Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bobby Jindal's learning experience.

Tuesday night I watched about fifteen minutes of Obama lying through his teeth. I couldn't watch his full speech to congress, because I probably would have become ill in disgust. I only tuned into to watch parts of little Barry's speech, because I didn't want to miss Governor Jindal's response. Eventually Obama finally finished. I felt almost blessed just knowing that he finally stopped talking. After that torture was over, the so called political experts preceeded to kiss Obama's rear end on his speech. The speech was really nothing to write home about. The only noticeable difference in the speech was how he tried to channel the optimism of Ronald Reagan in his delivery. I guess his handlers told little Barry that he was depressing the hell out of people with his doom and gloom rhetoric. After about five minutes of Obama butt kissing by the pundits, Governor Jindal made his way to the mic and delivered the Republican response.
Governor Jindal covered several topics during his speech. Some people said that he was too optimistic. Can a person be too optimistic? I thought he established a good tone. The few negatives I saw came in the delivery of the speech. Bobby Jindal is an extremely smart and educated person. He's very articulate and extremely analytical. In many ways be reminds me of a younger more dynamic Newt Gingrich. I have a strong feeling that the "powers that be" told Jindal to "dumb down" his response. He may have dumbed it down a little too much. Obama is the master of reading off teleprompters. I can't deny it or dispute that. The teleprompter is his friend and his element. When Obama is engaged in real time response to questions that aren't given too him ahead of time, he pauses a long while and stutters his way through questions. In many ways Obama sounds like Bush. Bobby Jindal is the opposite clearly. He's a real time reactionary thinker. Watch the video of Jindal on the Today show the day after his speech. You'll notice that it's like listening to two completely different people. Some so called conservatives are saying that he didn't have his best showing Tuesday night. In question to Jindal's delivery of his speech, that point could be debated. I believe people are completely overlooking the content of what he said. I don't believe Jindal's performance will damage him in the long run. Bill Clinton is heralded as being one of the best speech givers in modern political history, but he gave one of the worst campaign speeches in political history back in 92 when he was running for President. Most people know that I'm a top supporter of a Jindal run in 2012. I read from a teleprompter a long time ago. It was extremely odd and uncomfortable. It's very hard to display the proper emotions and facial expression while giving a canned speech. I can give a 30 minute speech easily in real time with nothing memorized or written down. Former President Ronald Reagan wasn't a great speech giver just for the sake of it. He was called the "great communicator, because he was able to articulate the message of conservatism to the average person. Jindal should just be himself going forward. When a person tries to "act" differently then their true nature, it rarely comes off in a good fashion. Jindal is the perfect contrast to Obama in every way. I don't expect the neoconservative crowd to embrace Jindal. Their ideal candidates are people like Governor Charlie Crist of Florida and Governor Paul Pawlenty of Minnesota. That's why I wasn't surprised that the neoconservative crowd pulled their knives out on Jindal. It won't work though. The inside the beltway crowd need to face reality. True conservatives will back candidates that share their views. As long as Jindal stays true to himself, he'll be just fine from here on out.

part 2

Now listen to how Jindal interacts in an interview on the Today show the following day.

Proof on why the stock market tanks when Obama opens his mouth.

This is the time line from the day after Obama was elected up until now. You'll notice that every time Obama made a speech on the economy, the stock market reacted negatively. Some thought it was just "wishful" thinking on my part and others. I wonder what the excuss is going to be now? It looks like every time Obama says anything remotely related to the economy, people lose money thanks to him.

* Nov. 5, 2008 (Wednesday after Election Day): -486 (5.0%)

* Jan. 9, 2009 (one day after Obama speaks at George Mason University on “need” for $800 billion stimulus package): -143 (1.6%)

* Jan. 20, 2009 (Inauguration Day): -332 (4.0%)

* Feb. 10, 2009 (one day after Obama declares that without a stimulus, “an economy that is already in crisis will be faced with a catastrophe”): -382 (4.6%)

* Feb. 17, 2009 (market opens for the first time after Congress passes $787 billion stimulus on Feb. 13; Obama signs bill into law, declaring, “The stimulus lets Americans claim destiny.”): -298 (3.8%)

* Feb. 19, 2009 (one day after Obama announces potential mortgage relief plan): -90 (1.2%)

* Feb. 25, 2009 (one day after Obama’s first speech to the full Congress): -80 (1.1%)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An extremely funny NewsBusted segment.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cry baby liberals want to destroy conservative talk radio in the name of "fairness".

