Friday, January 30, 2009

Meet the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

It looks like Michael Steele finally got what he was after. Today Steele was elected the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee. I have mixed feelings about the elevation of Steele to the top position of running the Republican Party. I originally backed Ken Blackwell for the top position, because Ken is a staunch conservative and was backed by most well known social and fiscal conservative groups in the country. I voted for Steele two years ago when he ran against Ben Cardin for the U.S Senate here in Maryland. It was during that senate race that I discovered how vicious and racially vile liberals try are. I wonder if Republicans were to write down every racist comment liberals posted about about Steele and then redirected them at Obama, I wonder how long liberals would take before labeling their own statements as "racist"?lol I've seen the "compassionate" comments liberals have been making about Steele since his acceptance speech earlier today. It was to be expected. Steele might not be the rock hard conservative I wanted as an RNC Chairman, but I will support him the best I can as a conservative first and Republican second. Michael is going to have a lot on his plate dealing withe the intolerant and closed minded left while also rebuilding the Republican brand post during the post George Bush era. More then likely I will have a chance to talk to Michael tomorrow to congratulate him. I believe Steele will be the shot in the arm the Republican Party needs right now. Michael is a very articulate communicator, and doesn't need a teleprompter like some other guy I know. If he stirs the party back to the right, Republicans will regain power very quickly. If he does the opposite, he will fail. It's really that simple. Michael Steele should fit in nicely as the RNC Chairman. In Maryland he was the chairman of the Maryland Republican Party. So he already has the experience to hit the ground running from day one. I wish I knew how kooky liberals believe that the election of Steele is some how trying to copy Obama. Oh well, I guess I will go back to trying to figure out how to make 2+2=76. Liberals logic, got to mock it. Congrats to Chairman Steele. To those that want to obstruct, GET READY TO GET KNOCKED OVER!!! I LOVE IT!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

House Republicans stand strong once again.

Tonight House Republicans stood up on principal and not to be Obama's scapegoats. They did so in a huge way tonight. Even though Obama's trojan horse stimulus package passed a vote in the House of Representatives, it passed on a party line vote. All the House Republicans voted against the bill along with some Democrats. I have a feeling that the Democrats that also voted against the bill were "blue dog" Democrats that are facing re-election next year in mostly conservative states. Last week I mentioned what the Republicans in the house needed to do and from my lips to their ears they did it. Since this massive entitlement bill is Obama's and the Democrat's bill, I say let them suffer the consequences when the ultimate outcome is felt. I knew Democrats would overreach in their plans. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. When this bill arrives in the Senate Friday, Conservative republicans should immediately come out in staunch rejection of the bill as well. Liberal and moderate Republicans like Hagel, Graham, McCain and others will kiss Obama's rear and go along and support the bill. Obama is going to use McCain to try and garner support for the bill among Republicans just like McCain did with the gang of 14. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell last week actually held strong in his objection to the bill, I hope it continues when the debate begins. The Heritage foundation came out with an extremely informative video on why Obama's trojan horse stimulus will fail.

Like I said many times in the past and will continue to explain, government spending hasn't, can't and never will be able to lift a country out of a recession. I'm not pressed to let lord Obama know this little piece of common sense.

Happy Inauguration, Mr. President

It's so much fun throwing the shear hypocrisy of liberals right back into their double talking faces. If Marilyn Monroe was a conservative, she might have sung this song to Obama at his inauguration. Of course the message would have gone right over Obama's head.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is Barack Obama pushing for race based quotas under his stimulus bill?

When I showed the Jesse Helm's famous "hands video ad" a few months ago, liberals tried to redirect the topic of the video and attack Helm's instead. Unfortunately for liberals, they have to resort to such tactics due to their inability to address an issue or topic straight on. Today I'm bringing back the "hands ad" that was created for the Helm's campaign for another reason. This story has gotten absolutely ZERO press coverage from the national media. It is what it is and is to be expected from the Obama worshiping media. Anyways, one of Obama's top economic advisors made some remarks that completely validates the Helm's ad. It is no surprise that liberals are big supporters of Affirmative Action, they can care less that it's actually reverse discrimination. I would go further and say that Obama's win was based primarly on race mainly affirmitive action. Any job should be given to an applicant based on the qualifications of the applicant and nothing else. Liberals seem to get their signals crosses when determining "right" from "wrong". I want you all to take a look at the Jesse Helm's hands ad, and then look at the video of Obama's economic advisor Robert Reich. Tell me if the Helm's ad illustrated exactly what Reich wants too do and is it right.

This is Robert Reich speaking on Obama's stimulus package.

See any similarities?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Finally some common sense coming from the Republican leadership in congress.

I said before that if Republicans go along with Obama's doomed to fail pork aka stimulus bill, they will be the ones to get the blame for it's detained failure. Maybe House Minority Leader John Boehner and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell finally started to see the writing on the wall. Boehner made a very encouraging comment during the press conference with McConnell. He acknowledged that "government can't get our country out of this economic mess, only the American people can". Obama is trying to use the sky is falling tactic to get Americans begging for a quick passing of his bill. The devil is always in the details. Most people don't know what's in the bill and how it will create on private sector job. Boehner mentioned that the stimulus bill has money or contraception. So I guess that means that the money will be used to help the Trojan condom company and similar companies to create new jobs?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Comparing Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama's inaugrual addresses.

