Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Justice is served and a "dream" lives on.

The ruling yesterday by the Supreme Court in favor of the white New Haven firefighters represents a great day for Civil Rights in America. I can't wrap my mind around how liberals think on the aspects of "equal justice" in America. What they view as "equality" is anything but "equality". In reality, their concept of equality is to discriminate against one group "whites" in favor of another "non whites". It is in essence "robbing from Peter in order to pay Paul". At the end of the day, someone still got robbed. The people that were robbed in the New Haven fire fighter's exam were white firefighters and one Hispanic firefighter. Yesterday in a five to four ruling, The Supreme Court ruled that the City of New Haven Connecticut was wrong in denying the promotion of white firefighters that scored higher then other black firefighters on the promotional exam. Liberals do not see non whites as "equals" in society, especially white liberals. They see blacks and Hispanics as nothing more then "oppressed victims" that some how can't do for themselves without their help. This is the sole purpose why liberal activists "dumb down" tests to begin with. They want to achieve an "equal outcome" by "lowering the bar". I guess in their delusion of good intentions, they can't see that their actions are actually hurting blacks and Hispanics more so then helping them. When the City of New Haven originally threw out the promotion exam because blacks didn't score high enough, that demonstrated what the officials in New Haven thought about the black firefighters in the first place. From a liberal's perspective, they blame the test for being "racist" or "geared towards whites". Normal people would just say that the black firefighters need to "STUDY HARDER SO THEY CAN GET A HIGHER SCORE ON THE NEXT EXAM", Sorry for yelling, but I wanted to make a contrasting point between the two mindsets. If liberals truly believed in the potential of blacks and Hispanics as "individuals" regardless of their race and economic backgrounds, they would be telling them to study harder and apply themselves, but they don't do that. The white firefighters in the New Haven case played by the rules, and they rightfully deserve their promotions. This is a great day for those that still believe that a person should be "judged on the content of their character and not the color of their skin".


Monday, June 29, 2009

Why are the race pimps speaking for the Jackson family?

I am suffering a brain freeze trying to come up with a rational answer to that question. I know that Al Shartpon and Jesse Jackson are lower then smelly dog crap on a hundred degree day. I also know they they are two self serving, egotistical, race hustling poverty pimps. Normally when a son dies in a family, the mother and father speaks for the family. Joe Jackson should be the person speaking out on the latest news regarding Michael. I wish Jesse and Al would go somewhere and sit the hell down already. Contrary to what they might think, the black community doesn't revolve around them. If Joe Jackson was any type of a man, he would handle the affairs of HIS SON. Here is CNN kissing the behind of Jesse "I have a sceam" Jackon. This whole Michael Jackson situation has officially become a full blown circus.

In my "fair and balanced" reporting of the snake oil salesmen, here's Al Sharpton finding a way to get "face time" to exploit the death of Michael Jackson.

Is Obama a "super hero" or "super zero"?

Here's a hint. It's not the first choice. This is the latest parody from Jib-Jab. They've seriously outdone themselves with their latest creation. Obama has not come to save the day!!

Jon Voight: Obama is a "false prophet".

Jon Voight is one of the few actors in Hollywood that is openly "out of the political closet"as a conservative Republican. To be that in Hollywood is "taboo". I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Voight. He's not only extremely brave, but he's also very bright. Jon Voight understands not only how Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008, but he also has a very clear concept on what Republicans need to do in order to regain power in 2010 and 2012. The question of course is, will cowardly Republicans even listen? Jon Voight addressed the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee back on June 4th at a Republican dinner function in Washington DC. In his speech, Jon really took Obama and the media to task. His speech should be listened to by every person that calls themself a conservative. Jon referred to Obama as a "false prophet" which can't be disputed. It's nice to know that I'm not the only person that also see Obama for the false idol his sicko worshipers and the media try to prop him up as being. Mr. Voight should consider giving up acting in hollyweird and truly dwell on running for political office. After watching this speech, I believe it will be very hard for anyone to not come to that conclusion. Jon Voight is the real deal!!

Warren Buffet claims the economy is in "Shambles".

I wonder exactly how long did it take for Buffet to figure that out? Warren Buffet is an investment genius. He rotates between being the second and third richest man in the world according to Forbes Magazine. That's where my praise for Buffet stops cold. Warren Buffet is a Democrat and, he voted for Obama. In a interview last week on CNBC, Warren Buffet said point blank that the economy is currently in "Shambles" with no real signs of recovery. I can only assume that Warren is a fan of capitalism and the free market. I don't understand how anybody that claims to embrace free market capitalism could have voted for and still support Barack Obama to this day. Warren Buffet is rich in wealth, yet he's not that bright in common sense outside of his investment realm. Since Buffet understands that the economy is in "Shambles", why does he still like Barack Obama? Why does he believe so much that a radical fascist gives a dam or cares anything about repairing and promoting a free market economy? If Warren and other wealthy liberals believe the economy is bad now, they really haven't seen nothing yet. Maybe they need to lose a few more billions to help them understand the obvious. Liberalism isn't about wealth creation. It's about wealth redistrubtion.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The reasons why the 4th of July Tea Party protests are needed.

