would go out and buy a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the occasion. Let Marvin Cheatham's comments prove that racism is alive in America and that whites don't hold the patent to it.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama and the gay agenda.

I've said on many occasions how the connection between most blacks and the Democratic party really comes down to one issue. That issue of course is race. Democrats brag about the percentage of blacks who vote Democrat, but they can't point to where blacks support many of the causes that Democrats support. Most blacks aren't environmentalist, and most don't support abortion. Most blacks also don't support the homosexual lifestyle, and they also don't support redefining marriage to validate the homosexual lifestyle. What happened in California last year was somewhat odd. On the ballot was an initiative known as "Proposition 8". Prop 8 was designed to amend the California state constitution to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. An overwhelming majority of blacks in California voted for Obama and also voted in favor of prop 8. White liberals weren't pleased with blacks voting to defend the definition of marriage in their state. White liberals and their gay advocates such as Roseanne Barr openly attacked not only straight blacks who voted for prop 8, but they also attacked black gays for the actions of how straight blacks voted. I'm not sure whether straight blacks in California and nationwide knew that Obama supports gay marriage even though he says he's doesn't. Today in Washington and Chicago, gays marched on the capital to demand "equal rights". The event was to send a message to Obama and congress that they want to be able to marry and serve openly in the military.

Even though Obama is a Marxist by nature, he isn't stupid. I doubt he'll lift the "don't ask, don't tell" provision that was enacted by Bill Clinton. I got into a debate with a gay marriage advocate today. Me and him went back and forth. His arguments were typical absurd. This person told me that gay marriage is going to happen as well as the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell". I told him that he was dreaming, then I brilliantly laid out the case to support why that was. The speech that Obama gave to gays and gay advocates was merely lip service as with all his speeches. The Saturday Night Live skit proves it. Obama has given speech after speech after speech, yet he has done nothing on top of nothing. If Obama was truly serious about lifting the "don't ask" rule, he would have done it as soon as he was sworn into office as a top priority. Gays haven't figured out that they are a second hand priority at best. The top four agendas of Obama this year were "government health care", " the porkilus bill", "cap & tax" and "card check". Anybody who follows politics know that Obama wouldn't dare bring up the issue of repealing "don't ask, don't tell" during the midterm elections next year. It would be political suicide for the Democratic Party if he did. The whole gay marriage movement has been extremely deceptive. First gays made the claim that they wanted the rights to make medical decisions for their partners. Then they said that they were ok with having Civil Unions as long as they had the equivalents "rights" as heterosexuals have. Now that Obama is in the White House and Democrats control both houses, the "true" agenda has been presented by gays and gay advocates. So will Obama risk alienating moderate to conservative Independent voters as well as risking creating a demoralized military by lifting don't ask don't tell? Obama really hasn't been known for making the tough decisions. Maybe he'll just vote present instead.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

And the Nobel Peace prize goes to?

Somebody definitely not deserving of it. The Nobel Peace Prize Committee managed to make their precious prize less legitimate and more irrelevant then in years past. When Al Gore won the prize a few years ago for his "work" in promoting the hoax that is "Global Warming", the Nobel Prize's reputation started going down hill for obvious reasons. Today, the Nobel Committee has to be considered a laughing stock around the world. Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today for his accomplishments in "nothing". Barack Obama has only been President for nine months,yet he was nominated for the prize on February the 1st. That means that Barack Hussein Obama was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize just 11 days after being sworn into office!

Now do you all see how much of a joke this is? Besides the money, the awarding of Obama the peace prize is pretty much as meaningless as the Honorary degree Obama received from Notre Dame earlier this year. Even Obama's supporters are scratching their heads in bewilderment over this one. Obama did tell the truth for once. He admitted that he didn't do anything to deserve the award. Michael Steele came out and made a very honest statement about one of the reasons Barack won the award. It was Obama's star power that did it for him. Obama to liberals is like what the Beatles were to teenage girls when they first debuted in America. I believe the Nobel Committee's decision was also based on politics. Ronald Wilson Reagan ended the Cold War without a single shot being fired, yet he never received the Nobel Prize. The last two presidents to receive the prize prior to Obama were Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. What do all three presidents have in common? They all have a deep rooted problem with American exceptionalism. They are American apologists on top of being pacifists. Obama basically got the nod from the socialist euro trash crowd to keep up the good work of tearing down America and it's superpower status. George Bush's foreign policy was refereed to constantly by liberals as "cowboy diplomacy". Liberals used the word cowboy as an insult. In American folklore, the cowboy represented the good guy. The cowboy was seen as a morally upstanding person that took on the villains, saved the day, got the girl and rode off into the sunset. Liberals of course got it all backwards. Liberals embrace the bad guys and trash the good guys. I've heard some say that the Nobel Committee gave Obama the award as a way to handcuff him into continuing to go along with chopping America down at the knees. It wouldn't come as a surprise. Obama's head is so far in the clouds, he wouldn't know one way or the other when he is being played for a sap by the world stage.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Tim Pawlenty to headline Iowa GOP event.