Macho perfectly lays it out better then I can. Obama said he wasn't in favor of reinstating the fairness doctrine, but the devil is in the details. Obama can order the Chairman of the Federal Communications Committee to reinstate the doctrine at anytime. He knows they're would be a political price to pay if he was foolish enough to do it "on the front end". What Obama is going to do is let congress create a bill that does what the Fairness Doctrine did, but it's going to be called something completely different. For example, the bill could be called the "Equal Time Act" or something similar. I believe these deceptive trolls will try and pass a similar bill before next year's midterm election, because they don't want to chance risking a golden opportunity to silence free opposition speech.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

You're taxpayer money is going to fund Acorn so they can "squat" in forecloused homes.

Acorn is using the tactic of "squatter's rights" to prevent people that could never afford their home in the first place from losing them. No wonder Obama is screwing over legitimate homeowners in favor of helping those that bought way beyond their means. Under this trojan deception act, over five billion dollars is being allocated to "community organization" groups like ACORN. This is so ironic in a sad way. Acorn played a key role in creating the "environment" for the creation of the sub prime housing market . Because of their actions, I guess this is their reward in the tune of a huge financial winfall. Acorn was able to get unqualified people into homes they couldn't' afford, they are now trying to prevent those same people from losing them. When you watch this Acorn representative on Fox Business, just remember that Barack Obama and people like her share the same exact mindset.

After watching this moronic lady, is you're blood boiling yet?

Race pimps and dead chimps Part 3

Looks like the king pimp of the civil rights "industry" known as the NAACP is calling for the editor and cartoonist of the New York Post to be fired. The President of the NAACP Benjamin Jealous said

The Post's decision to publish the cartoon "picks off the scabs of all the racial wounds," and is an invitation to assassination".

So is Mr. Jealous saying when the 200 pound chimp was shot and killed in real life last week by the police, the police were actually sending a subliminal message to "invite an assassination attempt"? So if a cartoonist would have written a cartoon depicting George Bush as a dead chimp, would that have been meant as an invitation by a kook to assassinate him? We have officially become the United Idiotic States of America. I really wish that I could be hired on by the New York Post as their communications press person just so I could address the media and the racial insecure sheep that are too clueless to understand what is racist and what is not. This is how race pimps like to operate. They love an easy mark. It's very rare that race racketeers will pick a fight aka "protest" with people or companies they know WILL FIGHT BACK. The management of the New York Post should tell Bonds and the rest of their motley fools to "step off" and "get lost. What the Post should really do is sue the NAACP and Sharpton. Both are practically broke financially anyways, they wouldn't be able to sustain a lengthy legal battle with the New York Post. This is what I don't understand. The masters of racial insecurity wants the New York Post to apologize, but who should be issued an apology? Obama hasn't come out and said one thing about the cartoon pro or con. The insecure crowd claim the cartoon was aimed at Obama, so why should the NYP apologize "in general" like they want them too? I truly believe that the antics of Sharpton, the media, the insecure crowd and the NAACP is starting to tick off a lot of people that are sick and tired of all of this racial paranoia by the left. I claimed Obama's becoming President would actually be a negative for race relations in America, let this prove as yet another example for why I was right. I believe most of America is beyond sick and tired of the RACIAL PARANOIA, RACIAL INSECURITIES, RACE HUSTLING, RACE PANDERING, RACE MANIPULATION and the SELECTIVE RACIAL OUTRAGE. I know I'm beyond sick of it. The people that are so "offended", don't even read the New York Post to begin with. Hire me New York Post!!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Race pimps and dead chimps part 2

When I saw the cartoon, I thought it was pretty funny. I think all of this "selective outrage" is of course massively deceptive in nature. This is what I mean. From 2000 to 2008, George Walker Bush was constantly referred to a certain name by people on the left. He was called a "CHIMP".
It's so much fun watching liberals try to run from the truth and still try and defend their hypocrisy.