I have yet to go into great detail about what I thought about Barry Obama's inauguration speech. My thoughts on his address seems to mirror that of others in the media and the political pundits. It was "boring". It was pretty much a recycling of his other campaign speeches he gave during 2008. Obama made it clear that he thought that government was the end all to cure all solution to fixing the economic mess that us and the world finds itself in. I wasn't foolish to expect Obama to admit that it was government policy that created this crisis to begin with. What I noticed was clearly missing from Obama's speech was any mention of American pride. When I listened to his speech, I didn't feel any of the inspiration as an American as a I did when I was eight years old listening to Ronald Reagan's inaugural speech. The contrasts in style, substance and vision between the two is beyond shocking. I was a student at Dallas F Nicolas Elementary school when Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the 40th President of the United States. Even to this day I can remember listening to his every word. The lesson I learned from Reagan's inaugural speech was that as an American anything was possible. I learned that I as an individual could accomplish far more then what the government could ever promise or actually deliver. Ronald Reagan made me feel proud to be an American. He thought me that it wasn't the government that empowers people, it was the individual themselves. Barack Obama's speech had none of that. At best it had the complete opposite message. Regan taught me about nationalism or love of one's country before I was even nine years old! Reagan wasn't an inspiration to me because of race, like Obama is to others. Reagan inspired me, because he believed in me and this country just because we were Americans.

Listen to Obama's words and vision.

Now listen to the words and vision of Ronald Wilson Reagan.

Tell me which speech was inspiring and why. Something else I noticed when I watched Reagan's inaugural. When he was sworn in, America was in a deep recession much like we are in right now when Obama was sworn in. Notice that President Reagan actually understood the problem perfectly and commented on the solutions to directly address the ailing economy. Obama didn't do that in his address. All he talked about was about was that people need to trust government. This is clearly a tale of two men. One man was great based on his deeds and vision while the other is presented as as being great simply for being elected base on the color of his skin aka historic.

Rhona's back on her soapbox and is exposing the hypocrisy of the left as only she can do it.

I so do appreciate people that are informed and that tell it like it is.

Obama the "centrist" or Obama "the baby killing" socialist?

How stupid do the media and the Obama worshiping hordes think normal people are? Actions speak louder then words. Obama's loyal cultists can shout to the moon until their lungs collapse that Barack Hussein Obama is a "centrist". Obama's own actions prove him to be anything other then advertised. During the Saddle back forum that McCain and Obama attended, the issue of abortion made Obama extremely uncomfortable. It's easy for him to give a tailored statement on an issue in a speech, but it's hard for Obama to give a direct response to an issue he knows that is controversial and out of the mainstream. When Warren asked Obama about his thoughts on abortion, Obama said it "was above his pay grade".

I guess now it's not beneath his pay grade as president, because Barack Obama issued an executive order yesterday to lift a ban of sending federal money to international abortion mills to perform abortions. Several questions immediately present themselves.

1. Why is the federal government funding abortions in this country?
2. Why is the federal government want to fund abortions in international countries?
3. Where is the federal government going to come up with the money to murder unborn babies in different countries?
4. With Obama's executive order lifting the ban, can Barack Obama be called a "baby killer"?

I played these clips a few months ago, but I will play it again as a means of explaining the mindset Obama has when it comes to killing innocent unborn babies.

Just words, just speeches right?

If Obama is a true Christian, then I'm Bill Gates. This is the core reason why I'm not drinking the Obama kool aid. I'm way too grounded in my convictions and beliefs to ever sell them out for the sake of Obama's being "historic". Abortion is a major issue for me. So those that want to try to fool aka sucker me and others into believing that Obama is a "middle of the road", "mainstream" or "centrist", they will be better off continuing to fool themselves. Forget "change we can believe in". If this is what Obama means by" change", I want no part of it at all.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Old fools don't die, they just deliver benedictions at inaugrations.

I'll keep saying it and saying it and saying it. Much of the racism among blacks towards other races stem from the morally corrupt black churches and fake pastors. I won't say most of them are, but there are a lot of black churches that are breeding grounds for preaching "hate" instead of "love" toward others. I can talk about the fake preachers of scripture all day like Jeremiah Wright, Otis Moss, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and many others. I'm going to go back in time to when I first created this blog several years ago. They're was a black racist fake pastor that was the topic of one of my original stories. His name was "Joseph Lowery". Joseph Lowery is a black radical left wing hate spewer. Joseph Lowery delivered the benediction and used some race hinged comments toward whites in the form of a poem. Obama was seen smiling at Lowery's racist comments. I guess Lowery's words took Obama back to when he was sitting in the pews at Trinity listening to Jeremiah Wright shout similar words.

Lowery went after whites in his sermon, when it was whites that made it possible for Obama to win in the first place. I guess Lowery in his advanced age of ignorance has a problem letting go of the past. Regardless of Obama being elected, Joseph Lowery's mindset will still be compatible with most blacks that voted for Obama. Only when the race manipulating fools of a by gone era finally die off will racism among blacks towards other races finally start to decline. So far I've been proven right about everything I've said about Obama and his drones, Mr. Lowery proved me correct yet again. I said several months ago that the racist attitudes among blacks toward whites wasn't going to change with Obama being President. Those in the civil rights industry can't afford for blacks to believe that America isn't as nearly as "racist" as they perceive". Maybe one day in this country people like Joseph Lowery will be looked at in ridicule and not respected as a "civil rights icon" or "man of god". Hopefully that will be change I can believe in.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The battle plan starting tomorrow for conservatives to retake congress and ultimately the White House.

