Monday, August 31, 2009

The "Candyman" can or is it now the "Goverment" can?

Black Security Officer denied protester his right to display Obama poster. "This aint America anymore".

Last Tuesday in Reston Virginia at the South Lakes High School, Representative Jim Moran's held a Town Hall meeting to discuss Obamacare. Moran is a Democrat. Howeird Dean was at the event. A black security guard by the name of Wesley Cheeks Jr. took exception to a protester displaying a Joker/Obama picture outside of the event. The person with the sign and the security officer had a back and forth exchange for several minutes. The protesters said to Mr. Cheeks, "This used to be America!". Mr. Cheeks replied, "It ain't no more, OK?". I watched the video, and it was clear that Mr. Cheeks was trying to intimidate the person with the sign. The person with the sign wasn't breaking any laws. Mr. Cheeks acted out of a personal dislike for the sign rather then "upholding the law". The reality is that Mr. Cheeks didn't have the power to arrest anyone, because he is a private security guard and not a member of law enforcement. I would have told him to his face that simple fact, then I would have dared him to arrest me. If Mr. Cheeks thinks this isn't America anymore, then I wonder what he thinks it is? I noticed when Officer Cheeks was pressed with simple and direct questions, he didn't know how to respond to them. Ignorance is bliss for the Obama faithful I suppose.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

One year ago today, a hockey mom pitbull Governor came onto the political scene.

Liberals and the media have yet to recover from that day. The announcement of then Governor Sarah Palin by John McCain to be his running mate, sent severe heart burn through the media and inside the Washington beltway political establishment. A lot has changed since that day in Dayton Ohio. One thing definitely hasn't changed. Sarah Palin is still a political threat to Barack Obama, and her left wing loon bat enemies now it.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Liberals exploited Ted Kennedy's funeral, his grandson and used god's name to push for Universal Health Care.

The definition of the word "blasphemy" is "the act of showing lack of reverence for any religion's deity or deities".
Democrat liberals managed to stoop to a new low today. I predicted it was going to happen at Ted Kennedy's funeral today. I said that liberals were going to find some way to exploit the death of Ted Kennedy in order to bring up the issue of government run health care. It didn't matter that they were in a church. Liberals aren't known for morality and common decency anyways. I was expecting an adult to have at least commited the dastardly deed. Well, a child was sent to do the dirty work for the adults instead. Ted Kennedy's grandson was used for the task. Using Ted's grandson was low, but them bring in the lord's name was beyond low even for the likes of them.

My thoughts on Ted Kennedy and the health care he didn't want people to have.

Last call for alcohol Teddy.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Meet Congresswoman Diane Watson: This is an example why birth control is a good thing.

I am so sick and tired of black and white liberals constantly trying to make every issue about race. If they aren't busy making every issue about race, they are busy labeling people with opposing view points as being "racists". Most of Americans are sick of these people. I wish I could put these people on a huge space ship and send them on a collision path with the sun. Let me correct myself, I don't want pollute the sun. I rather just send them to Cuba, Canada or North Korea instead. Let me introduce you all to another example of a clueless, liberal race blinded fool. Congresswoman Diane Watson is a black racially oversensitive radical congresswoman from Los Angelos. That explains how she got elected and re elected.. This is what Ms. Watson had to say back in June of 2006 about race and the Minute Men.

The election of Barack Obama has been an absolute disaster for race relations. Ever since Obama came onto the political scene, liberals have been stuck in a racial rut or loop. Unfortunately, the rest of Americans have to suffer because of it. Diane Watson is a part of the liberal camp who believes that nobody has a valid right to criticize Barack Obama's policies. I am sick and way past tired of all their whining. The only way liberals wouldn't be in a fevered pitch over anything related to Obama and race is if Obama was a "conservative". When you hear black and white liberals utter the words race or racists, just remember what I've said about how liberals operate. Liberals really don't care about racism as we know it. They use the term merely as a weapon in which to silence any option to their ideology. When Jim DeMint talked about Obama's "Waterloo", only an absolute airhead could have interrupted what he said meaning somethign racial. Ms. Watson considers the Minute Men to be nothing more then a bunch of racists simply, because they want to secure the borders from illegal immigration. If she would have done any research at all, she would have discovered that blacks are member of the Minute Men Civil Defense Corp. This woman is a flat out ignorant dunce. This is what the waste of a human being had to say about the health care in Cuba and how great she thinks Castro is as a leader. I'm sure as I'm typing this, here supporters will still call her a "centrist" or being in the "mainstream". I doubt she urged Ted Kennedy is seek treatment in Cuba.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Will Ted Kennedy become the next Paul Wellstone?

Like Sarah Palin says, "you betcha". Of course Ted Kennedy is going to be exploited for political gain. That is the liberal way. Back in 2002, Democrats turned the funeral of Minnesota U.S Senator Paul Wellstone into a "political pep rally". Wellstone's funeral got so bad thanks to political hacks, Senator Trent Lott and Jesse Ventura got up and walked out in disgust. Many political experts said that it was because of how Democrats acted at Wellstone's funeral, it allowed for Republican Norm Coleman to win Wellstone's seat. A former pollster for Bill Clinton came to same conclusion. I don't know what Pelosi, Reid and the rest of the liberal fools in congress might be thinking in respect to Ted Kennedy. I know one thing is certain. If they try to use Ted Kennedy as the next Paul Wellstone, it will backfire on them terribly. Most Americans don't want a government health care bill to pass. The polls overwhelmingly across the board are showing that. The people have very little respect if any for their elected representatives that support a government health care bill. Americans are ticked off at their elected representatives as it is. They will go nuclear if their elected officials come off appearing like they care more about what Ted Kennedy wanted then what their constituents want. So the possibility of a Paul Wellstone/Ted Kennedy funeral rally campaign approach will backfire drastically if they are dumb enough to attempt it. Nobody is going to know for certain how Democrats are going to proceed until the day Ted's funeral. We just have to wait and see.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The death of Senator "splash" Ted Kennedy

