Monday, November 30, 2009

An act of kindness by Mike Huckabee came back to haunt him in a way he could have never imagined.

For ever action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. There is a reason why violent criminals are suppose to be locked up. Mike Huckabee was a former pastor in Arkansas before he went into politics. A lot of us try to live our lives according to the "good book". I understand the concept of "turning the other cheek" and "praying for our enemies" etc. I understand the concepts, I've never been a good practitioner of them though. When Mike went into politics, he carried his clergy background with him to the Governor mansion. That wasn't necessarily a bad thing but some decisions religion shouldn't have played a role in as governor. During the primaries last year, Mike was criticized and attacked by conservative pundits and radio talk show hosts over his commuting the sentences of several repeat violent offenders as Governor in Arkansas. At first I thought conservatives may have been jumping the gun a bit. Many compared Huckabee to being the new Micahel Dukakis, the violent criminal's best friend. I could only imagine the facial expression of Mike Huckabee, when he found out that the person who killed four Seattle police officers yesterday is the person that he commuted the sentence of just nine years prior. I actually feel bad for Mike. The blood of those four police officers rest solely on Mike's hands. If Mike wouldn't have commuted the sentence of Maurice Clemmons, Clemmons would have still been in prison serving a his 35 year sentence. Maurice Clemmons had a record a mile long even before Mike Huckabee even knew about him. He showed "compassion" for Clemmons, because he was 17 years old at the time of his sentencing. There is only so many chances in life a person can get. Wanting to see the goodness in everybody is noble, but it isn't realistic. Some people are just bad to the core from the start. Mike didn't want to believe that in the case of Maurice Clemmons. I bet he believes it now. To bad it took the killing of four police officers to drive that point home though. It's a good thing he told Chris Wallace yesterday that he wasn't likely to run in 2012, because now his chances of having a remote chance of winning the Republican nomination is zero. With Huckabee displaying a bleeding heart for violent repeat criminals, why would anyone trust him in supporting the killing of terrorists as President? Even Obama had the testicular fortitude to give the order to kill the Somali pirates earlier this year. Those four police officers would have still been alive today if Mike Huckabee would have only governed from a position of strength instead of weakness in regards to Maurice Clemmons. I really can't come down any harder on Huck. Mike is going to have to live with his decision for the rest of his life. Liberals missed the point behind the Willie Horton ad that was run by the Herbert Bush campaign. Liberals of course focused on the race of Willie Horton. They failed to understand that any governor that would release violent criminals back into the population could not be trusted in keeping the nation safe as president.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Mike Huckabee announces that "it is unlikely he'll run in 2012".

The announcement by Mike Huckabee that he probably won't seek the Republican nomination in 2012 is huge news. Former Governor Mike Huckabee told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday " that a 2012 presidential bid is "less than likely" and depends on whether Roger Ailes, the head of Fox News, keeps liking his show". It looks like Mike likes being a talkshow host more then being in politics. Mike Huckabee's show "Huckabee" is a top rated speciality show on the Fox News Channel. Mike has gotten comfortable in his current "gig", and doesn't want to jeopardize it by running in 2012. Part of me thinks that another reason he doesn't want to run for the nomination is that he feels that he can't beat Barack Obama if he won the Republican nomination. Huckabee told Chris Wallace that "GOP leaders would be foolhardy to think that President Barack Obama is an easy mark in 2012". If Mike holds true to his word and definitely won't seek the Republican nomination in 2012. There is one possible candidate that can fill the vacum of the social value conservative voters that would have backed Mike Huckabee in a 2012 nomination run. That potential candidate is obviously Sarah Palin. A run by both Huckabee and Palin would have more then likely split the pro life Evangelical vote among the two, this would have allowed for Mitt Romney to win the nomination by capturing the Republican moderates and fiscal conservative Republican votes. Some on the right considered Huckabee to be one of the grass root social conservatives that was being counted on to run in 2012, I have no doubt that the pressure among conservatives is now definitely going to be placed on Sarah Palin to run. Sarah is scheduled to speak at the first annual Tea Party convention in February. Things can still change between now and next year. A dark horse candidate can still emerge out of nowhere and change the potential make up of the primary field. Until that scenario plays out or if it plays out, the 2012 Republican Primary fight looks likes a possible showdown between Mitt Romney & Sarah Palin.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Is the NFL in the back pocket of Barack Obama afterall?

I'm not even going to rehash the whole Rush Limbaugh episode on how Rush was in essence screwed, tarred and feathered by liberals in the National Football League and among sport writers and commentators. The truth always seem to have a funny way of coming out in the end. The Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell last month in Washington during a congressional hearing on brain injuries gave a lame excuse to Congressman Steve King about how the NFL doesn't want "controversy" to represent it's organization.

They're so many drama kings and basket cases in the NFL, a Soap Opera Network could be established and dedicated for the sole purpose of following the players and some of the NFL owners. We all know that the NFL is full of major Obama supporters. The players and ownwers dominated money and worked on Barack's campaign. When Rush said earlier this year that he wished for Obama's policies to fail, it stood to reason that Limbaugh was going to have a huge bullseye on his chest, when he became apart of a group that is trying to buy the Saint Louis Rams. To my knowledge, I can't recall any NFL commercial in which a sitting president was apart of or even was the star. If I'm wrong, maybe someone will correct me on it. This is just a thought. If Barack Obama was to star in a NFL commercial, wouldn't that kind of give the appearance that Rush Limbaugh was right about the NFL and it's support of Obama and their disdain for Limbaugh?This is what came across my television yesterday as I was watching the Cowboys and Raiders game.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Helen Thomas is a poster woman for liberal ditzyness in motion.

I've said from day one that the issue of race tends to make weak minded people "liberals" think in ways that can only be described as "looney". I've never understood why white liberals harbor such "white guilt" for what happened during the era of slavery. Helen Thomas is a newspaper reporter and is a memeber of the White House Press Corp. When Jesse Jackson made his comment about Congressman Author Davis not being black because he voted against Pelosi's Socialist Health care bill, I thought that was the dumbest most idiotic comment I've ever hear come out of the mouth of a person. I should have known that liberals don't have a ceiling to the level of idiocy they can reach. Yesterday, people in the media and entertainment were asked what they are thankful for. They gave typical common sense answers such as being thankful for their health, family, loved ones etc. Then came Helen Thomas's response. She said that "she was thankful for having a black president".

Back during the campaign, people on the left were accused by those on the right of voting for Obama merely because of the color of his skin. They of course denied it as they always deny the truth. Liberals always profess to want at color blind society, yet their own words seem to contradict them at every turn. As a black man, I could care less about Obama being black or half black. I care more about his ideology and the impact it is having on this country. I can imagine what would have been the response if John McCain would have became president, and a conservative would have said "he or she is thankful for having a "white" president". Of course no prominent conservative would ever say something like that, but just imagine if someone did. They would be destroyed by the media, the NAALCP and others in general. Nobody is going to call Helen Thomas out for her racially stupid comment, because she is a liberal media darling. Contrary to Helen's confused beliefs, Barack Obama's skin color does run the country. His skin pigmentation isn't a substitution for his brain matter. Helen Thomas is a very shallow and superficial person if all she see in Obama is his skin color. In many ways, she actually showed great disrespect to Barack Obama. To the white liberal Helen Thomas, Barack Obama is merely a skin pigmentation and nothing more. She could have said that she was thankful that Barack Obama is president. If she would have said that, she would have identified Barack as a man with an identity. She didn't do that though. This is like a flash back to when Joe Biden called Obama "clean and articulate"for a black man.

