Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Intelligence is in the eyes of the beholder.

How intelligent is Barack Hussein Obama? I think it is a fair question to ask. The left would have Americans believe that he is the smartest person to ever hold the position of President. I've asked his cultist supports why hasn't Obama released his academic transcripts from Occidental College, Princeton and Harvard. Normally they just become very agitated at me for daring to ask the question. I've gotten to a point now that I just do it to get under their skin. The question still remains. How smart truly is Barack Obama? I believe most people understand the definition of what a "tax" is .
A definition that best describes a tax is "charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government". Even a 5th grader can under a definition this simple. Here's Barack Obama in an interview with ABC's George Stephanopoulos. This was a sad moment for America actually. A news show interviewer had to educate supposedly the most educated person ever to become president what the definition of a "tax" is.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is one video Obama won't show to the International Olympic Committee.

The city of Chicago is one of the most violent cities in America. It's been that way year after year for as long as I can remember. While Obama's is in Copenhagen trying to sucker the International Olympic Committee in to giving the nod to the city of Chicago to host the 2016 Olympic Games, I doubt very much that Barack will show this video to the Olympic Committee. A few days ago in Chicago, Derrion Albert, 16, was struck in the head with a board and severely beaten to death by other students who are members of gangs. Derrion Albert was an Honor Student at Fenger High School. I thought about whether or not I wanted to show this video, because this footage is raw. This should be a screaming example why good students shouldn't have to be subjected to dangerous, war zone public schools.

When I watched this video, several words crossed my mind describing these "gang banging" turds. Instead of Obama trying to promote his city of Chicago to host the Olympic Games, how about he actually use his position as the President and home town guy to condemn this type of senseless violence. The hosting of the Olympic Games will not address the serious rooted problems facing Chicago youths. There is really just one word to describe the actions of these out of control creatures that prey on innocent students. I think I'll let Senator Robert Byrd sum it up.

Sarah Palin to go rogue on November 17th.

Sarah Palin has finished writing her memoir a few months ahead of schedule. When I heard the title of her book, I shook my head, smiled then chuckled. Days before the election, stories were leaked from within the McCain camp that Sarah Palin was going "rogue". The rumor was that Sarah sensed that McCain was going to lose the election, so she was starting to organize for 2012 before the 2008 concluded.

Well much to my delight, Sarah named her book "Going Rogue:An American Life".
The pseudo intellectuals over at the Huffington Post are already crying about Palin's book. They are critcizing the title she picked. The headline from the Huffington Post story written by RJ Eskow reads "Why Would Anyone Call Their Book "Going Rogue"Answer below. Even though this is a Huffington Post story, I recommend everyone read it. If you want to know how mentally disturbed liberals are over the exiastance of Sarah Palin, look no further. Eskow in his story went as far as to give the dictionary definitions of the word "rogue". I know if Sarah would have named her book "A Maverick:The Sarah Palin Story", Eskow would be criticizing her for the use of the word "Maverick". I think Sarah's use of the word "Rogue" in her book is pure genius. Liberals tried staining her with the Rogue brand, but Sarah has taken their own attack word against her, and she has "made it her own word of strength in describing her". It's like she was handed lemons by her haters, yet she just turned around and made lemonade out of them instead. Palin's book is going to be a huge seller. Books written by conservatives tend to do very well anyways, but Palin's book is going to set records. The official release date for Sarah's book is November 17th. The pre order demand for Sarah's book is so huge, it is already "number one on the Barnes & Noble Best Seller list, and it was only 24 hours ago since it was announced that her book was finished! That is simple amazing. The fringe haters of Sarah Palin are beside themselves. They are setting up accounts on Barnes & Noble just so they can leave negative remarks about the book, yet the book hasn't even been released yet. I can't wait to see them self destruct, when Sarah's book is number one of the New York Time's best seller list. That will be a day to remember. Some are openly saying that her book could surpass the sales of both of Rush Limbaugh's books combined! If I could give Sarah one bit of advice, I would ask her not to give Oprah Winfrey the privilege of having her for an interview. I would also ask Sarah to bypass shows like the "The View". The liberal media outlets frankly don't deserve and interview with Palin after how venomously they treated her during the campaign and still do to this day. I know Sarah would never tell them to "go to hell", but I hope she does do it with her actions during her book promotions by not giving them access to her. She doesn't need them to help promote her book anyways. The best benefit of Sarah's book is that she gets to tell her readers what her thoughts are without the bias of the media distorting and smearing what she says. The media has yet to review Mark Levin's book "Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto". Mark's book has been number one on the New York Times best seller list for over four months. I doubt the media is going to snub reviewing Sarah's book. I know they are going to review the book with the mission solely to hatchet it to death with criticism. November 17th is going to be a joyful day for the fans of Sarah Palin and a day of severe discomfort and mental anguish for her enemies who wish she would simply just go away. This is Rush Limbaugh's take on Sarah Palin and the media's perception of Sarah, and he 100% nails it.

Deliver us Obama? An overview of the Obama "cult" movement in America.

Recently a hand full of videos have popped up of teachers indoctrinating their students to worship Barack Obama. The excuses of the Obama cult have been pathetic at best. They've tried to down play their derangement as merely conservatives "overreacting". Back in November, I showed a video of Louis Farrakhan referring to Barack Obama as the "messiah".

The excuses that were given by the Obama cult were that Louis Farrakhan "misspoke" and again that conservatives were "overreacted". I've come to realize that their use of the "overreaction excuse" has been used almost as much as their use of the "race card". One of god's Ten Commandments is that "thou shall not have no other god before me". Since most liberals worship government control as their god, that commandment doesn't really hold up in their eyes. It's one of the main reasons why liberals want god to have as less influence in American society as humanly possible. It's pretty self explanatory I think. This video was shot back in December in a church. If you heard people in your church saying "Obama hear our prayers" and "Deliver us Obama", what would be your first thought? This is why liberalism and religion doesn't mix.

This video showed the "community organization" group know as the Gamaliel Foundation. They are one of Obama's domestic brown shirt groups. This type of behavior towards an elected politician goes way beyond "mentally deranged". When School Districts around the country started renaming schools in honor of Barack Obama back in January, I knew right then and there things were getting very weird very quickly. If Obama asked his loyalists to drink cyanide laced purple koolaid, I wonder what percentage of his devoted flock would actually do it? Obama definitely has a larger cult following then Jim Jones. The days of left explaining away their derangement for Obama as being somehow normal is over.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Is Obama really in touch with what is going on in America right now?