Even though the New York Post's chimp cartoon wasn't about Obama, liberals don't like it when it is perceived that the attacks are aimed at "one of theirs". These same people threw a hissy fit last year when the ultra liberal New Yorker magazine displayed a magazine cover of Obama and Michelle in a black radical fashion. Liberals are very thin skinned it appears. They are good at dishing it out, but they need to practice on being able to take it. Funny how liberals are so upset over this comic strip didn't protest Jesse Jackson when he called Obama a nigger last year. Now that I think about it, Al Sharpton himself even said that Obama wasn't "authentically" black or "black enough". How soon they forget. It was the black liberal editor from the Los Angeles Times by the name of David Ehrenstein who wrote the story about Obama entitled the "MAGIC NEGRO". This was another example of Obama's racial authenticity being questioned by his fellow "color blind liberals". They're was no protests or "outrage" over this story either. This is why I say this whole flack over the New York Post's cartoon has a lot to do about absolutely nothing. Give the oversensitive racial crybabies their bottles,and hopefully they will back to sleep and leave the rest of us alone.

Race pimps and dead chimps part 1

I'm so sick and tired of listening to racially obsessed and oversensitive liberals always trying to make every issue about race. If people thought this sort of racial hysteria would have diminished once Obama was elected, they definitely thought wrong. Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder said that our nation are cowards for not talking about race. Eric Holder is not only wrong, but he is an out of touch putz. I'll go into greater detail on this fool at another time. I'm sure most people heard the news about the "controversial" comic strip that ran in the New York Post a few days ago. The comic strip was a political satire of the stimulus bill using the story of the chimp that was shot by the police as it's basis. The tag line of the comic read "I guess we have to find someone else to write the next stimulus bill". It didn't take long for oversensitive racial crybabies to put two plus two together to come up with twelve. Race hustlers and clueless blacks immediately condemned the cartoon as being "racist", because they felt the aim of the cartoon was at Obama. If these mental midgets would have done a little thing called "research", they would have discovered that Obama "didn't write" the stimulus bill, so it couldn't have been directed towards him. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi drafted or "WROTE" the bill. They're is another issue in regards to this story that hasn't and won't be addressed by the media or anyone else for that matter. The other issue is about the absolute cluelessness of people that don't know how a bill becomes law in this country. They're should be a story written about the ignorance of people that don't understand basic civics. Obama is the President and heads up the "Executive Branch" of the Federal Government. Presidents are responsible for signing bills into law, they don't "write" them. The is the job of the "Legislative Branch". In actuality, the chimp really symbolized Nancy Pelosi not Barack Obama. It didn't take long for America's favorite "jerry curl wearing, soul glow dripping, race hustling poverty pimp to make his way onto the scene, Al Sharpton immediately organized a protest of about fifteen supports to protest outside the headquarters of the New York Post. Since donations aka "bribes" to Sharpton's Action Committee have been drying up since Obama was elected, Al has jumped on the opportunity to "create a new cash cow" with the New Post being that cow.

When I saw the cartoon, I thought it was pretty funny. I think the "selective outrage" is of course massively deceptive in nature. This is what I mean. From 2000 to 2008, George Walker Bush was constantly called the name of a certain primate by liberals. He was called a "CHIMP". Even though the chimp cartoon wasn't about Obama, liberals don't like it when it is perceived that the "insults or attacks" are aimed at them.. They don't like it when a person they like is perceived as being targeted. We are witnessing that right now with their overreaction to this strip. These same people threw a hissy fit last year when the liberal leaning New Yorker magazine displayed a magazine cover of Obama and Michelle in a black radical fashion. Liberals are very thin skinned. They are good at dishing it out, but they need to practice on being able to take it. Funny how liberals that are so upset over this comic strip didn't protest Jesse Jackson when he called Obama a nigger not even a year ago. Now that I think about it, Al Sharpton himself even said that Obama wasn't "authentically" black or "black enough". How soon they forget. It was a black liberal editor from the Los Angeles Times by the name of David Ehrenstein that wrote the story about Obama entitled the "MAGIC NEGRO". These all are examples of Obama's authenticity being questioned by his fellow liberals. They're was no protests nor "outrage" over these racial attacks on Barack Obama. This is why I say this whole flack over the New York Post's cartoon has a lot to do about absolutely nothing. Give the oversensitive racial crybabies their bottles,and hopefully they will back to sleep and leave the rest of us alone.