No doubt that today the news story is going to focus on the passing of Ted Kennedy. He was known as the "liberal lion" of the U.S Senate. I know for a fact that the coverage of his life is going to mainly focus on his political career as an ultra liberal politician. That means that the media is going to shower him with praise and admiration. The media of course loved Ted Kennedy. He was one of them in being a liberal. I'm not going to promote Ted Kennedy as some sort of patron saint. He was anything but that. I wonder how often the name of Mary Jo Kpochne will be uttered by the media today and in the days leading up to his funeral? Let me tell you the story about Mary Jo, since the media at best will gloss over her or not even mention her at all today. Mary Jo Kpochne was a campaign staffer for Ted Kennedy. On July 18th 1969, Ted Kennedy and Mary Jo attended a party on Chappaquiddick Island. Later that evening, a drunken Ted Kennedy attempted to drive Mary Jo home or back to his house. While crossing the Chappaquiddick bridge, Ted Kennedy somehow drove the car into the Chappaquiddick river. As the car was sinking, Ted Kennedy freed himself and continued to swim to shore. He never attempted to try and save the life of Mary Joe Kpochne. If that wasn't bad enough, Ted actually managed to sink even lower. He decided to wait until morning to call the police about what happened. It should be noted that Ted first called his lawyer and some of his aides, then he called the police. Some thought he should have been convicted of manslaughter. I guess because Ted was an ultra liberal from a prominent liberal family, that made him above the law. A week after the incident, Kennedy pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident after causing injury. He received a two month suspended sentence. He basically got a slap on the wrist. People who leave the scene of car accidents don't get off that lightly. This was his excuse to why he not only left Mary Jo to die but also waited until the next morning to even report it.

If a conservative politician would have committed the same unthinkable acts, his political career would have been over He would have been sentenced to prison instead. Some said it was because of Ted's actions that night that prevented him from winning the Democrat nomination for President against Jimmy Carter. I still can't believe that the people in Massachusetts kept re electing him every six years for forty seven years. So many politicians have destroyed their political careers, because they cheated on their wives. Ted Kennedy left a woman to die on purpose, and he was re elected to the U.S Senate for almost eight terms. What does that say about the people of Massachusetts and liberals in general? Here is something to remember Ted Kennedy by. The classics never die, they just get archived and repeated.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Defend Glenn Beck!! It is time to "fight back"!

Liberals are such hypocrites. They claim to believe in freedom of speech, however they have a difficult time practicing what they preach. Conservatives have been falsely labeled and smeared as "racists" and "bigots" by manipulative, deceptive liberal activists for as long as I can remember. It is because of how liberals operate that the term "race card" was created to demonstrate and expose their tactic of always making an issue about race. Radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh have contently been tarred and feathered with the "racist brand" by the left. Here's the problem though, the people who label Rush and others like him as racists can't point to anything he or others say that was truly racist in his twenty one years of him hosting his show. Liberals have to constantly inject race into an argument, because they can't defend their arguments on it's own merits. Even when they inject race into a debate, they still can't win. Liberals completely bastardized the race card through the presidential campaign last year, and it hasn't gotten any better. Obama supporters stated that any white person who didn't vote for Obama "was a racist". If any person called Obama a "marxist or socialist", he or she had to be a "racist". A few weeks ago, the intellectual lightweight Carlos Watson of CNN made a claim that "the word socialist was the new "N" word.

Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder called Americans "cowards when it comes to race".

Then lets not forget Barack Obama himself. This is a man who joined Trinity United "solely" because of the "black value system" of the church. His pastor for 20 years is a racist. His associates are racists. The media and Obama's loyal flock glossed over that "inconvenient truth". So enter radio talk show host and Fox News personality Glenn Beck. Glen Beck is under attack by liberal kooks, because he called Barack Obama a "racist". Because of his comment, Beck's advertisers have pulled their ads from his show thanks to these liberal front groups and their astroturfed faux outrage, I would have to literally write several novels to document the many times former president George Bush was called a racist by the left, Ronald Reagan called a racist and so on and so on. When Kanye West made the statement about Bush not liking black people, did the left go after his sponsors and promoters?

Of course they didn't. I signed the petition in support of Glenn Beck, and I hope you all do the same. The only way to fight back against the deceptive and manipulative astro turfing against Glenn Beck by his attackers is to convince his advertisers to return. Glenn Beck's show is the highest rated show on Fox in non prime time. Advertisers are only hurting themselves by not buying ad spots for his show. These advertisers are gutless cowards. They know that much of the viewership of Fox News tend to be center to right. They aren't pulling their ads from Fox News in general, they just want them not aired on Beck's show. If they won't listen to reason, then maybe they should be boycotted by conservatives as well. The latest poll shows that conservatives outnumber liberals in our country by a 2 to 1 margin. Liberals hate Walmart. It is conservatives and grass root folks that patron Walmart, yet Walmart pulled their spots from Glenn's show. Please visit defendglenn to show your support and to also write the advertisers that cowardly pulled their ads from his show. Also spread the word to other bloggers and call your favorite radio talk shows and let the hosts and their listeners know what is going on and give the name of the site so they can help.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Meet the newest member of the Obama end of life team.

So you want to be treated for a life threatening illness? No need to get wee weed up, because I said no. Just take a pain pill and I'll visit you shortly. A "Death Czar's
" work is never done.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Note to Obama from Michael Steele regarding Obamacare: Put it on the table for an UP or DOWN vote!

Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele told reporters Thursday that Obama isn't fooling anyone when it comes to wanting bipartisan support of his government run health care legislation. Only the truly ignorant or people who have been living on an island for the last two years would believe that Democrats can't pass any legislation without Republicans supporting it or even want them too. This whole bipartisan joke being spewed by Obama and Democrats is so laughable. Steele along with Republicans realize that they are in the driver seat on this issue. They are perfectly aligned with the majority of the American people. It would be political suicide for them to join the Democrats and Obama. It's nice to know that Michael is standing firm on this issue. Obama and is liberal kooks in congress "own this bill". I said this in my last post. Republicans shouldn't lift a finger in helping with a bill unless "tort reform is addressed and the government option if completely off the table".

Obama is clean and articulate with just a pinch of "wee weed up".

The teleprompter was definitely Obama's saving grace, when he gave his long drawn out speeches. I don't want to be accused of "wee we upping" on this. Obama was heralded as being "articulate" and an all around genius. People in the know knew that he was only as articulate as the words that appeared on his glass teleprompter. It's not that I'm picking on Obama or having a "wee we up" moment here. I'm just presenting the facts as they are. Can you image a President ever using the term "wee weed up"? What would people think about the mindset of that President? George Bush was attacked constantly for how he spoke. Pseudo elitist liberals ripped into Bush, when he used the phrase "the great decider". That was like giving the tinfoil crowd" raw meat. What would have been the reaction if George Bush would have used the words "wee weeded up"? I think that is a fair question. I'm sure the media and the pundits would have accused Bush of smoking "weed". So what if Obama used the words "wee weed up"? Oh wait, he did say that.