What can say, when I'm right I'm right. The younger version of John McCain will be speaking in Iowa next month at a Republican gathering. This is just another sign that Governor Pawlenty is going to throw his hat into the ring in 2012. The GOP event in Iowa is scheduled for November 7th. I know the media isn't going to make any hay of this, because it really isn't that much of a heart shattering story. For conservatives however, this can't really be ignored. Unless conservatives want a demoralized base having to back ANOTHER "moderate" Republican in 2012, Tim Pawlenty is going to have to be defeated in the 2012 GOP primaries. If Sarah Palin was speaking in Iowa instead of Pawlenty, the media would be going nuclear times five.

It's not hard to figure out how Obama became president.

The city of Detroit is an American city resembling a third world country. Actually that is putting it mildly. Baltimore isn't that far off either. The reason why cities like Detroit are so massively screwed up is due to it's citizens. Insanity is doing something over and over and expecting different results. The citizens of Detroit have been electing crooks, thieves and liberals radicals to run their government for decades, and the city has suffered enormously because of it. Tom Hanks as Forrest Gump said it best, "Stupid is what stupid does". At the end of the day, three elements destroyed the city of Detroit Michigan. Those three elements are "poverty", "crime" and "taxes". I could have included education, but poverty and education go hand and hand. I've said before that most liberals are cynically ignorant beyond definition. Here is an example of what I mean. Yesterday in Detroit, the city was giving out applications for poor and unemployed residents to receive part of the stimulus bill funds. The amount added up to about $15 million. Remember that Obama said that the "stimulus" was going to help "create jobs". To me it looks like part of the stimulus money is being used "subsidize the maintenance of poverty".

The lady who thanked Barack Obama and most in the line are text book Obama supporters. In their mind, Obama is somehow helping them. "Thank You Barack Obama, We love you"? Any educated person would actually be saying "Thank you American taxpayersr". Contrary to the popular belief of the population in Detroit, Barack Obama didn't create the money for them. The $15 million dollars have to be paid for by someone, and that somebody is "us". I have a strong feeling it won't be the people in Detroit ever repaying any of that money they believe was given to them. This is why I want to bang my head against the wall in frustration. Ignorant people make my head hurt. I need a bottle Tylenol listening to these intellects.

These young ladies along with most of the population of Detroit will never grasp this. It is because of the ideology of Obama and people like him that they support is why "they are in the financial and social mess that find themselves in"! Liberalism has destroyed Detroit like most U.S cities with mostly black populations. The income per capita in Detroit is lower then the national average. Detroit is no different then Baltimore, Memphis, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Gary Indiana, New Jersey City, Atlantic City etc. It's pure concentrated black poverty overseen by liberal democrat politicians. I said something similar to this the second day I started this blog four years ago. I said the Democrat plan for blacks and non whites in America is to

1. keep them down
2. keep them dependent
3. keep them loyal
4. keep them ignorant
5. keep them voting democrat

If any of you think that I'm wrong or off based, answer these questions to see how "wrong" I truly am.

Are the people that were standing in lines seeking handouts in Detroit from the stimulus funds

1.economically down?
2. dependent on the stimulus money?
3. loyal to Obama and democrats?
4. ignorant to where the money is truly coming frm?
5. are all registered loyal democrat voters?

I know how the Democrat game is played. The is the primary reason why liberals hate my guts so much. The con is so transparent, it isn't hard to see. Entitlement programs create dependents, and dependent people hooked on entitlement programs create loyal VOTERS!!Empowered people aren't dependent people. Liberals talk so much about LBJ and the Great Society and how much it had done for black people. I'll rather put my money on the belief in Santa Clause or buy some Lehman Brother stock. If liberalism was so great for blacks in America, people by the thousands wouldn't' have to be standing in line in the liberal's Mecca of Detroit begging for some financial scraps from the grand liberal overseer Barack Obama.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

CNN "fact checked" SNL's Obama skit.