I can understand to a point why black liberals would say they are thankful for having a black president, but what is the issue with white liberals like Helen Thomas saying it? Liberals always tell me about how many blacks are Democrats. They say it as if blacks are some sort of trophy they won. When the question is posed asking what have they done to warrant the support among blacks, they tend to get very quiet, gee go figure. If in 2012 a white person becomes president, will Helen Thomas and people who think like her not be thankful because he or she is white? Liberals regardless of race are just flat out weird but on many different levels.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

THe NAALCP and other racial and union groups aren't happy with Obama on the state of the economy.

The National Association for the Advancement of Some Colored People aren't singing the praises as loudly for the first black president as they did earlier this year. At face value, it sounds unthinkable the the NAASCP could ever have anything unfavourable to say about Barack Obama. Lets face facts, the guy is black and liberal. To the NAASCP, that combination is like peanut butter and jelly for crying out loud. Maybe some things aren't "skin deep" after all. Just like good ol Joe Biden said. It's a three letter word "JOBS".

With the unemployment rate among blacks being the highest of any other ethnic group in America currently at 15%, the NAASCP for appearance sake couldn't stay on the side lines and turn their heads and whistle this time. I know they wanted to though. I don't expect the media to mention this, because it would good against the grain of exposing liberalism as a toxin to blacks in America. This is how I'm looking at it. Democrats control both the House and the Senate. Democrats control most of the Governorships. A black, liberal Democrat is the President. Democrats in no uncertain words run the country. I hear all the time from black liberal politicians that the Democrat liberal platform looks out for "the best interest of blacks". That is why you hear blacks liberals claim that black conservatives are "voting against their interests". If this is truly the case, "why are blacks suffering the most with Democrats in power"? Leave it to me to ask those hard hitting questions. I wonder will black liberal politicians ever say that high black unemployment is in the "best interest of blacks"? Of course black liberal apologists will come up with some half ass excuse to why black unemployment rate is so high under a black Democrat liberal president and a liberal Democrat congress. Excuses do get old after awhile though. Even the liberal kooks over at Air America or what's left of it notice the problem of the black unemployment rate. In 2007, the unemployment rate among blacks stood at 8.3%. The private sector isn't friends with liberal Democrats, even though it's the private sector that creates jobs. That message should be relayed to the racial and union organizations such as the NAALCP, The Council of La Raza and the AFL-CIO. These groups met Tuesday to send a message to Obama about the lack of job creation. Only a fool would think that an uber liberal would ever embrace free market solutions to stimulate the private sector in order to create jobs. The people in these groups and the people that represent these groups voted for Barack Obama and the Democrat establishment currently in congress. They got what they voted for. Of course what I'm saying will never click with them. It'll go in one ear and out the other. Next week Obama is going to address the nation about his strategy for Afghanistan. His first national address was about promoting the passing of the Pelosi's Socialist health care bill. Obama has yet to address the nation about the economy. The economy isn't a priority to Barack, it never was a priority and never will be. Remember the words of Raum Emmanuel "A crisis is a terrible thing to waste". Since these groups are lock and step loyal to Obama and the Democrat establishment, Obama knows he really doesn't have to do anything to address their "concerns". He knows in the end that the NAALCP, LaRaza or any union group wouldn't dare betray the Democrat party. Maybe Obama and company can give blacks some of those imaginary shovel ready and green jobs. Then Obama can count those jobs as "created OR saved". Ah, This Obama drone brings back the memories.

I wonder if Obama is helping her pay her mortgage now? More then 90% of blacks did help Obama last year. I guess they are still waiting for their reward this year and going forward. To bad bumper sticker slogans like "hope & change" can't pay their bills though. With the black unemployment rate at 15% and climbing, the "yes we can" tag line doesn't seem to transfer to the job hunt.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When did Angelina Jolie become an anti socialist conservative?

First Sarah Palin went rogue now Angelina Jolie has done the same. Can any of you image a mainstream Hollywood actress not liking Barack Obama and openingly calling him a socialist?! It sounds weird just saying it. When I read this story, I had to reread it just to make sure I was reading the story correctly. Apparently A-List celebrity Angelina Jolie doesn't like Barack Obama according to Us Weekly. It's being said that Jolie doesn't just dislike Obama, she "hates" Obama! Who would have ever thought that a Hollywood elite would have a stronger negative emotion towards Obama? According to a source "Jolie is into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts". CPAC should try and book her as on of their speakers for next year. lol "She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise". It could be that her dad is starting to rub off on her. Her father for those of you who don't know is Jon Voit. John is a very staunch and one of the few openly conservative actors in Hollywood. The timing of this story if odd. Just the other day, I watched Angelina's movie "Mr. & Mrs Smith" and now this story comes out. I won't be joining her fan club any time soon, but she'll be one of the very few actresses I will now shell out ten bucks to see one of her movies. I wonder what the backlash will be from Angelina's "friends" who won't take kindly to her open comments against the Socialist One?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

This is what really happened on Obama's trip to Beijing China.

Too funny, too true yet all so sad. The reckless spending by Obama is giving China a tighter and tighter strangle hold on our foreign policy. Who would have ever thought that the day would come, when a Communist nation controls the fate of our country. I don't know exactly what has gotten into SNL lately, but even they are starting to figure out what is going on. I wonder will the Associated Press or CNN use "fact checkers" on the latest skit by SNL? Here's one thing that doesn't need to be fact checked, The Chicoms have our country stuck between a rock and a hard place.

The Democrat's "doomsday" scenario in 2012.

Once in awhile, Saturday Night Live shows that they can still be funny. If the Democrat National Committee had to put out a doomsday Sarah Palin ad, this would be one of their top five.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Just a few words of thought on Obama's bad posture.

Obama should really consider getting a back brace or seeking medical care. He seems to be suffering from a chronic case of the 'bows". The bows seem to impact Obama whenever he's standing in front of a foreign leader for some reason.

Words of wisdom from Jesse Jack"ass"on on race and healthcare

Jesse Jackson is a race hustling, poverty pimp. I wouldn't dare disgrace the title of Reverend by attaching it to his name. Jesse Jackson has made some very stupid, moronic and purely ignorant comments throughout his race hustling career. Most of the time, I just ignored his babbling. His latest act of foolishness took the cake even for me. Wednesday night at a benefit function, Jesse Jackson attacked Congressman Arthur Davis of Alabama for voting against the Democrat's socialist healthcare bill. Congressman Davis is not only a fellow Democrat, but he is also black. Jesse took exception to Mr. Davis voting against the bill in the final house vote. These are the words Jackson said about Mr. Davis

"We even have blacks voting against the health care bill from Alabama,” “You can’t vote against health care and call yourself a black man.”