His loyal cult haven't made a peep over his "weeded up" remarks. His pack of kooks were foaming at the mouth, when Sarah Palin mentioned the phrase "paling around with terrorist". I remember that was definitely a cujo moment for Obama's flock. White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs was asked about the definition of "wee weeded up", and this is what arrogant bumbling fool had to say.

With Obama's poll numbers in a downward spiral, could that be considered "wee weed down"? This is Max Headroom meets "wee weed up".

Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama gives Ramadan greeting "on behalf of the American people".

I sense a contradiction here. A few months ago, Obama said that "we are a nation of many religions". So why on the Muslim holiday of Ramadan would he say "on behalf of the American people"? He doesn't consider our country a Judah-Christian country. Our country is definintely not a Muslim country. I guess I'm saying Obama isn't speaking on behalf of the country in regards to Ramadan, he's speaking for himself.

The lipstick wearing pitbull is going for the kill against Obamacare.

Sarah Palin has become more of threat and a nemesis to Obama now then she was during the campaign last year. She rocked Obama and the liberal establishment, when she used the term "death panels" to describe the "end of care" language in the House and Senate bills. They tried to mock her, but she responded by posting verbatim what exactly was in the House bill. Because of her actions, the end of life language was taken out of the Senate bill. It looks like Palin is on the attack again. This time I think she smells blood and is going for the kill against Obamacare. We all know that no true health care reform can happen until tort reform is addressed. I've said this many times. Great minds do think a like. Sarah Palin mentioned it today. The topic of tort reform has barely been mentioned throughout this debate, and that is what Obama wanted to happen. He doesn't want the issue of tort reform to become apart of the national debate. By Sarah Palin now bringing it up, it can't help not to be addressed now as an issue. Obama has come out against any type of tort reform. Trail Lawyers are a special interest group of the Democratic Party. Obama and Biden are both lawyers themselves. This is why I'm saying that Sarah Palin has gone for the kill against Obamacare. Americans aren't big fans of lawyers to begin with. If it is shown to the American people how the rise in health care costs are directly related to junk medicine lawsuits, Obama would look like the defender of the problem instead of the person with the solution to the problem. Palin actually has given the Republicans the perfect weapon to use against Obama. Health care costs and frivolous lawsuits go hand and hand. Republicans have already positioned themselves on the side of the American people in not supporting the government option. Republicans can go even further in destroying Obamacare. All they have to do is come out and say "they will support a bipartisan bill, "BUT" the bill must not include the government option and must address tort reform. That is all they have to say. Those two provisions are a knockout punch. Obama and liberal Democrats will never go for either provision. That will once again put Democrats at odds with the majority of Americans.

And MSNBC can't figure out why they don't have any ratings. Maybe it's a thing called "lack of credibility".

Thanks to Shay over at Booker Rising for bringing this story to light. The headline "Astroturfing Racism" is so accurate. No wonder MSNBC has very low ratings ratings. They have zero credibility. The same goes for CNN and the rest of the news outlets. This is a text book example of how liberals in the media "frame stories" in a certain light in order to get their "desired result". MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer and her panel of libs claimed that there are "racial overtones" with people who are bringing legal firearms to protests against Barack Obama. I said this before, liberals can't let go of "race" for one nanosecond. Go back in time to when Obama made his infamous remarks about people in "rural America". These were Obama's words "People that cling to guns or religion or have antipathy to people who aren't like them"

Notice the words "cling to their guns" and "antipathy to people who aren't like them". Most of the population in rual parts of America happen to be "white". Do you see a connection between Contessa Brewer's comments and Barack Obama's statement? That is one story in itself, but that isn't the main point I'm trying to make. Take a look at the video shot by the camera person from MSNBC from outside the Obama Town Hall meeting.

Notice that the camera person filmed the faces of others in the crowd, but he or she didn't film the face of the person carrying the riffle. Without the face being shown, Brewer and the rest of the deceptive hordes at MSNBC "framed the story" as the opposition being nothing more then a bunch of "angry right wing white racists" that want to cap Obama. The camera person had no problem slicing in from the camera shot of the riffle to the shot of the reporter talking to a "white guy with an anti Obama shirt. Well this is the identity of "right winger" with "racial overtones" who was carrying the riffle.

It looks like that "white racist" has a bad case of sunburn. He looks like a black guy to me. This is why the ratings of Fox News are at an all time high. People are tired of the media manipulation by the liberals elites who try to pass themselves off as journalists.

Obama's cozying up with "Big Pharma" isn't sitting very well with his liberal flock.

Have any of you noticed how Barack is great at talking out of both sides of his mouth? In one breath he criticized Big Pharmaceutical companies, but now he's joining forces with them in an effort to get his government HMO bill passed. Well it looks like the liberal tin foil hat brigade isn't that stupid nor entirely blinded by loyalty after all. They've noticed that Obama has betrayed them and is "sleeping with the enemy" so to speak. Congratulations to the Obama flock, you all have been "played".

Obama claims that the "vast right wing" conspiracy is trying to stop "health care" reform.

Can Obama ever take responsibility for his own failures? Yesterday on the Michael Smerconish radio show. The grand conspiracy of Obama is that Republicans are trying to deny him the passage of a health care reform bill. This is what Obama said

"Look, let's not give him a victory, maybe we can have a replay of 1993, '94, when Clinton came in, he failed on health care and then we won in the mid-term elections and we got the majority. And I think there are some folks who are taking a page out that play book".