From the birth of Christ up until today, how much is $789 billion dollars really worth?

It's just a number to some. To others, it's a troubling sign. I despise "Smucky" Chuck Schumer with a passion. I can't stand lying elitist politicians. This jerk along with people like him need to be kicked out of congress with steel toed boots.

CNBC's Rick Santelli scolds Obama on his "dead beat bailout mortgage" plan.

Judging from the reaction Rick Santelli received from the traders in the background, it's a safe bet to say that Wall Street doesn't have much confidence in the economic policies of the Community Organizer turned President. A few months ago I said point blank that Barack Oama would be no friend to capitalism. Now I know why the stock market seems to always sell off every time Obama opens his mouth. It's a good thing Obama won't be giving the State of the Union address during regular trading hours. If Mark Haines can manage to get his head from out of Obama's rear end, he should take some lessons on how capitalism works from Rick Santelli. Rick understands it perfectly.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Wallstreet gives it's stamp of disapproval to Obama's junkilus bill.

Barack Obama may have the power to make his legions of loyal followers rise to their feet in euphoric celebration, but the magic one doesn't seem to have the power to make the financial markets act the same way. Since November 5th, the stock market has declined by more then two thousand points. I created a new market index to track how the stock market reacts to Obama presidency. The "BOMDI" is short for the "Barack Obama Market Decline Index". The BOMDI is down by 38% since Obama was elected. The day after the election of Obama, the Dow Jones Industrial Average sold off by over 489 points. One would think that the stock market would be up today on the news that Obama was going to sign his junkilus bill right? The stock market sold off by almost 300 points at 297. It looks like the market isn't starry eyed over Obama's con job aka stimulus bill. They're are several obvious reasons why the markets don't like this bill. The most obvious reason is that they know "it WON'T work". Consumer spending is what powers the economy not government spending Two thirds of Gross Domestic Product consists of consumer spending. We are the economy period. Another reason why Wall Street doesn't like this bill is due to the possible inflationary pressure this amount of debt will put on the dollar. When I get a chance I'll post a video of the collapse of the Zimbabwe currency due to massive inflation. The more debt that a country racks up, the weaker the debt makes that countries currency. A country with too much debt usually will have to sell their bonds to investors at a discount plus increase it's interest rates above normal in order to attract investors. That is because the bonds are more riskier due to the massive debt level of the country issuing them. The Obamatrons don't know this nor do they understand this nor care. Many economists know this though, and they won't be sleeping soundly for awhile to come. When the dollar falls, commodity prices will act in an inverse fashion and rise. If the dollar starts to lose it's value thanks to this bill, oil prices will surely rise dramatically. That means that gas prices of last year could be a lasting problem not just a short term speculation event like last year. If gas prices spike to their former levels, this could spell a catastrophic disaster for the U.S Economy. The media isn't going to tell the public what I just said, because they have too much invested in Barry Obama succeeding. If what I said does indeed happen, the media won't be able to shield Obama from his TRUE "legacy".

It's called "Obamalism". Try not to catch it or understand it.

The more the human mind tries to comprehend the insanity known as Obamalism, the more confused that person will become. I still wonder if Obama would be praised and worshiped as he is now if he was "white"? I'm just throwing that out there. In the very first still picture of this video, Oprah Winfrey looks like she is "praying". She professes to be a "Christian". I wonder was she thanking god for Obama?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

An illustration of how Obama fanatics act in the pressence of their god.

I remember watching how the Obama drones acted at Obama's rallies last year. Believe it or not, but back then they were almost tolerable to be around. Occasionally I saw footage of women passing out at the mere presence of Obama. Then again it could have been because of the overpowering stench coming form the people at the rallies. Hygiene has never been a major priority for liberals, so that could have explained the fainting spells. Fast forwarding to the present, nothing much has really changed since then. The Obama cultists have become more deranged in their worshiping of Obama. They're was a young unhinged fanatic by the name of Julio Osegueda that attended Obama's "porkilus con" rally in Fort Myers Florida the other day that was picked to ask him a question. People ask me why do I always pick on Obama supporters. Let this video answer that question. These people are MENTAL!!