Millions of Americans are desperately trying to find work. Millions of Americans have lost their homes due to foreclosure, and the foreclosure rate is continuing to rise. Many have exhausted their unemployment benefits and are now running through their savings. Their cars are being reposed by the banks because of non payment. With all the pain and suffering going on right now because of the state of the economy, has anyone heard any words of encouragement or leadership from Barack Obama? We all have seen Barack on television media blitzing for a national health care bill, but where has Barack Obama been in the discussion on the economy? According to the exit polls conducted on election day, people who voted for Obama said that their number one concern was the economy. The supporters of Obama have been saying to us that Obama is "in touch with the common American". Of course his upbringing and associations suggests otherwise. I just don't "believe the hype". Today I read that Obama will address the Olympic committee in Copenhagen to help promote his city of Chicago to host the 2016 Olympics. With all the problems going on in America right now, is the marketing of the Olympics to be held in his town of Chicago really a priority for our country? This just goes to show that a person can be elected a leader, but that doesn't necessarily make the person a true leader. Judgment is a key element of leadership. Bill Clinton had his character flaws as President too, but at least Bill Clinton said to the American people "I feel your pain". Of course he was lying, but at least he gave the impression he cared. Obama can't or won't even do that much. I just may be a little bit cynical, but I don't think the average person in America right now can give a rats rear end about America hosting the Olympic games in 2016. The only event right now that millions of Americans want to attend are "new job orientations". When a person lives in the world of the elitists, the suffering of the masses is an after though at best.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rush Limbaugh was in a hit and run "accident" that was way too funny to have witnessed.

Well it wasn't exactly a hit an run, but it was one of the funniest television segments I've seen in years. Rush Limbaugh was a guest on Jay Leno's prime time show last week. Jay has this segment where celebrities drive an electric car around an obstacle course in an attempt to achieve their best time. Some of the obstacles the drivers are suppose to "avoid" are cut out billboards of "Al Gore and Ed Begley Jr". I guess the logic is that those two are environmental loon bats, so they should be somehow respected I guess. Actually I have to correct myself. Ed Begley Jr. is a true environmental nut. Al Gore is just an environmental hypocrite pretending to care about his so called cause in an effort profit from it. Actually most hollyweird celebrities fit the Al Gore mold. They don't change their lifestyles to "lead by example" when it comes to "saving the planet". They rather just buy bogus "carbon offsets" and then pretend they have some how done something great and are the most environmentally righteous people on this planet. Anyways to make a long story short, Rush already knew before he got behind the wheel of the Ford Focus that he was going to run down Gore and Bedley Jr. This has to be the first time I actually supported a hit and run of two people. Now this is what I call "Must See TV"!

Was Sarah Palin crazy OR crazy like a fox for bringing up the issue of "death panels"?

It looks like she was right after all. Maybe the liberal kooks who foam at the mouth at the mere mention of Sarah Palin should pay closer attention to whats going on around them then challenge what she says. When Sarah made her now infamous remarks about how the federal government would be creating "death panels" as apart of a government run health care bill, she was dismissed as being stupid and an idiot. They also claimed that death panels don't exist in our country. I wonder how many Sarah Palin haters live in the state of Oregon? It doesn't take a genius to figure out that a government run health care system main goal would be to ration care as the primary way of controlling costs. With that said, only a clueless person would think people would still get the same level of care under a government system as they do now under a private free market system. To those who doubted what Palin said about death panel, they might want to owe her an apology after watching what goes on in the state of Oregon under it's state health care system.

Thought Sarah Palin was crazy for bringing up the issue of "death panels

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Kiss of death for Romney? McCain to help Mitt fundraise for his PAC.

If that isn't the kiss of death for a Mitt Romney 2012 candidacy, I don't know what is. When I read this story yesterday, I had to do a double take, but it's all true. John "RINO" McCain will fund raise for Mitt Romney's "Free and Strong" America PAC. I could be wrong in this, but I'm sensing an anti Sarah Palin motive behind it. Mitt Romney is obviously running again for the Republican nomination in 2012. Last year at CPAC, Romney claimed he was "suspending" his campaign in order to help heal the party and rally support around McCain. Mitt Romney gave a very good concession speech, and the CPAC crowd ate it up hook line and sinker. Mitt has been accused of being a "Johny come lately conservative". Before he ran for the Republican nomination, many of his views he now trumpets as conservative were very recently liberal. Does that sound familiar? It should sound familiar. John "Juan" McCain also became a "born again conservative" once he won the Republican nomination. It was beyond sickening having to listen to country club moderate Republicans telling conservatives that John McCain was one of us. That was the ultimate insult to the intelligence of true conservatives. It didn't matter in the end though, because McCain went down in flames. As for Sarah Palin, I don't believe that ol Johnny really is a fan of Sarah. If McCain could have gotten away with picking a person like Joe Liberman as his running mate, I have no doubt he would have. Trust me when I say this. McCain picked Sarah Palin out of necessity not out of desire. The same way half the McCain campaign camp resented Sarah, I believe John felt and still does feel the same way. If Sarah Palin does run for the Republican nomination, her biggest opponent will be Mitt Romney. If John and Mitt are indeed teaming up in a preemptive strike against a possible Palin candidacy, their strategy is going be backfire. Most of McCain's support last year came from people who supported Sarah Palin and those who didn't want to vote for Barack Obama. I talked to a lot of people last year who voted for McCain, and none of them voted for McCain, because they liked him. He was nothing more then the "anyone but Obama" candidate. A possible Palin campaign would be very smart to file this fundraiser event way until the Republican Primaries.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The new pledge of allegiance

Since liberals don't like kids reciting the pledge of allegiance in class, because the god reference isn't about Barack Obama. I've come up with a solution to their problem. The Obama cult will never be outraged over the "separation between the Obama church and state". Let a child wear a crucifix necklace into class, and watch the liberal teachers go nuclear! Anyways, I've come up with a new pledge of allegiance that liberals should love. They don't even need to thank me for it. Here's the new "pledge of allegiance" to "THE ONE".

I pledge allegiance to "THE ONE" who is a "citizen of The world" and to the centralist government for which it will fall, all nations under "the liar" with redistribution of wealth and equal poverty for all.

I like it!!!

Want to know why parants didn't want their kids listening to Barack Obama?

Could it possibly have had something to do incidents like this perhaps?

I came across this video on youtube.This video was recorded June 19th of this year at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington, NJ. When this video of young kids being indoctrinated in the ways of Obama is added to the other videos of the indoctrination of young kids, it's actually a no brainier why parents kept their children home from school. Of course, the Obama sunshine kool aid cult will try their best to explain it away. Big surprise right?

Here's another example. Do anyone think for one minute that these kids thought this up on their own? I don't think so.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Do any of you ever feel "UNinspired" listening to an Obama speech?

Every time I hear Barack Obama speak, I wonder has he ever had anything positive to say about America. To everyone who is reading this, I apologize for what I'm about to do. Just consider this a "teachable moment". I am going to post the video of Obama's speech to the United Nations today. Try not to get violently ill in the process. After Obama's America suck speech, I want you all to watch another video. The content of the next video is of another political figure. I just want you all to see with from your own eyes and listen with your own ears the contrast in the ideologies between an American hating liberal president and an American loving person.