I think Obama is either trying to play Americans for a bunch of idiots or he has officially become paranoid. Blaming Republicans isn't going to work this time. Obama needs a bogeyman in which he can focus people's anger at. Have you noticed that Obama has all of a sudden started attacking the insurance companies? People who are informed know that Obama doesn't need one Republican vote in order to pass a government run health care bill. If his tactic is to make Republicans the bad guys, he has a problem. Most Americans are on the same side as Republicans on the issue of not wanting government to run health care. Every time Obma speaks, he sounds less and less presidential then before. If Obama and Democrats want to walk off a steep political cliff, I say they should go for it. Republicans should just stand on the sidelines and let them do it. It looks like the George Bush hangover is officially over. Who would have thought it would have only taken seven months for it to have happen, and who would have ever thought that Republicans had Barack Obama to thank for it? Obama can't make up his mind. He always keep talking about wanting "bipartisan" support for his legislation. Does this sound like Obama wants Republican support on anything?

Republicans in the House and Senate should respect Obama's wishes and "just get out of the way" and let him wreck the Democratic Party.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The originator of the Obama Joker photo is exposed!! It's not who liberals would have you think it is.

To the liberal drones who suffer immensely from having race on the brain 24/7, I have some bad news for you. The pictures of Obama that were made to look like the Joker didn't come from some "right wing racist extremist". The person who created the now infamous image is a person from Obama's home city of Chicago. So that means this person isn't from the "south". Let me go one step further. The person is also a 20 year old "college student". According to liberals, conservatives aren't educated and can barely speak English. Anyways, the person who created the Obama posters isn't "white". Firas Alkhateeb is a "Palestinian"! The reason why Mr. Alkhateeb created the posters in the first place is for a reason nobody could have ever guessed. He created the photoshopped picture of Obama as the Joker, because Obama appointed Raum Emmanuel as his Chief of Staff. Raum Emnauel is Jewish. This is what Mr. Alkhateeb wrote about Raum on his flickr page. This has turned out to be another embarrassing moment for liberal stereotypes of conservatives. Any person who supports Dennis Kucinich is definitely NOT a conservative. Now the the background of the creator has been exposed, the left really can't say anything about the picture being "racist".

I guess Obama and some Democrats are slow learners.

Just when we've thought the political organizer turned President finally seen the light on how damaging the public option in a health care bill is, it now turns out that Obama and Democrats are still pushing for it. Insanity is doing something over and over and over and over and actually expecting a different result.

I don't know if the Democratic Party relieves this little fact, but their popularity among the American people right now is in a downward spiral. Obama has become to the Democratic Party what George Bush was to the Republican Party. It is like and odd parallel actually. As it stands right now, Republicans are setting themselves up to possibly do the unthinkable come next year. They could actually regain control of congress. It wouldn't be because of anything Republicans done specifically. By them being the party of "no", they are now being seen as the "Anti Obama" party. Believe it or not, but that is actually a good thing. I can't understand the obsession of Obama and liberal Democrats in desperately fighting for the "government option" in the health care reform bill. I've said this many times. A health care reform bill that doesn't have any sort of tort reform in it isn't a true heath care reform bill. Kooky left wingers warned Obama and other liberal politicians, that they wouldn't support the Democrat Party come next year if the public option was removed from a final bill. If Obama and other democrats did cave to that threat, then they are beyond stupid for doing so. Democrats gained control of congress in 2006, because blue dogs had landslide victories in conservative districts. and George Sorros may own the Democratic Party, but they don't own the voters, and the voters are mad as hell right now. Obama and democrats that support the public option are creating nothing less then political suicide. Oh well, they are bringing it upon themselves.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Congressman Eric Massa of New York believes he is "helping" his constituents by doing the opposite of what they want.

This is sheer elitism on display. I don't know how it was possible that a liberal flake such as Congressman Massa was able to win in a so called conservative district in New York state. This guy is a clear reason why congress needs to be flushed good in 2010 and 2012.

The "mobs" have spoken and have finally been heard.

Obama waves the white flag on the public option.
Chalk up a major victory for the American people. Let me put it another way. Chalk up a major victory for Americans who reject socialist health care. Obama and Democrats have finally seen the writing on the wall. I can't believe it only took Americans getting ticked off enough for it to happen. Obama is now backing off of the "public option" component in a health care reform bill. The bill was a joke in the first place. I don't know how Obama could have been serious about wanting to reform health care without addressing tort reform in respect to junk lawsuits. Obama's approval rating has plummeted for his support and marketing of the government option. Its hard to say if his numbers will go back up even if a bipartisan bill is passed absent the government option. I think Obama has damaged himself beyond repair. Putting the health care bill aside, the next big controversial legislation up for debate will be the "Cap&Trade" bill. I predict the vocal rejection for this will be as equally loud as the health care debate. Obama has suffered two huge setbacks. His pork laden, political payback known as the stimulus bill has yet to live up to the hype of turning the economy around and now this. Maybe Senator Jim Demint was right after all. This failure by Obama may have dried up Obama's political capital. Obama and Democrats have solid control of congress, and Republicans can't stop them from passing their legislation. Try as the DNC will, they can't blame the Republicans for Obama and their defeat.

This defeat of Obama is key in an important way. The American people stopped Obama and the Democratic Party. Every piece of legislation that Obama has signed into law hasn't gone over very well with the American people. Liberals who tried to fool moderates and independents by trying to label Obama as a "centrist" have egg on their face right now. Even with the public option off the table, Americans would be advised not to let their guards down for a minute. At the end of the day, elitists in Washington will still try to find a way to dwarf the will of the American people. Even with the American people clearly letting thier voices be heard in their option to the public option, liberals still want Obama to fight for it!! Liberals don't represent mainstream America as much as their warped minds think. I guess most Americans were on the same side as Rush Limbaugh. They wanted a government take over of health care to fail and it has. The people have spoken.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is what an angry "LIBERAL" mob looks like in action.

This is footage of angry liberals attacking a Fox News anchorman last year during the Democrat National Convention. Notice their anger and hatred. From what we have been told, liberals are suppose to be "compassionate". Does this look like compassion?

How Hitler took the news that Obama won the election.

I think he took it pretty well.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Power of Palin and the meltdown of liberals.

Mathew Litman is a Democrat Strategist that was recently on Bill O'Reily's show. Laura Ingraham was filling in for Bill. Washington Times's report Amanda Carpenter was also a guest. The topic was the "Power of Palin'. When I was watching Mr. Litman talk about Palin, All I saw was an extremely bitter person. It looked like he wanted to start yelling at Laura and Amanda. Amanda and Luara took him to task on his personal attacks against Palin. Mathew sounded like a little spoiled child. He wanted to bet Laura that the government health care bill will pass. For a so called political strategist, he isn't that smart. If that bill does pass as he arrogantly claimed. the Democrats will lose control of congress next year as sure as I'm typing this. For Mr. Litman, it is more like the "power of stupidity".