This is Julio Osegueda "thanking god" for being on the Keith Olberman's MSNBC show "Countdown" that nobody watches. I can't put my finger on it, but I swear this guy is on something not good. That Obama heroine is some powerful stuff. Nobody ever said it was good to take.

This is my dramatization of how I would act towards Obama if I was an Obama fanatic cultist. Just remember that this is a dramatization. No pictures of Obama were harmed in filming this.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

A song dedicated to the mental instability of liberalism in America.

If I had to sit down and think of a song describing liberalism, this is how it would sound. I wish liberals would move to Canada or Mexico. Then they can have all the "free health care" they can handle. This song won't win a Grammy Award, because liberals infest the music industry. It does win an award for illustrating how tens of millions of normal, rational, patriotic people feel about the liberalism in this country.

House Republicans show that trust is earned by deeds not just words.

When they're are contrasting view points and not just similarities in a selection, that is when a person has the beauty of diversity known as "choice". Republicans lost control of congress and ultimately the White House, because they took on the identity of the party they were suppose to represent the OPPOSITE of. It looks like the House GOP has gotten it's fiscal conservative groove back,

Friday, February 13, 2009

House Democrats pass trillion dollar pork bill" WITHOUT EVEN "READING IT"!

Nancy Pelosi posted the 1,100 page pork bill online less then 24 hours before it was it was voted on. How many people can read 1,100 pages in less then 24 hours? When Nancy Peloser was sworn in as the House Speaker, she said that "this will be the most ethical and transparent congress in history". This woman lies better then Barry Obama himself. I forgot to mention something. Most of the extra pork pay backs that was stripped out of the Senate bill was put back in this time around and passed. I give the House Republican leader John Boehner and ALL THE REPUBLICANS in the house a great applause for standing up for fiscal conservative common sense. I even give credit to the seven Democrats that courageously broke ranks with the crypt keeper Nancy Pelosi to also vote against this financial and economic wreck in the making. If any blue dog Democrats voted in support of this bill, they better be prepared to kiss their house seats good bye next year. Pelosi will not be able to save them. This passing of this piece of crap bill sadly reaffirms the notion I've had about why a lot of people don't trust or take part in the political process. Forget once again "change we can believe in". It's actually "DECEPTION WE CAN BELIEVE AND SEE".

The CEO of Caterpillar embarasses Mr. Obama on his porkulus bill.

This is the perfect example why Obama should have attended the Harvard School of Business instead of the Harvard School of Law. It's great when he proves me right about how ignorant he truly is when it comes to the economy. I knew from the very beginning his trojan stimulus bill wasn't going to do squat to create jobs in the private sector. People that actually support this sevrely flawed bill don't realize that most of the "shovel ready" projects Obama talks about won't begin until 2011 at the earliest. In the meantime, companies will continue to lay of workers by the thousands and tens of thousands. The CEO of the construction equipment maker Caterpillar even admitted this in a news conference when Obama visted his plant to use as a photo op.

While Obama was standing in front of the podium speaking forcefully about a bill he says will create jobs for Caterpillar as soon as it's passed, the CEO had to expose Obama as an absolute clueless idiot that knows nothing about the private sector. I guess Obama was under the impression that Caterpillar's operations are mainly concentrated in the United States. If he thought that, he would have thought wrong. Caterpillar has operations around the globe. Since the top economies in the worlds are currently experiencing recessions, construction spending has slowed globally as well. Caterpillar has to "continuously shed jobs to compensate for the GLOBAL downturn in construction projects. Of course the media isn't going to show how "the brilliant one" was made to look like a totally naive fool. Oh I forgot, we are all suppose to believe that Obama is the brilliant one and Palin is the dunce right?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

We aint rich, but one day this year we will be cause we got Barack Obama

The problem with people that are delusional or brainwashed is that they never realize that they are. I came across this audio clip posted by the conservative black woman on her blog. This is a clip of a telephone conservation with a woman infected with O.D.E shouting to the other person on the line"

We aint rich, but one day this year we will be cause we got Barack Obama

This example of Obama Derangement Euphoria or O.D.E for short isn't an isolated case by no means. A few weeks ago I posted a video of a State Senator from my state of Maryland Lisa Gladden exhibiting harse symptoms of O.D.E as well.