Here's Barack Obama

If you all are thinking that Obama is an uninspiring downer who really doesn't like the essence of what makes America great, then you all are right. Now here's how a president should sound.

This is Sarah Palin giving a speech before she introduced Michael Reagan. Who inspires you more?

Hear the difference?

Sarah Palin definitely isn't like Barack Obama

I wanted to throw up while listening to Obama's speech today while he was addressing the United Nations. As an American, I hated hearing our so called President chopping our country down at the knees for the sake of appeasing foreign dictators and tyrants. During his speech, Obama claimed that our country is no better then other country. In the eyes of Obama, American exceptionalism is a bad thing and must be destroyed. No wonder Fidel Castro has come out and praised Obama for his thinking. I still can't recall a speech given by Obama in which he praised the American spirit, entrepreneurship and the free market system. If our country is no better then any other country, why is it then that so many people from other countries dream of coming to this country to live? Why is it that when disasters happen around the world, the first foreign country that is looked upon is the United States in order to help? I wish I could feed those questions into Obama's teleprompter. As Obama was ripping our country apart to the cheers of some of the most murderous dictators in the world, Former Governor Sarah Palin was giving a speech that was the complete opposite. Sarah Palin was speaking today at the CSLA Investor Forum in Asia. Palin's speech slammed Obama's policies and ideological thinking. In her speech she made reference to the out of control government spending. Palin said "America was spending a lot of money and it was a temporary solution. Normal people are having to pay more and more but things don't get better. The rich will leave the country and the poor will get poorer." What Sarah said is very accurate. The value of gold is at an all time high as the value of the dollar is at a new year low. The strength of the dollar is getting weaker due to the excessive accumulation of our national debt. Sarah also attacked the Federal Reserve as serving a role in the creation of the housing bubble. A commodity is harder to acquire, when there isn't enough of it to go around. It comes down to "supply vs demand" and the money supply. When the Federal Reserved started printing money and lowering interest rates after 911, the barriers to access credit in order to obtain mortgages diminished. The topics that Sarah Palin covered in her speech are the topics Obama would never utter from his lips. This line by Sarah Palin best illustrats why tens of millions of Americans are vocally expressing their outrage at the government.""We're not interested in government fixes, we're interested in freedom". People are becoming extremely angry at Obama and other elitist politicians for wanting to inject more government control into their lives at every turn. Sarah's statement is the symbol of why millions of people attended the Tea Parties across the country and on 912 and also why they attended the Town Hall meetings in such great numbers. I like Sarah Palin for several reasons. The most obvious reason has to be that she isn't Barack Obama.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Another example of liberal logic gone bad. Meet the mayor of Wellford South Carolina.

Liberalism is a mental disorder. Allow me to ask a very simple question. If a police officer sees a criminal or a crime being committed, should the police officer pursue the suspect? To people who actually exercise common sense, the answer is obviously yes. I guess that must mean that liberal logic works backwards then. Sallie Peake is the mayor of Wellford South Carolina. She signed into law a bill that prevents the Wellford Police from perusing criminals either by car and by foot. In other words, the criminals are allowed to simply get away! I got a headache just listening to this dim bulb kook talk during an interview. The left have the nerve to say they represent the "mainstream" of America. What crack are they smoking? Listen to Ms. Peake and ask yourselves does her thinking represent mainstream America. People like Salie Peake should be in a nice padded room dressed in straight jackets for their own protection.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Michael Steele shows how to stop a commonly used liberal race baiting tactic cold.

Last week, RNC Chairman Michael Steele was a guest on the Wolf Blitzer's show on CNN. I was surprised Michael went back on CNN after the Peral Harbor sneak attack setup that D.L Hughley did on him by putting Steele against Rush Limbaugh. I guess that episode was water under the bridge, and it looks like Michael has finally gotten his game together in learning how to not let liberal hosts set him up in order to control the interviews. Wolf asked Michael about the comments of the racially deranged flake congressman Hank Johnson from Georgia. Michael gave an excellent response. Wolf then tried to bring up the issue of race within the Republican Party as it pertained to racial representation. Wolf made mention to the lack of ethnic groups in congress that are Republican Michael Steele's response should be the template for how to respond to that common liberal ploy by liberals on that so called "lacks diversity" within the Republican Party.

Steele was right on target. Liberals can talk all day and night about how 90% of blacks vote Democrat. To me it sounds very childish. It's like saying nah, nah, nah, nah, nah we have more colored people in our party then you do. That was actually how Wolf Blitzer tried to frame it. Michael brilliantly stated that the Democratic Party did nothing to earn the loyalty of blacks and other racial groups. Steele echoed what I've been saying since day one of this blog. The only thing of value that the Democratic Party has given blacks is "lip service". Sometimes I wonder what would the leadership of the Democratic Party do if they didn't have the "Republican bogeyman" around in order to target black "fear" against. Wolf like most liberals wanted to talk about the "quantity" of black support towards the Democrat Party, but he couldn't give any examples to Michael on why Democrats deserve 90% support. Michael brought up the fact that blacks live in concentrated poverty within the inner cities, and those cities have been run solely by Democrats for decades. Democrats have run the same public school system in which many blacks students either dropout or are pushed through the system in order to pad their "academic statistics". Liberal Democrats think it's actually normal for 90% of a racial group to belong to the Democrat Party. I believe it's a waste of political capital. No racial group should be overweight in one political party. The black overweight in the Democrat Party is the reason why Democrats can give "lip service" to blacks. They know they have their votes locked up. The old saying goes "why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free"? I can't remember the last time Democrats on the local, state or national level said what they are going to do in order to help empower blacks lift them out of poverty? Democrat politicians realized they don't have to actually "work for the votes of blacks", they just "EXPECT IT" instead. This is the main reason why blacks who aren't Democrats are called "traitors" by black Democrats and even white Democrats. As the income per capita within the inner cities continue to sink further and further, what is the Democratic response? As unemployment among blacks out pace that of other racial groups, what is the Democrat response? As drug addiction and crime continue to plaque the black community on a percentage basis, what is the Democratic response? I don't even want to see 90% of blacks become Republicans. Their loyality should be to themselves and not to a party. The loyalty to the Democratic Party by many blacks reminds me so much of the movie "The Wiz". They danced with joy and believed in the all mighty Oz, they just never noticed Richard Pryor beyond the curtain. Everything that looks like gold always isn't.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Liberals can't handle the fact that a black man is president.