Yes, you all read correct. CNN is so much in the tank for Obama, they actually fact check a comedy skit aimed at Obama for "accuracy". The clueless executives at CNN can't figure out why they can't attract an audience to save their lives. When Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey mocked Sarah Palin, I don't recall the "fact checkers" at CNN correcting her. Tina Fey imitating Sarah Palin said "I can see Russia from house". The haters of Sarah Palin were stupid enough to actually believe that Sarah actually said that. During her interview with Katie Couric, Sarah actually said "She could see "Russia from Alaska". They're two small towns in Alaska in which anyone can look over the Barren Straits into Siberia. Siberia is apart of drum roll please, "Russia." CNN didn't say anything about that. As I said before, CNN was nowhere to be found. Now that the comedic knives are aimed at Barck, here comes CNN to the rescue. This type of "journalism" is why Fox News is dominantly number one in the ratings.

Monday, October 05, 2009

The man whore David Letterman and the liberals who love him.

Tonight David Letterman received a 30 second obviation from his audience. It didn't surprise me. The thought process of liberals are completely backwards from regular folks. Anything that is wrong to normal people is considered right to liberals and vice versa. As I was watching David's monologue, it was a clear that the audience was "sympathetic" to Letterman. Of course these are the same hypocrites that attacked Bristol Palin as being some sort of slut. The excuse no doubt by Letterman's perverted fans will be that he "came clean" with everything. That of course isn't the truth. He only confessed everything, because it was going to come out anyways. I thought about the comparison between Bristol Palin and David Letterman. Granted Bristol Palin made a mistake, she made a mistake with her boyfriend at the time. David Letterman on the other hand made "multiple mistakes" as a boss sleeping with woman who worked for him. Because of his actions, he cheated on his wife and caused her great hurt. So Bristol Palin was dragged through the dirt by the left, yet David Letterman is being heralded as some sort of victim/hero. Alrighty then, no wonder liberals hate religion and morality. It just doesn't mix with their lifestyle. When Bill Clinton cheated on Hillary with Monica Lewinsky, his liberal supporters said "it was only sex". I rest my case.

Conservatives Don't Care If ‘Half the Country Dies’ in Order to ‘Take Down Obama?

What is the mental malfunction with liberals? Is it something in the air or the water supply. They make the oddest and the most goofy comments. Liberals can say what they want about Fox News, but at least the commentators on Fox don't need to be committed to a psychiatric ward like Keith Olberman, Ed Schultz, Chris Mathews, Rachael Madow and others on MSNBC. I left a person out of the mix by mistake. Dylan Ratigan also of MSNBC needs to be committed as well for beginning a fringe nut job. Dylan had a problem with conservatives pundits expressing glee over Obama's embarrassing moment in not securing the Olympics for Chicago. I love it how liberals are trying to deflect Obama's failure. The Obama cult is trying to now make conservatives the "bad guys" in this. They are focusing their attention on people like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin in an attempt to take the attention off of Barack and Michelle's humiliating moment on the international stage. This tactic is nothing new. Polarize, Isolate and make it personal. Most of Americans could care less if Chicago won the Olympic games or not. Right now they have more pressing problems on their plate like worrying whether they are going to have a job tomorrow, finding a new job , trying to keep their houses etc. I guess the mental goof balls didn't want to admit that half the city of Chicago didn't want the games either. That didn't matter to the elitist liberal hordes of course. If you don't agree with what Obama wants, then his supporters want others to think that "you" are the problem. Take the statement by Dylan Ratigan for example. According to this putz, conservatives want half the country to die if it means taking down Obama.

When 15 minutes of "fame" is extended for no good reason.

For those of you who haven't heard the name "Levi Johnston", your not alone. Levi is the young man who impregnated Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol Palin. Since the left developed their mentally unhealthy hatred for the Palin family, Levi Johnston has become somewhat of a C level celebrity. He's also has become a useful idiot to the haters of Sarah Palin. Somehow the fringe haters of Sarah have the notion that Levi has some sort of inner access within the Palin family. Vanity Fair did an interview with Levi Johnston a few months ago.
Levi got a gig doing a commercial for the "get crackin" pistachio nut company. The bodyguard in the commercial is suppose to be his "protection". I can understand the "protection" angle in regards to Levi. I'm one of the biggest champions of capitalism there is, but the marketing of a person just because he impregnated a young woman is just cheap!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Another world figure not happy that Chicago wasn't awarded the 2016 Olympic Games.