The day the Obama tinfoil hat fanatics have been waiting for finally came. The inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama happened at 12:03pm. Those that attended called it a great day for Americans. Maybe it's a great day for the sixty three million that voted for him, it's really just another day for the fifty seven million that didn't vote for him. I am among the fifty seven million or 47% that didn't vote for Obama. I can actually say that not voting for Obama was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Let me explain why. It hasn't come as a surprise to many of the people that didn't vote for Obama how mentally engulfed the Obama drones are for Obama. Most of us that didn't vote for Obama did so based on his ideology, his character and his policy intent. We didn't drink the Obama kool aid of "yes we can" or "change". As free thinkers, we aren't blinded by platitudes and catch phrases like the legion of functioning illiterate sheep that have lost any sense of rational thought. It didn't strike me and many others as odd that we knew more about Obama then his own fanatic supporters. What's done is done, and Mr. Change is officially in the White House. The wheels are already set in motion for him to fail on a catastrophic level. As I said before, Obama is merely the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Going forward, this is the blue print to defeating Barack Obama.

Obama's economic plan is going to be a disaster. I predict the full fallout will be felt by 2011 with the starting of the devaluation of the dollar. The battle plan for conservative is very straightforward. The Republican National Committee needs to pick a full blown conservative for it's chairman position. I really would like to see Ken Blackwell get the job. Many social and fiscal conservatives are working behind the scene to make it happen. Second, GOPAC is going to have to recruit a strong field of conservatives from the grassroots to run in 2010. Third, pressure is going to have to be put on the pathetically weak Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell to grow some balls and stand up to Reid and Obama and don't comprise on anything. Fourth, liberal and moderate go along Republicans like Arlene Spector need to be marked for political assassination in when they run in their Republican Primaries in 2010. We need to flush out the remaining RINO'S in the primary cycle and replace them with fresh young hungry conservatives to run in their state general elections. This is the only way conservatives can "flush the system" in order to rebuild. Even though Bush is finally gone, his stench is going to last awhile. Republican conservative and even Republicans with some testicular fortitude are going to have to attack Obama on his "stimulus package", the use of "tarp" and spending in general. If Obama goes through with something that is destined to fail, Republicans should not go along with it at any cost. If they do, Obama and the Democrats can just say that the legislation was "bipartisan". They need to let Obama fail miserably on his own and not give him cover. Democrats have to deal with the financial crisis that they created in the first place. We know they can't fix the problem, because they don't understand and like capitalism to begin with. This is a really simple plan to completely humiliate and ultimately tactically take out Barack Obama and the Democrat controlled congress. Starting tomorrow its just a matter of execution and standing up on principal.

The Dream and the 44th

When I come across black people that totally makes sense, it really does my heart good to know that I'm not alone in a sea of ignorance. You've all heard my input on what I think about Dr. King's dream and Obama as the 44th President, here's another articulate and analytical point of view.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A great man's dream has been hijacked, manipulated and distorted in the name of "historic" expedience.

Dr. King's dream was for a person not to be judged by the color of his or her's skin but by the content of their character. Dr. King's dream was for a true color blind society. It's amazing how such a simple concept has been so vastly misinterpreted by so many people. Obama hasn't been judged by who he is as a person, it has all been about his race and how "historic" he is. Because of the color of Obama's skin, many people have already anointed him as a great President even before being sworn in. Judging a person based on race in a positive light is really no different then judging them in a negative light based on race. Both perspectives still come down to the focal point of "race" and not the "person". No President Elect has ever been fonded over to the extreme as Barack Obama has. Schools and roads have been renamed in his honor based on the color of his skin. When I see shirts with Barack Obama and Dr. King together, I shake my head and laugh. I'm willing to bet that tomorrow the media is going to go out of it's way to claim that Dr. King's dream has come true. A great number of people will buy into the myth. If the treatment of Barack Obama was mainly due to his character and beliefs, then it could be said that Dr. King's dream has come true. This is not the case. At the 1:14 markin this video of Dr. King's famous I have a Dream Speech, he said the words that I have based my life on.

Maryland State Senator Lisa Gladden demostrates the ignorance of an Obama fanatic.

State Senator Lisa Gladden from my state of Maryland is a fanatic Obama flake. The sheer ignorance and unstable fanaticism displayed by the Barack Obama cult has been like anything this country has every experienced since it's conception. This is what State Senator Lisa Gladden said about my state and Barack Obama, "It doesn't matter if the state of Maryland is broke as long as Barack Obama is President". I can call this intellectual airhead every name in the book, and it still won't do her justice. Lisa Gladden is a perfect example why I'm not a liberal. I know perfectly well that a person with common sense would never make a comment like she did. People here in Maryland should be severely ticked off at Gladden. Seeing that Maryland is a mostly Democrat state, she will more then likely get away with it. This is Gladden making her "rational" statement to a reporter at the state house.

They're are a lot of stupid people in this country and in my state of Maryland. You just witnessed one of them.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Barack Obama will end the "Don't ask don't tell" policy in regards to gays serving in the military.