It is time for all of us so called "right wing extremist" to gather once again. A lot has transpired in our nation since the first round of Tea Parties were held back on April 15th. To say that the Tea Parties are needed now more then ever is a gross understatement. Obama and his foot soldiers in congress are trying to ram down our country's throat so much poison, I don't see how the country can survive it if it's all passed. I was very pleased to hear that the "ABC-OBAMA" production on the promotion of Obama's health care "reform" bombed in the ratings. Even with that said, Obama is still pushing hard to get a government run health care bill passed by the end of this year. I posted the results of the Gallup poll showing that Obama is losing support among independent voters. This goes back to what I've said back in April during the first round of Tea Party protests. Liberals and their media allies tried to paint the people attending the Tea Parties as nothing more then "white, racist, Republicans" mad that a black man is in the White House. They conveniently stuck their fingers in their ears to the truth as usual. The Tea Parties were attended by not only Republicans but Democrats and also the all important "Independent" voters. The recent Gallup poll verified that Americans across the political spectrum are in deed becoming increasingly upset with not only Obama but self serving politicians in congress in general. The cap and tax bill passed in the House of Representatives Friday. If you aren't sitting down while reading this, you just might want to do so now. It appears that the idiots and morons in congress that VOTED IN FAVOR OF THE BILL " DIDN'T EVEN READ IT"!!!! Yes you all read right. The 1500 page cap and tax bill passed without any of the self serving liars that voted for it actually reading it. This is why the Tea Parties are vitally needed. If someone asked me to endorse a book, I would be an absolute fool to do so without at least reading it first. I forget to mention something else about the cap and tax bill. Once it was announced that the bill did pass, THE GARBAGE THAT VOTED FOR AND DIDN'T EVEN READ THE BILL "CHEERED" ONCE IT WAS CONFIRMED THAT IT PASSED!! That really angers me, and this is why it does. 219 members of congress voted in favor of the cap and tax bill, eight Republican rinos were included. I bet if I asked every congress person that voted in favor of that bill that they didn't even want to read, "were they looking out for my best interests" when they voted, everyone of them would look me in the eye one bye one and say "YES". This is why the Tea Parties are needed. It is really that simple. In the real world, people are fired for not doing their job. Call me crazy or even a little bit naive, but I always thought that politicians were suppose to vote yes or no on any legislation BASED ON WHAT IS IN THE LEGISLATION!! I forgot to mention something else. If people aren't ready to march on Washington yet, this will probably be the icing on the cake. I forgot to mention that the original cap and tax bill was 1200 pages. Friday at 3:09 am in morning, 300 more pages were added to the then 1200 page bill. This made the entire bill 1500 pages total, and the entire bill was voted on 16 hours later. Do anyone recall the words of Nancy Pelosi when she was sworn in as the Liar aka Speaker of the House?

She claimed that the Democrats were going to lead the "most honest, most ethical, most open congress in history". Did the way the "stimulus" and "cap and tax" bills were passed represent "honesty" and "transparency" ? Here is one last note on why the Tea Parties are vitally necessary. Did any of you see the "Stimulus Bill" posted online before it was signed by Obama? Did any of you see any of the legislation posted online before Obama signed it into law? If you answered no, don't be feel bad. The bills were never posted in the first place. I posted what Pelosi said about ethics and transparency, let's hear those same hollow words from the person at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Once again, now do you all understand why the Tea Parties are necessary?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Obama admites Americans will pay more for energy if his cap and tax bill is passed and signed into law.

The Obama nation doesn't want to see the writing that is currently on the wall. If they want to remain blind and in the dark, I have no problem with that. For some people ignorance is bliss. It is a different story for the rest of us. The people that have never joined the "yes we can" societal cult know more about Barack Hussein Obama then his loyal zombies that worship the ground he walks on. Obama said last year that he wasn't going to raise taxes on people that made over $250k a year. Is it safe to say that increased energy prices act as a "tax" to the American people? I would say it does. If people are spending more money on energy and less in the economy, is the economy going to "grow" or "contract"? I can't make up or manipulate common sense. Liberals don't get it. This is why I've said over and over that Obama "doesn't care about fixing the economy", he never did. It was never apart of his plan. The economy started to slow down last year, when energy prices started to go through the roof. If that being said, I want you all to listen to Barack Obama "IN HIS OWN WORDS". This is Obama talking about the impact of the passing of a "cap and trade" bill will have on the average citizen's energy rates. Obama would look like a deer caught in the headlights of an approaching car at high speed if he was asked this question. How is it in the "best interest" of Americans and the economy to pay a lot more for energy?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The King of Pop has died, and the world has come to a stand still.

For the first time in a long time, I'm absolutely speechless and am in shock. This story obviously isn't going to have a political motive behind it. The sudden death of Michael Jackson can only be measured as an "historic catastrophic global shock". My favorite decade was the 80's without a doubt. Michael Jackson was one of my favorite performers. Many people claim that Michael Jackson was as big or if not bigger then Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Since the announcement of his death, all of his videos on You tube have spiked into the millions. Also, it has been reported that the entire Internet came to crawl due to so many people logging into Internet news sites to find out what happened. I'm not going to jump on the negatives of Jackson's life like the media wolf pac has done since they've learned of his passing. Michael Jackson was only 50 years old. The news outlets are saying that he died of a heart attack. I'm sure the official cause will surface in the following days. Thanks for the memories Michael, and you will be missed.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ABC decides to become Obama's loyal whore in order to promote his government health care proposal.