Friday, August 14, 2009

Is Nancy Pelosi a closet fan of disruptors"?

A week ago, Nancy Pelosi claimed that anybody who are "drowning out opposing views are simply Un-American". Her remars were aimed at citizens who oppose a government take over of health care. A few years ago, Nancy Pelosi sung a completely different tune. She had no problem with folks voicing loud disagreement then. Let me correct myself. She didn't have a problem with people showing their anger against George Bush and the military operations in Iraq. My how times have changed.

What changed with Nancy? She was ok back then with people in her presence shouting. She actually encouraged it.

Americans who oppose government healthcare should just remember the words of the woman who wears pants suits.

Whenever the Baghdad Bob media and Obama try and demonize Americans for daring to speak up, people should just quote Obama's Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's words right back in their faces. Don't we "have the right to disagree with this administration or any administration"?

Thank You Hillary. For once we agree on something.

Palin's Aikido counters Alinsky Jujitsu.

Back on August 7th, Sarah Palin made a statement on Face book about how the government health care bill would create "death panels" for end of life care. The media wasted no time attempting to debunk Palin's statement and attack her in the process. This is what I've learned about the media. When they goes into overdrive mode in an attempt to discredit a person's statement, the person's statement is normally correct. The death panel statement made by Palin of course was accurate. Under a rationed system, the handicap and the elderly are naturally going to be the ones to suffer the most. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand common sense. After a few days of the media attacking her comments. Palin shot back today in a huge way. This is the story from today in the Politico entitled "Sarah Doubles Down" She attacked her critics and Obama directly and presented the sections of the bill that completely backed up what she said.The media and Obama couldn't call her a liar or misinformed in her rebuttal, because she was reading word for word from the actually house bill. Later in the day, the Senate Finance Committee announced it was going to drop the end-of-life provision from the health care bill, The media wasn't so quick today to have gone after Palin. I don't know if her exposing the language of the actual bill was responsible for the provision being removed at least in the Senate version, but it does seem odd in the timing. Did Sarah Palin upstage and overpower Barack Obama? It kind of looks that way. Sarah Palin has become a major player in the health care debate. As Obama's popularity and approval ratings continue to decline, it could spell very bad news for Obama and his loyal flock if Palin sets herself up as the "Anti Obama".

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A demostration of "astro turfing" Obama style.

So the Republicans brought out the mob right? This is what we've hearing for over two weeks now. The term "astro turfing" has been used to death, just like the word "racist". The left has tried to dismiss the outrage by American citizens over socialized health care as being "stagged". As typical with many of the claims of the left, no proof has yet to come forward to validate their tall tales. Let's talk about the embedded word that best describes liberals. The word of course is "hypocrites". The words , two faced, frauds, deceivers, liars, manipulators all apply, so take your pick. The term "astro turfing" is defined as the use of special interest groups to present the appearance that the supporters or opponents are individual grass root supporters. The left has been doing what they've been accusing the right of doing. The difference is that we can prove that Obama's organized drones have been taking part in "astro turfing" at Town Hall events recently. The beating that Kenneth Gladney suffered at the hands of a union thug is an example. The sponsoring by the unions of Senator Ben Cardin's Town Hall is another example. The Town Hall that the Joker of the United States held in New Hampshire yesterday is the yet another example. Take a good look at the picture I posted. Those are Obama supporters that were "bussed" in for the town hall. I seriously doubt that groups of ordinary individuals that want government health care would have mysterious got together and rented several coach buses for the event. Democrats are famous for busing poor black voters down to their voting precincts to vote for them. This isn't no surprise. In the video, you'll notice the Obama "pre printed" health care signs. This is one of the most shameless illustrations of astro turfing I've witnessed. Once again, Obama and his flock are trying to play people for "grade A" suckers. When I saw the gentleman at the 53 second mark in the video wearing a "three piece suit". I thought about "Brooks Brothers". I got an astro turf cut just by watching this video. The nightly network newscasts showed Obama's Town Hall yesterday with this little girl asking Obama why the big bad mean people don't' want socialized health care.

Here's another yawn of a shocker. The little girl was also a "plant". Her mother is a die hard Obama drone. She was the coordinator of Massachusetts Women for Obama during the election.

"Kathleen Manning Hall, Julia's mother, was shocked when her daughter said she wanted to ask a question. "They" wrote it down beforehand, and Julia didn't miss a beat when Obama called on her".

Obama should get an Academy Award for Best Stagged Political Town Hall.

President Ronald Reagan saw the evils of Socialized Medicine forty years ago.

This is what the late President Ronald Wilson Reagan had to say about the threat of Socialized Medicine and the peddlers that tried to promote it during the 1960's. Nothing has changed!! Reagan was right then, and what he said then applies now more then ever in 2009. Anything that is fundamentally wrong doesn't become fundamentally good over time. Wrong is wrong. President Reagan understood that perfectly.

Can't liberals take a "joke" or in this case a community organizing "joker"?

Can't liberals take a "joke"? This is a "teachable moment" number four. If liberals can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen. When Bush was shown in the joker make up, I doubt the people in this video were showing the same outrage as they are now with Obama. What else is new?

Which Obama do you believe on the issue of Universal Healthcare?

Obama's loyalists in the media and in general are trying to convince Americans that some how the opponents to government health care are some how "lying" or making things up. I guess I'll have to do once again what the media would never do, that is expose Barack Obama for the "LIAR" that he is! Obama is going around telling anyone who'll listen that he supports the "public option" and not a take over by the government of the health care system. Can someone tell me how many times he mentions the two words "public option" in this video. The media could easily play this clip.The Republican National Committee should create a bunch of ads using this clip to blow Obama and UHC crowd right out of the water. To those who don't believe me that the media is basis in favor Obama, why can't the national media with all it's resources not play a one minute clip that I can easily do? I have no problem doing it. Obama contradicting himself in not wanting universal health care is more then newsworthy. This is why our media can't be trusted and has lost all credibility. At the 34 second mark in the video. What did Obama mean when he said "Everybody in and nobody out"?

Hell knows no fury like Hillary Clinton scorned!