Obama is set to show how little he cares about the United States Armed Forces as soon as he is sworn into office Tuesday. I've heard people tell me over and over that Obama isn't a radical socialist. They say that he's really a "centrist". Why do liberals think they can honestly fool people that are much smarter and more knowledgeable then they are? A few weeks ago I wrote a story about how the marines in Hawaii snubbed Obama. It didn't take long for his loyal supporters to attempt to explain away why it happened. Let's see if they can explain away this further evidence of the troops uneasiness over Obama. This is a poll conducted by the Military Times after Obama became President Elect. Here's the headline of the poll

2008 Military Times poll: Wary about Obama

The poll cites inexperience and an Iraq timetable as part of them being wary towards him. I don't recall the media or Obama's supporters making an issue of Obama absence of military experience. Four years ago, these same people used John Kerry's four months in Vietnam as a way to attack Bush's service in the Air National Guard. My what a difference four years make. During his campaign, Obama said he was going to "earn" the military's trust. I doubt repealing "Don't ask don't tell" will accomplish that huge goal of earning the troop's trust and respect. In the Military Time's poll several issues were cited. This is a quote from a marine that will never ever air on any television network or be printed in any liberal newspaper. A lance corporal that didn't want to be identified told the Military Times “Being that the Marine Corps can be sent anywhere in the world with the snap of his fingers, nobody has confidence in this guy as commander in chief”. He's absolutely right. All anyone has to do is look at the terrible mistakes that Bill Clinton made with the marines in Somalia. This has to be a record that two back to back Democrat Presidents not having one day of military experience under their belts. With Obama it's even worse. At least Clinton had executive experience as a Governor. Obama doesn't even have that either. Prior to the election, only 25% of the active military personal supported Barack Obama. Most of the military responds well to Republican leadership for some reason. I guess that could be because the military understands the difference between "appeasement and strength". Some reports are stating that 10% percent of active military personnel may not re enlist once "Don't ask Don't tell" is repealed. The Military Times conducted a poll on the troops thoughts on the appeal of "Don't ask Don't tell". The results shouldn't come as a surprise. The troops are opposed to the repeal. Why does Obama wants to demoralize the military? I think that is a good question that needs to be asked. Respect is earned not given, and Obama's soon to be first decision regarding troop morale is a reason why he should never be given true respect by the military. Here's my thoughts on the issue.

The Messisah Barack Obama is in Baltimore

When I wrote this story last night, I thought I saved it as a draft. To my shock I accidentally posted it. I made the corrections and sorry about that.

How poetic is this? The Messiah of the morally bankrupt flock is going to bestow his presence among the morally decrepit souls of the city of Baltimore. Barack Obama will be speaking here in Baltimore at 4:15pm in front of the War Memorial Plaza. The plaza is located across from City Hall. Obama will be speaking a block and a half away from where my office is located. Since the estimates are for about one hundred thousand "yes we can" drones to show up, the crime in Baltimore should take a noticeable drop during the time Obama is giving his platitude laced speech. Baltimore is one of Obama's stops in his tracing of President Abraham Lincoln's 1861 route to Washington. I could have been one of the masses standing out in sea of stupidity on a 23 degree day to witness the person that could potentially put a death nail into our economy. I think I'll just stay home in my warm house and do something actually important and worth wild instead. On a brighter note, the Mayor of Baltimore Sheila Dixon was indited last Friday.

I meant to mention the indictment last week, but as usual something came up. Dixon is also a major Obama supporter. It seems like Obama and corrupt supporters and associates go together like peanut butter and jelly. I've always known that Dixon was crooked even when she was the City Council President. Her supporters are quick in saying that "she is being judged before even having a trial to defend herself". All I can say to that is ask Sarah Palin what it is like to be judged without knowing the facts. Mayor Sheila Dixon was charged in a 12 count indictment. The indictment included felony theft, perjury, fraud and misconduct in office. If she is convicted on all counts, Dixon could face 85 years in prison. When the news of the indictment came down last Friday evening, I thought it was a major local story here in Baltimore. When I checked out the Drudge Report later that evening, that was when this story went national. It has gotten so bad for Dixon, even Jay Leno made a very funny joke about her.

Leno has always been my favorite late night comedian. With the dark ethics cloud hanging over Dixon's head and my Ravens facing the Steelers for the AFC title and a trip to the Super Bowl, the only downside right now to things being "right as rain" in Baltimore is the visit of Mr. "illusion" himself. Oh well, two out of three isn't bad.

A person should be admired for his or her deeds and bravery not just for the color of their skin.

It's being called the "Miracle on the Hudson". Yesterday a group of heroes showed why people should be praised and celebrated for their bravery and noble deeds and not judged on the color of a person's skin. Yesterday US Airways Flight 1549 took off from New York to Charlotte North Carolina. Just after lift off, a flock of geese blew out both engines of the aircraft. Pilot Chesley B. Sullenberger III skillfully guided the plane and made a perfect landing on the Hudson River. Experts are calling the landing one of the most precise emergency landings ever done on water. Mr. Sullenberger's piloting skill can't be highlighted enough. If one of the wings would have touched the water on a slant upon landing, it would have caused the plane to cartwheel and break up on the water. Once the plane safely landed on the river. Mr. Sullenberger's and his crew successful evacuated all 150 passengers onto fairies and tugboats that arrived on the scene a few minutes after the plan landed.

To further highlight the heroic actions of Pilot Sullenberger, he doubled checked the down jet for passengers even when it was assumed that all were evacuated. Mr. Sullenberger and his crew illustrates perfectly why I'm not caught up in the hype of a person being "historic". What these four individuals did along with the assistance of the tugboats and ferry operators goes beyond one man being "historic". What all these individuals did was "HEROIC". People's lives were saved because of the leadership of pilot Chesley Sullenberger and his crew. It goes back to what I've been saying time and time again. A person's greatness and admiration should be judged by his or her character and deeds not the color of the individual's skin. These are comments from one of the passengers of 1549 about the actions of pilot Chesley Sullenberger.