Lately the race card has been screaming for a break from the overuse by the left. I said last year that an Obama win would actually make race relations worse in America rather then better. People scratched their heads when they heard me mention that. Now those same people are starting to figure out what I meant. Barack Obama was promoted as a person who was was going to be a "post racial" type president and bring our country together. That was suppose to have meant that race wasn't going to be a factor in his presidency. Well that theory has been officially blown to high hell and back. Liberal democrats have been presenting the notion that conservatives have a problem with Obama being president based on his race. Nobody is denying that every ideology has it's fringe element. Liberals however are trying to paint all conservatives as racists. The broad brush approach just doesn't hold up. Their argument is laughable at best. Ask yourselves this question. Who are the people who are constantly bringing up the issue of Obama's race? It's not conservatives nor is it republicans in general. It's Obama's own "supporters" who are liberal democrats. What do the following issues have to do with Obama's race?

government run health care
excessive government debt
cap and Trade
a devalued U.S dollar
expansion of government
weakened and appeasement of foreign policy
amnesty for illegal aliens

So once again, what do any of these issues have to do with Obama being a black president? If none of you see the connection, then please ask a liberal Obama supporter what the connection is. All I know is that if a person comes down on the opposite side of Obama on any of these issues, he or she is automatically branded a "racist". It has become apparent that the people who can't seem to adjust to Obama being president are liberals themselves. Liberals have developed a racial paranoia over anyone who opposes Obama. These nuts actually believe that anyone who calls Obama a "socialist" is using the word as a "racial code". It has gotten so bad that even Obama himself is having to now come out and say that the criticism against him isn't racially motivated. People on the left like Jeane Gerafalo, Chris Mathews, Keith Olberman, Maureen Dowd, Jimmy Carter may want to look in the mirror when they say it's conservatives who have a racial problem with Barack Obama being president. Liberals who are suffering the racial paranoia of Obama's presidency really need to come to grips with their own mental screw ups on the issue of race in America and stop projecting it onto others. Who's causing the racial divide in America in 2009? Is it people like Joe Wilson who said that Obama lied about a provision in the health care bill? I don't think so. The people stirring up the racial pot so to speak are people like democrat congressman Hank Johnson from Georgia who said " if the House doesn't pass the resolution censuring Joe Wilson the KKK will ride through the countryside intimidating people. Johnson says that, were he a betting man, he would say that Wilson's "instigated more racist sentiment," and that he guesses Americans can now expect "folks putting on white hoods and white uniforms again, and riding through the countryside intimidating people."

So according to Mr. Johnson, the KKK will be all fired up to intimidate blacks, because Joe Wilson said "you lie"? Once again, who are the ones who have a problem with the race of Obama being president?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Since Acorn has been reduced from a disgrace to a national joke, why not make it official?

My thoughts on Jimmy "black boy" Carter

Jimmy Carter is like the crazy uncle who lives in the attic. We know he's there, but we hope he never comes down from out the attic.
Even with Obama distancing himself from Carter's comments, Jimmy Carter and Obama loyalists haven't yet figured out that they are actually doing more damage to Obama with their doubling down on the race card then helping him. White liberals are stupid, and black liberals are just way beyond clueless. Race has a funny way of blinding people from the use of common sense. I know for a fact that liberals haven't picked up on this trend pertaining to Obama. Obama's popularity and approval numbers started to decline on the night he commented that the Cambridge Police Department acted stupidly. That was the moment he started to lose Independent voters at an accelerated pace. Obama has yet to recover those voters. These mental goof balls haven't figured out yet that without Independent voters, Obama is destined to follow in the footsteps of that crazy uncle peanut farmer from Georgia. Obama can't win an election with just his kook base alone.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

DRAGNET: Starring Barack Obama

If Obama was only smart enough to listen to such common sense advice. Megalomaniacs are never known for taking the advice of others and seeing the faults of their own ideas.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Maxine Waters came very close to actually having a coherent thought.

Notice I said she "came close". Congresswoman Maxine Waters is the non fictional female version of Forrest Gump. Instead of "stupid is what stupid does", she's just the walking definition of stupid period. Anyways, Maxine "stuck on stupid" Waters was a guest on the Bill Press liberal radio talk show. I didn't know liberal talk radio still existed. During the segment, Maxine actually sounded like she was making sense. She said she wanted the media to interview the people who are attending the Tea Parties across the country. True to form though, Maxine blew her chance at intellectual redemption by referring to the tea party activists as "teabaggers".

Since the term "teabagger" is a crude reference to a sexual act. I guess liberals use it, because they must be sexual oppressed somehow. Anyways, Kerosene Maxine resorted to her true form and demonstrated why she is indeed a perfect mascot to represent liberalism. This is also the same dim bulb who said she would be all about taking over the oil companies.

I guess why stop with the banks, auto manufactures, mortgage originators, insurance companies and health care right?

Ever wondered why Jimmy Carter suffered one of the worst defeats in Presidential election history?

That question really shouldn't be hard to figure out. Jimmy Carter was one if not the worst president this country has ever had. Under the leadership of the peanut farmer from Georgia, Americans felt demoralized and helpless. Our country had double digit inflation, double digit unemployment and double digit interest rates. Because of Jimmy Carter, the misery index was created during his administration. I respect Carter only for his "Habitat for Humanity" program. I got a few laughs watching Jimmy Carter's interview on the NBC Nightly News yesterday. I'm not sure whether the DNC gave him a ring and fed him some talking points or he actually thought up the insanity he uttered all on his own. Jimmy Carter like most fringe liberals believe that anyone opposing Obama must be doing it because of race. Commit this term to memory. This is the new liberal catch phrase. I'm sure some of you reading this have already heard the term the Baghdad Bob media is using. The new bastardized phrase the media and liberals are using is "racial overtones". Liberals are using this term to throw out the not so suttle hint that any disagreement with Obama must be laced with racism as the motive. It strikes me as odd that the great anti semite Jimmy Carter would have the audacity to label anyone a racist who disagrees with Obama.

I wonder when was the last time ol Mr. Peanut supported the state of Israel in anything? Carter is practically on the same wave link as Jewish hater Louis Farrakhan and other radical Muslims. Speaking of being on the same wave link. It appears that the most well known Islamic extremist is a fan of Jimmy Carter's books. Maybe Jimmy Carter should appoint Osama Bin Laden as a member of his book fan club.

What does this say about Jimmy Carter? Osama Bin Laden was actually recommending a book written by Jimmy Carter for Americans to read! Is that a ringing endorsement or what? I'm sure the kooks on the left will still say that Jimmy Carter represents the "mainstream" of America. Oh, don't expect the media to report the endorsement by Osama. They rather just focus on what Carter said about people who don't agree with Obama being racists. Let me ask you all a question. Since liberals want to make Joe Wilson the center of attention, here's the scenario. What do you think the reaction would be if Joe Wilson referred to Barack Obama as a "black boy"? Think about that for a few seconds. Do you think liberals and the media would go into a massive meltdown in calling for Wilson to resign from congress? You would be right. This is why it is so funny that Jimmy Carter would talk about perceived racism. Jimmy Carter referred to Barack Obama as a "black boy" just last year, yet very few eyebrows were raised by the left.