People use to tell me all the time last year that Hillary Clinton was a cool calculating person. Where was that so called cool, calm and collective person yesterday? The Secretary of State not only humiliated herself but also embarrassed our country in the process. Just when I've gotten use to Obama being an embarrassment to our country, now Hillary has to come along and try to upstage him I guess. Hillary was in the African nation of Congo taking questions from students. One of the students asked her "What "President Obama" thinks about China's growing influence. The translator goofed up and translated the student's question as "What "Mr. Clinton" thinks about China's growing influence". Hillary can sum it up better then I can.

Some members of the Baghdad Bob media are calling Hillary's angry outburst "minor". If that was minor, I hate to see her when she is really ticked off. I have yet to see or hear any reports of Hillary issuing an apology for her behavior. It still looks like Bill is a touchy subject with Hillary. Blame it on the pants suits.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

When liberals can't win a debate, they play the race card as usual.

Liberals use of the race card is like Kevin Bacon fanatics playing the Kevin Bacon board game. It's like how many events in the day can liberals apply the "racist" tag line to sometihng. Is it possible for a racist word to become "watered down"? Everywhere I turn around, I hear liberals calling this person a racist and that person a racist if they aren't liberal and don't agree with them. I'm surprised they haven't labeled the creator the frying pan a racist for making it black. Barack Obama and his flock are polarizing our country in regards to race. Every time people turn around, his supporters or even himself are crying about something they perceive as being "racist". According to the pseudo intellectual dim wit Carlos Watson of MSNBC, Socialist has become the new "N" word.

Before any of you laugh at Mr. Watson's utterly ignorant and down right stupid comment, just remember that some people are going to take this fool seriously. Maybe "liberal is the new name for mental". Can a day go back when liberals aren't slinging race cards at everything like a tennis ball machine stuck in rapid fire mode? The "N" word and the word "socialist" have absolutely nothing in common. If I was to ask Mr. Carlos why do Obama have over 40 Czars, he wouldn't know how to respond to that question. If I looked him in the face and proceeded to call Obama a socialist, he wouldn't know what to say. The definition of socialism comes down to "collective ownership" of industry. I can go down the laundry list of companies that were once private but are now owned by the government. This isn't a racial issue. It's an ideology issue. Carlos Watson is a victim of his own stupidity. People are tired of the knee jerk and manipulative left wingers who can't win an argument without having to play the race card every two seconds. They still can't win the argument using it, and they look that much more pathetic for using it. He would never debate anyone who oppose a government health care takeover, because they are more informed then he is. It's easier for Carlos Watson to label decent rather then debate it. That is the liberal way.

I was wrong for supporting "Cash for Clunkers".

A few weeks ago, I came out in support of the government's "Cash for Clunkers" program. I have to admit that I was wrong for doing so. From a macro perspective, it seemed like a great idea. New Car dealers are benefiting as well as auto manufactures. What could possibly be the downside to a seemingly successful program right? Here are a few negatives to the program. Not everybody can afford to buy a new car. What the government considers "junkers" is what other people call basic transportation. It comes down to economics. Normally when new car dealers take in older cars on a trade in order to sell new ones, they normally sell their trade in cars at the dealer auto auctions. Used Car dealers buy their inventory from the dealer auto auctions. Two of the provisions of the "Cash for Clunkers" program is that the parts can't be sold for scrap, and the cars must be destroyed.

This is how the government's program is actually "hurting" the working poor families who need cars for basic transportation. With trade ins being destroyed instead of normally being sold at the used car dealer auctions for used car dealers to buy, used car dealers have to pay a lot more for their inventory. In the end, the used car dealers are going to have to raise the cost of the used cars they sell dramatically. It comes down again to supply and demand. So the unseen victims are actually the "working class" folks who can't afford a new car but need "affordable" transportation. Since used cars are being destroyed by the request of the government, the parts for older model cars are going up in price as well, because the parts are now harder to find. It comes back to "supply and demand" yet again. So the victims in the "Cash for Clunkers" government program are Used Car Dealer Auctions, Used Car dealers, Auto Part Recyclers, and moderate to low income used car buyers. This is why ideas shouldn't be allowed to pass just because politicians "meant well". A supposedly good idea by the government really wasn't that good an idea after all. I fell into the same trap originally that the government does on a daily basis. I saw the possible short term benefit of a government program without understanding what the long term negative impact would be. Things should get back to normal once the program ends in September.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Senator Ben Cardin's Town Hall event tonight will be sponsored by the union "mob".

Ben Cardin is my sorry excuse for a United States Senator. Be that as it may, he is still my Senator. Tonight he is holding a Town Hall meeting at Towson University. Me and some others are going to try and make it to the event. According to Red state, Cardin's Town Hall is being sponsored and co sponsored by several "union organizations". Unions are the Democrats "special Interest" group. So special interest groups are sponsoring a politician's Town Hall event tonight. I think I'm the only person that have made the connection. Don't expect the media to report it though. If an insurance company was sponsoring the Town Hall of a Republican Congressman on the issue of Health Care, the media wouild be all over it. These are the sponsors and co sponsors of the event.

SEIU- Service Employee Internation Union

AFL-CIO- American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations

MSTA- Maryland State Teachers Association

UFCW- United Food and Commerical Workers

Progressive Maryland

ACORN- They are self explanatory

What will happen to people of "special needs" under a government run health care system?

Everybody knows Sarah Palin is the mother of a child "Trig" with special needs. She along with many other parents of special needs children have a very personal stake in this government health care take over debate. The other day she commented on Twitter about it. These are some of her comments.

Sarah Palin"The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's 'death panel' so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their 'level of productivity in society,' whether they are worthy of health care."

I urge people to read what Palin wrote in it's entirety. What she said hasn't been answered by Obama, Pelosi, Reid and their government take over supporters. What does happen to people who are psychical or mentally disabled and not able to "contribute to society"? Under a government run health care system, it will come down to a "quality of life" issue. Seniors aren't the only ones who should be very concerned about a government take over of health care. Parents of special need children should as well. Mike Sola and his son with special needs were escorted out of Representative John Dingell's Town Hall last Thursday for asking a precise question. He and his son were expelled from the Town Hall, because he asked Congressman Dingell "why his son Scott, who has cerebral palsy, would not be covered under health insurance reform legislation". His question was never answered, go figure. Since the event, Mr. Sola claimed that he was visited by the union goon squad. I respect Mr. Sola for standing up as an American. Pelosi may think otherwise , I call him and others like him "patriots".