Brace for impact,'" said Mark Hood of Charlotte, N.C., who was flying home after a work trip. "He said it in a calm, cool, controlled voice. It was a testament to leadership."Had he let any tension leak into his voice," Hood said, "it would have been magnified in the passengers."As the cabin took on water, Sullenberger climbed out of the jet only after the four other crew members and 150 passengers made their orderly exit. When he reached a raft, someone on a ferry tossed him a knife, and he cut away the tether to the jet.One by one, the passengers were plucked to safety from the rafts, Hood and Sullenberger the last ones left. The passenger insisted the pilot get off first, but Sullenberger refused. He had been the last off the plane, and he would be the last off the raft.

Why can't people like Chesley Sullenberg run for political office or even President. Our country is currently suffering severely from peopole being stuck on stupid. Right now our country needs leadership and swift decision making like the kind Mr. Sullenberg clearly shown. Nope, we can't have that. A person's race is more important I guess. This just makes me think how incredibility trite and shallow our country has become. Pilot Sullenberg and his crew along with the responders should take a bow. Leaders and heroes don't exist in Washington, but they are still alive an well in this country. Job well done!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A show of liberal "tolerance" and "compassion" towards Jews and Israel on DISPLAY.

Liberals suffer from a severe disconnect when it comes to dealing with a thing called reality. They mostly tend to see the polar opposite of what something really is. To them things that people would consider to be bad is actually good and vice versa. Here's an example. Normal thinking people that follow the events in the Middle East would call groups like Hamas and Hezbollah "Islamic terrorist groups" and rightfully so. Most liberals however hold an "opposite" view of these groups. To them they are considered "freedom fighters". These same people also called the people that took up arms and set road side bombs to kill our soliders in Iraq "freedom fighters" as well. There have been several protests in the United States recently over the current Israeli- Palestinian conflict. This whole situation started because of Hamas breaking the cease fire it had with Israel. Israel upheld it's end of the agreement, because they just want to be left alone in peace. Many on the left in their warped view sees Israel as the villain and Hamas as the liberators in this continuning conflict. Zombietime is a great site for people to see how completely "INTOLERANT, NONE COMPASSIONATE AND COMPLETELY MENTAL" people on the left really are. Check out these photos of liberals marching in San Francisco. Liberals like to present an illusionary argument that the right is all about "bigotry and hate speech". Using logic to destroy their pathetic rtheroic of where they say the hate is coming from is very easy. Who are the ones in the United States supporting Israel's right to exist and it's right to defend itself? Check out these protest signs from the "tolerant left" and tell me would you consider them "hate filled"? Just remember that San Francisco is the heart of liberalism and is not the deep south.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rejoice for he has risen politically and in 8 short days>

Saturday, January 10, 2009

McCain, Powell, Biden to be honored by Obama at dinners on the eve of his inauguration.

I guess my invite got lost in the mail, oh well. In another photo opportunity to give the impression that Barack Obama will be a "unifying" President modeling Abraham LIncoln, Obama is planning to honor John McCain, Colin Powell and Joe Biden at three dinners on the eve of his inauguration. According to Obama's inaugural committee, the three dinners across Washington are to honor "leaders who worked across party lines". Obama claims that the dinners will honor Americans who put their country ahead of their political party. He also claims that bipartisanship was a central theme of his campaign and transition to power. As I'm typing this story, I'm expressing a sarcastic stone faced smirk. Outside of the media and Obama's supporters, who in their right mind will buy this dribble? I know I don't and with very good reason. Obama spent most of his time in the U.S Senate running for President. In the few times he did vote on bills, he managed to establish the most liberal voting record in the U.S Senate in 2007. What Obama is doing is honoring those who helped him win the election. He's just creating a theme to make himself sound "above the fray" and "noble". I can think of a person that "put his country first" and risked being ostracized by his own Party for helping John McCain. That person is U.S Senator Joe Lieberman from Connecticut . Because Lieberman crossed the political aisle to support Bush on Iraq and the war on terror as well as campaign for McCain, Democrats treated Lieberman like absolute garbage. It was only because of independents that he won re election. He had to run as an Independent is his state of Connecticut, because he lost in the Democrat primary in 2006 to Ned Lamont. Lieberman is a solidly liberal Democrat. His only "cardinal sin" was that he supported the Iraq War. Top Democrats threatened to expelled Lieberman from his Chairman position of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee. Joe Lieberman had the most to lose by reaching across the aisle then any of the people Obama is so called "honoring". Even though I'm a hard right conservative, I believe that if anyone deserves to be honored is Joe Lieberman. I'm sure Obama and Democrats feel the complete opposite of course. I find it hilarious that Obama's inauguration committee called Powell, McCain and Biden, "leaders". What were any of those mentioned ever leaders of? John McCain was never a Republican majority or minority leader in the Senate. As for Colin Powell, he never held a public office position in his life. It can't be said that Powell reached across the aisle in the support of Obama, because Powell never endorsed anybody before anyways. Then there is BIden. Biden did help Republicans on some business legislation in his career, because his state of Delaware is a very business friendly state when it comes to businesses incorporating there as well as credit card companies setting up their head quarters there. During his career Biden was given the nickname "Mr. MBNA". That stood for Maryland Bank North America. MBNA was bought out by Bank of America several years ago. I also noticed that a certain type of Republican isn't being honored by Obama. McCain and Powell are both Republicans, but both aren't conservatives. Before McCain thought about running for President, Democrats praised McCain as "their favorite Republican". Also McCain at one time came very close to switching parties and becoming a Democrat. That is why I said before that these dinners to honor McCain, Biden and Powell are noting more then entertainment before the big spectacle too follow twenty four hours later.