How gullible can people get? I understand that our country is full of lazy, unmotivated, leeches. I also understand that these people are for a lack of a better word, "freeloaders". These people are liberal in nature and feel its the responsibility of the government to "take care of them". I hear them constantly using the words "free health care" or "universal health care". Any service that is promoted as being "free" will be abused. Its human nature, and that will never change. If I ran an ad in the local newspaper here in Baltimore saying that I was "giving away" a car in running condition, my phone wouldn't stop ringing off the hook. This is why the whole essence of the government running health care is so gravely dangerous. If the federal government does indeed take over the health care system, insanely long waiting lines and sub standard care will become the norm. People will go to the hospital merely for something relatively stupid like a splinter or a hang nail. Their reasoning will be that "its no money out of their pocket", and "that's why they pay taxes for". Tomorrow on ABC News, the network has decided to make itself a bigger whore for Barack Obama then they usual are. They will be broadcasting from the White House. The reason for this "special event" is so that Obama can pitch his "Obamacare" government plan. ABC didn't want any opposing views against Obama's plan, they went as far as to turn down "paid" advertising from groups that have a different perspective on the impact of government health care. So ABC's broadcast will be nothing more then a glorified Obama informerical. ABC "claims their coverage will be balanced" in their questioning of Obama. Why would anyone for one mintue expect a network that donated heavily to Obama's campaign will ask Obama even one hard question? They didn't do it during the campaign, so why would they start now? I roll my eyes just knowing what the reaction would be if George Bush invited Fox News to broadcast from the White House to help promote the Iraq war. I wonder how many people in our country remember when Obama claimed up and down that he wasn't a "socialist". I wonder could he explain to the American people now how his government run health care plan isn't the ultimate form of socialism? A sucker is truly born every minute, if he or she believes that the government will give them a "chicken in every pot" and "free first class health care".

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Looks like Obama's approval rating is finally starting to come down to earth.

When you follow politics, you start to notice certain trends. I knew Obama's approval numbers had to come down to normal levels eventually. Some couldn't figure out why his approval numbers remained high month after month. To me it was a clear as water flowing out of a tap. Back in December, I said that Obama had two types of supporters that made it possible for him to win the election. He won among his base of Democrat kooks, and he won the majority of Independents voters. Democrats voted for Obama overwhelmingly because of his skin color, his liberal ideology, and he wasn't George W. Bush. Independents on the other hand voted for Obama based mainly on the current issues. The number one issue that came out of the exit polls was "the economy". Well we are almost seven months into the Obama "era", and it looks like reality is starting to set in for Obama. The latest Gallup Poll was released the other day, and it showed what I knew was going to happen. Obama's approval numbers have slipped to it's lowest rating yet at 58%. Many would say that it is still a high percentage of support. I agree, but Obama's all time high was around 70% percent. Look at the graph very carefully, and you all will see why Obama is sinking slowly but steadily. Obama has maintained his very high support among his Democrat bottom feeding base. That is to be expected. His support among Independents is where things get interesting. Obama biggest drop in approval has come from Independents voters. I gave a detailed explanation why Republicans lost control of congress in 2006 and why McCain lost to Obama in November. Candidates regardless of party affiliation "can't win elections with out attracting support from "Independent voters". Independent voters are looking at the issues and how Obama is addressing them, and they don't like what they see. Obama's numbers dropped 7 points among Independent voters and 4 points among Republican voters. Even with Obama's support among Dems increasing, it isn't enough to keep his overall approval numbers above 60%. If Obama continues to lose support among Independents, his approval numbers could get down to the low 50% range. I don't want this to happen just yet. I want to see his numbers start to tank among Independent voters around 2011 going into 2012. Independents are becoming very upset at Obama's reckless spending and his "out in the open" power grab to expand the federal government. I said it many times that Obama benefited from the nation's negative taste of George W. Bush. The decline in Obama's numbers prove that Obama can no longer milk the "blame bush cow" in order to mask his failures. People are starting to catch on. For whatever it's worth, it's still an interesting trend, and it's a clear signal that the "Honeymoon is coming to an end" for Obama.

The speech Obama should be giving on the current events in Iran, but Obama isn't Reagan.

Reagan knew all about the power of freedom. He knew it was worth fighting for and worth dying for. This is why Obama my be a "historic" president, but he'll never be a "great" president like Reagan.

Obama and his legions say that America should just sit back and say absolutely nothing about the civil unrest in Iran. Contrast the speech President Reagan gave on freedom to the words of Obama on "staying out of Iran's business".

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The world reacts to the turmoil in Iran, yet the leader of the free world remains silent.

Obama needs to consult with a higher power on how to proceed with addressing the civil unrest in Iran. His all knowing teleprompter is rumored to be in the shop for repairs. Maybe he can consult with former President Jimmy Carter. Oh wait a minute, he was the reason for the Islamic Revolution in Iran in the first place. There are people in our country that believe that Obama shouldn't say anything. In my book it's different. A person either stands for something or he or she will fall for anything. Barack Obama is pathetically weak on foreign policy. I guess since I'm not a community organizer by trade, the obvious makes sense to me. This is what erks me about Hussein. He tries to tippy toe on the issue of the Iranian election and the current protests. He's trying to present a picture of the United States being as neutral as possible on the issue while the world reacts with protests of their own.