Memo to "the mob" from Nancy Pelosi: You are "un-american".

I know Nancy Pelosi isn't all that bright, but this takes the cake. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was the person who claimed citizens who oppose socialized health care were showing up to town hall meetings wearing "swastikas". What she said of course was ignored. The media is now singling out Rush Limbaugh, because he commented on what she said. Got to love the Baghdad Bob Media.

The only thing that is fake and made of astro turf is her botex injected face. It was from her lips to the Democrat National Committee's ears. After she made her remark, it was amazing how fast the "Enough of the Mob" ads started to air. People on the left have the audacity to question the intelligence of Sarah Palin? Nancy Pelosi makes Sarah Palin look like the female version of Albert Einstein. Nancy Pelosi has that caught in the headlights look about 90% of the time. This belligerent mule made another idiotic statement attacking citizens yet again. In the USA Today Op-Ed, Pelosi said that drowning out opposing views is simply "un-American." If she truly believes her own spewage, why doesn't see relay her message to the DNC,, and the union bosses? Having special interest groups showing up for the express purpose of intimidating "individuals" is an attempt to "drown out the opposing views". I'm not a "Nazi" or a "mobster". I'm just an individual who shares the same views as tens of millions of other people when it comes to health cares. I also don't wear Brooks Brothers by the way. Pelosi doesn't comprehend why so many people are steaming mad. This isn't something complex that needs a mathamatical formula to figure out. Elitist politicians like Pelosi simply can't understand the outrage, because she along with most elected representatives in congress are "OUT OF TOUCH" with their electorate. It is a simple as that. People normally yell and get agitated, when they feel they aren't being heard or are being taken advantage of. The polls are clearly showing that most Americans do not want a government take over of health care, yet the elites don't care what the people are saying. If I was a congressman from Maryland, my constituents wouldn't be yelling at my town hall meetings for a simple reason. They would know I was 100% dead set against any take over of the health care system by the government. The people I would represent would know I am their "representative" not their "dictator". I bet congress people who are against government health care won't have angry voters showing up at their town halls. It would be no reason for it. Notice that all of these angry town hall events are happening to congress people who support this bill or are on the fence and leaning towards supporting it. The DNC can use Senator Jim DeMint's name in their ad, but Jim DeMint doesn't have to worry about angry voters. He's on the right side of the issue. Pelosi cant' figure that out. It's way too simple.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Neil Cavuto interviews Kenneth Gladney and his attorney David Brown.

For those who don't know by now who Kenneth Gladney is, he was the gentleman who was beaten up by the Service International Employee Union thugs. Mr. Gladney was accompanied by his attorney David Brown. I wish them all the luck in suing not only the garbage involved in the attack but also the SIEU as well. If conservatives decided to or even entertained the notion of retaliating on behalf of Mr. Gladney, the media would be all over it. When you look at Kenneth Gladney, ask yourselves this question. Did the four union members needed to attack him out of "self defense" or were they trying to "hurt him"? It was a stupid question I know. The answer is obvious, well obvious to people who know how union bosses and thugs operate.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

A teachable moment on embarrassing behavior starring Congressman David Scott of Georgia.

David Scott is an arrogant and vile congressman from the 13th district in Georgia. He fits the mold of most elected officials these days. They believe they shouldn't be questioned on how they do their job. How congressman David Scott acted was beyond shameful. Only one person pressed him on a question related to the health care debate at a recent town hall, and that was enough to set congressman Scott off like a rocket. Dr. Brian Hill was the person who stood up and dared asked the glass jawed congressman the question about health care. Notice I said the word "doctor". The DNC can't accuse Dr. Scott of being a member of the "right wing mob". Maybe Congressman Scott will accuse Dr. Hill of being a "one man mob". Mr. Scott accused Dr. Hill of not being a member of his district. That was an egg on his face remark, because Dr. Hill is a member of his district.

What we are seeing isn't "right wing mobs" as the DNC and the media want to try and betray it as such. We are really seeing how megalomaniac, self absorbed, elected jackasses act when they see the masses actually confronting them. People who have been in elected office for a long period of time tend to forget who got them elected in the first place as witnessed.

If dealling with the national debt was only this easy.

Friday, August 07, 2009

Union thugs attack black conservative at a Town Hall meeting in St. Louis

I read about this story this morning. I just came across the video. Thanks to Shay at Booker Rising. When I saw this footage of a black conservative getting beat up by two union meatheads, my skull wanted to explode! The national media sure as hell isn't going to air this video, because it would put a very negative light on the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) and the Democrat National Committee itself. The union thug is black and the victim Kenneth Gladney is also black. The injuries suffered by Kenneth Gladney are on the hands of the Democrat National Committee and the SEIU. If any of the thugs of the SEIU are reading this and don't like what I'm saying, I give them full permission to try and pull what they did to Mr. Gladney on me. I've never had a great deal of respect for union bosses and their thugs anyway. I just hope that Kenneth doesn't have any medical bills because of the acts of a bunch of mindless brutes. The last I've heard, he was going to be be in the hospital for two days. This is what the St. Louis today reported.

"Kenneth Gladney, 38, a conservative activist from St. Louis, said he was attacked by some of those arrested as he handed out yellow flags with "Don't tread on me" printed on them. He spoke to the Post-Dispatch from the emergency room at St. John's Mercy Medical Center, where he said he was awaiting treatment for injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face. Gladney, who is black, said one of his attackers, also a black man, used a racial slur against him before the attack."

I hope he sues the living hell out of the SEIU when he is released from the hospital. Since the whole incident has been broadcasted on the internet, the evidence shouldn't be a problem. A "teachable moment" and an example must come from this senseless attack on a person who's only "sin" was merely handing out "flags". The Democrat National Committee had the nerve to put out an ad entitled "enough of the mob"? Why don't they tell that to Kenneth Gladney or better yet their "union thug" friends? Mr. Gladney is the one in the hospital, because of "the mob" that wasn't "Republican" as adverstised by the DNC. Is this suppose to be what "Hope & Change" suppose to be like? This is additional footage from the attack. At the end, the woman shooting the video had her camera attacked by the peace loving union thugs.

So now we are mobsters?