Ignorant and stupid are two words that just can't do Jesse Jackson credit. I need to find some much stronger words in describing how much of a hard wired idiot he truly is. So Arthur Davis is a "traitor to his race" for not voting for the government run health care bill? I've read the official being black handbook, and it doesn't mention anything about a rule mandating that black congressman have to vote in favor of a health care bill in order to maintain his "blackness". Jackson's remark towards Arthur Davis is a perfect example of race hustling politics. Race has nothing to do with any health care bill pro or con. I would like to ask Jesse was he representing black men when he committed the acts of knocking up his secretary, cheating on his wife,fleecing corporations and lying to his congregation? Jackson's stupid statement is the reason why liberals expect all ethnic groups to comply with their way of thinking. In Jackson's narrow minded view, any black person who supports a free market health care system is a "racial traitor". Using race against blacks as a tool in trying to control them is pathetically lame. Jackson went on to say "The poorest people need health care protection,". "They have the highest infant mortality and the lowest life expectancy. They're dying from lack of access." Maybe Jackson should be labeled with the movie title of Al Gore's comedy, "An Inconvenient Truth". As I said before,Jesse lied to his congregation and his wife about his love child and affair, so Jesse Jackson has earned the right to be called a certifiable liar. I never heard of anybody dying in America due to not being able to access medical care. Illegal Aliens have no problem accessing medical care. I'm sure Jesse meant to bring that up, yeah right. The health care bill that Jesse feels that blacks had to vote for in order to "validate their blackness" doesn't cover all Americans. Both Jackson and Obama are out of touch with blacks in America as well as Americans period. The number one issue facing Americans across the board is "JOBS". As the great Democrat party hack James Carville said "IT'S THE ECONOMY STUPID"! Instead of "who's the daddy Jackson" jumping on Arthur Davis's case, Jackson should be addressing Obama about the lack of jobs growth under his watch. I can't believe that Jackson actually brought up the issue of "infant mortality". I guess he's either very naive or extremely stupid in not knowing that it is his Democrat ideologue friends that have pushed for the killing of more black babies through abortion then what the health care system couldn't even begin to to emulate. If Jackson is so concerned about "infant morality and the lowest life expectancy" of those children, why don't he stand up to the abortionist power structure that controls his political party? Of course, that isn't going to happen. Jackson can't call himself a Reverend and not call himself a huge hypocrite for saying he cares about infant mortality and the life expectancy of infants. He can call himself a hypocrite though. He does live up to that title very well.

Barack Obama would never use the military for a "photo op" right?

Even Obama couldn't be that shallow. Even if he was that shallow, he would never be stupid enough to openly admit it.

My mistake, he is that shallow and stupid.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

So Sarah Palin is "whining" according to the media for setting the record straight about the lies told about her.

People within the McCain campaign leaked insults and lies about Sarah Palin, and the media was more then happy to run with the "anonymous" quotes and statements from their "sources". Fourteen pages out of the Four Hundred and Fifty pages in Sarah's book were written in response to what was said about her and her family by the McCain staffers and by the media. Maybe people like Thomas Frank of the Wallstreet Journal should be brought up to speed on that little fact. Let me put this in percentage terms, so people can understand just how hate filled the media is over Sarah Palin. The 14 pages that addressed what was said about Sarah Palin from the McCain camp and the media represented a grand total of about 2% of the book. The media is now trying to label Sarah Palin as a "whiner", because she used two percent of her book to respond to the lies and smears that was told about her. According to the media's interruption of logic, Sarah Palin was suppose to let people say what ever they wanted to say about her and she shouldn't be allowed to respond to any of it. When Palin responded to David Letterman's "joke" about A-Rod having sex with her daughter Piper in the bleachers of Yankee Stadium, she was called a "whiner" by the left and pundits in the media. Of course if Rush Limbaugh would have made a "joke" about A-Rod having sex with Michelle Obama or her two daughters in Yankee Stadium, it wouldn't be a "joking matter" to them. How can anyone not see the media for what it is? It's odd yet funny listening to twits in the media claiming that Sarah Palin is "ungrateful" to the McCain camp because of "everything they did for her", yet she is engaging in "score settling". If Steve Schmidt and his fellow band of self preserving rats putting daggers into the back of Sarah Palin is considered friendship, I shiver to think what acts they commit to those they consider their enemies. When a liberal responds to something a conservative says, it is considered "setting the record straight". When a conservative responds, it is called "being a crybaby or whining". This is where the smartest people in the room fall to live up to their self given reputations. In order for a person to "settle a score", that person must first be wronged in order to want and settle the score in the first place right? So the media is attacking Palin, because she refused to be a liberal's punching bag. Liberals can dish it out, but they sure can't take their own medicine. I would pay money to debate these fools. I have to wonder who exactly are the true whiners. Every time Sarah Paln opens her mouth, the self righteous hypocrites of journalistic integrity are the first ones trying to find any angle in which to bring her down. The Associated Press assigned 11 people to "fact check" Sarah's Book. I wonder did those "fact checkers" also work for CNN? The number of fact checkers that checked Al Gore's book was ZERO!! The number of people that fact checked Ted Kennedy's book was ZERO!! I also don't remember the AP ever fact checking books written by other conservative authors. The media elitists in all their brilliant ignorance just don't' get it. In Sarah's first book signing in Grand Rapids, fifteen hundred people came out to the Barnes & Noble to meet her. It was reported that at 5am in freezing cold about five hundred people were already in line.

The forty eight percent of Americans that voted for Palin for Vice President won't change their minds because of the stories and comments angry partisan liberal journalists have to say about her. Why can't we have Baghdad Bob as a member of the media? At least he was entertaining.

Oh by the way, Palin's appearance on Oprah was Oprah's highest rated show in two years. That means that Palin's appearance on Oprah eclipsed the appearance of Barack Obama on Oprah's show back on January 19th of this year.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today Sarah Palin answered a question that most of the potential 2012 GOP candidates will try to sidestep at all cost.

Sarah Palin was a guest on the Rush Limbaugh show today. All in all, I have to say it was a good interview. Her interview with Limbaugh wasn't a typical tabloid type interview like Sarah had with Oprah and Barbara Walters. Sarah had a chance to tell Rush's audience where she stands on certain poltical issues. There was one question Rush asked that many within the Republican Party today and most of the top tier 2008 GOP candidates avoided answering like the plague. Rush asked Sarah as his last question of the interview how she felt about illegal immigration. Most Republican candidates try desperately to side step that question. Sarah on the other hand tackled it straight on. She said that the word illegal had meaning for a reason. Her answer was very very important. Last year during the Republican primaries, the top three Republican candidates within the top tier didn't come out and address their position on illegal immigration. MItt Romney, Mike Huckabee and John McCain gave very vague answers. Fred Thompson was the only top tier candidate that come out in support of a strong border policy. Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo were two other candidates that shared the position on a strong border policy, but they never made it out of the second tier level of candidates. People seem to forget that John McCain openly supported and worked hand and hand with George Bush back in 2005 to push for an amnesty bill. It was McCain, Lindsey Graham and George Bush who called grass root conservatives "nativists" for merely wanting them to secure the border. I've said on many occasions that a lot of conservatives stayed home on election day, because they still remembered John McCain pushing for the amnesty bill. It was the act of McCain, Graham, Bush and others that helped Democrats to win control of congress just one year later. Sarah Palin answered directly and without double talk the most taboo question that a Republican In Name Only would run for the hills if asked. Palin's interview with Rush is going to go a long way in solidifying her support among grass root conservatives, it may even sway independent voters her way. Since Sarah was John McCain's running mate last year, her positions pretty much had to mirror McCain's. As people hear Sarah Palin in her own words talk about how she feels about certain issues and what her solutions are to those issues, the anti Palin media won't be able to use their typical bag of attack, discredit and smear tactics as they are using now.