Obama has talked relentlessly about "respecting Iran's sovereignty", he doesn't practice what he preaches, when it comes to respecting the sovereignty and rights of the Israelis and Israel as a whole. I find it odd that Obama wants to almost micro manage the creation of a Palestinian state, yet he wants no part in expressing solidarity to the people in Iran that are standing up for the democratic process. Speaking of Israel, just 6 percent of Jewish Israelis believe President Obama's policies are pro-Israel, according to a new Jerusalem Post poll. Contrast the feelings of Israeli's towards Obama to that of George Bush. 88 percent of Jewish Israelis believed that the Bush administration was pro-Israel. It looks like Jews in the United States truly sold Israel down the river, when they voted overwhelmingly for Obama seven months ago. I guess I'm wonder does Obama truly respect the "sovereignty" of Israel like he claims he does for Iran? Sure Obama is brave to buck bad with a fly, two teenage pirates and Benjamin Netanyahu, but that seems to be where his bravery ends. Obama doesn't' want to comment on the Iranian elections, but he has no problem telling Israel that it can't expand it's settlements in order to take care of the growth of their people. This is from the L.A Times "The public disagreement between President Obama and the Israeli government appears to be headed for a solution. But concessions by the U.S. could undercut Obama's influence among Arabs". The translation is this. If Obama concedes anything to Netanyahu, it will hurt Obama's "street creds" among his Islamic brothers. I believe Obama should follow his own advice, and stop meddling in the affairs of others, that includes Israel.

Friday, June 19, 2009

A show of might by Barack Obama "against a common house fly".

You won't see Obama acting tough against dictators such as Kim Jong Il or Hugo Chavez. Obama isn't even brave enough to lend support to the students in Iran that are fighting for their democracy. Obama acted like a coward in the presence of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. All of that has changed. Barack Obama demonstrated how tough he is yesterday. No he didn't demonstrate forcefulness against tyrants and dictators, he fought and won against a much formidable opponent.

America for once can be proud of Obama. He forcefully took action against the common house fly. It was laughable watching Obama point to the fly that he killed. The CNBC crew thought Obama was the greatest person ever for merely killing a fly. I guess Obama's ego wasn't pumped up before the interview.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How is "Obamacare" going to be funded?

How is Obama and Democrats going to pay for Obama's government sponsored health care? I've heard the dribble about how it's going to "compete" with private insurers in the free market. It actually sounds odd just saying it. Saying that the government is going to compete with the private sector is like saying oil is going to try and bond with water. Government doesn't work well with nor likes the private sector. The whole notion of government entering the private sector to "compete" is so bogus just on face value alone. Companies are in business to make money. Profit is a dirty word that Obama and liberal politicians don't like to hear. If the government cared about profitability, Amtrak and the Post Office would be both running in the "black" instead of constantly in the "red". I've said this many times before, Government is about "control". Obama can care less how much money it will take to create this disaster in the making. The goal is simple. The more people that are dependent on the government is more people under the government's thumb. Think of government entitlements as nothing more then "political crack". From a financial perspective, it is no way possible that any good can come from a government health care system. Right now our country is in debt up to it's eyeballs, yet the money presses just keep on running and printing. In the exit polls conducted after the election, people claimed that the economy was their number one issue. Americans are getting extremely ticked off at the government's continuous accumulation of debt. The state governments are equally as guilty in all this. California is on the verge of bankruptcy because of fiscally irresponsible, self serving politicians. Obama is no different. Obama and Democrats don't want to use the "Congressional Budget Office" numbers to predict how much Obamacare is going to cost. Thats because it completely exposes how much of a catastrophic disaster this scam really is going to be to the public. Obama nor his loyal stooges can give a straight answer on the actual cost. How much will it cost?! I have another question. Is Obamacare going fix the economy? Never mind what I just said. I forgot that "A CRISIS IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE".

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Who said Jihad can't be funny?

I've been meaning to post this video for the longest time now. This is Jeff Dunham doing his puppet skid called "Achmed the Dead Terrorist". Dunham's skit is as political incorrect has it can get when it comes to Islamic Jihad, but it is so funny though.

David Letterman finally apologized.

I know Letterman wasn't suffering from having a "guilty conscience". I bet a dollar to doughnuts that the CBS higher ups twisted Letterman's arm in the matter. Letterman's apology just so happened to have come just 24 hours before a boycott rally happened outside of the Ed Sullivan Theater. The "feud" between Palin and Letterman did help Letterman in the ratings against Connan O'Brien. Now that Letterman has humbled himself and done the right thing for all the wrong reasons, he can go back to being a second rate comedian that will always be in second place in the ratings.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

If Sarah Palin comes to New York "She'll be gang rapped by my big black brothers"?

I came across this "joke" made last year by the ultra liberal and failed comedian Sandra Bernhard towards Sarah Palin. Many in the media and the left are trying to say that what Letterman said was "blown out of proportion". This is Sandra Bernhard's remarks back in September

If Sarah Palin comes to New York "She'll be gang raped by my big black brothers"

I understand liberals for the most part have deep mental issues they've never worked through in therapy. I'm down with that. I want to know when will other "moderate" liberals start to get outraged over this type of behavior? I bet many people didn't even know Sandra Bernhard made such a comment towards Palin. That is my whole point. The only media outlet that reported this was Fox News. When Rush Limbaugh demonstrated how Michael J Fox acts without the use of his medication, the national media had no problem reporting on that in great detail. This Sandra Bernhard "joke" was even more disturbing actually then what Letterman said. Can you imagine that?