I believe the first documented case of O.D.E caught on tape was when this woman explained she will never have no more problems paying her mortgage and car note because of Obama.

From cities renaming schools after Obama to mother naming their children after Obama, Obama Derangement Euphoria has proven to be extremely infectious. They're is some good news to report. O.E.D seems to primarily infect liberals. Normal rational thinking people are immune to O.D.E. Even with that said, O.D.E cases are still extremely unnerving to exhibit due to the shear ignorance of those infected with it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Scare tactics we can believe in? Obama tries to frighten up support for his trojan stimulus bill.

Some people really have no shame. I feel so sorry for the poor saps that desperately wanted to believe that Barack Obama actually cared about them and their circumstances. Voters pulled the lever for Obama primarily, because they believed that he was the best person to deal with fixing the economy. With support for Obama's pork bill only at 35%, Obama had to hit the airwaves last night to deceive once again his loyal supporters into believing his pork bill will do as it is advertised, create jobs. Some can call me naive, but I don't think Obama using the chicken little "the sky is falling" approach is the best way of going about it.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele had to educate George Stephanopoulos on the difference between "jobs" and "work".

This is really starting to become extremely annoying. It was bad enough that Rush Limbaugh had to school Mark Haines on how capitalism actually works. It got even worse this past Sunday. The RNC Chairman Michael Steele had to explain the difference between a "job" and a "government work project" like the ones Obama wants to create with his pork bill. Why is it that I understand exactly what Steele was saying, yet Stephanopoulous had that "dear caught in the headlights" look? They're is a noticeable difference between the two.

It's amazing that such a simple concept is completely ignored by the left.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Could the whole "Global Warming" hoax be traced back to the cartoon "Captain Planet"?

I remember watching that ultra gay cartoon when I was a kid. I was probably one of the very few kids that wanted the bad guys to beat the living hell out Captain Planet and the his planeteers, no such luck. Now that I'm all grown up, I realize I didn't have issues for wanting Captain Planet to get his blue butt kicked. I was just normal and didn't even know it at the time.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Happy BIrthday Gipper!

Today is the birthday of a remarkable human being. Here's some words of wisdom from President Reagan that you will never hear come out of the mouth of the neo marxist Barry Obama.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Did David Duke's outburst against Michael Steele actually help Steele's image among the mainstream media?

The mainstream media hasn't come out and said anything negative about Michael Steele's election to the RNC Chairman position. That is a surprise. When David Duke made his now semi famous remarks about Steele being a "racist" and "Obama Jr.", it was fascinating watching the mainstream media attack David Duke in defense of Michael Steele. The MSM has never shied away from promoting their stereotype of what they believe a "typical republican or conservative" is. I was prepared for the MSM to go into a racially discredit Steele mode but it didn't happen, the opposite actually happened. This is the same MSM that tried to decapitate Governor Palin's reputation within the first ten minutes of her being announced by McCain last year. This is a Rachel Maddow on MSNBC actually congratulating Michael Steele on his historic election while also ripping David Duke to threads in an actually funny manner. Could it be possible that Michael Steele has earned "credibility" among the mainstream media thanks to David Duke's attack? It does sound odd I have to admit.

This is Keith Olberman also of MSNBC going after David Duke for his attacks on Michael Steele.He actually took the "gold" in Olberman's "world's worst" list. I never thought I would see the day that liberals in the media would actually stick up for a black conservative Republican. Now I have seen almost everything.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How much influence does David Duke has among conservatives?