Part 1

Part 2

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sarah Palin is set to "Go Rogue" nationally. Part 2

The media's reporting of Sarah Palin reminds me of how the three wicked stepsisters treated Cinderalla. Liberals in the media went after Sarah Palin from day one. I still can't recall a positive story they've written about her yet. Then again, I can't recall a negative story written by the media on Barack Obama. Just put two plus two together on why that is. The media elites believe they are the smartest people in the room. They fester in the big urban cities putting out their propaganda thinking that with every newscast and newspaper run, they are manipulating public opinion to favor their way of thinking. Newsweek is no fan of Sarah Palin. Newsweek is a liberal rag publication mascaraing as a news magazine. Newsweek announced that they are over dozens of workers due to the "economic climate" in publishing. Of course the grand neophytes will never come to grips with the real reason for why people aren't reading their garbage they pass off as the news. The masses simply no longer accept the propaganda passed off by Newsweek and similar publications as legitimate news. Last year, Newsweek's first cover story on Sarah Palin was entitled "She's one of the folks". The sub headline read "And that's the problem". The "problem" as Newsweek put it really was with them and not the blue collar folks in America that don't read their magazine. Liberals adore other elitist liberals who they feel are the pinnacle of intellectual sophistication. That is why liberals are fierce defenders and advocates of Barack Obama. Obama's is a big city Chicago political liberal elitist that has attended Ivy League schools such as Harvard and Princeton. Sarah Palin to the editors of Newsweek, Newsday, Time Magazine, The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times is simply a backwards, unsophisticated, gun hunting, bible thumping, pro life hick that comes from a remote conservative Red State in the wastelnad of Alaska. With the way the elitist think, Sarah Palin shouldn't have never even been on the national stage last year. She's a "hockey mom". It's like god forbid a "normal" traditional values woman dare think she should challenge the liberal power establishment elites in Washington. The stress among liberals in the media might be finally starting to make them crack in frustration. I came across this story on Hotair the other day. The latest cover of Sarah Palin by Newsweek that will come out on the 23rd might as well have been a confession of their hatred for her. Newsweek's latest cover smear actually piggybacks on their original headline of her being being "one of the folks". What problem is Sarah Palin causing? The only problem I see Palin causing is to Obama's agenda. The "problem" is that Sarah Palin is once again connecting with the "folks". That is what Newsweek and the rest of the media can't stand. This was an exchange between Bill O'Reily and Bernie Goldberg on the vicious comments a lies that the editors of Newsweek leveed at Palin.

Those common folks are paying more attention to her and trust her more then the elitist liberals in the media. Is Sarah Palin bad news to the GOP according to Newsweek? The answer is yes and no. The GOP is actually it's own worst enemy right now. As I stated in part 1, Sarah Palin was the one drawing the rock star crowds and energizing the Republican base not the incoherent and wishy washy John McCain. I wonder how many people who work for Newsweek are registered Republicans? It's so manipulative how liberal rags that are run by card carrying liberal democrats put out their spew on how the GOP needs to moderate in order to win elections. These intellectual trolls know full well that they can care less about the GOP. They put out their stories as merely a way to fool the gullible moderate leadership within the GOP to actually do what they say so conservatives won't come out to vote thus insuring liberal Democrats win. Part of the Newsweek sub headline, "She's bad news for everybody else" might has well have been printed in neon colors by Newsweek. Why don't they tell us how they really feel about the woman? So I guess Americans should heed the advice of the wizards of smart at Newsweek and stay clear of Sarah Palin, because she is "bad news" to the masses. Palin's book won't be released until Tuesday, and the Obama approved network anchors are already trying to trash the book and discredit Palin. If I was Sarah Palin, I wouldn't hold out waiting for any Christmas Party invites from the liberal propagandist Andrea Mitchell of NBC News and MSNBC. The coverage in her segment tonight on the NBC Nightly News was as to be expected. It was all one sided giving absolute favor to the anti Palin faction that was within the McCain campaign. I guess Andrea's piece was her attempt at "balanced journalism" without the otherside to actually provide "balance". In the end it doesn't even matter. Most Americans feel that the media has a bias against Sarah Palin anyways. So all the media is doing with every hit piece on Palin is just reinforcing why people no longer trust the media. In a poll conducted by Gallup on July 7th of this year three days after Sarah announced she was resigning as Governor of Alaska, the poll showed that 53% claimed that the news media's coverage of Palin was "unfairly negative," and only 9% said it was "unfairly positive". I would love to check the IQ's of the 9% who took part in that poll. If mainstream America gave a rat's rear end about rags like Newsweek, they wouldn't be laying off people and facing bankruptcy right now. Liberal publications were laying off people long before the economy went south. So once again, they aren't fooling anyone except themselves and the few elites that read it's "publication". As Sarah attends her book signings, look for the media to attack "the folks" that come out to greet her. Palin has already been dubbed by the media half wits as the "leader of the birthers". One last note, Bill O'Reily figured it out. Liberals don't merely disagree with what she stand for. They HATE HER EXISTENCE PERIOD!! Why don't Newsweek put that in print?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Sarah Palin is set to "Go Rogue" nationally. Part 1

"It takes a rock star to beat a rock star".

It's been over a year and two months since Sarah Palin come onto the national scene. Watching the media, Republicans In Name Only and fanatic Obama cult worshipers trying to systemically destroy Sarah Palin is like watching a Road Runner Cartoon with Wilie E Coyote using every ACME product in order to desperately try and catch the Road Runner. Sarah Palin is the the true life Road Runner, and her kooky left wing enemies are Wilie E Coyote always going off the cliff trying to catch her.

It isn't a secret that liberals and their media allies loath Sarah Palin with every fiber in their being. They won't just come clean and admit the obvious. Their denial actually has become a sad joke to the rest of us. Rush Limbaugh said that the left and liberals in the media will tell the nation who they fear the most as a 2012 Republican candidate. Limbaugh was right beyond words. When Sarah Palin was picked and introduced by John McCain last year, I couldn't understand why liberals were viciously attacking Sarah Palin by almost 10 to 1 over John McCain who was at the top of the actually ticket. Vice Presidential candidates are usually ignored in presidential campaigns. As the weeks went on during the campaign, it become obvious why the left zeroed in on Sarah Palin with a vicious angst to try and smear and discredit her. Sarah Palin became the opposing rockstar to Obama almost from day one. Her popularity as the number two on McCain's ticket rivaled Obama as the number one on his ticket. Sarah Palin's acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention was the second most watched acceptance speech just four million viewers behind Barack Obama's as the number one most watched.