1. Sandra Bernhard is a woman herself.
2. Sandra Bernhard thought it was actually funny to have "joked" about another woman getting "gang raped".
3. Sandra Bernhard is white, and she said that her "big black brothers" will gang rape Sarah Palin if she came to New York.

Why did she use race? I guess Sandra believes that blacks in New York City are violent rapists. These same people that have this unhealthy hatred against Palin are the same people they'll call conservatives "extremists". I wonder is people like Sandra Bernhard are actually considered "mainstream" according to other liberals. Just like with Letterman, why are some liberals so obsessed with crude sexual acts? I noticed that the NAACP never made a peep over Bernhard's "racist joke"against Palin. That doesn't come as a shock actually. The NAACP is a shell organization anyways. This just goes to show that what Dave "joked" about wasn't an isolated occurrence. This is what I meant about morality vs immorality in regards to conservatives vs liberals.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

MSNBC's Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough admit that the media is biased against Sarah Palin.

Our media in our country might as well be called a "state run" media. I've presented countless facts over the past few years to back up my claim about the obvious bias against conservatives and republicans. The media in the United States is really no different then in Venezuela, Iran, China and North Korea. This video is from Joe Scarborough's "Morning Joe" program on MSNBC. It was fascinating watching a round table of journalists admit that the media has "had it out" for Sarah Palin from day one. Unfortunately, things won't change until people like Matt Lauer, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson and others are exposed for who they are and their agenda they carry.

This is the exchange between Sarah Palin and Matt Lauer on the issue of David Letterman the other day.

In the interview, Lauer tried to down play the seriousness of Letterman's "joke". As the interview went on, Lauer tried to use a comment made by one of Palin's spokespersons against Palin. I noticed that Palin was a lot more aggressive in taken on Lauer then in their previous interview during the campaign. This is what the media is afraid of. A Sarah Palin that is being herself instead of being control is dangerous to the left.

How it got started: Palin vs Letterman Part 1

Liberals once again show how intolerant they truly are. I'm not saying anything new I know. I'm more then likely preaching to the choir on this. I've gotten emails from readers asking why I continue to "harp" on Governor Sarah Palin. The reasons should be obvious, well at least to some. As long as liberals continue to focus their mentally unstable attacks against her, I will expose how hate filled these people are in their attacks. It's really that simple. From the first day that McCain announced her in Ohio last year, the intolerant left has gone out of their way to try and destroy her. Palin's views are not "odd" or "unconventional" by any means. Tens of millions of Americans share her views, values and morals. Since liberals attack people that demonstrate moral convictions like Palin and Carrie Prejean, it is only natural that Palin would stick out like a sore thumb in their eyes. This whole new wave of viciousness against Palin started this week. She was invited to attend a fundraiser to fight Autism in upstate New York, and she participated in the event.

There was nothing political about her appearance at the event. This just goes to show the type of woman Sarah Palin is. Compare this to Obama who made a "joke" about comparing his bowling game to that of Special Olympians. In many ways, the supporters of Palin versus the supporters of Obama is like a battle between morality and immorality. When you look at the people that support Palin, you see people that are good natured,morally upstanding people. The ones that support Obama are beyond vile and hateful in their lifestyles and attitudes.. Now about Palin's Yankee Stadium appearance, Sarah and her 14 year old daughter Willow was invited to a New York Yankee's game by Rudy Giuliani. All the news stories that covered Palin's appearance at Yankee Stadium also mentioned that her daughter Willow was with her. So Sarah Palin lent her star power to help raise money for kids with Austim, and this his how she is referred to by the left's David Letterman when it was discovered she was in New York that day.

I talked about good versus evil. David Letterman clearly illustrated how evil liberals can be. The hate is 24/7 with these people. I can see not liking a person that personally did something to them. Sarah Palin has done nothing to anyone on the left. She never asked to be McCain's running mate. McCain asked her. Palin is despised merely for being the " ideological contrasting rock star" to Obama.The election has been over for seven months now. Liberals have had the audacity to have gotten on their high horses and say that "republicans need to get over fact that Obama won". Republicans and especially conservatives have been gotten over it. They are focusing on 2010. The hypocritical liberal hordes need to "follow their own advice" and "get over their obsessive hatred for Governor Sarah Palin". I know that isn't going to happen. If liberals weren't hypocrites, they wouldn't be liberals in the first place.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Media tries to defend Letterman: Palin vs Letterman Part 2

David Letterman has always been a second rate comedian. He's always lived in the shadows of Jay Leno's dominance in the Late Night Talk Show wars. There was a reason why Johnny Carson didn't pick Letterman to take over for him once he retired. Letterman's so called attempt at "humor" is at best dry, awkward and stale. Anyways, liberals in the media are trying to rally around and defend Letterman from the growing backlash from his offensive "jokes" against Sarah Palin and her 14 year old daughter Willow. The strategy the media is trying to use against Palin is their typical boilerplate approach. They are trying to make Palin look like the bad person for "overreacting" and not being able "take a joke". One of the last people to have done an extensive seat down interview with Governor Palin was John Ziegler. John Ziegler is a filmmaker and radio host out in Los Angeles. He also created the documentary "Media Malpractice: How Barack Obama got elected". I actually played a clip from his film a few months ago. The clip showed how clueless Obama supporters were in not really knowing anything about Obama when asked very simple questions. To make a long story somewhat short, Ziegler was "invited" on MSNBC's Contessa Brewer's show. Liberal cable news shows only invite conservatives on their shows in order to either embarrass them or to twist their words. They love to have on moderate Republicans like Powell and McCain, because they know they'll attack conservatives like Limbaugh, Palin and other conservatives. I'd bet the reason Contessa invited Ziegler on her show was to try and twist his words in a way that actually came off negative towards Palin. Well that didn't happen. Ziegler didn't allow himself to be lured into playing her game. He took control and went on the offensive. His performance was like a notched up version of when Liz Cheney was on MSNBC a few weeks ago. Ziegler made it so uncomfortable for Contessa, she actually told her technician to "cut his mic".