I've heard that Adolph Hitler was a fan of Chicago Deep Dish Pizza and was pushing hard for Chicago to host the 2016 Olympic Games. Even though me and him have our deep philosophical differences, I agree with him about why Chicago wasn't awarded the games. It was Barack and Oprah's fault.

Capitalism failed to show Michael Moore's movie any love.

The highly non anticipated Michael Moore flick "Capitalism: A Love Story" finished seventh in the weekend Box Office roundup. Moore's movie some how managed to gross $5.2 million dollars. Even though the marketing for the movie was way more then what it made this weekend, I'm actually surprised that it made over five million. I guess when it is all said and done, Michael Moore should really be upset at the people who spent money to see his movie, "the few that seen it that is". The movie critics of course gave the movie pretty decent reviews. That was to be expected of course. The big shock was that the movie critic Manohla Dargis for the New York Times gave Moore's movie a "C+". Very rarely will there be a movie that is loved by both pseudo elitist movie critics and mainstream movie viewers. Moore's movie is an example of that.

Even liberals on Saturday Night Live are turning on Obama.

The same SNL that imitated Sarah Palin last year is now setting their sights on Barack Obama. I have to admit that their skit last night was very funny. I never thought I would ever say again that SNL had the ability to become funny. SNL mocked Obama for his lack of accomplishments. They must have forgot about Obama's failed porkilus bill. For what it is worthy, the clip is very funny and way beyond accurate. I personally still like the Obama posters as the Joker.

Friday, October 02, 2009

The Chicago Dream Team to star in a new reality show entitled: Sleepless in Copenhagen.

Barack Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm.

Obama went to Copenhagen and his ego was checked

The Olympic Committee showed him no love and gave his city no respect.

Barack Hussien Obama, mmm, mm m.

This has been a great day. I can't say the same for the people in Chicago nor the "Chicago Dream Team" of Barack and Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

The Obama faithful thought that it was in the bag for Chicago to host the 2016 Olympic games. Jesse Jackasson called Barack, Michelle and Oprah the "Dream Team". I guess that greatly hyped team was day dreaming, when they gave their self absorbed reasons for why Chicago should host the 2016 games. Normally I don't' take comfort in other people's disappointment, but how can I not in this case? I don't feel bad that Barack Obama embarrassed himself on the world stage. He brought it on himself in the first place. The role of promoting Chicago's bid was suppose to have been the job of the Governor of Illinois and the Mayor of Chicago. Barack set himself up for failure, and the rest is history. The immediate reaction by the media was priceless, when they heard Chicago was eliminated in the first round. Note to CNN's Tony Harris, Chicago is still out!! um, um um.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Multimillionaire Michael Moore claims "Capitalism has done nothing for him".

Normally I could care less about any of Michael Moore's propaganda flicks. The major element that is usually missing from a typical Moore film is a thing called "the truth". I will give credit where credit is due though. Michael Moore is the king of self promotion and "splice and paste" editing. The only moderately successful movie Michael Moore has ever created is Fahrenheit 911. It's too bad that Moore had to steal the Fahrenheit title from author Ray Bradbury who wrote the novel decades ago entitled "Fahrenheit 451. Liberals swore up and down that Moore's movie was going to help defeat George Bush back in the 2004 election. That didn't work out so well for them. Fahrenheit 911 was full of lies and half truths.Pundits had a field day exposing every inaccuracy in Moore's so called "documentary". Fast forward to today. Michael Moore's new film "Capitalism: A love story" is gong to open tomorrow. The movie is basically a Wall Street suck and capitalism is bad themed movie. This is a brief interview that CNS News conducted with Michael Moore a few days ago. Michael claimed that "Capitalism had done nothing for him". Heres the words that came out of the front end of the human jackass.

What path does a hypocritical liar follows? Before Michael made his current movie that bashes capitalism, Moore said the following several years ago.

Michael Moore ""I'm a millionaire, I'm a multi-millionaire. I'm filthy rich. You know why I'm a multi-millionaire? 'Cause multi-millions like what I do. That's pretty good, isn't it?"

I got more quotes from the great anti capitalist crusader.

This quote is from Michael Moore in his book "Stupid White Men" page 51 . I doubt Moore was describing himself in the title of his book, but that title suits him to a tee.

Michael Moore "I walk among them. I live on the island of Manhattan, a three-mile-wide strip of land that is luxury home and corporate suite to America's elite..... Those who run your life live in my neighborhood. I walk in the streets with them each day" .