It would be advisable for Jimmy to stop embarrassing himself anymore then he already has from his administration days. Most Americans who were alive during his administration don't look back at the "good old days" of the Jimmy Carter "error" with fondness and yearning for it's return. Jimmy Carter like many liberals have a hard time accepting the fact that people "do have th right" to challenge and disagree with a liberal black president or any president for that matter.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can you believe it? Me and Barck Obama are in full agreement on an issue!

Archive what I'm about to say, because I'm about to make a little "history". I know the Obama cult believes that one of my purposes in life is to disagree with Barack Obama on just about everything he says. Well, I'm about to prove that theory wrong at least this time. Obama was caught on mic commenting about the incident between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. Barack thought he wasn't being taped , so be spoke freely about what he thought. Barack for once made the right call. He said that Kanye was very wrong for what he did, and he then proceeded to call Kanye an "ASSHOLE"! I am in agreement with Barack 1000%. You all never thought I would utter those words right? Calm down folks, I have't crossed over to the left side. I know Kanye must really feel like scum right now. Kanye poured his little heart and shallow soul into promoting and supporting Barack Obama during the campaign. Since what Barack said wasn't suppose to have been heard outside the conversation he was having, I guess it can be said that Barack "unofficially" threw Kanye "under the bus".

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West is the symbol of trash, but Beyonce is a pillar of class.

A few years ago Americans had to listen to this self absorbed fool rant on about his claim that "George Bush didn't like black people" because of the timing response to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

When Kanye made that statement, I said to myself that he's going to make a horses ass out of himself again in the near future. It would just be a matter of time. We have arrived to the future, and I was proven right yet again. At the MTV Music Video Awards, Kanye West was openly drinking a bottle of Hennessy before the event started. That was a low class moment in itself for Kanye, but Kanye manged to even outdo that moment. A 19 year old country artist by the name of Taylor Shift won the award for Best Female Video for the song "You Belong To Me". As she was accepting her award, a drunken and rude Kanye West stormed onto the stage and snatched the microphone from her hands. He then went on the proclaim that Beyonce should have won the award instead. Beyonce wasn't pleased at all with Kanye's actions and neither were the thousands of people in attendance. Everyone booed Kanye for him utterly humiliating Taylor Swift's big moment. In the end he actually humiliated himself much more then words can describe.

Taylor was left speechless and couldn't continue, Beyonce was embarrassed by Kanye's stunt. A few years ago, Kanye West was pictured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and presented to resemble the image of Jesus Christ. That magazine cover was fake in more ways then one, and I actually commented on it at the time. Even though Kanye West is the moral equivalent of rat turds, something good did come out of the misfortunate event in the end. Later in the evening, Beyonce won the award for Best Video of the Year. Beyonce made reference to her first VMA win as a 17-year-old with Destiny's Child and how much it meant to her. Knowing how it felt to her when she had her first big moment, Beyonce asked Taylor Swift back onto the stage so she could finish what she couldn't say thanks to Kanye West's drunken ignorance before. I have a lot of words to describe what Beyonce did, and they are all extremely positive. Racists folks both black and white on the internet and on Youtube are trying to make the event of Kanye West and Taylor Swift a racial thing. To me it was nothing more then a completely disrespectful act by Kanye West. I'm not going to play into racial aspect of this, because I don't want to lower my I.Q in the process. I've seen the comments on the blogs and on youtube. Some people really need to get a life or at least a pet. Kanye needs to check himself into celebrity rehab and put down the bottle of Hennessy. He obviously can't handle is liquor. Beyonce truly impressed me for the class, graciousness and empathy she showed towards Taylor Swift. She is definitely a classy woman, and I wish her continued success. I can't say the same for Kanye West for continued obvious reasons.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Acorn got "played and exposed" and will no longer be doing the 2010 census.

Here's another egg on face moment for Barack Obama. Obama has dropped his beloved group ACORN from performing the 2010 U.S Census due to some damaging video that has surfaced about the group. Let's start from the beginning. A young man and woman pretended to be a pimp and a hooker in order to test to see how unlawful the group ACORN truly is. I think they definitely struck pay dirt in their efforts. ACORN took the bait hook, line and sinker.

If your mouths aren't wide open yet, here's part two

I should ask why the network media couldn't have done what two college students were easily able to do, but I'm not even going to bother. ACORN is the apple of Obama's eye as I said before. His apple has been exposed to the nation as being rotten to the core. People on the right tried telling the nation about the inner workings of ACORN and what they were all about, but the news just fell on death ears. Well people now have no choice but to hear it loud and clear. Obama's whole identity came from being a community organizer and teaching ACORN and doing legal work for the organization. This story really doesn't raise my eyebrows much, because I know how ACORN operates. ACORN is the same group that broke into a house here in Baltimore earlier this year in the Patterson Park neighborhood.

These videos should serve as evidence that ACORN and groups like it tend to cause more problems within cities and communities then they ever solve or claim to do.

September 11th is a day that can never be "redefined".

This isn't about a day of "service" according to some. It's a day to remember and never forget.

I discovered something of interest that should be noted on this day. Out of all the internet search engines. Only Bing, Dogpile and Ask were the only search engines to have 911 memorials on their front page. GoogleYahoo had no displays at all and .

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The weak Republican leadership could learn from a person like Congressman Joe Wilson.

I can't stand Republican House Minority Whip Eric Cantor and House Minority Leader John Boehner. These pandering fools are the reason why so many people have abandoned the Republican Party. After Congressman Joe Wilson called out Barack Obama last night, the weak, inept, pandering, pseudo Republican leadership read Joe Wilson the riot act. I'm not going to condemn Joe Wilson for what he did. I just wish more Republicans had the testicular fortitude to have done the same thing. I am sick and tired of the inside the beltway republicans taking the "high ground". This is why I treat moderate republicans in the same manner I do liberal democrats. I know Joe was frustrated having to sit their and listen to Obama spout lie after lie from his teleprompter. The problem wasn't with Joe Wilson, it was with the weak, self serving Republican leadership that threw Wilson under the bus and forced him to apologize to the Presidential liar.

Thank You Joe Wilson!!

Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina has now become a household name. The Obama faithful are still fuming after Congressman Wilson called Obama a liar during Obama's health care speech. Obama claimed illegals wouldn't be receiving health care benefits in under his health care bill, and Joe called him out on it. The glare by Nancy Pelosi towards Joe was priceless when he said it. Just seeing her ticked off gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling.