No retreat and no surrender!!! The fight has just begun.

Not even forty eight hours after Obama beat McCain to win the Presidency, Obama's legions of motley fools along with some rubber legged Republicans were saying that Republicans and conservatives needed to rally around Obama to face the challenges that face this country. I'm hearing so called conservatives saying that conservatives must work with Obama, and "we should wish him well". All I have to say to that request speaking as a paleo conservative is that I am not going to kiss Barack Obama's behind period for any reason and for no one!!! As a true conservative, why in the world would I want a socialist and his ideology to "do well"? Think about what I just said. First off, his policies by design are destined to fail. They have historically already been proven to be a failure. I remember back in January when the pseudo conservative talk show host slash movie critic Michael Medved attacked paleo conservatives for daring to the go after and trying to stop John McCain in the primary in South Carolina. Micheal wrote on town that the big losers were conservatives and talk radio for going after John McCain. Actually the big loser was Michael and other false conservatives that wanted McCain to win the Republican nomination. 2008 was more then just a Presidential election year. Last year represented the unofficial start of the political and social ideological civil war among neo conservatives, paleo conservatives and liberals within the Republican Party. Liberals and neo cons within the Republican Party got their ideal candidate last year with the nomination of John McCain, and their ideal candidate lost in ideal form. It's never to be expected for a political class to ever admit they are out of touch and that they ultimately failed. Instead of Republican liberals and neo cons admitting that their perfect candidate and their ideology lost to a solidly liberal Democrat, they had to try and save face by blaming their lose on McCain's conservative running mate. I don't care what pseudo conservatives are saying about helping, working or even respecting Barack Obama. Obama represents everything that I'm against, and I will not candy coat his inherit flaws for anyone whether it be Republicans or Democrats. For eight years, I've never ever heard Democrat liberals in congress defend George W Bush against their fellow liberal colleague's attacks. On the message boards, the chat rooms and even the blogs, liberals were united in their destain for George Bush. As I stated before, Conservatism wasn't at the top of the ballot last year. Republicans kissing the ring of the media anointed liberal godfather isn't going to help win them elections as a party, and it won't save their seats in congress either. As for myself and scores of other conservatives across this country, we've always seen through Barack Obama from the very beginning. We aren't caught up in the massive illusion that has been presented. Even though Bush is a neo conservative, did liberals wish for his success from the very first day he was sworn into office up until last year's election? The answer is obvious. I'm not even faulting liberals for being against Bush. Liberals are mostly ignorant in their thought process on how the world really is, but they have the right to believe in what they believe and support who they want to support. With me saying that, paleo conservatives also have the right to not support Barack Hussein Obama on anything. We don't have to buy int to the mass marketed platitudes of "change" or "yes we can". So to those who have been saying recently that I've been needlessly attacking Obama, you need to pay attention to what I've been saying since Obama announced his candidacy. Every comment I've made about Obama has been connected to the news related to him. My blog is about conservative commentary, so as a conservative why would any Obama supporter get upset with me for commenting on Obama from a conservative perspective? All I can say is that if people that support Obama are mad at me and other conservatives for not bowing down to the political Messiah, wait until January 20th. You haven't begun to see anything yet, game on. Sixty three million people did vote for Barack Obama for President, but the fifty seven million people that didn't vote for Barack Obama will not be ignored either.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Sarah Palin finally unleashes on the mainstream aka Obama media and hypocrisy in general.

Governor Sarah Palin recently sat down for an interview for a soon to be released documentary about the media coverage of the election of 2008. I'm glad she's finally setting the record straight and exposed how phony and two faced the media is. I get asked all the time by the Obama drones, why do I like Sarah Palin so much. Over the next few weeks I'm going to go into greater detail the reasons why. This is Palin's interview with John ZIegler..

I decided to make fun of the Palin hating kooks. I completely outdid myself on this one.

Skin color can't address our country's problems or the world's problems as President.

Just my random thoughts on why Obama's skin color doesn't make for him to be or become a great President by default. When it is all said and done, it will come down to solutions. When the "historic" tag line of Obama's skin color is taken out of the equation, what is actually left to warrant Obama's praise that he is going to be a great president?

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Obama's "one president at at time" defense in not commenting on the Hamas Israel conflict.

The position of Obama's sounds all well and good except of for small contradiction. Back in early August of last year, Russia invaded Georgia's breakaway province of South Ossetia. George Bush was still president at that time. So that would have meant that Barack Obama should have remained silent on this issue right?

It didn't stop him then when it came to the Russia-Georgia conflict, so why now he has no response when it comes to the Israel-Hamas conflict?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Obama manages to tick off Al Qaeda without even saying one word.

Poor little Barry. He can't seem to caught a break these days. It seemed just like two months ago, he was on cloud nine. His loyal cult was foaming at the mouth in delight imagining a sheer utopia that would take shape on January 20th. There seems to be a little hiccup in the plans though. It looks like the Islamic terrorist organization Al Queda is upset that they didn't get an invite to Obama's inauguration. I'm kidding, but they are upset at Obama though. Obama has been trying to stay clear of commenting on the Israeli operations to root out Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Palestinians supporters were protesting at Obama's rented Hawaii Beach House, and there has been anti Israeli protests in Fort Lauderdale. These are the representatives of the "religion of peace" in action.