I looks like Contessa Brewer isn't use to conservatives coming on her show and refusing to be played for "useful idiots".

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The "Right Byte" Episode 2

I've finally got around to creating the second video. I'm already getting hate mail from the Obama loon bat kooks. I guess I'm doing a great job getting under their skin after all.

This is the so called "smart car" that I was talking about earlier. Would any of you be caught "dead" driving this crap? This could be the future of automobiles in the United States. So while the Chinese drive around in Buicks, we'll be driving "clown cars" passed off as legitimate transportation. Also, don't believe the crash test information that the lady spewed. I have information that proves these toys aren't safe at all.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jon Voight: Obama is a "false prophet".

Jon Voight is one of the few actors in Hollywood that is openly "out of the political closet"as a conservative Republican. To be that in Hollywood is "taboo". I have a tremendous amount of respect for Mr. Voight. He's not only extremely brave, but he's also very bright. Jon Voight understands not only how Republicans lost in 2006 and 2008, but he also has a very clear concept on what Republicans need to do in order to regain power in 2010 and 2012. The question of course is will cowardly Republicans even listen. Jon Voight addressed the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the National Republican Congressional Committee back on June 4th at the Republican dinner function in Washington DC. Mr. Voight should consider giving up acting in hollyweird and truly consider running for office. After watching this speech, I believe it will be very hard for anyone to not come to that conclusion.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sarah Palin "We told ya so".

I've already got my popcorn ready. The coming attractions of Obama's economic collapse is starting to take shape. Obama never ran a business a day in his life. Only an absolute fool "being him" would think he can pay off debt by accumulating more debt. I guess this is what is to be known as "Obamanomics". Everybody that used good ol common sense knew that Obama's fake stimulus bill was going to cause more harm to the economy then good. My mistake,I did say people that used common sense. The dollars is continuing to fall in value, and oil is continuing to rise as an inverse action. China is now laughing "at" Obama's Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. The Obama kool aid drinking drones are beyond hapless. They are so caught up in the emotion behind the illusion of Barack Obama, they can't see what is coming down the mountain a break neck speed aimed right at them. It is simply a no brainier. As fun as it would be for me to poke fun at the economically clueless dunce known as Barack Obama,I decided to let another person tell how right she was in knowing Obama's economic plan was going to fail from the start. I guess you all can figure out who she is of course. This is Sean Hannity interviewing Governor Sarah Palin in New York yesterday.

part 2

Europe makes a "right turn" for the better.

I couldn't believe what I was reading Sunday on The Drudge Report. European elections were held Sunday in many European countries. Socialist and left wing parties suffered huge loses. It was pretty much a humiliating massacre for the left. I'm still kind of shocked but that it happened, I guess it was to be expected to some extent.

Socialism rode a continent into recession, and it was never designed to bring it out of one. Europeans apparently had enough with their high taxes, intrusive governments and their worsening economies. The Republican Party should take note at this "historic" event. Maybe they can learn something. I hate to toot my own horn, but I do it so well. I said it over and over again. Conservatism can't be beaten in a debate or in an election, if it is properly contrasted against the flaws of liberalism, People in Europe simply had enough. When Obama beat McLame last year, Obama didn't win because of his hardcore liberal bent. Obama had to pretend he wasn't a Socialist in order for him to have passed himself off as being "mainstream". Obama won because of three simple reasons..

1. Obama used George Bush as a proxy in which to stain John McLame.

2. The color of Obama's skin played a major "historic" factor in his victory

3. John McCain was a weak "moderate" Republican, and I've said before that moderate Republicans don't win elections, they lose them.

Obama never ran on a platform of taking over banks, car companies, insurance companies etc. As our economy continues to thread water at best, Americans are going to figure it out. They did so with Carter, and Obama is no exception to the rule. Misery doesn't like company around election time.
Since liberals in our country want our country to emulate Europe so much, I wonder will they say we should emulate their latest choice of government? People in California of all places are taking a fiscal conservative stand against their elected official's liberal tax and spend recklessness. I'd say that the conservative reemergence in our country is well on it's way.

Monday, June 08, 2009

I guess worshipping a "Golden Calf" just won't do.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

The obsession by MSNBC over Rush Limbaugh continues.

I wish liberals make up their mind. First they claimed Rush Limbaugh wasn't important and irrelevant. Now they claim he's the leader of the Republican Party. When will they stop chasing their kooky theories in a circle like a dog chasing it's tail? Limbaugh's audience is at an all time high thanks to the media. In their attempt to polarize and alienate Limbaugh, their strategy has backfired. Take MSNBC for example. Every single day, the people that pass themselves off as news anchors have to mention at least one thing Rush Limbaugh said on his show, Rush even issued a challenge to MSNBC. He challenged them to go one month without mentioning his name. They couldn't do it. They mentioned that he issued them a challenge. Look what happened when Alex Conant's commented on MSNBC's obsession over Limbaugh, it was like he hit a hornet's nest with a stick. It was a funny thing to watch.