If that question was asked a few decades ago, My answer would have been a lot. Today that's not the case. David Duke is a legend in his own mind. He believes that 90% of conservatives will leave the Republican Party just because Michael Steele believes in affirmative action. It's amazing how completely out of touch Duke is in measuring the conservative movement in America. Not every person that claims to be a conservative is indeed a "core" conservative. Let's face it, John McCain called himself a conservative during his campaign. They're are many different segments of conservatism in America today. They're are the people that are conservative when it comes to foreign policy, they are also known as "hawks". They're are people that are conservative when it comes to fiscal spending. Lastly, they're are people that are conservative when it comes to social policies. Some people are liberal on some issues and conservative on others. These people are actually moderates. Core conservatives are people that are conservatives in all these segments. David Duke and people that think like him are actually outcasts or misfits within the conservative movement. Duke fails to realize that most whites that are core conservatives or even segmented conservatives don't subscribe to his way of thinking. Duke also doesn't realize that conservatism isn't copyrighted for a particular race, that being white. An ideology is shared by many different races, and conservatism is no exception. They're are Black conservatives, Jewish conservatives, Hispanic conservatives, Asian Conservatives and Female conservatives. David Duke is an outdated relic of a bygone area. I went back and did some research on the support among conservatives for Michael Steele and Ken Blackwell, and I was shocked at what I discovered.

Conservative Groups that supported Ken Blackwell

Gary Aldrich, Chairman, CNP Action, Inc.
Morton C. Blackwell
, Virginia Republican National Committeeman
Phil Burress, Citizens for Community Values
Robert B. Bluey
, Contributing Editor, RedState
L. Brent Bozell, Founder and President, Media Research Center

Kellyanne Conway, CEO and President, the polling company, inc./WomanTrend
T. Kenneth Cribb, Jr.
, Former Domestic Advisor to President Reagan
James C. Dobson, Ph.D., Founder and Chairman, Focus on the Family
Becky Norton Dunlop, President, Council for National Policy
Stuart W. Epperson, Chairman, Salem Communications Corporation

Steve Forbes, Chairman & CEO, Forbes Media
Dr. Ronald Godwin
, Vice Chancellor, Liberty University
Rebecca Hagelin, Author and Conservative Columnist
Colin Hanna, President, Let Freedom Ring
David Keene, Chairman, American Conservative Union

Tim LaHaye, Founder and President, Tim LaHaye Ministries
Ed Meese
, Past President, Council for National Policy
James C. Miller, Past President, Council for National Policy
Tony Perkins, President Family Research Council
Ken Raasch, Chairman & CEO, Creative Brands Group

Alfred S. Regnery, Publisher, The American Spectator
Phyllis Schlafly
, President, Eagle Forum
Pat Toomey, President, Club for Growth
Richard Viguerie, Chairman,

Conservative Groups and people that supported Michael Steele

Newt Gingrich
Sean Hannity

Most of the prominent social and fiscal conservative groups weren't backing Steele at all for the RNC Chairman. They were supporting Ken Blackwell. These are the biggest names in the conservative movement today. It's no secret that the Republican Party has drifted more to the center then the right over the last couple of years. Conservatives have complained that the party has lost it's identity and focus. With the pick of Steele over Blackwell by the Republican National Committee, could they be right? Going back to the topic of whether conservatives will leave the Republican Party because of Steele. I seriously doubt that will happen. Conservatives wouldn't' leave the party because of Steele's race, because most conservatives backed Ken Blackwell "the other black guy" for chairman. I remember liberals saying that they were going to move to Canada if Bush won re election in 2004. Not one of them left. It looks like the true influence within the conservative movement is with people like Ken Blackwell more so then David Duke. When Blackwell dropped out of the running in the first round of voting for the RNC Chair, he endorsed Michael Steele. With Blackwell's endorsement, that influence has been passed on to Steele. It looks like David Duke is going to be a man without a party, like anybody really cares.

Was David Duke right in calling the Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele a "racist"?