The old saying use to be that "If you don't go looking for trouble, trouble won't find you". Well it looks like little Barry Obama has found trouble just because he was trying to avoid it. Al Queda's number two in command Ayman al-Zawahiri lashed out at Obama in a audio recording accusing him of not doing anything to stop Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip, I guess Mr. Zawahiri didn't get his satellite phone call from his cave that Obama's "Office of the President Elect" is merely a prop, Obama has no power yet. I kind of take offense to Mr. Zawahiri's attitude towards little Barry. How insensitive can he be? Obama is rehearsing very hard to make sure he gets his role down just right by January 20th. All isn't lost for Obama though Mr. Zawahiri described Israel's actions in Gaza as a "crusade against Islam and Muslims" and called it "Obama's gift to Israel". And here I was worried that by Obama's silence, he was going to betray Israel. At least Al Zawahiri put that thought to rest. Is Obama going to take this verbal smack down by Al Zawahirir? I would think Hussein's street creds in the Muslim world is being questioned. If Obama doesn't have the testicular fortitude to challenge Al Zawahiri, Obama could always run to Farahkan for help. That would make for an interesting conflict in the Muslim world. How about the Nation of Islam vs Al Queda? Joking aside for a moment. I wonder could the reason Al Zawahiri released this audio attacking Obama is because Israel is inflicting heavy causalities on Hamas? The audio could be a desperate attempt by Al Queda to tip Obama's hand. I never thought I would ever have to say that Joe Biden was actually right about something. Back in October, Biden said Obama will be tested. challenge when he becomes President. I don't think he thought it would be two weeks prior to being sworn in though. So with the number two member of Al Qeada calling Barry out, Barry also has to deal with Hugo Chavez cutting off it's propaganda heating oil give away to low income residents in the United State. Since Obama is the political Messiah, I'm sure he can take a gallon of heating oil and multiple it for the multitude of the poor, so everything should be alright. Obama might want to bring a few bottles of aspirin on the 21st, he's going to have a hard first day trying to understanding why people still hate the United States eventhough Bush will no longer be around. I said this was going to be a fun four years didn't I? I just remembered something also. This is the same Al Zawahiri that called Obama a "House Negro"just two months ago. There is nothing magic in that.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Why is Obama silent on the Hamas-Israeli conflict?

Reporters have been asking the Messiah and his transition team several times now for his thoughts on the violence between Hamas and Israel. If Obama is curled up in a fetal position hoping desperately that this situation is going to go away, he should brace himself for some bad news. With Israel sending ground troops into the Gaza Strip, it's almost a certainty that Israel's military operations will last more then sixteen days. So far the only response Obama's transition team has muttered was that he is "monitoring" the situation. Obama now can't pander to Muslims and then Jews like he did during his campaign. As President he has to actually come out with an official position one way or the other. Obama isn't use to making decisions that could have negative political consequences. I still remember when Obama was asked by Rick Warren about his position on abortion. Obama stuttered wildly then gave a lame answer that, "It's beneath my pay grade". As a State Senator in Illinois, Obama voted present on many legislative bills, because he was to scared to take an official position pro or con. The days of him threading the political needle and trying to have his cake and eat it too is over. Thank goodness, I never expected nor do I expect Obama to be a strong decisive leader. Now people will finally see what I and many others have already known .

On a side note: It looks like Israel is going for Hamas's throat. Israel's Prime Minister has given the order to send ground troops into Gaza to weed out Hamas. I hope they are successful with as few Israeli causalities as possible, and I hope they systemically wipe out Hamas for good! GO ISRAEL!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Ron Paul and what if Part 3

The million dollar question is how would a Ron Paul vs Barack Obama match up in 2012 fair out? The lesson that should be cast in stone from this Presidential Election is that "Left to center Republicans can't win the presidency". Obama will have a hard time defending a collapsed economy in 2012. The same way FDR prolonged the great depression is the same way Obama's FDR version 2.0 "stimulus" is going to flat line the economy. . All one has to do is go back in time and understand why Bush 41 and Bob Dole lost to Bill Clinton. Bush 41 ran as a conservative on the coat tails of Reagan to win, but he forgot that quickly the reason Reagan was able to win in landslides in 1980 and 1984. Herbert Bush moderated his positions once he won, and the rest is history. Line up John McCain, Herbert Bush and Bob Dole. All three of them weren't conservatives. George Bush ran as a conservative and won against Gore, The only reason he won re election was because conservatives couldn't stand Kerry and they supported the war in Iraq. Bush wasn't governing as a conservative once he was sworn into office. The bottom line is this. Republicans that run as conservatives tend to win elections. Ron Paul has always been an attack dog against the growth of government. I would like to see him run again for the nomination in 2012. If the economy is as screwed up as I expect it will be, he may be the only person that can beat Obama by attacking Obama through his love of bigger bloated government that can't substain itself.