Sarah Palin's debate against Joe Biden was the second most watched debate in televised debate history and the most watched VP debate ever. The 1980 debate with Ronald Reagan vs Jimmy Carter was the most watched. Sarah's one debate was more watched then all three of Obama's debates with McCain. Her book became a number one national best seller just forty eight hours after it was announced that Sarah finished writing it and it was going on sale. Palin's book became number one before the cover art for the book was even finished. That is unheard of. If Sarah announced that she wasn't running for president in 2012. The high octane intense hatred for Sarah Palin would actually start to decline by the left. Sarah Palin isn't the only pro life tradition conservative female in America, so the singling out of her by the left and the media speaks volumes. Even Ann Coulter isn't hated by the left as much as Sarah Palin is. With a nation that now identifies itself as being more conservative then liberal by a 2 to 1 margin, Sarah Palin has become a symbol against what is happening in Washington. These are the statistics Palin's haters don't want to acknowledge. 48% of the electorate voted for Sarah Palin via John McCain last year. It has been reported that 20% of the Republican base stayed home on election day, because they weren't going to pull the lever for the RINO McCain regardless. Red states don't turn blue and vice versus without a reason. Sarah Palin does have the ability to turn the traditional red states that went for Bush twice but went for Obama last year back to red. That is what scare Democrat liberals. The GOP moderate establishment is another story entirely. They fear Sarah Palin, because she represents a dismantling of their push to shape the GOP in a moderate John McCain, Collin Powell, Christy Todd Whitman style party. The huge arena crowds came out to hear conservative Sarah Palin not moderate John McCain. Moderate candidates can't energize their bases, because moderates don't have a base to begin with. Liberals knew that as well. Sarah Palin is the rock star threat that has become a symbol representing the "anti Obama" contrast in a very short period of time. If I was an Obama loyalist, I would be threatened by the existence of Palin too for good reason. It's only natural.

Time to Be Heard: Glenn Beck's black conservative summit Part 2

The title of Glenn's special was "Time to Be Heard". This is my question. Why aren't black conservatives and other ethnic conservatives not being heard? I use to listen to Matt Drudge's old radio show on Sunday Nights. Drudge had a great show and I never missed a show. I loved his sarcastic wit in how he goofed on liberals in politics, the media and entertainment. His style was a lot like my own. Anyways, Matt gave up his show in order to focus more time on The Drudge Report and other activities. A radio host from Cincinnati by the name of Bill Cunningham took over for Matt. You all might know Bill for the flack he caught for using Obama's middle name of Hussein before it is now "cool" to use it. This is what steams me a bit about Bill Cunningham and other radio talk show hosts like Sean Hannity. Every time there is a "racial issue" making news, you can place a bet that "the only two black Conservatives in America" that will be invited on their shows are "Jesse Lee Peterson" and at times Roy Inus. I really didn't put two plus two together on this issue until the poster child for abstract ignorance and bad taste Leo Terrell brought it up while debating Jesse Lee Peterson on Sean Hannity's radio show last year. I have no problem with Jesse Lee Peterson personally. I was a regular caller on his old radio show. I also have his book SCAM: How the black leadership exploits Black America. This is my observation. In order for black and other ethnic conservatives to have a voice and actually "be heard" as Glenn put it, black and other ethnic conservatives must have a platform by the new media beyond only asking a select few about racial issues. Using Jesse Lee Peterson or Roy Inus very time there is a "black issue" is actually damaging to the prominence of black conservatism. When Rush Limbaugh goes on vacation or has to take days off, one of his guest hosts on occasion is Economist Walter E. William from George Mason University. I love it when Walter is a guest host. Walter is a black libertarian and has one of the sharpest and keen minds when it comes to Business and Economics. It's refreshing listening to black conservatives and libertarians discuss issues other then race all the time when on a television or radio talk show. I'm a regular caller on WCBM 680 here in Baltimore. I've gotten a lot of emails over the years by listeners who are impressed with my well thought out positions on issues through the eyes of conservatism. People who watch my YouTube videos, read the blog or hear me on the radio know that I am not a "type casted race issue only conservative". Glenn's show "Time to Be Heard was predominately about "race" as it pertains to black conservatives. Conservatism among ethnic conservatives in America will not grow unless it is displayed on" multiple topics" not just every time an issue of race surfaces. I would like to hear conservatives of different races on the issues of limited government, taxation, foreign policy, domestic issues, the economy and border security. Conservatives tell me that "I'm so brave for speaking out" on different issues since I'm a black conservative. This is what I usually tell them in response. The "oddballs" are normally the brave ones. Once there is strength in numbers among the oddballs that are openly heard, then the oddballls become the "mainstream".

Time to Be Heard: Glenn Beck's black conservative summit Part 1

Since I haven't written any "black" stories in awhile, I decided to make this one my quota for the month. A received an email several weeks ago about possibly being a participant on the Glen Beck show on the topic of Black Conservatism in America. I had a previous engagement for the day that show was to be taped and I couldn't change it. Even if I was free to have attended, I'm not really sure I would have went. I'll tell you all why at a later time. Glenn Beck's show was called "Time to Be Heard". His audience and panel were made up of black conservatives and some pseudo conservatives. It was a very interesting segment, I believe you all will find it worth the view.

In the first segment, Glenn Beck and Fox Business reporter and commentator Charles Payne toured the neighborhood where Charles grew up. The segment was enlightening about what Charles had to endore simply for doing the right thing. This is what bugged my about Charles and some of the black so called conservatives though. They admitted voting for Barack Obama. Now that I think about it, it was a good thing I wasn't in attendance. People know that a sniff out a hypocrites a mile away. Black so called conservatives who pulled the lever for Barack Obama and are now criticizing him lack a lot of credibility to even call themselves conservatives. I don't believe I've ever ripped on black conservatives since I created this blog over five years ago. I need to correct myself, I did rip on Michael Steele frequently and still do. As an American of African descent, it never dawned on me for one nanosecond to even consider voting for Barack Obama, and here's why that is. Barack Obama came onto the national scene at the Democrat National Convention in 2004. The only thing that separated Obama from other hard left liberals was the color of his skin. As the election drew near, more and more details on the upbringing and radical associations of Obama came to light. These black conservatives as well as I knew this. They can't say that they went into the voting booth not knowing who Barack Obama truly was and what his intentions as president was going to be if he won. So when these same black conservatives criticize Obama, I have to give a sarcastic stare. I knew how Obama was going to govern, because I knew about his background and ideological views. I wasn't going to be two faced by voting for Barack Obama and then criticise him on how he's governing. I didn't check my conservatism outside of the voting booth on November 4th. I got asked a question a few weeks after the election here in Baltimore. I was asked by a black male who knows I'm a conservative whether I voted for Obama or McCain. I told him I voted for McCain. He asked me "where was my pride"? Being the sarcastic analytical wise ass that I'm, I turned the question around on him. I asked him who did he vote for in the U.S Senate race between Michael Steele and Ben Cardin. He told me Ben Cardin. So I asked him "where was his pride in not voting for a black man to become the first U.S Senator from our state of Maryland"? I didn't care so much about the pride issue, I just turned it on him to show how much of a hypocrite he was. I voted for Michael Steele, because his politics were way more in line with mines then Cardin. In other words, I voted for the "man" not his "skin". If Obama destroys our country by signing in some of the most radical legislation to be taken up in congress in decades if not ever, I can look myself in the mirror as a paleo-conservative and say that "I didn't check my principals at the door and voted for him to make it happen".

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lou Dobbs calls it quits at CNN effective immediately!