If you all haven't seen the latest fear monger ad from the Democrat National Committee, here it is. Since Obama and his goons can't defend the necessity for a government run health care system, they have to attack the people who are against it. Does this sound familiar? Little old ladies at town hall meetings are now being tarred and feathered as "right wing extremist" mobsters.

It's another chapter in the Saul Alinsky playbook. Because the masses know more about the government health care bill then the ruling class elites do, Obama and the Democrat National Commitee realize that they have to "discredit" their enemies as merely being a "right wing mob".They can't debate them on the bill. I wasn't about to let this fraudulent fear mongering ad go unchallenged.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

The AARP needs to learn to respect their elders!!!

The AARP is a shell organization that pretends they represent senior citizens. The organization's higher ups are bought and paid for by the Democrat Party. With the massive debate going on across America over the possibility of government run health care, it looks like senior citizens are seeing the writing on the wall. They are starting to realize that they have been sold out by the organization that was suppose to represent their best interests. Under a government run health care system, Seniors will be the ones most negatively impacted. Collective health care is just that. It's about the collective and not the individual. Seniors are realizing that under an Obamacare system, their lives will be seen as not "financially appropriate" to treat, because they have limited ability at their age to "contribute to the collective, aka society". The uprising by seniors could spell major trouble not only for Obamacare but the Democrat Party in general. Seniors make up a good chunk of the Democrat voter block. If seniors turn their backs on the Democrat party, that could spell major trouble for their party, The media hasn't been reporting much about the negative and dangerous components to Obamacare. Even though they aren't reporting it, people are still finding out. Democrats in congress and the media are labeling ordinary citizens as "republican mobs" merely for speaking up. An educated electorate is so dangerous to the ruling class elites in Washington DC. I've never seen so many regular people so fired up and angry over one piece of legislation before. If Obamacare isn't stopped, seniors might be asked to "take a pill" in which they won't wake up.

Is Sarah Palin's autograph worth over a million dollars?

Apparently someone on ebay thinks so. This XBOX 360 was autographed at the governors picnic back on July 24 in Wasilla, Alaska. That was two days before she stepped down as governor. I had an idea at one time to buy 20 Xbox units before they were officially released and then sell them on Ebay. People that were fortunate enough to have pre ordered them made a killing selling them on Ebay when they were released. That's capitalism at it's finest! I came across this story merely by luck. It hasn't been reported in the Baghdad Bob media for obvious reasons. The media would never report a positive story about Sarah Palin. It's just unthinkable on their part. This is supposedly the picture of the person handing Sarah the Xbox to sign. At this point it is hard to tell if this is one big joke or not. The auction ends in three days. If someone actually did bid over a million dollars just for something autographed by Sarah Palin, I seriously doubt she'll have any problems fund raising for a possible 2012 run.
This is the $1.1 million dollar bid so far.GAME ON!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Michelle Malkin takes on the cackling hens of "The View".

Michelle Malkin is one of the best known conservative writers in the nation. I've always been a fan of her work. Michelle was on the ABC show "The View" yesterday to promote her new book "The Culture of Corruption". Her appearance was great, but I question Michelle's reasoning for doing the show. The pew is an overwhelmingly liberal hag fest with the sole exception of Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Frankly I don't know how Elizabeth can stand being on that show. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is the only redeeming quality of "The View". She must be getting paid some good money. Most conservative books tend to do well, even though the media rarely covers them. Mark Levin's book "Tyranny and Liberty" has been number one on the New York Time's best seller list for three months now. No liberal media outlets have yet to even request an interview with him. Michelle didn't need to go on show in order to promote her book. I believe Michelle did really well against the hens on the show though. Michelle has always struck me as a very energetic and knowledgeable woman. During her segment on the show, I noticed that Joy Behar tried to use the Chris Mathews strategy against her.

The strategy that Chris used against Michelle when he had her on his show was to talk over Michelle in an effort to give an appearance that she didn't know what she was talking about, and he was was so smart. In essence, he controlled the debate. Joy tried to do the same thing almost from the start of the segment. Michelle handled her pretty well, because she didn't go on the defensive like she did with Mathews. This time she went on the offensive instead. One of the best moments in the segment was when Michelle asked Joy "did she read the book". That was the point in which she gained a superior position over Behar,because Joy and the rest clearly didn't read the book. During the entire exchange, nothing within the context of Michelle's book was criticized by Joy, Whoopi, Barbara or Sherri.

That was a clear sign none of them read the book. All they could do was bring up the name of George Bush in almost every other sentence they uttered.. I have no doubt Michelle's book is going to do great. Maybe she even helped a few liberal hens see the light in the process. One could always hope.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

A picture is worth a thousand words. Liberal hypocrisy is worthless.

Obama is a joke or a joker? I say a little bit of both Pictures have been popping up in Los Angeles of Obama depicted to look like Heath Ledger's joker character from the movie The Dark Knight. Obama's faithful flock aren't in a laughing mood over the pictures. Some are calling the pictures "politically mean spirited and dangerous". It's amazing how thin skinned the supporters of Obama truly are. These are the same people who trashed Sarah Palin religiously, yet they are upset over this? I don't know what to make of this. They can dish it out, but it seems they can't take their own medicine. Liberals laughed at a picture of the Republican National Chairman Michael Steele depicted as a "Simple Sambo" a few years back, but they aren't laughing at the Obama joker picture? These same people thought it was funny when a liberal supporter of Ned Lemont photo shopped the face of Senator Joe Lieberman in black face. I guess I'm bringing up some truly "teachable moments" here. Can anyone guess what the lessons are? I can't forget about the left's laughable moment over a magazine cover using the likeness of Clarance Thomas that made him look like a "lawn jockey". I don't know the person or persons involved in the Obama/Joker pictures, but wish I could take credit for them just for one reason. The people who claim that these pictures of Obama made to look like the joker are "dangerous and politically mean" didn't say the same about the pictures of Joe Lieberman, Condi Rice, Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele. I would take credit for the Obama pictures just to see if they would dare confront me. I would humilate them in exposing their full blown hypocrisy and their laughable fake "outrage". I almost for got to mention one last example.

This is a picture of George W. Bush that was depicted by Vanity Fair last year to look like the joker as well. NO criticism or outrage followed. The only difference between the Obama picture and the Bush picture is the color of the skin of both men and their political party affiliations,.