For vacations, Michael has another million-dollar beachfront house in Michigan. I'm starting to see the pattern here. Michael Moore is so right about capitalism. Capitalism has done absolutely nothing for Michael, EXCEPT made him a multimillionaire with a net worth of over $50 million dollars. Michael hates capitalism so much that he uses his evil, dirty wealth to send his children to "private school". Funny how the liberal elites talk up public schools so much for the masses, yet they send their precious children to private schools. Moore is just a typical double talking, elitist, liberal hypocrite fraud. Michael desperately hopes that he can keep up his deceptive fraud for as long as possible. The day the dazed over, brainwashed liberal drones realize they have been played for suckers by liberals like Moore will be the day the gig is up for elitist liberals in general. Michael Moore made this movie for one purpose, and it wasn't to expose the greed on Wall Street. He made this film to play off the anti capitalist mindset of his targeted liberal audience. He's not a champion of the common man. He's just a con man that is playing his marks and getting paid for it.

Meet the media's new GOP useful idiot for 2012. Part 2

Heres a few paragraphs from a positive Tim Pawlenty story written by Katie Connoly who blogs for Newsweek. Just for the record, can anyone name one positive Sarah Palin story written by the mainstream media since she was announced over a year ago by McCain? On the flip side, can anyone name one negative story by the mainstream media about Barack Obama since he announced he was running for President back in 2005? The timing of the glowing praise for Tim Pawlenty by the media is very suspect. I'm sure the media's wide spread coverage of Tim creation his Political Action Committee has absolutely nothing to do with the story of Sarah Palin's book rocketing to number one on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble's best seller list within 24 after the announcement the book was going on sale.

This is a paragraph from Katie Connolly comparing Romney with Pawlenty" Both men are socially conservative, but neither is likely to make that the centerpiece of their campaign. And both will fashion themselves Washington outsiders, as will most of the potential field.

Does that sound familiar? The only time McCain acted like a social conservative was when he was at the "Saddle Back Church" forum hosted by Rick Warren. Here's another paragraph of interest from Katie on Pawlenty. This paragraph tips Katie's hand.

Katie Connoly "
He's considered a solid player, a reasonable man with good conservative credentials who is reportedly easy to get along with. "No diva-ish behavior there"

No "diva-ish" behavior there? I don't recall ever hearing of a guy being referred to as acting like "diva-ish". Maybe Perez Hilton might know something about that I guess. Clearly the "diva-ish" jab was aimed at Sarah Palin. When Palin created Sarah Pac back in February, the media went out of it's way to act like the creation of Sarah PAC had nothing to do with a possible Palin run in 2012. With Pawlenty and Romney it is the complete opposite. The media has been using 2012 in connection with these two in every story they've written about them. Here's a google search I did just using the name of Tim Pawlenty and 2012. I told you I know how the media operates. The media has found their Republican pawn I meant guy for 2012.

Meet the media's new useful GOP idiot for 2012. Part 1

If you understand the media, you can easily understand how they operate politically. During the Republican primaries last year, the media promoted John McCain up and down and left and right. The liberal New York Times came out and endorsed John McCain. Anyone who follows politics knew why the media endorsed and talked up McCain during the primaries. John was the most reliable Republican to undermine the GOP agenda. That is how he got the name the "maverick". The media loved him, because he was their GOP "useful idiot". Democrats loved him for the same reason.

The only reason the media spoke kindly of McCain during the primaries was, because they wanted to make sure that a conservative candidate didn't win the Republican nomination. Liberals in the media knew that John McCain wouldn't be able to rally conservatives around him. True to form, that is exactly what happened. I said before that John picked Sarah Palin out of necessity. The media knows that Sarah Palin isn't a John McCain clone. Now lets focus on the media's new 2012 Republican useful idiot. A few months after last year's election, the media started throwing out the names of possible 2012 Republican candidates. The one name that kept getting positive press was Governor Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota. Tim Pawlenty immediately went on my radar screen back in February. The media doesn't give positive press to "true conservatives". That treatment is only reserved for Republicans In Name Only "RINO". So when the media started writing glowing reviews about Governor Pawlenty as a possible 2012 candidate, I knew the media was up to something. I came across a story today from the Politico. The story is in reference to Governor Pawlenty setting the ground work for a possible 2012 run. The story of course was absolutely positive. I couldn't find any negative jabs at him. I might be ahead of the curve in my thoughts about Pawlenty and the media's coverage of him. I have a strong feeling that the media is gong to hitch their support behind Tim Pawlenty in which to try and take out Sarah Palin in the Republican Primaries and to have the same scenario as last year play out in the General Election against Obama.