So now Democrats are running around this morning saying how low class Joe Wilson was. I predict by tomorrow Joe will be tarred as a racist. It's simple left wing boiler plate procedure. I'm thinking about sending a thank you card to Congressman Wilson. Joe just said what most of us would have said to the face of Barck Obama if we had the chance. I've heard people say since the incident that Obama is owed "respect". This is my take on that assertion. Does anybody have respect for liars? Would any of you respect a person that would flat out lie right in your face? How many times was George Bush called a liar by Democrats during his two terms? Even the Associated Press admitted that Obama was wrong with some of his "facts". The attention has been placed on Joe Wilson instead of what Obama actually said during his speech. It's the typical M.O of "deflection" politics. I was actually impressed that at least one elected Republican in congress had the gutts to stand up and call a spade a spade. As sure as I am writing this, I know the media has already started it's "opposition research" into the background of Joe Wilson. I hope he's prepared for the media attack probes coming his way. The outrage by Obama supporters was so predictable but also so fake as well. Back in 2005, George Bush was booed by Democrats during the State of the Union Address. My how liberals have such short memories.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

No matter what Obama says during his speech, this is what he truly wants.

Obama in his own words.

Palin responds to White House talking points memo.

Sarah Palin has gone lethal. Palin delivered a brutal rebuttal to the White House talking points aimed at her and her death panel statements. She posted this on her Face book page shortly before Obama's speech. She singled out Obama and the media in his post.

Sarah Palin

I'm pleased that the White House is finally responding to Republican health care ideas instead of pretending they don't exist.[1] But in doing so President Obama should follow his own sound advice and avoid making "wild misrepresentations".[2] Medicare vouchers would give everyone on Medicare the chance to decide for themselves which health plan to use, rather than leave that decision to government bureaucrats. Such proposals are the kind of health care reform that Republicans stand for: market-oriented, patient-centered, and result-driven.

The White House talking points leave the rest of my arguments unanswered. They don't respond to the idea that all individuals should get the same tax benefits received by those who get coverage through their employers; that we must reform our tort laws; and that we should allow Americans to buy insurance across state lines. The White House also fails to respond to the Nyce/Schieber study indicating that wages will fall if the government expands coverage without reducing health care inflation rates.

This paragraph by Palin is priceless!!

Sarah Palin "One last thing: after President Obama's speech tonight, listen for which pundits use the words "false", "scary", and "risky" in describing the proposals I put forward. That's how you'll be able to tell who the White House counted as "allies" worthy of receiving its talking points." -Sarah Palin"

It's official: Obama's healthcare speech will take aim at Sarah Palin.

Sarah has definitely struck a nerve within the Obama White House and among liberals in general. She is now on the radar of Raum Emmanuel and David Axelrod. The Politico has uncovered the talking points for Obama's health care speech tonight, and they are targeted at Sarah Palin. The headline of the Politico story reads " White House talking points blast Palin"

Politico "A source sends on the talking points the White House is circulating to allies in advance of President Obama's speech, most of them reiterating familiar themes of momentum and security. But the White House has also chosen specifically to focus on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and evidently to make her the face of the opposition, or to respond to her ability to project herself into the debate. She is the only Republican named in the talking points.

It's fascinating how Sarah Palin has been able to make two simple words like "death panels" stick in the side of Obama and supporters like a bothersome thorn they can't remove. The more Obama and his allies try to make an issue of the "death panel" label, the more they do damage to their own credibility. I said the day before yesterday that Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh could be considered the faces of the conservative movement. David Axelrod and Raum Emanuel are thinking the same thing about Sarah Palin as the face of the Republican Party. The biggest mistake they can make is to go after Sarah Palin. Sarah has stepped into the national debate on health care and other national issues, and any attacks on her will only elevate her that much higher among conservatives and independent voters who don't want nor support the government option. The DNC needs another George Bush style boogieman, that much is obvious. They can't win any debates on ideas. They need to create and market a "polarizing" person in which to gin up hate and support among their liberal base. One thing is certain, this isn't the same Sarah Palin the left knew from from last year. If Democratic strategists want to go down this road in using Palin as a political red cape in which to infuriate their base into action, then they better be prepared for what will happen afterwards. Sarah Palin is going to be everywhere come next year. She is going to be campaigning for like minded conservative candidates as well as promoting her book. For the Obama White House to promote Sarah Palin as the "Anti Obama" in the health care debate is nothing short then "political suicide on their part". I say let them continue doing it. I can't what until tomorrow.

Are they targeting Palin or is Palin targeting them?

The left desperately needs a spokesperson to promote Obamacare.

Is Perez Hilton really the best person they could find? Most young people can give a rat's behind about Hilton. Perez represents a desperate attempt by the left for a hail mary pass to drum up support for a government run health care option. Obama care is dead on arrival if that is truly the case. Don't eat or drink anything before watching this video. Perez Hilton is very unsettling for the stomach.

Keith Olberman demostrates why Americans are sick and tired of liberals constantly playing the "race card".

I would love nothing more then to take a leading role on the whole issue of race in America in regards to politics. I've experienced every left wing racial attack possible. I get emails every day from conservatives tell me how "how brave I am" for speaking out. To me it's not an issue of "bravery". Why in the world would anybody ever fear liberals? I just stand up for what I believe in. I don't bite my tongue, and I sure as hell don't back down because of left wing twits. Liberals have to use race as a crutch, because they don't have the ability to promote nor defend their ideology based on it's own merits. Keith Olberman is an obnoxious loud mouth who has no ratings on MSNBC. I'm not sure or not that Olberman has accepted his destiny of being nothing more then irrelevant nobody forced to live in the shadow of Bill O'Reily on Fox News. Keith Olberman can't debate anyone who disagrees with Obama like all most liberals can't. This is why he has to call the Tea Party activists "racists" and "teabaggers". I would love to systemically wipe the floor with people like Olberman and Gerafalo in debates. These mental midgets spew their ignorance, because "nobody directly challenges them". Liberals are brave. They are brave talkers, when they are safely among their own crowd. Liberals have bastardized the use of the race card to such a point, it has lost it's impact in every conceivable way. It has been drastially diluted. When a new song is aired on the radio, people love to hear it. After that song has been played to death, people then can't stand to hear it. That is what liberals have done with the issue of race. The only people that truly buy into the liberals use of race at ever turn are "other liberals'. If liberals believe they're going to be able to silence the opposition to Obama by constantly throwing down their race cards, they better be prepared for others to pick up those race cards and fling them back into their faces. I believe if national polls were conducted by Zogby, Rasmussen or Gallup on the overuse of race, it would show that most Americans are sick and tired of it's use in political matters. For what its worth, this is Keith "Cry Racism" Olberman having a hissy fit over the Tea Party activists and people who disagree with Obama in general.

Another liberal elitist congressman lays out the rules for the masses.

This week, we have a new winner of the " Washington Elitist Award". The winner is Congressman Baron Hill of the 9th district of Indiana. Mr. " I SET THE RULES "Hill dictated to a young girl who wanted to film the town hall meeting for her journalist class that " it was HIS town hall meeting". According to the response by the audience, I don't believe they agreed with Mr. Hill's claim. I'm surprised Mr. Hill didn't label the young lady as being a member of the right wing conservative Brooks Brothers mob. Give him time.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Obama's spirtual mentor is back with a few choice words.