On the 65th anniversary of D Day, I'm so glad I can say this.


These were the words from a true and honorable man that would later become the 34th President President of the United States. This is Dwight D. Eisenhower addressing the troops prior to D Day as the 1st Supreme Allied Commander in Europe.

This is U.S. Representative John Boozman introducing a House Resolution honoring the 65th Anniversary of D-Day. Boozman also spoke about the historic D-Day invasion on the House floor.

Evan Thomas of Newsweek claims Obama is "Sort of God".

The Obama cult worshiping fanatic loyalists get furious, when non blinded people mock Obama by referring to him as "the messiah". I've shown video after video of Obama's insane nut jobs crying in his presence. I commented yesterday on how the media as usual licked Obama's knee caps on his speech in Cairo Egypt. This is just another example in the long archives of examples of the media infatuation with the "chosen one". This is Newsweek editor Evan Thomas gushing over Obama on Chris Mathews show. This is the same Chris Mathews that said Obama "gives him a tingle up his leg". So one could say this was a pairing of two liberal metrosexuals that share a man crush on Barack Obama. Anyways, Evan Thomas bashed Ronald Reagan for caring more about America then the rest of the world. So I guess Reagan was a selfish bastard for merely looking out for the best interest of his fellow citizens and not the world. That's how Thomas sees it. No wonder liberals like Obama. Liberals can't stand Americans that embrace nationalism. Nationalism is defined as "love of country". Liberals hate people that shout "U.S.A". Pride and love of America really gets them unhinged. Obama believes he is a "citizen of the world". This is why Obama doesn't defend America's values and beliefs around the world. Evan is right about one thing. Reagan was about America first and foremost. That is why Obama will never match up to him. Reagan defended the greatness of this country. Obama goes overseas to tear it down, and he does it all for the sake of being liked by people that could care less about this country. As much as liberals in this country and Socialist Euro trash overseas may want it, Obama will never become a "Global President". Evan Thomas thinks Obama is "Sort of God". I don't know if Evan Thomas attends church or has ever read the bible. He needs to look up Exodus 20:3 and read the following.

Thou shalt have no other gods before me

Friday, June 05, 2009

Muslims need to apologize to America not the other way around. Part 2

This is Obama's "historic" speech he gave in Cairo Egypt yesterday. If you are into self torture, you'll be happy to know that his speech was almost an hour long. The theme of his boiler plate speech was entitled "A New Beginning".

If anyone was bored enough to have listened to Obama's "sermon to the Muslim world", they would have learned that Obama said nothing new in content that we've already didn't know before. His speech was just like I said it was going to be. He trashed America, hung Israel out to dry and played up his Muslim upbringing and family background. Obama also made a stupid and FALSE comment by claiming that the United States could be considered "one of the biggest Muslim countries in the world". It's funny he would say that. Just a few weeks ago, Obama said "America is no longer a Christian nation".

In Obama's speech to the Muslim world, he didn't mention anything about America being a Jewish nation, a Hindu nation, a Buddhist nation as he did when he said America wasn't a Christian nation. In other words, Obama made it a key point to try and give the impression that the United States has a huge Muslim population. Our country doesn't have a huge Muslim population. Obama should have consulted with his Hope&Change teleprompter. Maybe then he wouldn't have made such an erroneous statement. I could be wrong, but I doubt that I am. I truly believe Obama is a Christian merely in name only just like most liberals are. Obama has never given an explanation to the reason he "converted" to Christianity. The guy is a 14k fraud to the up tenth degree. I said this before, but it bares being repeated. Obama admitted the reason he joined Trinity United was because of it's black value system. He joined a fake Christian church not because of Christ but because of the cult's race based doctrine. The Obama butt licking media of course gave his speech glowing reviews and high marks. I can't recall a time from the moment Obama came on to the nation scene up until now that he received unfavorable reviews from the media on a speech. One would think that the Muslim world totally accepted his speech with open arms. That is the light the media of course is reporting it in, but the fact is that many Muslims weren't really impressed with his speech. They appreciate that he did it, but they want to see actions to back up his words. If Obama's theme of a "New Beginning" is true, we shouldn't hear or see anymore acts of violence committed by Muslims right? There should be no more suicide bombings, beheading or setting cars on fire right? I know better not to believe such foolishness. Unlike the man child Obama, I'm a realist. I don't have my head in the sky imagining how the perfect world should be and how it should take shape. Obama is either way too stupid or arrogant to understand this ultra simple concept that many common sense people have already grasped. Muslims don't hate the United States because of policy. They hate the United States, because their religion tells them to hate us if we don't accept their way of thinking. Syndicated Columnist Charles Krauthammer took apart Obama's speech and red marked it for the weakness that it was.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Muslims need to apologize to America not the other way around. Part 1

So now Barack Obama has decided to embrace his Muslim roots. He kept trying to convince people for twenty-four months prior to the election that he was a pure Christian. Leave it to ABC News of all places to validate what many on the right have known and have been saying for the longest time now. Obama down played his Islamic upbringing out of political expidence. This is what deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications Denis McDonough said

"the President himself experienced Islam on three continents before he was able to -- or before he's been able to visit, really, the heart of the Islamic world -- you know, growing up in Indonesia, having a Muslim father -- obviously Muslim Americans (are) a key part of Illinois and Chicago."