When David Duke made the comment about Steele being a racist, I was pretty confused at what he could have possibly meant. As I was going about my day, Duke's comment nagged at me like a mystery I couldn't solve. It would have been easy for me to just have dismissed Duke as an irrelevant out of touch fool and anti Semite and left it at that. I couldn't do it. Even though David Duke is a moron on too many levels to count, I had this gutt feeling that there was some validity to what he was saying, but I didn't know why. I just didn't know why I felt that way. As I was scrolling through the blog to respond to some of the comments posters left, I discovered the answer right under my nose. I came across the story I wrote last week about Obama's economic advisory Robert Reich wanting to use affirmative action to discriminate against construction workers based on race if the pork bill passes. I know Michael Steele better then most people do that don't live in Maryland. Many people believe that Michael is a pure paleo conservative, he's not. Michael has an ideology of center to right. On the issue of Affirmative Action, Michael Steele supports it. He shares the position of Colin Powell and Condalezza Rice. Steele's position in supporting Affirmative Action is what David Duke was referring to when he called Steele a "racist" and "Obama Jr.". So is David Duke right? Is Michael Steele a "racist" or merely supports "a racist policy"? I don't mean that Michael a racist in the "traditional" sense. People that support Affirmative Action believe they are championing a just and necessary agenda in trying to "level" the playing field among racial groups when it comes to "equal treatment" in employment practices. When I wrote the Robert Reich story, I also reviewed the Jesse Helm's "hands" video again. I believe Michael Steele supports a racist policy that really goes against one of the core principals of the Republican Party and more importantly conservatism in general. Republicans and conservatives try to promote the concept that people of different ethnic groups in our country aren't "victims" that need "protection" or "looking out for". Liberals in the Democrat Party are known for having the opposite mindset. They thrive on racial strife among ethnic groups against whites. Conservatism isn't about "pandering to this ethnic vote or that ethnic vote. It's about attracting people of a shared vision regardless of race. That is why I am conservative. I don't like Michael Steele's position on Affirmative Action, but I do accept it. The Republican Party is known for being the "big tent" party for a reason. I supported Ken Blackwell for the job but Michael Steele won it instead. That's water under the bridge, and I will support Michael in his new role. Still I wonder is Duke right or not.

Rush Limbaugh schools CNBC's liberal host Mark Haines on how the economy actually works.

Rush Limbaugh demonstrated last week why liberal's like Mark Haines shouldn't be allowed to anchor a financial news shows. The only thing Haines could focus on was the mis quote of someone saying that Limbaugh wanted Obama to fail as President. Of course there would be no reason to wish that on Obama. He is already walking down the path of failure all on his own with no assistance.

This is my two cents on the stupidity of Mr. Mark Haines and Obama's trojan stimulus bill. Liberals can call Rush a fat blotted blow hard all they want, but that title is reserved for Mark Haines.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

SarahPac has launched. I guess pitbulls don't rest afterall.

Last week with little fan fare, Governor Sarah Palin launched a new political action committee known as "SarahPac". Now that the media has caught wind of it, they are scrambling to find out what exactly is the purpose behind it's creation Deep down in their hollow cores they know what the reason is. 2012 is still a long way out. I've seen the messages by the champions of "tolerance" in response to the launch of Palin's pac, and they were typical of what people would expect how a liberal would act. They were disgusting, vile, repugnant, disrespectful, hate full and just all around not nice. Then again does that come as a surprise? Here's a side note. Governor Palin is scheduled to speak this month at CPAC. CPAC is an annual three day convention that showcases the core of conservatism in America. Between the creation of her Political Action Committee and appearing at CPAC, the signs are obvious of whats coming down the pike. I was planning on attending this year's event, but unfortunately I won't be able to thanks to my funds being tied up. Maybe I can ask Obama for a bailout loan so I can attend, then again maybe not.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Nancy Pelosi thinks that contraceptives can spring to life a soft economy?

According to the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, condoms and contraceptives is just what this ailing economy needs to get back on track. It's apart of Obama's "stimulus bill". I guess it's meant to stimulate something, just not the economy. Since the porn industry is seeking five billion dollars in federal bailout money, I guess the stimulus" will help it the adult film industry "rise" again? This sham is a gigantic, humongous PORK bill period. It will not create one private sector job, and Obama knows this. I have to roll my eyes when I see Obama talk about the greed and corruption on Wall street. This guy is so fake. Why don't he defend this "stimulus" bill from the inside and not just on the outside?

Sunday, February 01, 2009

The so called champions of "diversity" are already on the attack against the man of Steele.

It didn't take long for the self professed champions of diversity to attack the new Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Somehow in their warped and distorted minds, they have come to the conclusion that the election of Michael Steele is an attempt by the Republican Party to "copy" Barack Obama. Liberals have never been known to be deep thinkers when it comes to analysising facts. Michael Steele is far from a "copy" of Barack Obama, because Michael Steele brought something to the table to qualify him for the position of RNC Chairman, Obama on the other hand is a different story.