From the radical insanity of Van Jones back to the classic insanity of Jemimah Wright. A reporter for the entertainment outlet TMZ caught up to "Reverend" Wright and asked him how he felt about the Health Care bill. This is what was Jeremiah had to say.

"Racists in right wing are concerned that poor people are about to be helped"? I know Jeremiah Wright isn't exactly playing with a full deck. It still has to be noted that this man "was" Barack Obama's friend and close spiritual advisor. It is because of this warped minded man that Barack Obama joined the Trinity United Cult of Christ in the first place. Obama only feels comfortable associating with radical liked minded people. In reviewing Wright's statement, I guess he believes that only non whites are poor. I wish I could give a call to Louis Farrakhan. Maybe screwy Lewy can beam Jeremiah up on his spaceship. Jeremiah Wright proved what people on the right have known for a very long time now. When people don't embrace liberalism and challenge it instead, they are tarred and feathered as racists for no other reason then that.

Parents should fear the teachers more so then Obama's speech.

Today is the day that Barack Obama will give his speech to students across America. The attention for the most part has been placed on Obama and what he is going to say. The media and Obama's supporters have been going about trying to discredit the concerns of parents that don't want their children subjected to what Obama wants to say. Obama is only one part of the equation. Even though Obama is a ultra leftist radical in a three piece suit, he can't indoctrinate school kids by himself just giving one speech. Teachers are the only people who can take Obama's message and manipulate their students with his message. I posted the video a few days ago of black students marching in support of Barack Obama. Here's the video again if you all haven't seen it.

When I posted this video a few days ago, it didn't dawn on me to ask how it was created in the first place. Well now I know. A "teacher" at the Urban Community Leadership Academy in Kansas City Missouri created this video using his students back in October of last year. The teacher was suspended on the 5th of October for his actions. Generals never fight wars. They create strategies for their troops to win when they fight them. The real threat isn't Obama's speech by itself. The real threat is his legion of devoted teacher followers like the one who was suspended in Kansas City that can carry out the indoctrination of their students based on Obama's ideology. This was the exchange on Meghan Kelly's show between Fox News Legal Analyst Mercedes Colwin and Defense Attorney Julia Morrow.

This another video I posted before the election. It is a video of a teacher singling out her "elementary" school students who liked John McCain instead of Barack Obama. This teacher not only singled out children who didn't support Barack Obama, she blatantly lied to them about what John McCain said in regards to the troops being in Iraq.

What will be taught by these so called teachers in their classrooms long after Obama gives his speech? Liberalism doesn't hold up well when it is challenged by a strong ideology that is grounded on factual thinking. Children aren't taught to challenge authority figures. Students are taught to respect their teachers and "pay attention to what they say". Obama is merely the socialist architect, but the teachers are the builders of his plans.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Glenn Beck gets the victory with the assist of Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin.

Some of the political pundits today are calling Glenn Beck the "new leader of the Republican Party". I wouldn't go that far, but his victory in destroying Van Jones elevates him to an elite level within the conservative movement. I know all the local and national talk shows on Tuesday will be singing the praise to Glenn Beck for not backing down and ultimately contributing to the humiliating down fall of Van Jones. Some of that praise should also be reserved for a certain person on Facebook. Sarah Palin played a vital support role in helping Glenn Beck take down Van Jones. A few weeks ago, Van Jone's organization "Color of Change" started their attack campaign on the sponsors of Glenn Beck show. Glenn came under fire by the Obama media. Very few conservatives came to Glenn's defense. The day after Rush Limbaugh talked about the attacks on Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin asked her 800,000 supporters on Facebook to support Glenn Beck's show. In the days that followed, Glenn Beck's ratings surged to an all time high. Glenn's ratings at that time almost surpassed Bill O'Reilly's ratings. The O'Reilly factor is the number one show on Fox News in prime time. By Sarah Palin going to bat for Glenn, it helped Glenn with solidifying his job regardless of the actions of his sponsors. Glenn's huge ratings made it possible for News Corp to quickly attract new sponsors to replace the ones who bailed on Beck. Political pundits were quick to criticize Sarah Palin for defending Glenn. It looks like she made a wise decision yet again. If Limbaugh and Palin didn't come to the defense of Glenn Beck, the outcome might have been the opposite. Fox News might have caved in and maybe even have fired Glenn Beck and Van Jones would have won. I'd be interesting to see if the talk radio universe will pick up on this come Tuesday. Could the power trio within the conservative movement be Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin?

The Obama bus has claimed another victim. Say goodbye to Van Jones.

Birds of a feather flock together. Well Obama apparently just clipped the wings of his "green jobs" czar Van Jones. I wish I could have gotten in on the resignation pool for Van Jones. I predicted it would have been some time this week before Van was eventually thrown under the Obama bus like so many other people who have become liabilities. Van Jones blames his resignation was based on a "vicious smear campaign". I wonder what he thought about the vicious smear campaign he helped orchestrate against talk show host and Fox News commentator Glenn Beck? He was all for the destruction of Glenn Beck at the time. I guess Karma is a bitch. What goes around in the end did come around for Van Jones. Glenn's ratings are at an all time high, and he has picked up some new sponsors thanks to his record ratings. On the other side of the scale, Van Jones has been forced to resign in disgrace and his radical past has been exposed for the nation to see. This also doesn't spell well for Obama. When the attention focused on Van Jones and his past, people started to think about what they were told about Obama's radical associations last year. Whether Jones had stayed on or resigned, he was the poster child for the validation for everything conservatives said repeatedly about the type of people Obama associated with. This is just another black mark on Obama's lack of judgement. He keeps forgetting that this isn't Chicago. Here's the final score.

Glen Beck 1
Van Jones 0

National Media -10

Friday, September 04, 2009

Zo's takes apart the "pledge" from the nose candy hollywood drones to Barack Obama.

As usual, Zo is right on the money and then some. Liberals are very shallow people. Now the liberal hollyweird nose candy crowd wants to help make America a better place under Obama. How nice of them to finally care about America once the person they wanted was elected. Demmi and the rest of them should just spare America their "help". They should just close to the door behind them in their multi million dollar gated mansions and then continue to snort that white stuff on their table and forget the world exists until 2012.

More words of infinite "wisdom" from Obama's "Green Jobs" czar Van Jones.