It appears that Lou Dobbs has had enough of working for a network that is anything but "the most trusted name in news". CNN is a third rate cable "news" network. Lou Dobbs abruptly resigning is big news. Actually it's almost on the same level as if Fox News lost one of it's top teir talents such as Bill O'Reily or Sean Hannity. I believe Dobbs would be a perfect fit on the Fox Business Network. This comment by Dobbs will have many people speculating for weeks to come.

Lou Dobbs "Some leaders in the media, politics and business have been urging me to go beyond my role here at CNN and engage in constructive problem-solving."

Could Dobbs be considering a run for political office? For him to want out of his contract two years early and with no apparent reason why, speculation is going to be running wild. I wish Lou well in whatever he decides to do going forward. At least he no longer has to associate himself with a third rate, last place, far left organization that pretends it's a cable news outlet and the "most trusted name in news".

Here's a funny thing about those indepedent voters that the GOP supposedly can't attract.

It looks like the GOP has discovered how to attract independent voters back into the fold. I'm going to do another one of my infamous poll breakdowns. The latest Gallup Poll shows that Republicans have moved ahead of Democrats 48% to 46% in the generic ballot going into next year's midterm elections. Don't look for the latest Gallup poll to headline on the network nightly news and cable news outlets. Fox News might be the lone exception. The headline of the latest Gallup Poll is "Republicans Edge Ahead of Democrats in 2010 Vote". Democrats have been saying that the 2006 and 2008 elections were a blunt rejection by Americans on how the country was being run by Republicans. Their talking point catch phrase was in reference of "the last eight years" of Bush and Republican messing things up. So now the question is how come Republicans are ahead of Democrats going into 2010 just one year removed from Bush? According to liberal logic, Bush should have at least been an eight year plague on the GOP. I said back in 2005 that conservatives were leaving the GOP in large numbers due to the party stabbing it's base in the back on many issues dear to conservatives like immigration and wreck less spending. That was the main reason why they lost control of congress in the first place in 2006. Of course, Democrat liberals tried to spin it by saying that the GOP was losing voters due to the party "going further to the right". Conservatives knew that wasn't the story at all. That excuse was the start of Democrat strategists attempting to play the Republican National Committee for a bunch of chumps and sad to say it worked. This paragraph shows why you should never believe a word that comes out of a lying liberal's mouth"

Gallup "As was the case in last Tuesday's gubernatorial elections, independents are helping the Republicans' cause. In the latest poll, independent registered voters favor the Republican candidate by 52% to 30%. Both parties maintain similar loyalty from their bases, with 91% of Democratic registered voters preferring the Democratic candidate and 93% of Republican voters preferring the Republican." It was independent voters that gave the victory to Chris Christy in New Jersey and Bob McDonnell in Virginia.

Independent voters favor the Republican candidate by a margin of 52% to 30%! That is a 22% lead among independents in favor of Republicans. Here's another point of interest in the Gallup poll.

Gallup "Over the course of the year, independents' preference for the Republican candidate in their districts has grown, from a 1-point advantage in July to the current 22-point gap."

July was the month when the Tea Parties started across the country. The left thought that the tea parties weren't going to accomplish anything. It looks like they were wrong. It was the Tea Party activists that assembled in July that showed up at the Town hall meetings in August while building more momentum along the way. Many of the conservative voters that left the GOP and didn't vote for McCain last year are independent conservative voters. The same reason why they left the GOP is the same reason they would never have voted for John McCain. Liberals can't explain it try as they might.

If the GOP is losing independent voters because of it's imaginary move to the hard right according to the left, why does the GOP have a 22 point lead among those same independents that they supposedly alienated? I said back in February that by the GOP being the "party of no" it would be the best remedy in helping to rebuild it's credibility among conservatives that left the party and became independents. Once again, I was proven right and liberals were once again made to look clueless. This poll validates everything that those "crazy far right wing radio talk show hosts" have been saying from the beginning.
When the GOP does the right thing, the base will be there for them.

A Veterans Day message to those who served.

To the heroes of our country that are more then worthy of our admiration and respect. It takes a special person to donn the uniform of the military and be ready to put one's self in harms way at a moments notice. These men and women serve our country not looking for fame or fortune, they do it for love of country. To the members who are currently serving and who have served in our Armed Forces.


Monday, November 09, 2009

Barack Obama didn't want to be overshadowed by the legend in Berlin.

Leaders from around the world are in Berlin to celebrate the fall of the Berlin Wall which lead to the reunification between East and West Germany. One would think that the 20th anniversary would be an historic event worthy of the leader of the United States to attend. Barack Obama thought differently. It seems that the thoughts of a government run health care bill is more important to him then celebrating one of the greatest moments of freedom witnessed by the world. It goes deeper then that actually. In Obama's mind, everything has to revolve around him. Obama doesn't like to share the spotlight with anyone. Obama didn't want to go and celebrate on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall simply, because the legacy of former President Ronald Reagan would overshadow Obama's presence. When people think of the falling of the Berlin Wall, they naturally think of Ronald Reagan. The falling of the Berlin Wall was one of President Reagan's greatest legacies. Barack Obama doesn't have a legacy. Schools have been renamed after Obama, children have been brainwashed to sing his praises, Obama was even awarded a Noble Peace Prize, but Obama knows deep down that he hasn't done nothing of merit to warrant any of his praise other then the fact that he is the first black person to be elected President of the United States. Let me put it another way. Ronald Reagan was praised based on his historic actions such as playing a major role in the collapse of the Berlin Wall and ending the Cold War with Russia. Obama is being praised based on the color of his skin. There is no comparison between the two. I know some people on the left are going to go rabbit once they read this. Great presidents are known for their deeds. Once again, it is what it is. Obama didn't want to go to Germany and be reminded that he isn't as great or historic as his supporters have made him out to be. Speaking of historic, here's the words from a man who became a legend on the world stage based on his actual deeds.

It's amazing what words can accomplish when they come from a strong leader.

If President Ronald Reagan was alive today to hear Barack Obama speak, I can imagine what he would tell him.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pelosi's Socialist Health care bill passed the House.

The trojan horse beast passes the House. Once again, so much for the bill being posted online so Americans could read the bill before it was voted on. The slogan "thiefs in the night" is extremely appropriate in describing Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat hordes that voted alongside her. The final vote was 220 in favor and 215 against. One self serving Republican voted in favor of the monster bill. Republican Joseph Cao from Louisiana was the sole Republican to cross the aisle and support this horrendous bill. Cao more then likely voted in favor of the bill, because his district is hugely Democrat and was the district that was formerly represented by William Jefferson. It doesn't matter the reason, Joseph Cao needs to be added to the 2010 midterm hit list. 39 Democrats joined the 176 Republicans in opposing this dangerous bill. Nancy Pelosi "likened the legislation to the passage of Social Security in 1935 and Medicare 30 years later". Here's a funny fact about the liberals most celebrated and worshiped social dependency programs. Those programs are all BROKE and have yet to work! Their programs are adding hundreds of billions of dollars to the national debt and hurting America, yet these mental clowns actually believe that these programs are "good for America". I truly despise Nancy Pelosi. If the 48% of Americans that didn't vote for Obama wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of this terrible bill, I would say let the 52% suffer from their own ignorance. Unfortunately, that isn't going to be the case. If this bill isn't stopped in the Senate, people who exercise common sense are going to have to suffer right along side the clueless slap happy liberal drones. Anybody with a brain knows that the public option is nothing more then a poison pill to kill off private insurers thus leaving the government as the sole provider once the dust settles. In the House bill that nobody read
"it would require most Americans to carry insurance and provide federal subsidies to those who otherwise could not afford it". In other words, the government will take away a person's freedom of choice and demand they obey what they say or else. Here's another scary provision of the bill the nobody read before it was voted on, "Both consumers and companies would be slapped with penalties if they defied the government's mandates". This is how the government is going to snuff out private insurers and become the only game in town.