Ron Paul and what if Part 2

Here' s a scenario I was thinking about recently. What if this last Presidential Election came down between Ron Paul and Barack Obama? Many of the issues that plagued John McCain I don't believe would have impacted Ron Paul the same way. Obama wouldn't have been able to attack Paul on the issue of Iraq, because Paul would have basically been on the same page as Obama. Iraq and the surge was the main platform for McCain. The real Maverick is actually Ron Paul when you think about it. Ron Paul was anything but a follower of the almost liberal policies and spending of George Bush. If the youth vote was backing Ron Paul, Barack Obama would have lost. Another reason why I believe Ron Paul could have beaten Barack Obama. Ron Paul has a sharp command of economic issues. Barack Obama is basically green as grass. When the housing market collapse started to overflow into the stock market around September, Paul could have easily communicated to the American people the reasons for the credit crunch, and he would have came out against the seven hundred billion dollar bailout. That would have put him in the position of being a true limited government conservative and a champion of middle class America. Several polls released after Bush signed the bailout bill into law showed that most Americans were against the bailout. McCain and Obama were for it. I guess we will never know the official outcome of a Paul vs Obama match up, but I believe Paul could have won or at the very least it would have been an extremely close lose mirroring the 2000 election.

Ron Paul and what if Part 1

I will never fully understand how Congressman Ron Paul was completely deionized by so called conservatives last year during the presidential primaries. When I look back to the crop of candidates that ran for the Republican Nomination, there were only four candidates that I considered true conservatives. They were Duncan Hunter, Tom Tancredo, Alan Keyes and Ron Paul. Do you want to know what all these candidates had in common besides being conservatives? All four of these candidates never made it out of the second tier group during the primaries. I had a chance to watch the candidates last year at the Republican Presidential Debate that was held at Morgan University here in Baltimore. When I heard Ron Paul speak, I realized that he was the only candidate on stage that was explaining exactly what was wrong with the fiscal and monetary policies in Washington. I was very impressed with his knowledge on economics. Ron Paul was able to attract a huge following of young voters during the primaries due to the fact that they actually understood what he was saying. They connected with him on the issue of pulling out of Iraq. Paul was ostracized by talk radio personalities merely, because he was opposed to the Iraq war. For one moment in time, Ron Paul had a demographic group the Republican Party have been scratching it's head trying to figure out how to attract. Ron Paul had the "youth vote" in the palm of his hands. When it became apparent that Paul wasn't going to be taken seriously as a candidate by his fellow Republicans and Conservatives, young people left Paul and went to Obama. This is a poll that Rasmussen or Zogby should conduct to prove my point. They should do a poll asking the young people that voted for Obama "Did they at one time support Ron Paul for President". The election platform for Republicans was mostly about Iraq, and who originally made Iraq an issue for Republicans and conservatives to rally around? It was the poison of the Republican Party "George Walker Bush". There is no rationale explanation why a person like John McCain won the Republican nomination over Ron Paul. This is Ron Paul speaking at CPAC last year. It's no surprise why true conservatives loved Paul and booed McCain at CPAC.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Lobbyist Sues NY Times Over McCain 'Affair' Article

This could be said to be a case of "poetic justice". In 2008, the mainstream media ignored all rules of journalism. The media including the New York Times orchestrated a two prong strategy. The first part of the strategy was to mass market Barack Hussein Obama as the greatest thing ever to come along since Abraham Lincoln, John Fitzgerald Kennedy and even Jesus Christ. Their second part of their strategy was to attack viciously, repeatedly and recklessly anything related to John Sydney McCain and Sarah Palin whether it was true or in most cases untrue. It doesn't take the brightest people "sorry Obamatrons "in the room to know that the media ran zero investigative stories on Barack Obama during 2008, eventhough there were plenty of issues that were out there and needed to be explored such as Obama's past, his affiliations and his beliefs. Earlier in the year the New York Times wrote a hit piece on a former lobbyist for John McCain. Her name is Vicki L. Iseman. The piece from the slimes reported that McCain aides once worried the relationship between Iseman and McCain had turned romantic. Now it looks like the ones that should be "worried" is the New York Times itself. On Tuesday Ms. Iseman filed a $27 million dollar defamation suit in U.S. District Court in Richmond. I hope and pray that she wins her case. Since the New York Times is already treading on financial skid row, a quick payout or even drawing this case out won't be good for the Times financially. Maybe Ms. Iseman's lawsuit will accelerate the New York Time inevitable Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing. I so hope so. If we are lucky maybe the New York Times will be so financially drained from this lawsuit and it's crushing debt load that it will have to go chapter 7 liquidation instead of chapter 11 reorganization. In any case maybe Governor Palin can help sell the New York Times assets on Ebay in a liquidation sale. Keep your fingers crossed and wish Ms. Iseman good luck with her case going forward.

Chuck Schumer equates "talk radio" to "porn".

That is his "rationality" for why the "Fairness Doctrine" needs to be re established. The real reason Chuck and the liberal hoards want it back is, because conservative talk radio is a form of media that liberals can't beat in the open market place. Remember what I always say, "liberals always use one reason for wanting to promote an agenda in order to mask their "TRUE" intent. It has nothing to do with what Schumer says about being "fair and balanced". Schumer said talk radio should be regulated like porn is.

I wonder could talk radio ever get this "naughty" according to Smucky Schumer?! :-0

Happy New Year 2009!!

Did Barack Obama nuetralize Bobby Rush's race card strategy?

This is an interesting turn of events. Just the other day Congressman Bobby Rush threw the race card down on the Senate Majority leader Harry Reid practically double daring him to not confirm the appointment of Roland Burris. Well now it looks like Harry Reid has a card up his sleeve, and his card is way more powerful then Bobby Rush's race card strategy. Yesterday the American Idol President elect came out AGAINST the confirmation of Roland Burris as well. I don't think ol Bobby has enough testicular fortitude to say that Obama is trying to "lynch" or "hang" Roland Burris. Rush could have tried it with Reid, but now it's a completely different ballgame. This is the black racist himself explaining his race coded words comments.