Calling George Bush a crack is suppose to be funny?, When Obama is called a socialist, these same people who laughed at Bush then all of a sudden stick their lips out and pout and cry. As for Jones, I guess it takes a crack head to know a crack head, just like it takes a community organizer to know another community organizer. Once again, people are judged by the company they keep. Within twenty four hours of John McCain announcing Sarah Palin as his Vice President running mate, the media went in overdrive asking the question "was Sarah Palin vetted? The media has been pretty quiet about Van Jones being vetted by Obama. This is why people have a problem with the creation of Czar positions by Obama. No vetting is necessary. If Van Jones had to be confirmed by congress, there would be no way in hell he would be confirmed, Obama can pick any kooky radical wing nut he wants and congress doesn't have a say. Let Van Jones serve as an example to that. What am I thinking? If people would ask whether Van Jones was "vetted", liberal flakes would just claim that the people who wanted Jones vetted were "racial profiling" Jones.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Meet Obama's "Green Jobs Czar" Van Jones.

I have to know this. What exactly is a "Green Jobs Czar"? Maybe one of the Obama's loyal foot soldiers can bring me up to speed on this one. Barack Obama is a hardcore radical dressed in a suit. A professional looking radical is none the less still a radical. At this point in time, it is beyond insane for anyone to argue that Obama doesn't have a hard left mindset and "did and still does associate with radical thinking people". I'm sure the media didn't report anything about Obama's newest radical advisor. That really isn't a shocker, because they haven't reported anything about his other 40 plus Czars. To make a long story short. a radical left winger by the name of Van Jones has been tapped by the Obama administration to become the "Green Czar". Glen Beck did an in depth segment on Van Jones. It's very revealing. So why did couldn't the network and print media have done this research? I wonder should I laugh at answering my own question?

At the 1:29 mark, Van Jones admits what his true role is as the Green Czar. "He is a community organizer inside the government family". I forgot to mention that Van Jones is the co-founder of the radical group "color of change". Color of Change is the organization that originated the protests against Glen Beck's sponsors. This is an interview last year in August with Van Jones on a radio show called "uprising radio". How fitting is that name for a show for Jones to be a guest on? Jones mentioned in this interview about how the economic crisis has been beneficial to his causes.

The words from Obama's Chief of Staff David Axelrod comes to mind. A "crisis is a terrible thing to waste". Like I've said before, the classic quotes don't get trashed, they just get archived.
When Obama talked about "change" last year, he wasn't joking at all. People though the tagline "Change" was nothing more then a simple campaign marketing slogan. Many of his moderate supporters have finally woken up to the kind of change he really meant, and they don't like it at all. Do any of you still believe Barack Obama is a "centrist"?

September 8th: The day of indoctrination for American kids. part 2

If you are under the impression that the children in our can't be indoctrinated and used for the purpose of Obama's agenda, maybe this will change your mind.

The Obama youth force has arrived

The Obama Anthem

September 8th: The day of indoctrination for American kids. Part 1

The word "Nazi" has been thrown about a lot lately. A Nazi by definition was any German who was a member of Adolf Hitler's German National Socialist Party. The rise of Nazism in German started with Hitler's indoctrination of the German youth. Here's why Hitler's strategy was successful.

Hitler used his image as a father figure
Hitler extinguished dissent
Hitler used an organized program to keep his kids occupied
Hitler made certain that children were kept as ignorant as possible
Hitler used the Jews as a focus of blame
Hitler used a propaganda program

On Sept 8th, Obama is give a televised back to school speech that will be shown in classrooms nationwide. I may be wrong, but I don't recall any other president doing such a thing. A lot of parents are planning on pulling out their children that day, because they feel that Obama is trying to indoctrinate their children. Some may think that these parents are going over the top, but they have a valid claim to be concerned. This is the agenda that the Department of Education wants teachers to follow before, during and after Obama's speech. The principal
at the Children at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington Utah apologized for showing the children on August 28th a video entitled "I Pledge" . The "I Pledge" video was created back in January by actress Demi Moore. It stars a bunch of clueless hollyweird celebrities pledging their undying loyalty to being "servants" to Barack Obama.

The principal apologized for showing the video merely, because he was called out vocally for doing so by angry parents. Obama won the election thanks in part by young voters who really didn't know anything about Obama other then they thought he was "cool". Hitler relied on keeping the youth on his side and keeping them as ignorant as humanly possible. Obama's young drones can call the informed and educated opposition "racists", but the "Obama Youth" can't defend nor debate Obama's policies thanks to their in the dark ignorance. When Obama talked about the need for the creation of a "civilian security force" back during the campaign, I believe people are wondering will Obama's speech on September 8th the ground work for it.

I commented earlier on how Hitler rose to power for a reason. People will say that something can never happened until it does happen, then they end up saying "I never thought it could haven't happened". Are you willing to let yourself or your children take the "Obama" pledge?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

George Foreman : A "Knock Out Entrepreneur" and a Champion in life.

Everyday I hear blacks complaining on one level to another how bad they viewAmerica. Even though with all their chin wagging, very few if any have denounced their American citizenship and decided to leave the United States. Of course when I bring up this fact, most blacks usually get upset with me. Even though I tend to strike a nerve mentioning it, they have yet to prove me wrong otherwise. I know that all blacks don't subscribe to a monolithic mindset, even though liberals believe they should.. A few years ago on the Home Shopping Network, I saw former boxing Champion George Foreman promoting his George Foreman Grill. I have one by the way. It has to be one of the greatest inventions of the last quarter century. As I saw him promoting his grill, people were buying them left and right. I was intrigued by him because of how he presented himself. George carries himself with class and respect. He's a very spiritual person. I pulled up some old interviews of Foreman out of curiosity. The more I learned about his life story, the more impressed I became. George Foreman is a "rags to riches" back to rags then "back to riches" success story. It really isn't his accomplishments that impressed me the most. Don't get the wrong impression. I have a tremendous amount of admiration for his accomplishments in the boxing world and in the business world, I guess it comes down to George Foreman the person more so then anything else. I see so many black men and women with chips on their shoulders and swear up and down that "the man" is somehow holding them down. It all makes for a great excuse for blacks to blame others for their own short comings in life. George never adopted that attitude. George always comes off looking upbeat and sounding postie and upbeat. In his lowest point in his life, he looked in the mirror and realized that it was him and him alone that had the power to change his circumstances, and he did it. George believed in himself and not a political party to provide for him. If only the people in New Orleans during Katrina would have realized that little fact. Instead of young black men looking up to gansta rapping thugs as some kind of heroes, they should look up to people like George Foreman. The lame excuse that blacks can't get ahead in America is BS, because George Foreman has done it "twice". I'm planning on buying his book "A "Knock Out Entrepreneur" in a few weeks. In his interview on Fox Business, I had a smile on my face when he claimed that "America is the land of third, and fourth and fifth chances". He clearly doesn't share the mindset about America that most blacks have. It was so refreshing to hear him say what I've known and other blacks have known for a long time. This is the land of opportunity. It's all what you make it. I bet George would make a great motivational speaker. He would succeed in that venture too if he wanted too. George Foreman is definitely a "CHAMPION" in life!!