The media cried to McCain for him to denounce radio talk show host Bill Cunningham merely for mentioning Obama's middle name of "Hussein" last year
. Now the media thinks its cool that Obama is embracing his Muslim roots. Obama is now in Saudi Arabia seeking “counsel” from King Abdullah on his speech he will give in Cairo Egypt to the Muslim world. Obama’s speech will be on the America’s relations with Muslims. Obama is actually going to Egypt to tell Muslims how bad he thinks his own citizens are in how they view Islam. It’s nothing more then another Obama appeasement visit and speech. If any group should be apologizing, it should be Muslims apologizing to the United States. I’ve been thinking about what the United States has done to help the Muslim world, and I’ve discovered that our nation has done a lot for them. I can go on and on just about how our military liberated Muslim countries like Kuwait, Iraq, Bosnia and currently Afghanistan. Our citizens have given tens of millions of dollars in aid to the Muslim Tsunami victims in South East Asia. We give millions of dollars to the Palestinian people for god knows what reason. So how does the Muslim world thank us for being such a charitable nation to them?

They flew airliners into the World Trade Center and killed 3000 Americans. They bomb our navy warships such as in the USS Cole.

They celebrate killing our soldiers. So Mr. “Dances with Teleprompters” is going to apologize on “our behalf”? I don’t need Obama to apologize on "my behalf", because I didn't do anything worth apologizing for as an American. The Islamic world needs to apologize to us. We aren’t the ones going around shouting “Death to Islam” like they do “Death to America”. “Moderate Muslims” need to apologize to Americans for being cowards in not addressing the radical element within their religion. I resent attempts by the politically correct establishment to silence Americans that understand who the real aggressors are in the world. I doubt Obama will tell the parents of Palestinians children for them to apologize to their children for brainwashing them with hatred to kill.

Brian Williams of NBC News says goodnight and "bows" to his beloved idol.

People actually don't believe me when I say that the media worships Barack Obama. This is Brain Williams of NBC News walking Obama to his elevator. I've never in my life seen a citizen of our country "bow" to a president. There is a first time for everything, and I guess this is that time.

I wonder did Brian pee in his pants over the experience? Someone should have given Brian a cigarette as he was walking away. And here I thought Chris Mathew's man crush on Obama was bad, I thought I knew how deep the feelings by the media run for Obama. I guess I was wrong, its worse then I thought.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

According to Denis Leary: Barack Obama is the "greatest president ever".

What is wrong with these Obama cultists? Forgot the term "stuck on stupid", these kooks are "stuck on mental". The latest Obama kooky fanatic award recipient goes to actor Denis Leary. The incredibly obnoxious Joy Behar was a guest host for Larry King last week. Her guest on the show was actor Denis Leary. Leary made the following comments about Barack Obama.

Denis Leary “I think that President Obama is the greatest President in the history of all of our Presidents and that he can do no wrong in my book"

So Obama is the "greatest President in the history of all our Presidents"? I guess the historians should just burn the archives of all the past Presidents then. Obama is "what we've been waiting for" I guess. I wish I could smack Leary upside the head with a foam bat and tell him to "snap out of it"!! I know it wouldn't do any good, but I sure would feel great doing it though. Leary's opinion as an individual isn't that frightening, but it is down right terrifying knowing that tens of millions of Obama worshiping zombies feel the same way as Leary. To say that Obama is the greatest President of all times, yet he has not even been on the job officially for four months yet is beyond insane, its moronic. I can not wait for their beloved idol's policies to personally have an "impact" on their lives.

Americans don't agree with Obama's decession to take over GM.

It looks like the American people "again" aren't supportive of Obama's latest decision. This is becoming a pattern. Most people were against Obama's "stimulus bill", his "pay for other people's mortgages bailout bill, the continuing funding of the black hole known as AIG and now the takeover of General Motors now Government Motors.According to the latest Rasmussen Poll, 67% of Americans are against the government owning GM. Only 21% support it. Americans are clearly sick of the bailouts. They clearly also don't want government owning private businesses. They want fiscal responsibility from their government. Republicans are too stupid to see a golden opportunity. The people are in support of what Republicans once stood for. I can't help not to laugh at this scenario. Liberals accused Bush of launching an "illegal war", because they claimed he didn't have permission from congress. Are they mad with Obama over his actions? Where in the constitution does it give a President the power to take over a private corporation? I also don't recall Obama getting permission from congress for him to have taken the actions he took. Did congress pass a bill authorizing Obama to do anything in regards to orchestrating the bankruptcy of GM and Chrysler? I wasn't a fan of the original "bailout money" used for GM and Chrysler. The $17 billion dollars was suppose to have been a "life line" to prevent GM and Chrysler from going bankrupt in the first place, yet they went bankrupt anyway. So that money was a huge "waste" in the end. Government did what it does best. The lines I've heard from executives at GM and Chrysler, the financial media pundits and clueless politicians was that "people wouldn't buy cars from a bankrupt auto company". This was a few months ago. So what is going to be the excuse now? Maybe they all will do a 180 degree flip and will now say the opposite. If anyone thinks the federal government isn't going to micro manage Government Motors, they have another thing coming. Obama said he wants smaller cars. Who is GM to deny it's biggest shareholder's request?