"Insurance industry practices such as denying coverage on the basis of pre-existing medical conditions would be banned, and insurers would no longer be able to charge higher premiums on the basis of gender or medical history. In a further slap, the industry would lose its exemption from federal antitrust restrictions on price gouging, bid rigging and market allocation."

The government can lose all the money it wants covering pre-existing medical conditions and not raising premiums to offset the costs, because they can just print money. Private insurers don't have that "option". Can we say "unfair competition"? The claim about the government providing "choice and competition" is a bold faced lie. If the New York Yankees went to compete against a high school baseball team, how can the high school team compete against the Yankees? This bill if signed by Obama will cripple private insurers. That is what liberals wanted all along. No one read the bill. Liberals want to take over one-sixth of the American economy, drive the country deeper into debt, take more personal freedoms away from citizens just so they can emulate the Canadian Health Care system? This is what they admire?!

If Doctors can't charge for their services, what is the incentive for them to practice medicine? If Doctors drop out of practicing medicine, would that not create shortages among doctors using the simple principal of supply and demand?

Liberals are harmful to the health of Americans. I do agree with Barack Obama in something he said today.

Obama said "Democrats have a 70-year history of creating and defending programs like Social Security and Medicare". Obama also said that today's vote "is going to define the difference between the Republican and Democratic parties for decades."

He couldn't be more right but not in the way he thinks the American people will define the two parties after this vote and if he signs the bill into law. The vast majority of the polls show that Americans do not support this bill or socialized medicine period. Democrats do defend social dependency programs that keep people in need, grows the size of government and adds more debt onto backs of future generation. Is that something for liberals to really be proud of?

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Nancy Pelosi won't allow for the 2,000+ page Socialist Healthcare bill to be posted on line before it is voted on.

Big surprise right? I remember just like it was yesterday, when Nancy Pelosi talked about leading the most honest, the most "open" and most ethical congress in American history.

Pelosi promised to allow for a 72-hour waiting period between posting health care legislation online and a final vote on the bill. FYI, the final vote in the house is scheduled for tonight, and it isn't online. Pelosi is like most if not all political elites, they feel they don't have to live up to the words they promise others. The only people they feel they are accountable to are themselves.

Is it really outrageous to compare Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler or a Nazi?

When the words Nazi and Hitler have been used by some on the right to describe Obama's policies, the left has gone insane with their fake outrage and disgust. I know many liberals suffer from brain damage either chemically induced or by being dropped on their heads when they were very young. Be that as it may, I can't believe that their short term memories have eroded so fast in such a short period of time. Have liberals really forgotten the words they've called the former resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue George W Bush?

Nah, it must have just been my imagination right?

This guy shouldn't bother trying out for America Got Talent, but he did prove that liberals are crying crocodile tears and are enormous hypocrites when they say it is mean spirited to refer to Obama as Hitler or a Nazi.

Friday, November 06, 2009

And the peaceful Muslim yelled "Allāhu Akbar" and the rest is history.

I got into a discussion yesterday on the issue of gay marriage. A half wit at best brought up scripture from the old testament that promoted violence. Another person chimed in and brought up the name of Timothy McVeigh. I guess he attempting to present McVeigh as a "radical Christian". The point the two individuals were trying to make was that Christians can be just as extreme as Muslims. There was a huge flaw in their logic. Timothy McVeigh wasn't a Christian. Furthermore, Timothy McVeigh bombed the Oklahoma Federal Building in response to the Federal government's raid on the Branch Davidian Compound. McVeigh was a far right anti government kook and not a Christian that went off the deep end. Liberals cling to Timothy McVeigh as a figure to serve in their twisted minds that somehow radical Christians exist in today's society. We all know by now what happened at Fort Hood. Barack Obama called this act a "tragedy". Obama is wrong. The act that was committed against the soldiers and civilians at Fort Hood yesterday was an act of Jihad by a Muslim Extremist. Nidal Malik Hasan killed 17 people and wounded 34 in what is now the worst military base shooting on American soil in history.

I was very busy yesterday, but I was able to catch the story as it first came on Fox News. The first thing that popped into my mind was the the suspect was Muslim before I even heard his name. Of course, the politically correct crowd would immediately have said that I was "profiling". What they call profiling, I call it following a disturbing trend. The left can't dispute the facts. At best they can deflect and try and blur the issue. It isn't Christians, Jews, Hindus or Buddhists going around killing people and blowing buildings up in the name of their gods. Like I've always said, it is what it is. It has been reported that
Nidal Hasan was making anti American comments during the days leading up to his attack on his fellow soldiers and civilians. On the day of his attack, he was reported passing out Qurans.

Nidal Hasan isn't dead. He's in a comma. I say yank the plug on him, but death is probably what he wants anyway. It's probably better to deprive him of his 72 virgins anyways. I know there are Muslims who don't validate Nidal Hasan's actions, but Muslims really do need to step up and route out the extremists from within their ranks. It is estimated that the Muslim population on the planet is around one billion. If only one percent is of the "kill the infidel type". That is ten million nutty Muslims in the world that will kill in the name of their god. I said before that liberals can't dispute the violence, murder and destruction Muslim extremists have committed around the world. This is a video of Ann Coulter speaking at John Hopkins University back in 2003. Coulter laid out the case perfectly to how radical Islam can't be ignored. You'll notice that her haters couldn't attack what she said as being false, all they could do is deflect and attack her personally, just like I said liberals do when they can't counter facts.

American Flags are being flown at half mast to show respect to the victims of a deranged Jihadist. I wonder how long will the left continue to apologize for the actions of Muslim extremists. On a side note. The beltway sniper John Allen "Muhammad" will be put the death on November 10th in Virginia. Muhammad killed 10 people in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland. John Muhammad is a Muslim covert. He was born John Allen Williams. Some to this day don't understand why Lee Boyd Malvo and John Muhammad did what they did. Only the truly naive would dare to even ask such a question.

"Defense attorneys for sniper suspect Lee Boyd Malvo presented a judge yesterday with dozens of sketches that the teen-ager scribbled in his jail cell while awaiting trial for last fall's sniper attacks - crimes that Malvo depicted in his art as "jihad" in America".

Filled with rambling anti-American messages and hand-drawn images of Osama Bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and a mix of characters from The Matrix movie, the drawings offer an eerie glimpse of Malvo and the possible motivation behind the sniper siege that spread terror around the nation's capital".

Lee Boyd Malvo " I would take you out at your dinner table. ... You will not escape, America. Not now, not ever".

This is a one of the reasons why knowing who's the enemies within this country is way smarter and safer then being a naive pacifist hoping to get along with people who would kill you in a heart beat just because their religious book says to do so.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Liberal logic on display: Case study Nancy Pelosi

Only a true left wing kook believer could be mental enough to somehow believe that the election night wins for the GOP is somehow a win for liberals. They lost to the people of Maine on one of their core ideological beliefs, and they lost two Governorships in two states that the leader of the Democrat Party won by huge margins just one year prior. Leave it to La La Pelosi to try and make lemonade out of spam.

I can't believe this twit was actually born in Baltimore and is the daughter of former mayor Thomas D'Alesandro. Since Nancy resides in San Fransicko, I guess some of her friends may have slipped her some major "stuff" so she could escape the reality of knowing that Democrats got spanked Tuesday night. At least when Baghdad Bob was lying about how Iraqi forces were pushing back American forces, he was entertaining. Nancy isn't entertaining when she lies. She's just annoying. Obama stumped for Corzine 6 times in New Jersey. New Jersey is an ultra liberal state that elected a conservative Republican, yet Nancy Pelosi said that Democrats won? Barack Obama carried New Jersey by 15 points one year prior. Yeah, Democrats won alright. I heard the tinfoilers talking about how they believe "Sarah Palin" got beat, because she endorsed Dough Hoffman in the New York 23rd race. If Sarah Palin was beat by her endorsing Doug Hoffman on her face book page, then Barack Obama got the living snot kicked out of him for actually campaigning 6 times for Corzine in New Jersey and multiple times for Deeds in Virginia. Either Pelosi is just stupid or she's just stupid. Winning New York 23rd isn't a big win as she wants people to think. She lied when she said it was the first time that a Democrat will hold that seat since the civil war. Where is CNN with their fact check when you really need them? Democrat Michael R. McNulty represented NY-23 from 1989-1993. So contrary to Pelosi's delusion or lying, winning NY-23 wasn't historic. It was just a congressional win. Pelosi can now resume her position of nose to glass tray and inhaling.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Special Election recap Part 2: Gay Marriage goes down in flames in liberal Maine.

Maine is apart of the liberal northeast corridor of states. Maine is the home of U.S Senator and liberal Republican Olympia Snows. Something happened in Maine last night that can't be explained away by liberal news commentators or liberals in general. Yesterday in Maine,voters went to the polls to vote on a bill that would repeal a law that would have allowed gays to marry. Maine isn't a southern state. Evangelical Christians aren't a force in the state of Maine. Like I said before, Maine is a very liberal state. Gay Marriage in a liberal state like Maine should have been like the combination of peanut butter and jelly right? Things aren't what they always appear to be. The people of Maine in no uncertain words told their elected officials and the Governor that "Marriage is a union between one man and one woman". 53% of the residents voted in favor of supporting the state law to override the pending gay marriage bill and 47% voted against the bill. That is a 6% margin of victory. I love it how ABC News had to report it as a "narrow win" in their headline. This is a huge win for conservative values. The national polls show that more people identify themselves as conservative by a 2 to 1 margin over those who identify themselves as liberal. This is an interesting fact about liberal states that have laws allowing gay marriage. All of those states that have gay marriage laws were passed through the courts or by the legislators. None of them were passed, because they were on the ballots to allow the people to vote on. In the liberal state of California, Prop 8 was passed by the people which amended their constitution to define a marriage as being between a man and a woman. Liberal pundits are saying that because Chris Christie and Bob McDonnell didn't bring up social issues during their campaigns, it must mean that social conservatism is dead and that the GOP must get away from social issues if they want to win elections. The results from Maine says something completely different. Liberals are such idiots. The reason why Christy and McDonnell didn't make social issues the cornerstones of their campaign is obvious. The number one core issue that is on the minds of most Americans is economy. People have priorities in life, and job creation is their number one concern right now. So once again, liberals who claim to be the smartest people in the room come up looking stupid yet again. With the victory for traditional marriage in Maine, challenges by citizens supporting tradition marriage may not be so far off in other states that have passed laws legalizing it. The winner in Maine goes to Traditional Marriage under the umbrella of Social Conservatism.

Special Election recap Part 1: Hoffman vs Owens

The winners of the special elections last night in New York, New Jersey, Maine an Virginia weren't just the candidates, it was people who either voted for or ran on conservative principals. Some of you might be wondering why did I include New York and Maine, I'll tell you all later in other parts to my recap. Let me start with the New York 23rd congressional race. Doug Hoffman lost to Bill Owens by 4% points, but Hoffman will be remembered for much more in the long run. The pundits all said that Dough didn't have a snowball chance in hell of winning, but he ran anyways. Not only did Hoffman stand up to the powerful Republican establishments on both the local and national level, his candidacy became a symbol that shined a light into exposing the problems within the GOP. It was the act of Hoffman running on conservative principals that has now inspired grass roots conservatives across the country to challenge RINOs in elections next year. Doug Hoffman's campaign was the conservative shot that was heard around the nation. His campaign also helped to expose the truth about those who call themselves conservatives "Newt Gingrich" really aren't what they claim to be. So many teachable moments were learned from an underdog candidate that nobody heard of a month ago but quickly became a household name just by being himself and standing on principal. Dede Scozzafava should also be thanked. It was her "betrayal" that has actually brought to light the lack of party loyalty by liberal and moderate Republicans. The GOP went nuclear last year when Collin Powell endorsed Barack Obama. At one time John Kerry almost convinced John McCain to become a Democrat. Dede is a liberal and Bill Owens is a liberal. So a liberal endorsing a liberal wasn't a big shock to me. To others for some reason it was. Moderate and liberal Republicans like Scozzafava, Specter, Shay, Powell, Graham, Lott, Bloomberg, McCain, Snow, Collins, Hagel and others should serve as a very loud wake up call to the Republican party on both the local, state and national levels. Self serving politicians and politicians who political ideology are actually opposed to what the GOP is suppose to stand for eventually end up betraying the party to one extent or another. It was hypocritical of Collin Powell spewing on about what was wrong with the Republican Party months after he endorsed Barack Obama over his so called friend John McCain. Collin Powell has more in common with Dede Scozzafava then any grass roots conservative Republican. I'm now going to have to take conservatives to task moment. Conservatives were mad at Dede Scozzafava for her endorsing Bill Owens. I'm still confused to why conservatives were angry at Dede. I know Dede is a liberal, and I didn't have a problem with conservatives going after her by them endorsing Hoffman. I still can't figure out why conservatives thought she was going to be a "good party soldier" and endorse Hoffman after what happened to her in the first place. When Hillary Clinton was basically forced out by Obama supporters near the end of the primaries, conservatives said Hillary was stupid for endorsing Obama after how the media and Obama supporters treated her. So what made this situation with Dede any different? She had a right to be angry. I guess conservatives wanted Dede to be chump and go along with the people who screwed her just like Hillary did for Obama. I don't want people to misunderstand what I'm saying. I'm not coming down on conservatives for backing Hoffman. I liked Hoffman as wel. I'm saying that conservatives shouldn't be angry at Dede for what she did. If anyone who had a legitimate right to be extremely angry at Dede is the New York Republican Party and the Republican National Committee. These are the people who backed her from day one and spent over $900,000 on her behalf. That was an embarrassing and expensive teachable moment for the GOP. The winners in the 23rd race are conservatives. The overrall objective was the send a message to the Republican establishment over their selection of Dede in the first place, and that mission was accomplished.